[56. This chapter has lots of pointless chatter]

Chen Tian walked out of the bathroom and saw on his computer screen a conversation that he didn’t know had taken place. He dried his long hair with a towel and picked up his phone to call that person who is currently overseas.

“Hey Song Qingge, are you having fun controlling my computer remotely?” Chen Tian sat in front of his computer and moved his mouse around. Sure enough, the mouse couldn’t be moved.

Song Qingge’s voice came from the other end of the phone. His voice was calm and monotonous, “Didn’t I get your consent?”

#@¥@¥#¥……Chen Tian’s mood was even more complicated. Your mom, sure he did consent to it but he still needed to work. He still had things from a few days ago that he wanted to completed before May 1st but even after watching TV, even after having dinner, even after having a shower, Song Qingge was still happily chatting with Bai Lian Hua using his penguin account!

“Song Qingge, I still have to work. Can you give me some time to do it?” Great God you are a god, let me bow down to you.

“En. Chen Tian, is ​​your full name Chen Chen Tian?” Song Qingge replied lightly. 

“….” Chen Tian felt glad that no-one could see him now. If they did, they would finally be able to witness true “jaw dislocation”.

“How did you know?! Are you secretly in love with me?” Chen Chen Tian’s voice trembled. 

“It’s written in your penguin account.” Song Qingge’s voice was light and gently fell onto Chen Chen Tians heart.

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And so, Chen Chen Tian with his hair wet and wrapped in a pink bath towel, realised something – Penguin is dangerous! Must be cautious when sharing real information!

A long time after hanging up, the remote control of the computer was lifted. One by one, Chen Chen Tian scrolled through the chat log and couldn’t help but admire and also reprimand: Song Qingge! You made an idiot mistake! If you don’t tell Bai Lian Hua, do you think he would know that he is actually chatting with you?

Well, this is also outside his scope of assistance. It is better to just wait for them to solve their problems. Yes………Chen Tian made a cup of Nestle and, with the steam floating around him, he felt very scholarly.

Early in the morning of the next day, Bai Lian Hua woke up. Perhaps because he had still not acclimatized, the moment he woke up, he felt very dizzy as if he had a fever.

C City is a pretty good place and naturally could not be completely explored in one morning. He held onto his phone and, following the map, he visited several nearby landmarks. Perhaps it was because the expensive prices dispelled his enthusiasm, perhaps it was because the landmarks were not as beautiful as how he had imagined, or perhaps it was because he was exploring alone amongst the crowds, Bai Lian Hua felt that these high-end attractions where nowhere near as fun as the aquarium at B city…..

When he arrived at the hotel, it was around eleven at noon. In the distance, he saw the beautiful red lanterns decorating the hotels entrance.

Bai Lian Hua followed the crowd and proceeded to the second floor of the hotel. He had heard that the second and third floor of this place was where the game meetup will be held. Confirming that the second floor is correct, Bai Lian Hua pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts until he reached the name ‘Half Crazy Smile’.

The sound on the other end was very noisy. He seems to also be at the hotel.

“Hello? Who is it?” The voice sounded very haphazard and from time to time he heard some laughter’s coming from the other end.

 “It’s me, Bai Lian Hua.”

“Ah? Lotus sister? You’re finally willing to call me!” He then greeted the people next to him, “….Hey! You guys quiet down! Bai Lian Hua just called.” He could tell that the atmosphere there was very roudy. After hearing those words, the noise became even louder. “Where are you now? Chen Tian asked him.

“At the entrance of the lobby on the second floor.” Bai Lian Hua looked up at the directory in front of him and replied honestly. “Oh, then come to the ninth private room. Get the attendant to bring you over…..or I could come pick you up?”

Bai Lian Hua walked in and looked at the sign directing towards the private rooms. He replied slowly, “No need. I can find it myself.” After a few bends and curves, he finally found the legendary ninth private room at the end of the corridor.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Lian Hua opened the door to the private room. If someone could take a photo of the current expression on his face, just by looking at his face, you would think that he was about to be sent to be executed. This wasn’t because Bai Lian Hua lacked courage and was afraid to meet strangers but because he was afraid…….afraid that the moment he opened the door he would see that person he is afraid of seeing.

Fortunately, he didn’t. Scanning his eyes across the people in the private room, there was an acquaintance there but it wasn’t Song Qingge. For a moment Bai Lian Hua couldn’t tell if he was feeling joy or frustration.

Yun Yu was dressed very formally today with a black suit, black leather shoes and a red tie. Sitting at the table, he smiled at him. Bai Lian Hua was used to seeing Yun Yu wearing t-shirt and slippers while holding a fan. Seeing this change in his appearance, he really couldn’t get used to it.

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“Come, sit next to me~” Yun Yu greeted him and proceeded to wave his hand across the group of people sitting there asking, “Guess who Mr. Stupid Sweet (Chun Tian) is?” With another meaningful smile he added, “No, it should be Mr Stupid Stupid Sweet (Chun Chun Tian).”

The face of a man with long hair darkened: “Yun Yu, straighten up your tongue before speaking! Did you watch too many amateur films and you can no longer speak properly?”

Yun Yu continued smiling unchangingly. “Mr Stupid Stupid Sweet (Chun Chun Tian) seems to be very well-versed about this. Looks like you weren’t very lonely in the past.”

Well then, Bai Lian Hua moved his gaze over to the man with long hair…Didn’t you just play yourself Mr. Chen Tian?

The other onlookers watched the banter while laughing.

Chen Tian had his hair braided which rested on his shoulders and looked like a very literary and artsy person……At this moment, the person who had Bai Lian Hua’s gaze locked onto expressed that he felt embarrassed being stared at so passionately.

“Would you like me to introduce them to you?” Chen Tian straightened his back and slowly spoke up. “Of course, it’s because I think you may not be familiar with them.”

“The one who looks stupid over there is Li Shenzhou.” “This one is “Looking for Death”, the one who called you Guild Pig. His real name is Zhao Si.” “The rest you haven’t met before so I’ll pass over them.” (KKnotes: Zhao Si sounds the same as looking for death in Chinese.  The author really is bad at naming her characters hahaha)

 The other three that were passed over expressed internally that they were very hurt.

As if he felt the resentful gazes from the remaining people, Chen Tian looked at them: “What are you looking at? You’re all looking at me like abandoned widows. Why are you looking at me? I’m not a bastard.”

At this moment, the door once again opened. The person who walked inside wore glasses, but it wasn’t Song Qingge.

“Ah…..” Looking at the group who had turned their attention to him, the person who just arrived felt a little embarrassed, “I’m not late am I? Why is everyone staring at me?” Saying this, he also laughed drily a few times.

“I am Wang Hong. Uh…..that is “Hundred Days Red”.” Wang Hong found a seat and sat down. He turned to Chen Tian and asked, “Where’s Great God?” The idol didn’t come?”

“He didn’t come.” Bai Lian Hua and Chen Tian replied at the same time. Seeing this, Bai Lian Hua closed his mouth and felt awkward.

Chen Tian changed his posture, leaned towards Bai Lian Hua and asked him secretly: “Lian Hua, tell this brother the truth. How old are you?”

………..Can he not answer this question?


“No way!” Chen Tian widened his eyes. “When I was twenty-one I had a beard that no matter how often I shave, it would not be clean. How can your chin be so smooth?”


“Not everyone is like you.” The Li Shenzhou who had been quiet until now suddenly interjected. The moment his mouth opened, he revealed some shocking news, “I have only seen you who was both fat and hairy at that age.”

“That just means that I am unique” Chen Tian said to Li Shenzhou affectionately.

Li Shenzhou cleanly replied with a few words: “You’re over thinking it.”

He then added: “Every time Chen Chen Tian is forced to go on a blind date by his mother, he would take pictures of himself when he was in college and say that he is helping his brother find a date.”

“You won’t get exposed?” Someone asked with great interest.

“Yes, and when that happened, he actually said that he likes men. The other party would then always dump their coffee at him.”


Chen Tian, you really are a brave warrior!

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