[52. This is Madness] 
Bai Qingyi is currently very angry and he demonstrated that by crushing the lychee-flavoured lollipop in a single bite. He is so upset! He had only wanted to find his cousin on a whim and take him out to play and he didn’t expect to see him actually standing there at the school gates! In broad daylight! And he actually witnessed that-that-that….that unbelievable scene!

Bai Lian Hua sat at the back silently and glanced at him from time to time.

“Confess truthfully! Who is that young man who looks like a bamboo pole!” Bai Qingyi asked while fiercely stepping on the accelerator. The whole car was on the verge of speeding causing even Bai Lian Hua to feel anxious.

Bai Lian Hua looked at Bai Qingyi’s dark face and wanted to sit in the corner drawing circles. “A friend,” Bai Lian Hua paused. “A close one…”

“A friend who can kiss you?” Bai Qingyi’s tone was not angry and he let out a loud laugh. At the same time, the window reflected Bai Qingyi’s expression — his brow was tight and his lips where firmly pursed as he chewed on the lollipop. Using one hand to drive, he used his other hand to massage his temples. His expression was a combination of “I am not happy” and “Heartbroken”.

Bai Lian Hua naturally could not refute his cousins’ words. Bai Qingyi suddenly loosened his expression and asked while sighing: “Does aunt and uncle know?”

“Don’t know…”

Bai Qingyi stopped his car at a parking lot and threw his phone at Bai Lian Hua: “Tell them.”

Bai Lian Hua was scared by Bai Qingyi’s authoritative tone: “Say what?” The moment the words came out, the two pairs of eyes met. Bai Qingyi continued crushing the lollipop in his mouth….

“Tell your father and mother that bastard’s name and age, how far you’ve gone in the relationship, how long you’ve known each other and make your declaration of love!” Bai Qingyi listed. His tone wasn’t urgent and his expression neither happy nor sad. Bai Lian Hua actually wanted to ask him how he could still speak so coherently with the crushed candy in his mouth and not cause it to fly everywhere…..But seeing Bai Qingyi’s serious expression, he didn’t dare say anything.

“Do I have to call?” Bai Lian Hua’s hand trembled a little. Bai Qingyi unbuckled his seatbelt and turned around. With one knee on the seat and his two arms crossed and resting on the driver’s seats’ headrest he asked: “You don’t want to?” Bai Lian Hua nodded like a chicken eating rice.

“After not seeing you for so long, you’re talking back now? I’m telling you to make a call and you dare waste my time? You have the guts to around with a man but you’re too afraid to come out of the closet?” His arms were probably not comfortable as he rested his weight on it so he changed his position. The two faces were very close and Bai Qingyi’s cold smile was reflected in Bai Lian Hua’s eyes……Cousin is so scary! Lotus sister exclaims that in such a situation he really can’t hold on any longer!

“I…” Just as Bai Lian Hua wanted to explain, he heard Bai Qingyi say: “Don’t be so hesitant.  This big brother will help you and support you. The clothes I used to wear were passed on to you by my mother so we can be considered growing up wearing the same clothes. Believe me that this brother won’t do anything that will hurt you.”

He changed the topic and continued, “Homosexuality is still opposed by the general public nowadays. Ten years ago, they would be called crazy! Although other countries are quite accepting of it, are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with a man? I won’t talk about the issue of producing successors for the family line. Of course if your father isn’t against it, I can give you one to succeed but you should know that uncle has always been very conservative. Do you think that he would accept his own son being with another man? He used to criticise you because you don’t look like a man. If you break this news to him, he might just directly sever your father-son relationship! Have you considered about these things?”

Hearing Bai Qingyi’s passionate and reasonable arguments, Bai Lian Hua couldn’t help but feel the little seedling that had sprouted in his heart get crushed in an instant.

Bai Qingyi swallowed the last bits of the lollipop in his mouth and looked straight at Bai lian Hua. He asked, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

“I know….” “Oh then where were you wrong?” ……This was a serious question. “ I don’t know” Bai Lian Hua replied.

“Why did you say you did if you don’t know!”……But Bai Lian Hua felt that if he didn’t say that he knows that he is wrong, he might be thrown out the car by his cousin.

Like a smoke apparition, Bai Qingyi got off the car and didn’t forget to pull Bai Lian Hua out as well. He ignored Bai Lian Hua’s cries of pain and dragged him to his apartment on the eighth floor. He had walked past the elevators and pulled him up using the apartment stairs exhausting the poor Bai Lian Hua.

After taking his key out and opening the door, Bai Qingyi bent down and placed a pair of slippers in front of Bai Lian Hua. He then casually asked: “Do you still like to drink milk?”

Bai Lian Hua nodded and Bai Qingyi to let out a laugh. He pointed him in the direction of the sofa and threw a carton of milk from his fridge into Bai Lian Hua’s arms.

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In the past Bai Lian Hua and Bai Qingyu lived in the same apartment complex. Originally close relatives, the two were similar in age and hence got along very well.

Bai Qingyi lowered his head and couldn’t help but recall something that had happened in the past.

Bai Lian Hua had always been delicate and feminine looking since he was a child. He also was a cry baby. There was a little boy who also lived in the same apartment complex who enjoyed pinching Bai Lian Hua’s cheeks. His pinches were not soft pinches but hard pinches that made Bai Lian Hua twist and squirm in pain whilst holding back his tears. Bai Qingyi actually didn’t know about this until one day he heard Bai Lian Hua crying very pitifully. Bai Qingyi who was watching TV rushed out in his fluffy slippers and saw Bai Lian Hua lying on the floor at the entrance of the apartment building. That’s right. Lying down, not standing! His face was covered in snot and tears and in his hand was a small bag that he held up in the air. His clothes were covered in snow and Bai Qingyi couldn’t help but think: Hey, isn’t this his cousin? Good child don’t cry, stand up, let me give you a hug….No! What he meant was, what happened?! Tell this brother. This brother will avenge you!

At that time, Hong Kong crime dramas were very popular and Bai Qingyi’s dream was to become a gangster with at least a thousand underlings working for him.

“That person…pushed me!” Bai Lia Hua who fell in the snow trembled and his teeth chattered.

The moment Bai Qingyi heard this, he angrily asked: “Who?!” “It’s…..that Rei Wa from the nearby apartment. He often bullies me…” Who is Bai Qingyi? He is someone who dreams to become a gangster! Hearing that his cousin was actually bullied, as a future big boss, it made him lose face! Of course at that time he still didn’t know what face was. He ran over and pounded on the door to Rei Wa’s apartment. Rei Wa’s mother opened the door to see a furious Bai Qingyi who was holding onto the hands of Bai Lian Hua. Ignoring the adults present, he went directly to Rei Wa’s bedroom and asked loudly: “Why are you bullying my brother?!”

Hearing this, Rei Wa’s mother chuckled and assumed that it was a small fight between children. Internally, she couldn’t help but think that Bai Qingyi was too impolite and should have greeted the adults first! However what happened next made her unable to continue smiling. Bai Qingyi grabbed Rei Wa’s collar and fiercely continued: “Talk! Why are you bullying my brother?!”

Rei Wa was obviously used to being pampered and not used to the rough treatment he was exposed to now causing him to burst into tears. Seeing her son getting bullied, Rei Wa’s mothers’ expression was also not good but what made her even more dumbfounded was the events that followed. Her son actually recounted everything he had done to Bai Lian Hua from beginning to end rendering her speechless.

With a stern expression, Bai Qingyi said to Rei Wa: “Apologise!” Rei Wa cried and swore that he would never dare do it again. That night, Rei Wa was scolded harshly by his father and they even took him to Bai Lian Hua’s place to apologise formally the next day. The dazzling deeds of Bai Qingyi spread like wildfire throughout the local community and all the children were moved by his loyalty.

Bai Qingyi once patted Bai Lian Hua’s small head and said: “Lian Hua! You have to drink more milk. Drink milk and you will grow taller. Once you’re taller, others won’t bully you!”

 “Until how tall?” Bai Lian Hua lifted his small head and asked. Bai Qingyi thought for a moment and replied: “At least as tall as I am!” At that time Bai Qingyi who was older than Bai Lia Hua by one year was already one metre twenty six and Bai Lian Hua was only one metre and seven centimetres.

“Oh!” Bai Lian Hua nodded thoughtfully. “Then when I’m as tall as you are, can I marry you?”

With a face full of sincerity, Bai Qingyi said: “You can’t. You have you marry Xiao Fang in the neighbouring apartment complex!”

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…..”Cousin? Cousin!?” Bai Lian Hua looked worriedly at his cousin who seemed to be lost in thoughts and waved his hands in front of him.

Bai Qingyi returned from his thoughts and smiled at him: “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about some things.” Once again, the two men fell into silence.

“What’s that person called?” Bai Qingyi suddenly asked. Bai Lian Hua froze and only after a long time he realised who he was referring to. “His name is Song Qingge.”

“Age?” “18.” “Oh. How long have you been going out with him for?”

Bai Lian Hua lowered his head in embarrassment: “Just started today.”

Bai Qingyi smacked the table, the loud sound causing Bai Lian Hua to jump: “One day and you kiss that does that mean that in three days you will sleep with him?!”


“This won’t do,” Bai Qingyi furrowed his brows and came to a decision. He faced Bai Lian Hua and said: “Give me Song Qingge’s phone number.”

Bai Lian Hua took out his phone from his pocket and feebly handed it to Bai Qingyi: “Find it yourself?”

Bai Qingyi saved Song Qingge’s number and finally asked: “What do you want to eat tonight?” “You’re cooking?” Bai Lian Hua subconsciously glanced at his cousins untainted hands. It didn’t look like they could cook!

Bai Qingyi fell silent. “I have a lot of home delivery phone numbers…” he said.

The next day, the weather was great. It was not too hot or too cold and was one of the rare summer days when the weather was good.

Bai Qingyi sat on the sofa at a small café. It was a small place so it was quiet and there was only the sounds of soft music playing. Sitting on the wooden table was a porcelain tea set. He gazed outside the full length windows and the people bustling past.

The door to the café was pushed open by Song Qingge dressed in a casual outfit. In contrast to his outfit, Bai Qingyi’s suit looked slightly out of place.

“Please sit”. Bai Qingyi said to him.

Song Qingge glanced at him and sat down on the wooden chair opposite him.

“I am Bai Lian Hua’s cousin.” Bai Qingyi started and took the lead in starting the conversation. It was obvious that he did not intend to stop after this sentence. “I know you are a university student and I also know that what I’m about to do may seem very old-fashioned but you have to know that before I am a rich second-generation, I am Bai Lian Hua’s cousin.”

Stopping Song Qingge from responding, he then pulled out a check from his wallet. “Eight hundred thousand. I’m asking you to leave him alone.”

“To be honest, eight hundred thousand is enough for a down payment for a house in B city. In other smaller cities, you can purchase an entire building.”

Song Qingge’s face remained wooden and unmoving.

“One million. No more than that.”

Song Qingge looked at him indifferently: “Double.”

Bai Qinggyi froze: “What?”

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“Two million. Go and convince Bai Lian Hua’s parents and relatives.” Looking at Bai Qingyi’s shocked expression, Song Qingge actually feel his mood get better, “Or five million? That’s okay too.” From his inner pockets he pulled out his wallet, “This time I came in a hurry and didn’t bring a check. Of course, I also didn’t expect that Bai Lian Hua had a cousin like you.” His tone was very faint and it was hard to tell if he was speaking ironically or if it carried another meaning.

“This is a bank card. Inside is 4.62 million. I’ll just count it as 4.6 million and I will give you the remaining four hundred thousand this afternoon. The pin for this card is 950803.”

Bai Qingyi looked at him and said straight away: “I don’t need it.” After a while he then asked, “You’re sincere?”


“Can you face the pressure of public opinion? Also, even if your family and friends don’t mind but what about Bai Lian Hua’s parents? Do you think that they won’t care?”

“I will figure something out.”

Bai Qingyi snorted seemingly disdainfully. “You will figure something out. What can you figure out? Huh?”

“The human heat is also made of meat. There will always be a way.”

Bai Qingyi lit a cigarette but he soon extinguished it with frustration. He wasn’t someone who liked to smoke or drink. It was just that he needed to do something right now to calm himself down.

“As a child Bai Lian Hua was actually very lonely.” Bai Qingyi suddenly said, “Because aunt and uncle had to leave for work and couldn’t bring him with them, they could only lock him in the house. At first, Bai Lian Hua would still cry and complain but afterwards he silently accepted it.”

“When aunt and uncle realised that something wasn’t right with Bai Lian Hua, he was already five years old. He didn’t cry, didn’t complain, didn’t throw tantrums and was always silent, never speaking. It wasn’t because he couldn’t speak, but because he was too lazy to.”

“The first time I saw him, uncle was holding Lia Hua’s hand asking him to call me brother but he wouldn’t. I brought him to my room and played games with him but from beginning to the end, it was just me playing and he didn’t move, as if he was indifferent to everything. After a few days, aunt and uncle moved to our apartment complex. I would often go and find him to talk. One day, Bai Lian Hua pulled out a drawing from his drawers. It was a drawing of two people. One was himself and the other was Xiao Fang….”

Bai Qingyi suddenly laughed: “He said that Xiao Fang was his old neighbour and that he wanted to marry Xiao Fang. Afterwards, he gave me the drawing and called me cousin.”

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“When I turned eight, my parents moved to B city for business. Bai Lian Hua pulled at my sleeves asking me to stay and even cried and threw a tantrum…..Unfortunately the only time I could see him from then on was at the annual Spring Festivals. Each time I saw him, Lian Hua had become even more cheerful than before, even calling me cousin. I couldn’t help but feel more and more distance between us as the years flew by.”

Bai Qingyu stood up and smiled at Song Qingge: “I said too much. I….Goodbye.”

Song Qingge breathed a sigh of relief and placed back his bank card…..That was dangerous. There was actually only 3.6 million in it and fortunately he didn’t misjudge him. It was just like Bai Qingyi had said himself, before he is a rich second-generation, he is Bai Lian Hua’s cousin.

After a long time later, Song Qingge suddenly asked Bai Lian Hua: “I heard that you used to want to marry Xiao Fang?”

Bai Lian Hua froze: “What Xiao Fang?” “The old neighbour of yours. You drew a picture of you two together and gifted it to Bai Qingyi.”

After hearing this, Bai Lian Hua bent forward laughing, “You mean that? Actually, at that time I was drawing myself and Bai Qingyi but I accidentally drew long hair on myself so I lied to him that it’s my old neighbour Xiao Fang.”

Song Qingge was temporarily made speechless. “Your brother really loves you.” “No sh*t. We’re brothers.”

“Cousin! Cousin! I thought of something! Although I can’t marry you but I can be betrothed to you! Will you marry me in the future?” The little Bai Lian Hua ran before him and asked him with a face full of sincerity.

Bai Qingyi remembered at that time he had nodded quite seriously and felt slight joy inside: “Okay then. Then I guess I can’t help but accept you.”

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