Chapter 11: Chair-don (KKnotes: A variation of Kabe-don but itinvolves a chair – see pic at the bottom)

As Xie Zhe continued chatting on, Qin Xu lazily rested his chin on his hands and his eyes casually swept over to his desk partner.

He could only see his profile. With clear facial features, he had his head lowered and he worked on his homework with a face filled with concentration. A few stray strands of hair fell before his forehead and his back was not straight and, instead, slightly curved. While he thought, he would also subconsciously spin his pen around.

The moment he saw the seating plan, Qin Xu was surprised and felt a slight resistance inside. He could imagine himself getting into an argument with Jiang Yang almost every day and not being able to have a single day where things would be peaceful. Obviously, he knew that it was immature of them to always butt heads with one another all the time and wanted get along well but what can he do when the moment he sees him his mouth goes out of control? He also felt very helpless.

Possibly because Jiang Yang had the same thoughts they treated each other coldly and indifferently during last night’s class. When they butt heads they’re deadly enemies and when they’re not, they treat each other like strangers.

At this moment, Qin Xu looked at him boredly. Jiang Yang didn’t notice this and only continued spinning the pen in his hand. He then accidentally missed the timing and the pen fell under Qin Xu’s chair.

Qin Xu raised his eyebrows. Even he himself didn’t notice that his originally bored and indifferent eyes had suddenly lit up.

He watched Jiang Liang turn and look down in the pens direction with a frown. He looked seemingly annoyed.

The classroom was not very big and there are a total of fifty-eight students. With everyones chairs, tables and bags, the room is already very crowded. At the very least, there is very little space between desk partners. Jiang Yang wanted to bend over to pick up the pen but thought that it might be a little difficult. When he gave it a try he found that it really was the case and he couldn’t reach it. This only made him frown even more.

Qin Xu watched this but didn’t move his chair. He very impolitely sat there like a immovable mountain.

But Jiang Yang was conflicted. He didn’t want talk to that annoying bastard in front of him. The moment he raised his head and saw those mocking eyes of his looking down at him and he instantly understood that he had deliberately refused to move. He suddenly had the urge to hit him.

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The corners of Jiang Yang’s mouth twitched. He sneered while glaring at Qin Xu. The air around them seemed to have morphed into that of a tiger and a wolf roaring at each other ferociously.

Xie Zhe watched from the sidelines with great interest.

Jiang Yang coldly said: “Move.”

Qin Xu smirked: “Beg me.”

The air around them instantly became stagnate.

With a cold expression, Jiang Yang suddenly reached out past Qin Xu’s shoulder and forcefully grabbed the back of his chair. With a push, the chair naturally leaned backwards forcing Qin Xu to lean back and expose the area under the chair. Qin Xu is one metre eighty nine and weighed seventy-eight kilograms but Jiang Yang was able to support it singlehandedly while smoothly bending down to pick the pen up from the ground.

Out of nowhere they were exposed to the standard chair-don.

The classmates around them were stunned and this naturally included Qin Xu himself.

Only after Jiang Yang pursed his lips and retracted his hands expressionlessly allowing the chair to fall back to the ground with a loud clatter did Qin Xu return back to his senses. He suppressed the fluctuations in his heart, acted indifferent and pretentiously said: “General Jiang is so domineering~”

Xie Zhe also joined in while laughing happily, “Xu brother, after just being in Jiang Yang’s arms, you guys should try acting out a special version of an idol drama.”

Qin Xu laughed and joked back. He couldn’t help but turn around and check Jiang Yang’s expression but he only found that the other person had returned back to working on his homework and had no reaction. Suddenly feeling bored, he softly scoffed. To the others it was clearly an act of provocation for Jiang Yang. Just as the onlookers though that he would fight back, Xiao Yuxin who had left to fill his water bottle returned. Xie Zhe sat in his seat so he just stood to the side and was about to ask him to move. 

Xie Zhe was enjoying the show before him and didn’t want to move so he passionately patted his thigh and said: “Sit here.”

Xiao Yuxin was stunned. He stood there petrified like a statue.

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Xie Zhe found this reaction interesting. He stretched his arms out, pulled the other person over into his arms and made him sit in his lap. Xiao Yuxin is one metre seventy five and his physique is thin. Sitting in Xie Zhe’s arms who is more than half a head taller than him, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Xiao Yuxin who found himself suddenly in the arms of another boy could feel the body heat on his back and waist. The heat passed through the thin school uniform and attacked him to the point that he could keenly sense how intimate their current position is. In his mind he imagined what this scene probably looked like to others and felt that it looked really too ambiguous.

With a boom, Xiao Yuxin’s face felt hot and the blush spread all the way to his ears. He panicked and wanted to jump up and escape from this embarrassing situation.

Xie Zhe only did this on a whim and didn’t expect to see the class leader react so strongly. He found it pretty funny that his face actually went red with embarrassment from something like this. He curiously pinched Xiao Yuxin’s ears only to find that it was hot and laughed.

Xiao Yuxin wanted to stand up but he was held down at his waist by Xie Zhe and couldn’t move. He eventually was forced to pat his arm and stutter nervously: “You-you can sit, I’ll come back when class starts!”

Xie Zhe however continued to muck around and continued holding onto him. He rested his chin onto Xiao Yuxin’s shoulder while chuckling: “I can sit?”

Saying this, hot air from his mouth blew onto Xiao Yuxin’s ear causing it to feel slightly itchy and making him feel even more nervous. Not only that, Xie Zhe even deliberately acted perversely and thrusted his hips a few times. This intimate touch scared Xiao Yuxin to the point that he froze and didn’t dare to move.

Xiao Yuxin wanted to cry. He sent a pleading look in Jiang Yangs direction.

Jiang Yang noticed his pleading gaze. Normally if a boy played around like this, he would not join in and just turn a blind eye but this time the other party involved is Xiao Yuxin. As a good student with a very mild temperament and as someone who also helped him out with the desk partner situation, Jiang Yang could only respond. He stood up, grabbed Xiao Yuxin’s arm while glaring at Xie Zhe coldly before saying: “Let go.”

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That look of his was filled with authority. Seeing this, Xie Zhe felt cold sweat on his back and he quickly loosened his hands around the anxious class leader. He spread his hands apart while shrugging, “Just playing around. Class leader is just too fun to tease.”

Jiang Yang very easily pulled him free and casually picked up his water bottle. While grabbing him by the scruff his neck he said: “Come with me to get water.”

Xiao Yuxin was stunned. Looking at the bottle on his desk that he had just filled he realised that Jiang Yang was helping him. He nodded his head and followed him out.

Xie Zhe pouted. Seeing the class leader following Jiang Yang out obediently while blushing he couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy, “Hey, with Jiang Yang grabbing class leader like that it looks like he is holding onto a hamster.”

Qin Xuwordlessly glanced over and watched the two figures disappear out the door.

Jiang Yang wasn’t in a good mood. With his long legs striding forward he walked on very quickly and Xiao Yuxin trailed slowly behind. After a while he could no longer keep up and could only reach out and pat him on the back saying: “Thank you for earlier Jiang Yang.”

Only then did Jiang Yang return from his unhappy mood. He tilted his head to the side and looked at him: “It’s nothing.”

He then frowned and said flatly: “If you don’t like those jokes you should speak up. If you’re too soft on them, they will think that you’re easy to bully.”

Xiao Yuxin dodged his gaze and scratched his face in embarrassment, “Everyone plays around like this. It’s not like I was disgusted. It was just too sudden and I was surprised. I just hope to….have a good relationship with everyone but my personality is a little…..I don’t know what to say.”

Jiang Yang frowned and he felt a little puzzled. Earlier his face went red with anger and now he’s saying that he wasn’t disgusted?

Although he was very puzzled and couldn’t understand him, he didn’t pursue things any further. He had already said what he needed to and what Xiao Yuxin chooses to do is his own choice.

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