Chapter 24: Kabe-don (KKnotes: Wall slam. I’m sure you already know what it is)

The moment class ended, Jiang Yang and Qin Xu looked at each other tacitly. They quickly got up and walked to the corner of the corridor where no-one was and wanted to have a good discussion.

Firstly, they naturally wanted to explain the situation regarding the system and the tasks they were forced to do so that they would not have any misunderstandings.

Qin Xu’s system had only appeared for less than a day and, with just a few words, he was done explaining. After Jiang Yang finished explaining his side of things, he was finally able to breath a sigh of relief and conclude: “And so, things like covering you with a blanket and buying you breakfast, they were all tasks. Don’t joke around using them and accuse me of liking you.”

Hearing his explanations, Qin Xu felt embarrassed. Despite knowing that he had misunderstood him earlier, after hearing that Jiang Yang took it as him joking around, he was naturally happy to accept it. He purposely smiled as if it didn’t mean anything to him: “I was just joking around. We’re both men, how can we….Haha.”

Of course, the current him didn’t know that his face would be slapped hard in the future, to the point that his face would become swollen and bruised.

At this moment, when he heard that those actions of Jiang Yang’s weren’t done out of his own will, he felt inexplicably disappointed inside. That emotion quickly flickered inside him and he soon tossed it aside.

Qin Xu then remembered something and asked: “Last time when I forgot my towel, did you help me because of the task?”

Jiang Yang didn’t expect him to suddenly ask about it and instantly recalled that ridiculous scene. He rudely rolled his eyes: “No. Something small like that, I just helped you out in passing.”

Qin Xu slowly digested this and felt his mood suddenly improve.

They sorted the situation out between them and came to an agreement that they would do their best to help the other person out when they are assigned with a task. It could be said that they had formed a temporary truce. With a secret that is only known by the two of them, the two found the other a little more pleasing to the eye.

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In any case, now that he had someone to share his strange circumstances with, Jiang Yang could finally relax. At the very least, it looked like the tasks that would come up in the future wouldn’t be hard to deal with. Now that they had a clear partnership between them, he no longer had to worry about causing misunderstandings.

Physical education class.

The teacher started off with instructing the class to jog for two laps as a warm up exercise before separating the boys and girls to play basketball and badminton respectively. After sitting in the classroom studying the whole time, the students could finally exercise their bodies.

However, not all students would cooperate. Some didn’t like to exercise and hated the feeling of becoming tired and sweaty. There were also some top students who would prefer studying. Xiao Yuxin is one of the top students who didn’t like to exercise. He would much rather sit in the shade under a tree and memorise English vocabulary.

Xie Zhe saw this and suddenly felt the urge to tease him. He ran over wanting to pull him over to play together but Xiao Yuxin was reluctant and quickly tried to hide from him. In the end it turned into a chase with the two circling around the tree. Xie Zhe found this quite addicting and happily chased after him as the rest of the boys looked on laughing at them.

Through this, Xiao Yuxin was forced to exercise. Due to not exercising often and being suddenly forced into running around, he panted very violently, and his face was also flushed red. Compared to his usual pale appearance in the classroom, he looked healthier. Xie Zhe deliberately ran a little slowly and, seeing that he was getting tired, he grabbed onto his arm and smiled while revealing his white teeth, “Class leader, you shouldn’t just focus on studying. Your body is also very important. Don’t you feel much better after running around for a while?”

Xiao Yuxin glared at him as he tried to catch his breath. What feeling better? He felt like he was going to die.

Xie Zhe smiled and patted his shoulder, “Class leader, sit here. You should watch how handsomely I play basketball~”

After that he ran back to the court and joined the boys.

Xiao Yuxin saw that he wasn’t tired at all and couldn’t help but lament internally. They were both human beings, yet they are so different. He couldn’t help but wonder if he should start exercising his body. However, he thought about it a little more and decided to just give up as it is too much effort.

On the basketball court, a group of teenagers sweated and ran around wildly. When it came to physical education class, it was always the happiest time for the boys.

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Jiang Yang agilely stole a ball from the opponent but was very quickly surrounded by several others. He swept his eyes left and right, moved forward two steps before suddenly stopping and throwing the ball in a stable arc over his head and straight into the hoop.

With ease, he scored a three-pointer.

The boys cheered and laughed as Huang Shao hooked his arm around his shoulder and chuckled: “Brother, that was awesome.”

From not far away, Qin Xu saw this and also subconsciously smiled. This was then followed by a slight frown and, after stalling for a moment, he strode over to Jiang Yang and pulled him into a hug: “Amazing.”

Jiang Yang was surprised by this action of his and froze while he was held in his arms. When he finally reacted, he whispered: “Task?”

Qin Xu nodded.

Jiang Yang instantly understood and patted his shoulder in response.

The nearby boys laughed: “Xu brother, did you forget which team you’re on?”

The boys in the class were split into two teams to compete, and Jiang Yang and Qin Xu were their respective captains. They were obviously separated into different teams to even out the teams’ strength and make the game fairer. But now, Jiang Yang’s team had won yet he ran over to congratulate him.

Xie Zhe also laughed at him: “You’re losing our face Xu brother.”

Qin Xu shrugged: “What’s wrong with that? Aren’t we all in the same class? Just you wait, I’ll get them back next round.”

He smiled confidently and sauntered back to his own team.

In the next round, Qin Xu really did as he said and won the round.

This time, it was Jiang Yang’s turn to walk over to fist bump and then hug him.

The other boys around them were confused and found it very strange while the two parties involved exchanged a look of understanding.

Interestingly, this motivated the players and the boys played even more passionately. Whenever they won, they would happyily go around throwing fist bumps and hugs. The competition this time was much more intense than before.

The physical education teacher who came from the badminton court saw this and couldn’t help but laugh. These rascals really are at the peak of their youth.

Class ended, and the boys left the court with some disappointment. They returned the ball and used their shirt to wipe away the sweat on their necks as they made their way to the school store. After playing basketball, a cold drink was a natural choice for them to go for.

It was naturally the peak hour at this time and the school store was crammed with people squeezing back and forth.

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Qin Xu is tall. With his long limbs, he had an advantage over the others and very quickly managed to squeeze to the front of the fridge. Grabbing a bottle for himself, he turned around to ask: “Jiang Yang what drink…….”

Jiang Yang just happened to be pushed up right behind him and, with many students behind him eager to get their drinks, Jiang Yang was pushed even further ahead to the point that he almost kissed Qin Xu. The two froze with shock. Fortunately, Jiang Yang reacted fast and quickly reached out to support himself using the fridge door. Annoyed, he shouted out: “Who the fuck pushed me?!”

In a chaotic situation like this, it was natural that no one would know the answer to his question.

Including the chair-don last time, it could be said that Qin Xu had managed to unlock Jiang Yang’s fridge kabe-don feature this time. In this chaos, he couldn’t tell if the soft sensation that he briefly felt earlier on his face was real or just part of his imagination.

Jiang Yang said: “Iced red tea.”

Qin Xu bent down to pick up the bottle and Jiang Yang took this opportunity to quickly wipe his mouth while complaining internally – salty.

On the other side of the school store, Xie Zhe was buying an ice-cream cone. Retrieving it from the freezer, he looked up and saw Xiao Yuxin struggling in the crowd desperately trying to get through. He looked like a lost little chick; clumsy and dumb.

Seeing this, Xie Zhe couldn’t help but laugh. He reached out and ruffled his head, “Class leader, with you being so slow, you probably won’t make it even when class starts. Tell me what you want, I’ll get it for you.”

Xiao Yuxin who suddenly had his hair ruffled up looked up with eyes of confusion. After a moment he mumbled uneasily: “Chocolate ice-cream cone, thank you…”

Xie Zhe grabbed a chocolate ice-cream cone for him but didn’t immediately hand it over. Instead, he walked straight to the checkout and paid for it using his meal card. By the time Xiao Yuxin managed to squeeze through the crowd he was too late. He could only hesitantly accept the cone from the other party and say, “Thank you. I’ll pay you back when we get back to the classroom.”

Xie Zhe shrugged, “No need. It’s only three dollars. If you don’t mind, you can just treat me next time.”

Xiao Yuxin tore open the wrapping and to a bite. It was both cold and sweet. Thinking that this was probably how friends get along, he nodded: “…..Oh, ok.”

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That’s right! They K-I-S-S-E-D! Finally, some progress. It really wasn’t easy and almost broke this aunty’s heart [not]. Next up, the system will start its mischief~~

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