[42. It’s not good to be arrogant.] 
Every holiday such as Valentines day, Qixi and Spring Festival always left Bai Lian Hua with happy and sad memories. Since he was born and until he turned 18, they were mostly of happy memories.  Since he entered university and find himself facing a bunch of cavewomen and Godzilla, he never once experienced an erection…..No, what he meant was, there  just weren’t any girls in his university that he could see eye to eye with. With his looks, his qualifications….anyone who wants a beautiful daughter should hit him up! If you want a peerless little shou you can also….cough.
But today, Bai Lian Hua felt very frustrated. Frustrated to the point that his game characters hair is all gone…..You’re saying that his character originally didn’t have any hair? Cough, don’t worry too much about the small details.

  [Guild] Lonely like Snow: F*ck! Why can’t Lotus sister enter the Qixi instance?! F*ck! I don’t want to spend Qixi with a bunch of lame guys!

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Shut your mouth! This lord is not lame!

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Let’s talk. How do you know that you’re not lame? 

Well then, to explain what had happened: A group of guild members formed a group to attack the Qixi instance. They all managed to enter the instance, all except for ……Bai Lian Hua. If he didn’t get in then it’s fine, but he was also kicked out of the team by the system! Life really is lonely like snow!

  [Guild] White Lotus: Calm down Roommate. My attack power is weak anyway and will only be dragging you down by your legs if I go…..

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Sorry team! I’ll be dragging you down by your legs!

  [Guild] Lonely like Snow: It’s not just my legs, you motherf*cker will  drag my legs along will my thighs and my balls!

Bai Lian Hua silently held his head… How can Song Brother’s two accounts be so different? Give me back the holy and invoilable Great God! Give him back! I don’t know this scum over here!

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Do you want to retry?

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Smile, is the only reason why you have a head because you want to see things from higher up?

  [Guild] Lonely like Snow: It seems that you can only die or complete the task so that you can leave the instance. I have no issues with everyone killing themselves. We can all die once and all drop from the ranking list.

  [Guild] Half Crazy Smile: .…As it turned out, it was because of such a dark reason that you are using a small account to do the tasks!!

  [Guild] Hundred Days Red: I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see it… 

  [Guild] White Lotus: T_T. Don’t worry. You guys go first.

Broken computer, rotten computer. Why do you have to freeze now! I’ll f*cking throw you out!!! At this moment, the feelings within him was no less than when he found out that Great God = Roommate = Song Qingge.

Maybe he could join other groups to fight the boss? The idea flashed through Bai Lian Hua’s mind and then……was thrown away deep into the sea.

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Suddenly, there was a commotion in the guild chat…

  [Guild] Yun Yu: Mother!

  [Guild] Lonely like Snow: Yun Yu died so tragically! 

  [Guild] Hundred Days Red: Yun Yu Brother leave well! This instance is too dangerous and not suitable for you!

  [Guild] White Lotus: What happened? 

Bai Lian Hua who didn’t know what happened could only ask.

  [Guild] Hundred Days Red: Yun Yu was attacked by BoBa and then died. 

  [Guild] Yun Yu: White Lotus, I came out to accompany you. Are you touched?

  [Guild] Hundred Days Red: Laughing to death. If you died, just say that you did!

After a while, Bai Lian Hua who was killing monsters saw a flash of white light and then Yun Yu appeared before him.

  [Nearby] Yunyu: Hehe. White Lotus, accompany me to do a 20-level instances

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  [Nearby] White Lotus: Ah okay. Which? 

In the game, there were quite a lot of level 20 instances. The most lacking were instances between level 40-50 and most players were about level 40. Therefore, many have sent their opinions to the game development department but every time it was sent, there were no response…..with so many players complaining, the official website claimed that they have made other arrangements…..what arrangements?!

Clicking to join Yun Yu’s team they randomly accepted a few 20-level instances.  Because  Bai Lian Hua is more than level 50, the journey through these instances were very smooth. After 16 or 17 minutes, they were completed. After doing these tasks for about a hour, Yun Yu also leveled up from 20 to 26.

  [Team] White Lotus: It’s actually 10:30 in the morning OTZ 

  [Team] Yunyu: Yes. It’s already 10:30 in the morning and they still haven’t left the instance.

It really has been a long time. He estimated that it had probably been about an hour and a half since they entered. Bai Lian Hua stretched a little. After about ten minutes, he sudden saw a scream in the guild channel and Hundred Day’s Red’s wail.

  [Guild] Hundred Days Red: Why did I die! Why!

  [Guild] Lonely like Snow: It may be because the system felt that Yun Yu and White Lotus are too lonely. 

  [The Guild] Half Crazy Smile: Little Red, do you want to give your coffin some Feng Shui?

  [Guild] Hundred Days Red: … 

After a few seconds, he saw Hundred Days Red using a transfer skill and appearing before them as they were completing their task.

  [Nearby] Hundred Days Red: Master!I gave up the instance for you! Are you moved?

  [Nearby] Yun Yu:  Laughing to death. If you died, just say that you did!

The words that Hundred Days Red used to ridicule Yun Yu was actually returned back to him. Hundred Days Red felt very upset! To think that he, as a level 60 player who had a fair amount of reputation, actually fell in the hands of a level 50 instance! How will the older seasoned players think of him now? Even the new players won’t look up to him anymore! Hundred Days Red joined the team with a wooden face.

  [Team] Yun Yu: Doing this instance so many times is boring. What else can we do?

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Let’s go do the hidden mission! Sounds good?

  [Team] White Lotus: Good 

  [Team] Yun Yu: … 

  [Team] White Lotus: I forgot to type two more words; your sister.

And so, if you link those words together it meant: Good your sister! God knows when a hidden mission will appear! He recalled that back in the days when the official website announced the release of a hidden mission that would allow one to change their profession to a beast once completed…..tempted by the thought of having a thick bar of blood, many brave warriors embarked onto the journey of finding the hidden mission… month passed, two months passed, and even half a year passed…..just when the players had almost forgotten about it, a new level 50 player coincidentally saved a kitten from a wild dog at the novice village…..and unlocked the hidden mission.

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The players comment to this was: Ah, as soon as I started playing the game, I saw a kitten getting bullied by a dog near the novice village all day and all night. After seeing it getting bullied for a few months, I felt annoyed and coincidentally clicked onto the dog only to find that I can actually attack it. After seeing this, I just attacked it as revenge for the kitten…

From this, we can see how f*cking annoying this whole game design is! The grass mud horses from the thoughts of the players could fill an entire field!

  [Team] White Lotus: I guess we should just do the instance.

Just as Bai Lian Hua was typing this out, he suddenly saw a system message in his team chat.

  [System prompt: Player [Love Heart King] joined the team [YY]. ]

Bai Lian Hua was shocked to the point of accidentally pressing a few wrong keys. He eventually didn’t send out the message. On the contrary, it was Hundred Days Red, who seems to know Love Heart King, who opened his mouth and spoke.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Hey, I’m familiar with it. Say, who allowed this guy in? Be careful you don’t get stabbed.

  [Team] Yunyu: I let him in. Are you acquaintances?? 

  [Team] Love Heart King: Yeah, acquaintances.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: After changing your identity, it looks like you’re living life to the fullest. Smile brother must be pleased.

  [Team] Love Heart King: White Lotus. 

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: White Lotus is not like Smile. This child is very vigilant and can’t be tricked using your usual methods.

  [Team] Love Heart King: I don’t have that intention.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Seeing that all I could think was “hehe”

  [Team] White Lotus: What are you guys talking about? Sounds like something big?

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Come master. I’ll explain.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Once upon a time, Love Heart King was a cute little girl~ Innocent and lovely and at a peak age of nineteen. Ah~ He was just like a flower.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Smile at that time thought: Hey how can this little sister be so cute! With just a few joking words you can make her face red with embarrassment. Hey this little sister looks easy to pursue.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: And so, in the game of “Tian Xian”, Smile brother spend money to gift an account to Love Heart King who was called“An Xiao An”. Since then, there no longer was an “An Xiao An” and instead there was a “Day of Death”.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: As a result, Half Crazy Smile and Day of Death can be considered a pair! Generally, fairy tales would end at this point in time where the prince and princess life happily ever after but unfortunately, An Xiao An is an old witch….No, An Xiao An is a man so he should be called an old demon hahaha.

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Go Google An Xia An hacking storm. I think you should still be able to find forum posts about it.

  [Team] Yun Yu: It sounds very deep.

  [Team] Love Heart King: I didn’t join the team with those intentions. Did Smile and Great God reconcile?

  [Team] Hundred Days Red: Don’t act like a white lotus!

  [Team] White Lotus: ….I’m here, no need to act.

Hearing the news, Bai Lian Hua’s inner gossiping self burned with passion and his brain had already turned into “imagination mode”. He imagined countless, passionate scenes of love and hate between Smile and Love Heart King…..Hey hey. This is something that happened in the past! No matter how you look at it, it is just a tragedy tagged story!

  [Team] White Lotus: I think Great God’s and Smile’s relationship is pretty good. 

They are still doing the Qixi instance together right now. Uh, although Great God is doing it using a small account. Oh right, does Smile know that Lonely Like Snow is Great God’s small account? Bai Lian Hua didn’t remember telling Smile but seeing that there seems to be a misunderstanding between them….Best to wait until their relationship is better first. Since they are all in the same guild, he will help them reconcile – Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but be moved to tears by his own selflessness!

  [Team] Love Heart King: Thank you. 

  [System prompt: The player [Love Heart King] left the team [YY]] 

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