Chapter 30: Spicy, spicy, spicy

Unprepared, the two ran into Qin Xu’s mother. The other party wore a well fitted suit and her makeup was exquisitely done. Clearly, she is career-oriented woman.

Jiang Yang suddenly felt guilty, as if he was a child that was just caught doing something that he shouldn’t be doing by an adult.

Compared to him, Qin Xu reacted quite calmly and even said with a polite smile: “Hello Aunty. I am Qin Xu’s classmate, Jiang Yang. The teacher assigned us a group assignment and I came to work on it with him.”

Seeing the polite nature of this handsome and sunny classmate, she nodded and similarly revealed a smile, “Is that so? Unfortunately, I have a business trip, so I wouldn’t be able to cater for you. You can just think of this place as your own home and if you need anything, just let Qin Xu know.”

“That’s not a problem. Thank you, aunty.” Qin Xu waved his hand and replied while smiling.

Jiang Yang looked at Mother Qin and quickly thought of a great idea. With a cold expression he said: “Mum, I want to get an ear piercing.”

Mother Qin froze for a moment. She stopped on her way to her bedroom and turned to look back.

Jiang Yang thought inside: Very good. Just like that, come and scold me and tell me not to do it! Then I’ll have a reason not to do it!

Mother Qin however responded indifferently: “Is that so? Then you should remember to disinfect and avoid getting the wound infected.”

Jiang Yang protested: Mom! You disappoint me!

Mother Qin took a few steps and then suddenly remembered, “Right, does the school allow earrings?”

Hope was once again ignited in Jiang Yang. How could he forget something like this!

Qin Xu at this moment casually interjected, “It’s not allowed but there are classmates who wear small studs. They’re not obvious.  It’s okay if they can’t see it.”

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Mother Qin nodded and looked at Jiang Yang with a very open-minded gaze, “Then you can do as you want. You’re already so old now, mum won’t control you over small things like this. Study hard and you can ask me if you have anything you don’t understand.”

Jiang Yang did not expect this response and could only stiffly nod his head,

After Mother Qin took her suitcase and left, Qin Xu revealed a smug smile, “You wanted to use my mum to stop me? That’s my mum, I naturally know her best. My family is rather carefree. If it’s about something big then we will have a discussion but if its over something small like this, she usually lets me decide.”

Jiang Yang rolled his eyes.

Qin Xu laughed: “So, does this mean that you will go?”

Jiang Yang remained silent. He scowled and started playing on his phone while ignoring him. But Qin Xu understood that his silence was an indirect way of accepting.

Qin Xu laughed internally and shuffled up to him. Leaning on his shoulder he said: “It’s just getting an ear piercing. It’s not even your body. Why are you so unwilling to do it? Could it be that….you’re actually afraid of pain? Don’t worry. The machine they use is very advanced, you wouldn’t feel a thing.”

Jiang Yang continued flipping through his phone and didn’t bat an eyelid. Hearing him accuse him of being afraid of pain, he coldly glanced at him, “Get lost.”

Qin Xu patted his shoulder in appeasement, “Don’t be afraid. Even if it hurts, I’ll take care of you. Baby, don’t cry~”

Jiang Yang gritted his teeth. With his fists were itching to throw a punch, he threw down his phone and grabbed onto Qin Xu’s collar. Unable to bash him, he could only curse at him: “Fuck you!”

Qin Xu knew that he was only saying it and wouldn’t hurt him. He said with a mischievous smile: “That’s no a problem. Come, although on a biological level it’s actually me fucking you.”

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The words Jiang Yang had said earlier at the complex was now thrown back at him.

Jiang Yang scoffed coldly and released his hold. He impatiently said: “I’m hungry. What are we having for dinner? Takeaway?”

Qin Xu however said: “Well, I usually go and eat at the restaurant downstairs but since you agreed to help, I’ll personally cook for you.”

Jiang Yang: “……You can cook?”

Qin Xu said with confidence: “Yes I can, and the food that I make takes pretty good. Almost on par to a five-star restaurant.”

Jiang Yang stood up and walked to the door without any hesitation, “I choose to eat downstairs.”

Qin Xu was dissatisfied: “What you do mean by that? You don’t believe me?”

Jiang Yang responded mercilessly: “That’s right!”

Qin Xu was surprised and, seeing that he didn’t look like he was joking around, he felt a little wronged. Usually he wouldn’t cook for someone else even if they begged them but now that he took the initiative to offer to cook for Jiang Yang, he actually rejected it?

In the end, he brought naïve Jiang Yang to the Sichuan restaurant downstairs and ordered a bunch of extremely spicy dishes in retaliation.

Jiang Yang frowned, “You can eat spicy food?”

As far as he knows, both he and Qin Xu liked to eat spicy food, but they could only take mild spiciness. Their form of spiciness was even the mild sweet-spicy popular in the southern regions. Compared to places like Chong Qing and Sichuan, it couldn’t even be called spicy.

However, at this moment Qin Xu nodded his head calmly. He asked: “Why can’t I?”

Since he had said so, what else could he say in return? He could only hope that the restaurant had adapted the spiciness to suit the local preferences.

When the first dish was served, the top of it was coated in a bright red layer of red peppers and chilli oil. Seeing this, Jiang Yang realised that things weren’t good.

Qin Xu smiled and said: “That’s right, I almost forgot to ask. Can you take spicy food?”

Hidden within that disdainful question of his was —-Ah, if you can’t take this little bit of spice then I will order a couple of milder ones for you.

This stimulated Jiang Yang and, despite originally planning to just eat some green vegetables to fill his stomach, he rolled up his sleeves and prepared for war.

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“Who can’t take it. Bring it on.”

And so, the two teenagers sat at the table eating to the point that their faces were bright red, their lips swollen and numb, and their forehead coated in sweat. They continuously downed sour plum drink to cool their mouths down and occasionally, when the other isn’t looking, would stick out their tongue panting before continuing to eat.

Once done, they drank the sour plum drink to alleviate the spiciness in their mouth while still trying to act calm and nonchalant.

One said: “Not bad. It’s not very spicy and tasted very good.”

The other said: “Compared to what I ate before, this isn’t spicy enough.”

As they settled the bill, the boss saw the pitiful look of the two handsome boys whose eyes were still red and teary and said while shaking her head: “Handsome, you shouldn’t force yourself if you can’t take the spiciness. You’re regret it.”

The two responded by shaking their heads: “I can take it.”

The boss said meaningfully: “Soon you’ll understand.”

Although you might feel good when eating spicy food, the consequence of it is very bad. This is particularly so when you go to the toilet.

At night when Qin Xu was left the bathroom his face was pale and lifeless. Supporting himself with the table he said: “Your mum, this is really bad. I crapped to the point that my asshole hurts.”

Jiang Yang gloated at his misfortune: “You brought it onto yourself.”

Qin Xu said through clenched teeth: “You’ll understand my pain soon. You might even be worse off.”

After playing games until just past midnight, Jiang Yang also went to the bathroom. As he sat down onto the toilet seat and started, he realised — Your mum, it really hurts.

No zuo no die. Those two probably wouldn’t dare eat anything spicy for a while after this.

(KKnotes: No zuo no die (不作死就不會死 or 不作不死) – One would not be in trouble had one not asked for it.)

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