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Bai Lian Hua had prayed many times for the Buddhist Scriptures to drop something good – but for every time he prayed, the Buddhist Scriptures only gave him pain! For example as the author of this work, no matter how hard I prayed for an idealistic world, I am instead slapped by harsh reality.  Seeing all the hard work being stolen by those thieves on pirating websites, you can’t help but want to give them a big slap across their face for the devious actions. That kind of touch would definitely give me a perverted sense of satisfaction… (KKtranslates: I understand your pain >< Please read original translation from kktranslates(.)home(.)blog)

Cough. Anyway, let’s go back to the main story. Bai Lian Hua opened his inventory and opened his Buddhist Scriptures with excitement. The system prompts today was as usual very ***.

[System prompt: You have opened the [Buddhist Scriptures] to get [[Quanzhen Abbot’s hair] One strand]. Bai Lian Hua really wanted to raise his middle finger at the system and especially at the f*cker who designed his profession! From socks, handkerchiefs and underwear of Shingzhen Abbot to his hair, nails and tears, almost everything was dropped. Everything except for—-skills. Bai Lian Hua really wished that he could get something called [Quanzhen Abbots Blood] so that he could feel satisfied from the bottom of his heart. 

What made Bai Lian Hua feel gratified was that although the system is really not reliable, he has a group of reliable friends. 

  [Guild] White Lotus: Dammit! After opening so many Buddhist scriptures, I collected a bunch of garbage and not a single skill!

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Congrats! 

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: .… I’ll try asking Li Shenzhou.

Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but feel touched. Smile is the best! His saviour!

Very quickly, Half Crazy Smile sent the response back to him. In summary: Li Shenzhou this bastard played with his rod too much yesterday and has not woken up yet and to try customer service first. Bai Lian Hua really wanted to hang Li Shenzhou on a pillar and then drown him. Please look at the sincerity in his eyes. He swears these are truly his inner thoughts!

  [Mail] White Lotus: Customer Service Brother? 

  [System Mail] Shenzhou Shenlu Game Official Customer Service 13: Player White Lotus hello. How can I help you?

  [Mail] White Lotus: Why have I not received a skill from the Buddhist Scriptures?

  [System Mail] Shenzhou Shenlu Game Official Customer Service 13: Hello. This may be related to the player’s luck value. Please plant more trees, care for the environment and protect the world.

The edge of Bai Lian Hua’s mouth twitched and he almost sprayed blood onto his screen. 

  [Mail] White Lotus: Can I make a complaint?

  [System Mail] Shenzhou Shenlu Game Official Customer Service 13: For complaints please reply 1. You can also call the game’s customer service phone number or send an email to the game’s official email address. Tel: XXXXXXX, E-mail: xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx

  [Mail] White Lotus: Your attitude is very good. 

  [System Mail] Shenzhou Shenlu Game Official Customer Service 13: If it is good, it is sunny. 

Hey! I must say, these customer service brothers are very literary!

  [Mail] White Lotus: Can I say 2? 

  [System Mail] Shenzhou Shenlu Game Official Customer Service 13: Sorry, this customer service has not opened the joking function.

  [Mail] White Lotus: … 

  [System Mail] Shenzhou Shenlu Game Official Customer Service 13: Well, the question you asked have been answered. Your game professional skills have not been completely. The technology department  Li Shenzhou is still developing the profession.

  [Mail] White Lotus: Can you give Li Shenzhou a phone call? I want to scold him…..

  [System Mail] Shenzhou Shenlu Game Official Customer Service 13: …XXXXXXXX

He felt that if this Li Shenzhou can design the hair and nails of the Abbot then can’t he make a few skills? Bai Lian Hua really wanted to represent their boss and fire this unreliable game developer! If the old one doesn’t go, then the new ones won’t come!

  [Guild] White Lotus: I just met an NC customer service f*cker! Took half a day to reach the main point!

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: … 

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Really? What number?

  [Guild] White Lotus: 13. Just looking at the number and you can see that they’re unreliable!

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Hehe is that so? From memory, I think Smile’s customer service number is 13?

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: You definitely remembered wrong!!

Li Shenzhou on the other side felt extremely wronged! Just as he was saying that today’s weather was nice and sunny, suitable for sleeping in, he received a series of calls that woke him up.

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“Chen Tian, if you called just to ask if  I’ve eaten please gently hang up the phone and then fiercely kill yourself as redemption!” Li Shenzhou gnashed his teach as he said this, his tone sounding extremely ferocious.

The one called Chen Tian acted as if he didn’t hear Li Shenzhou’s anger, and chimed: “Why doesn’t a monk have an professional skills?” If Bai Lia Hua heard his voice, he would have loudly exclaimed: You mum! This scum sounds like Smile!

“Hey, Chrysanthemum Destroyer Chen Tian. Every time I hear your voice, I can’t help but get hard!”

The answer to Li Shenzhou’s comment was a simple and direct word: “Get lost!” The nickname Chrysanthemum Destroyer actually had a story behind it……back in the days, cough, Smile said very seriously that a man should not talk about the past…..otherwise he swears that he will defile Bai Lian Hua’s chrysanthemum!

“Oh that? ” Li Shenzhou playfully dragged his words.”I haven’t decided if I should make the monk combat based or healing based~”

Chen Tian resisted the urge to kill Li Shenzhou and squeezed out several words from between his teeth: “Just choose healing and immediately develop a matching skill for it within this week — ”As he said this, Chen Tian smiled. Li Shenzhou on the opposite end obviously could not see his expression otherwise he would be covered in cold sweat. “Otherwise I will pierce your chrysanthemum!” He is civilised man, why must you force him to use such savage words?

Bai Lian Hua almost collapsed in front of his computer. According to Yun Yu’s words, the customer service staff that he just encounted was Half Crazy Smile? He couldn’t help but laugh dryly: from now on, please call me a professional self detonator!

  [Guild] White Lotus: Smile, are you 13?

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Definitely not!

  [Guild] White Lotus: In fact, I felt that the administrator is actually pretty cute….. 

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Right! It is the embodiment of the messenger of justice and peace! Customer service number 13! 

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Just laughing and not saying anything

Bai Lian Hua looked at the unfortunate idiot on his computer. A feeling of helplessness rushed through him…. why can’t he have someone slightly normal around him? This request really isn’t that hard!

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: I heard that tomorrow on Qixi a new instance will open! Tomorrow, lets form a group and do the instance!

  [Guild] Hundred Days Red: Smile don’t be stupid. Tomorrow Master and Great Grandmaster will be going around together. Why are you trying to be a third wheel?

  [Guild] White Lotus: Tomorrow’s Qixi? So fast?

Bai Lian Hua remembered that two weeks after Qixi, students will need to return to school and then carry out their military training….He had heard that every year from August to September, Z country’s defence will always suddenly increase! And its all filled with 12 to 20 something year olds. If Grandpa Mao saw this, he must be very pleased!

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…… A whole day passed. In the morning, he had finished his trading tasks and his daily tasks and even went with Smile and Yun Yu to level up. His level had risen once again from 55 to 56….For the whole day he didn’t see Great God or Lonely like Snow.

Going out for dinner, the heroic young man Luo Lan was still working at the small store. There was no change. Nothing had changed since this morning apart for the one who came with him in the morning being left at the laboratory instead….No, it’s not necessarily the laboratory. Maybe he had already gone home.

Early in the morning of the next day, Bai Lian Hua was awakened by the ringing of his mobile phone. He  sleepily opened the phone cover and saw that it was from Song Qingge! Seeing this, he was instantly woken up from his stupor and he quickly selected the answer button. Song Qingge’s voice transmitted through the phone to Bai Lian Hua’s ear: “Bai Lian Hua. Go online. Let’s do the Qixi instance.”

Bai Lian Hua nodded: ” Okay, right away, ” but could not help but yawn. “Sleeping?” Bai Lian HUa heard Song Qingge ask. “Actually it’s okay. Can always do it later today.”

“It’s nothing. I’ll get up now!” Bai Lian Hua said quickly, and gently squinted at the computer screen. “I’ve already turned on my computer.”

After that was a long silence. Bai Lian Hua could no longer stand it when Song Qingge said: “I’ll hang up first?”

“Ok. Bye.”

After hanging up, Bai Lian Hua opened the games website. Generally, when a new instance is open, the official website will make a notice with basic information about it to inform players. In general, new instances are very popular. One of the reasons for this is because new instances tend to have a better reward drop rate. The second reason is because the official website will display the first players who complete the instance for others to admire —in a sense, it helped with meeting some players psychological needs.

According to the official website, the instance this time is team based and the official website will show all player usernames and the team name.

Just when Bai Lian Hua went online, he saw the guild channel flashing happily.

  [Guild] Lonely like Snow: Lotus is online! Come join the group and let’s complete this instance! Click to join!

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Hehe.

  [Guild] Hundred Day Red: Pulling

  [Guild] Yun Yu: I understand. 

Bai Lian Hua slightly squinted as he looked at the world chat which continuously broadcasted wedding congratulation messages and confessions. He couldn’t help but think —-Well, today’s weather looks great.

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