Chapter 18: Date

Perhaps because they were teammates in the game. After winning several rounds, even Jiang Yang couldn’t help but see Qin Xu in a better light. It could be said that several layers were shed from a countlessly layered pair of spectacles and now he could occasionally interact with him normally.

It’s an incredible feat for them to progress from deadly enemies at first sight to enemies that would trigger the other in three sentences.

The system may have seemingly detected this change and so it soon released another task.

“Random task: Please go and hang out with Qin Xu. Please complete this within 24 hours. Failure penalty: Cook a meal for Qin Xu.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yang didn’t have much of a reaction. After having the voice chat session, he had devised of a coping mechanism. Although he may not find Qin Xu very likeable, he had to admit that his gaming technique is not bad. If they were to go and hang out, they could just find a coffee shop somewhere to play the game for an afternoon.

On the other hand, it was the punishment that couldn’t help but make Jiang Yang laugh — Cook?

It wasn’t like Jiang Yang couldn’t do it. It was just that the things that he made were not in line with the human tastebuds. Never mind cooking for Qin Xu, it was just that he didn’t know whether Qin Xu would be able to survive through it. On the surface it may seem like a punishment for him but it actually is a punishment for Qin Xu. If Jiang Yang received a task like this in the future, he wouldn’t feel burdened.

After playing the game, Jiang Yang felt refreshed. Before logging off, he agreed with Qin Xu to continue tomorrow and, after washing up, he went straight to bed. He slept all the way until dawn and continued lazing around in bed until noon.

After lunch, he reported to his mum and went out.

In a simple white T-shirt with retro style khaki pants and paired with black shoes, the refreshing and handsome youth attracted many on-lookers gazes. The hint of unruliness in his expression only evoked their desire to conquer.

Arriving at the pre-appointed coffee shop, Jiang Yang had just sat down and ordered matcha latte when the crisp ringing of bells came from the direction of the door. He looked up and, soon, a tall figure came into view.

Jiang Yang subconsciously pursed his lips. It wasn’t for any other reason other than the fact that he did not approve of the clothes Qin Xu wore. It was almost the same as his; a white T-shirt with khaki pants. At most he had more pocket zippers and he had paired it with bright red shoes.

At first glance, it could easily be mistaken to be a pre-arranged couple outfit.

The shop clerk didn’t think much into it but as soon as he saw Qin Xu, he subconsciously looked in Jiang Yang’s direction. The two customers were very handsome and were almost the same age. After finding out that they’re really together, the shop clerk no longer needed to direct him to his seat. In one glance, Qin Xu had already identified Jiang Yang’s location next to the window.

He obviously also noticed the similarity in their outfits but, because this had happened several times already, he had grown numb and naturally turned a blind eye to it. However, seeing Jiang Yang’s displeased expression, he couldn’t help but want to tease him a little.

Qin Xu sat down and smiled: “Does this count as ‘To agree by chance’?” (不约而同)

Those words were normal, and the idiom was also used correctly. But seeing that meaningful smile on his face, Jiang Yang recalled the fact that it also had another meaning online.

To agree by chance — Also another phrase to describe those who turned to homosexuality due to not being associated with a member of the opposite sex for a long period of time.

Who the fuck thought of this stupid phrase?

Jiang Yang rolled his eyes and irately replied: “Stop talking nonsense. Solo play. The loser treats.”

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“Not fighting as a team?”

Jiang Yang looked down at his phone and ignored him.

Qin Xu shrugged and proceeded to stand up, “If you’re ignoring me then I’m leaving.”

Jiang Yang heard this and reflexively reached out to grab him. His reaction was so fast that even he himself was surprised for a moment. He tried to reason that it was because of the task but, in fact, he knew that it was just an excuse. He would much rather play the game with Qin Xu. Huang Shao’s skills were very amateur and the same could be said about Xiao Yuxin. The only person around him that would play on par to his level would be Qin Xu.

Qin Xu looked down at his wrist that had been grabbed onto. The action of his was clearly asking him to stay but the owner of the hand continued to act proud and didn’t speak.

Qin Xu quietly hooked up the corner of his lips before changing into a cold expression and looking up at him: “What are you doing? Do you realise that this can easily result in misunderstandings?”

Only then did Jiang Yang notice the strange gazes coming from the table next to theirs. He quickly retracted his hand and lifted his chin up proudly while insisting: “You haven’t even played a game. Isn’t it a waste going back already?”

Qin Xu wanted to a say that it obviously wasn’t a waste and ask him to beg him to play with him but, seeing the glimmering hint of expectation in Jiang Yang’s eyes, he quickly swallowed those words back down and said —– “That’s true.”

He then sat back down. Seeing Jiang Yang secretly releasing a sigh of relief, he couldn’t help but laugh internally. If you wanted me to stay then just say it. No need to act so awkward. He was only joking around earlier and didn’t really plan on leaving.

Jiang Yang, on the other hand, obviously didn’t know what Qin Xu was thinking. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t be happy just because he was only joking about leaving and would instead be enraged. Yes, Jiang Yang had always been such a straightforward person. If he is angry he wouldn’t suppress it and would immediately vent it out.

They sat there facing each other while playing games, drinking coffee and eating for the entire afternoon quite harmoniously. To them, this is a very rare occasion. If their other classmates saw this, they jaw would definitely dislocate and fall to the ground.

On the way back, the two headed back in the same direction for part of the way. On such a hot day, neither of them wanted to deliberately take the longer route home just to avoid being together with the other person.

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They walked like this, side by side, when suddenly Jiang Yang’s face changed. He quickly nudged Qin Xu with his elbow but he didn’t control his strength well. Qin Xu turned around and wanted to ask him what the hell he wanted when he heard Jiang Yang whisper secretively: “Nine o’clock direction.”

Using that phrase, and along with that action of his, Qin Xu couldn’t help but laugh. This was the classic act of guys trying to direct their friends’ attention to a nearby hottie. His first reaction was to laugh: “Jiang Yang, I didn’t expect you to be like this.”

Jiang Yang didn’t understand what he meant. Seeing that the idiot is not turning his head to look in the direction he mentioned earlier, he reached out and used his hand to twist his head over.

Only now, Qin Xu saw it and he swore internally.

Not far ahead of them, on the other side of the road, stood a tall and beautiful female figure who looked familiar. It was Wu Tong, but she wasn’t alone. Next to her stood a tall and tanned male with a buzzcut and muscular physique. As the man looked down at Wu Tong, his gaze was evidently filled with affection.

If it was just that then it wasn’t a big deal, but Wu Tong was also gazing back at him with a bright and loving smile.

From afar, they clearly looked like a pair of lovers who are deeply in love and well matched.

As two men who are both interested in Wu Tong, and also as love rivals, things instantly became very awkward. With a complicated mood, Qin Xu spoke up first while pretending to be calm, “Then, we should head home now.”

That one sentence quickly broke the strange silence.

Jiang Yang nodded reluctantly, and they parted at the intersection.

“My place is in this direction.”

“My place is in this direction.”

The two went in two different directions and after turning the corner, their figures soon disappeared.

Jiang Yang wanted to continue home, but he still couldn’t let things go. After hesitating for a while, he once again turned around and ran back. He wanted to make sure he didn’t see things wrongly earlier.

But unexpectedly, he came across someone hiding behind the pillars sneaking glances at the couple — It was Qin Xu who had proposed earlier that they headed home.

Jiang Yang: “……”

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