Chapter 19: Trailing
Jiang Yang expressionlessly walked ahead and deliberately lightened his footsteps. He then patted Qin Xu’s shoulder.

For an instant, Qin Xu was surprised to the point that his whole body jumped. He looked back fearfully and when he saw that it was Jiang Yang, he quickly restored back to his usual calm façade: “It’s you.”

Jiang Yang couldn’t help but admire his ability to change his attitude so quickly.

Just as Jiang Yang wanted to mock his sneaky actions, he was quickly pulled in next to him. Qin Xu even lifted his index finger to his lips and said ‘Shhh’.

Jiang Yang couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He was speechless, “Do you really need to….”

Before he could finish his sentence, a warm hand quickly covered his mouth. Qin Xu glared at him and whispered out a warning: “Don’t speak so loudly.”

Jiang Yang: “……….” Is this guy too immersed in his spy roleplay? We will attract attention just by speaking on a bustling street like this? What a joke.

Jiang Yang pushed his hand away and wanted to retort. Under his stern gaze, he reluctantly lowered his volume, “Didn’t you say that you’re going home?”

Qin Xu’s lies were seen through, but he didn’t falter, “Yeah, but I suddenly wanted to come back and check. If she really is together with that man then I might as well give up.”

Jiang Yang snorted coldly: “You should have given up long ago.”

Before the last of his words fell, Qin Xu who was looking out suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him ahead. He said: “They’re moving.”

Jiang Yang who was pulled into this for no reason could only exasperatingly facepalm: “With you trailing behind like this, why don’t you put on a disguise like the movies?”

Qin Xu stopped and looked back at him. His eyes even lit up as if he agreed that it was a good idea. He released the hand that was holding onto Jiang Yang’s and said: “Wait here. I’ll go buy…”

“Buying a few oranges?” Jiang Yang interjected.

Qin Xu was stunned for a moment and, as if he realised something, laughed: “That’s right. Be good and wait for daddy to return.”

He even arrogantly ruffled Jiang Yang’s head. Although his hand was soon swatted away, he continued to laugh like an old man who dotes on his child.

Jiang Yang fixed his hair while glaring at him. In Qin Xu’s eyes, however, he looked like rebellious middle school boy. Qin Xu shook his head as he felt that his child had reached the age where he could no longer control him and walked into the nearest clothing store.

Jiang Yang was left standing alone on the side of the road watching the couple diagonally opposite him.

Because she is not in school, Wu Tong didn’t wear her usual blue and white school uniform. However, she also didn’t wear the classic white dress people would generally expect gentle girls like her to wear. Instead, she wore a denim vest with a black leather skirt. It was both sexy and handsome, and if you looked carefully, she appeared to be more assertive than the man.

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The two both didn’t act like their appearances. That unknown man may appear tall and strong, but when facing Wu Tong, he was quite awkward. He watched her seriously, taking in every word and action she made and even unconsciously leaned forward wanting to get closer to her. In their hands they held different flavoured ice cream that they had bought not long ago. Wu Tong said something, and the man responded instantly with a red face and a look of embarrassment. Seeing Wu Tong pass her ice-cream over, he could only swap his ice cream with hers. He stiffly held onto the ice cream, too afraid to move. It was only when Wu Tong smiled at him gently did he cautiously take a lick, like a kitten getting its first taste of milk.

For a one metre eighty something man like him, this metaphor may not seem appropriate but next to Wu Tong he had become so gentle and harmless that he was complete taken along by Wu Tong.

Jiang Yang didn’t expect this type of interaction between the two. It looked like Wu Tong and…..a puppy?

Just as he was thinking this, Qin Xu returned and tapped his shoulder. He then mysteriously handed over a pair of sunglasses and a black baseball hat.

Jiang Yang felt a little complicated. Under his oppressive look of expectation, he could only accept the poor camouflage tools.

With the baseball hat covering half his face and along with a pair of sunglasses, he only became more domineering and eye-catching. At first glance, it looked like a star trying to conceal their identify on the streets.

Jiang Yang looked at the red baseball hat on Qin Xu’s head and was speechless. Are you sure you are trying to hide your presence with the camouflage? Why do I feel like you’re trying to draw attention instead?

Qin Xu himself thought that he was doing very well. He lifted his fist up to his mouth and pretended to cough while asking, “What did you see just then?”

Jiang Yang didn’t want to answer. In the next second, he felt a tap on the brim of his cap.

Qin Xu said: “Are you ignoring daddy because I didn’t buy you your oranges? Quick, tell daddy and I’ll go buy it for you.”

Without a thought, Jiang Yang instantly threw a punch across. Unfortunately, Qin daddy had already expected this reaction of his and quickly blocked his attack.

Jiang Yang glared: “You dare say it again?”

Qin Xu said decisively: “I don’t dare.”

Jiang Yang: “……..”

“So, I’m begging you. Hurry and tell me~”

Jiang Yang: “……..” I have never seen such a brazen man like him.

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But it had to be said that the strategy used by Qin Xu was the right one. Jiang Yang is type who is used to dealing with others the rough way. If the other party suddenly softened down, he wouldn’t know how to respond and could only frown in dissatisfaction.

Eventually, he could only succumb to that shameless guy and summarise what he had observed until now.

They proceeded to follow them for a while and, when Wu Tong seemingly felt something wrong and looked back, Jiang Yang panicked and quickly pulled Qin Xu to one side to hide behind a pole.

After hiding for a while, he carefully looked out and proceeded to continue following them. However when he looked back he saw that Qin Xu had not moved and continued crouching on the floor. He asked frustratingly: “Did you hit your head and become stupid? Why aren’t you getting up.”

Qin Xu looked back at him and quickly made a quiet gesture. He pointed in front of him and said: “There are cats fighting.”

Jiang Yang looked over and saw a group of yellow-black stray cats surrounding a small white cat. It was obvious that it not a fair fight. With so many against one cat, the small white cat couldn’t help but appear pitiful.

“Do you want to help?” Qin Xu asked.

Jiang Yang didn’t speak but he had already taken a few steps forward seemingly wanting to drive away the ferocious stray cats. But unexpectedly, the scene suddenly reversed.

The ‘small and weak’ white cat suddenly let out a sharp scream at the cats surrounding it. This surprised the stray cats to the point that they bundled up together and quaked in fear.

What was originally thought to be a weakling, had actually turned out to be a king.

The little white cat retracted its claws and calmly walked away with the stray cats trailing behind him. It was as if the little white cat is the master taking its’ disciple around.

You really can’t judge a cat by its’ appearance.

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