Chapter 13: Exposed

Huang Shao had done something very stupid.

During the break between classes he leaned onto the railing on the corridor outside while sighing.

It happened during the self-study session they had just a moment ago.

Huang Shao sat in a seat by the window while happily playing on his phone but because of the reflections from the sun he couldn’t see his screen clearly and the reflections almost blinded him.

And so, he thought of a wonderful idea.

He randomly pulled out a workbook and tore off a blank page from the back. Borrowing a classmates tape, he had planned to stick it onto the window to block the sun but he realised that one sheet was too thin. He once again tore two more off and stacked them together. On a whim, he pulled out a pen and drew a devils face onto it. Only after admiring his own handiwork for a moment did he finally stick it onto the window.

He then proceeded to continue concentrating on his game. The battle occurring on the screen excited him to the point that both his eyes sparkled brightly.

After finishing two games, he was still very excited when he suddenly heard a dull knock from behind him. He didn’t pay attention to it but the knock only became louder. He turned around with an impatient glare and saw someone standing outside the window with the devils face coincidentally obstructing their face. It looked like a stupid mask.

Seeing this, Huang Shao instantly cracked up: “HAHAHAHA What a big idiot!”

At the next moment, the person behind the devils face bent down and revealed a very familiar round face —- It was the school director.

Huang Shao cursed internally at himself. As his eyes met with Director Wang’s grim reaper-like eyes the smile on his face gradually fell: “I am the biggest idiot….”

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Seeing the drastic change in his attitude, the entire class burst into laughter and very rudely laughed at his misfortune.

Director Wang glared at him and moved his gaze to the phone on his desk. He bluntly told him to open the window.

Huang Shao saw that he was about to win in his game and wasn’t willing to give it up so he shook his head in refusal. This only made Director Wang even more furious. With large strides, Director Wang walked into the classroom from the door and headed straight to where Huang Shao sat. He grabbed his phone: “No phones during class! Confiscated!”

Huang Shao was stunned. He instantly revealed a mournful expression and clutched onto Director Wang’s arm while wailing: “Don’t! Please Director Wang! This is part of my life! You really can’t take it away!”

Director Wang was dumbfounded. He had seen many students get angry or be upset when he confiscated their phones but he had never seem someone as shameless as him. He froze for a moment before coldly prying his hands off, “Let go!”

“Director, I was in the wrong! I promise I won’t play on my phone in class anymore. Please give it back, without I won’t be able to live anymore. I’ll die, director!”

His voice was very sad and pitiful, and his eyes were very sincere. It was as if he trying to hold someone important back and begging them not to die.

Hearing his wails, Director Wang couldn’t help but feel his head hurt. For a moment he was almost taken in by his words and believed that he had done something awful. Wasn’t it just a mobile phone? He was acting like he had just dug his heart out of him.

Director Wang ruthlessly swatted his hands away and said coldly: “Study hard. You can get it back on Friday.”

He then turned and left the classroom.

Huang Shao sat down soullessly. He rested his head against the wall as if he had just lost all hope in life.

His desk partner saw that he was very upset and couldn’t help but whisper some comforting words: “Today is Wednesday. There are only two more days. It’ll pass very quickly.”

Huang Shao laughed dejecctedly at his own misfortune, “You don’t have to comfort me.”

His desk partner found him pitiful and reached out to pat him on his shoulder, “Are you really okay……”

Huang Shao suddenly raised his head to look at him, “Then, can you help me with something?”

The desk partner subconsciously nodded: “With what?”

Huang Shao’s expression changed instantly. His eyes became bright and his face flushed: “Lend me your phone! I was just about to win earlier! I’ll play one game. Just one game!”

The desk partner stared at the hand held out in front of him that almost poked his nose: “……”

Because his phone was confiscated, Huang Shao remained spiritless throughout class. He sprawled over the railing like a salted fish, too lazy to move.

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At this time Qin Xu walked in from the other end of the corridor and saw his lifeless state. He found this appearance of his funny and wordlessly rested against the railing next to him while looking into the distance with a bored expression.

After standing there for a while, he saw a familiar figure downstairs.

Qin Xu squinted his eyes and confirmed that he didn’t see wrong. It really was that Jiang Yang. However, next to him stood a long-haired girl that he didn’t recognise. Just looking at her profile he could tell that she looked very sweet and innocent. While holding onto a bag of snacks, she laughed very happily. Jiang Yang also had a rare gentle expression. The girl said something and he responded by smiling and affectionately rubbing her head.

So intimate….

Qin Xu raised his eyebrows. Inside, he suddenly felt strange. That girl was not Wu Tong. Jiang Yang you bastard, why are you so half-hearted!

Qin Xu’s eyes flashed but he still pretended to look indifferent. He walked over to Huang Shao and commented faintly: “Look, is that Jiang Yang over there?”

Huang Shao unsurprisingly responded very energetically. In an instant, he nodded his head and even waved his hand at Jiang Yang enthusiastically: “Hey! Jiang Yang! What delicious food do you have over there?! Yuan Yuan, give me some too~”

The two people downstairs heard him and looked up. Jiang Yang naturally didn’t bother wasting his energy to shout back at Huang Shao and only ruthlessly shook his head. Yuan Yuan who stood beside him smiled with her eyes curved and responded: “No way!”

Huang Shao pouted and only stretched his arms out of the railings while grumbling: “So mean.”

Qin Xu casually asked: “Yuan Yuan?”

Huang Shao raised his eyes, “Oh, that’s Jiang Yang’s little sister, Jiang Yuan. She’s also in this school, in first year…”

As he finished saying this, Huang Shao suddenly became spirited. “That’s right, there are lots of junior sisters in first year. I haven’t had the chance to take a look~”

He glanced at Qin Xu and understood that he would definitely not be interested. He turned around while waving his hand and ran off to find comrades who would be willing to join him to find their next spring romance.


If you asked Jiang Yang what he thought about his pig-like teammates, he would definitely not hesitate and gnash his teeth angrily —— Beat him up! Beat him up until even his parents wouldn’t be able to recognise him!

Only after changing seats for a week, Jiang Yang’s secret was spilled by that Huang Shao bastard. That guy even continued to look on innocently not realising what trouble he had caused.

On that day, Jiang Yang sat in his seat and worked on his homework as usual. As if there as an invisible barrier set up around him, no one could bother him. At this moment, Huang Shao rushed over while looking miserable and wronged.

“You hurt me but just laughed it off….”

Jiang Yang almost instinctively sang back! (KK notes: This song)

He turned back to look at Huang Shao’s upset expression and impatiently asked: “What are you crying about?”

Huang Shao claimed accusingly: “I know it all! You secretly arranged to be desk partners with Qin Xu behind my back and just threw the poor and pitiful me aside!”

What he meant by pitiful, in fact, was because the teacher had arranged for him to sit next to a rather quiet male student to control his easily excitable personality. For the past few days he wasn’t able to express himself and felt very suffocated.

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Just as Jiang Yang heard those words, like thunder, his heart pounded loudly in his chest but he still did his best to keep his face calm and act as if nothing had happened. He said: “Who told you this? Don’t believe what others say so easily.”

Huang Shao stood firm, “Ling Ling told me. She said she saw the seating chart with her own eyes!”

Tang Ling Ling who had rushed over trying to stop him had the urge to kill him. After being sold out, she couldn’t help but knock him on his head.

Jiang Yang’s expression stiffened. He suppressed his slightly guilty conscience: “She probably saw wrong….”

“Yeah…” Tang Ling Ling produced a forced smile while nodding. Her eyes however still floated uncomfortably in Jiang Yang’s direction.

Jiang Yang suddenly felt his scalp go numb. With a bad premonition, he slowly looked up and his eyes met with Qin Xu’s indecipherable gaze.

Qin Xu’s lips hooked and smiled softly. As if he knew what Jiang Yang was worried about, he thoughtfully said: “I have been standing here for a while. Yeah, from the very beginning, I heard every word.”

Jiang Yang: “…….” Despite having a smile on his face, he was cursing out furiously inside.

During this kind of awkward moment, anything that you say to try and clear things up would only make it more chaotic. Jiang Yang also couldn’t find a good excuse and only used his usual method. With a cold face he scoffed in disdain: “It must be someone’s prank. Why would I want to share a table with him?”

After saying this, he continued to act like nothing had happened however his face was still tight and his heart still pounded very rapidly due to his guilty conscience.

Qin Xu, on the other hand, didn’t say anything. It was as if he was convinced by Jiang Yang’s words. Jiang Yang waited for a while only to find that he didn’t react and could only secretly breathe a sigh of relief.

But in fact, Jiang Yang didn’t dare to look at Qin Xu. He didn’t know that he currently had a very intrigued expression on his face.

If it was in the past, Qin Xu probably would have believed it but after knowing about Jiang Yang helping cover him at night and buying his breakfast, he felt that the matter with the desk partner seemed even less certain.

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Director: I have never seen such a shameless person!
Jiang Yang: I have never seen someone so deserving of a beating!
Huang Shao: Hehehe~

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KK has something to say:
Misunderstandings piling up one by one~

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  1. reiyu57 1st July 2019 / 5:06 pm

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