Chapter 31: Lovely

The next day, Jiang Yang as usual slept in and planned to sleep until noon. Qin Xu also enjoyed sleeping in but, considering the things they had to do today, he had set several alarms for him in advance. Every time it went off, a hand would reach out from within the blankets to turn it of and then quickly retract back inside. Reluctant to get up, he would roll around a few times with a gloomy expression.

When he finally walked out of his bedroom, he saw Jiang Yang still enjoying his sleep. Feeling annoyed, he strode over and pulled his blanket off in one smooth movement before proceeding over to the window and yanking the curtains apart to reveal the bright and dazzling sunlight. The sunlight entered and lit up the entire room. Jiang Yang who was still in bed acted as if he would die from being exposed to the sunlight. He instantly reached out and blocked the sunlight on his face, turned over with his back towards the window and once again burrowed into the blankets.

Qin Xu was speechless; this guy was actually even more stubborn than himself. But it wasn’t like he didn’t have another idea. He thought for a moment before facing his back towards the bed and jumping back into it such that he fell directly onto Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang was still in a half-asleep state and was unprepared for this sudden attack. He instantly cried out and, with his arms supporting him, he sat up and glared at that person lying on his waist while snickering. With a death glare, he ruthlessly kicked him off the bed.

“Do you want to die? Let’s take it outside.”

Jiang Yang seized onto Qin Xu’s leg and dragged him out the room. Qin Xu quickly reminded him: “Hero, please have mercy. This is your body!”

Jiang Yang looked back with a dark expression. With a cold gaze, he stared at Qin Xu for a while before gradually recalling what had happened. He quickly released his hold, allowing the leg to fall back to the ground, and calmly headed to the bathroom to wash up.

Before they left, feeling guilty, Qin Xu quickly checked the other person’s expression. He regretted his actions earlier; if he angered him then that guy wouldn’t be willing to help him get things done.”

“Let’s go for morning tea…..?”

After thinking for moment, he figured that he should start of with treating him to a meal to improve his mood. Morning bad mood usually has a limit and would gradually disperse after a few hours at most. Qin Xu started off with ordering more than twenty steam baskets of Jiang Yang’s favourites; shrimp dumplings, chicken feet, intestines, glutinous rice chicken, suimai and so on.

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By the time they were almost done, Jiang Yang’s face had also returned to normal. Qin Xu internally released a sigh of relief before rubbing his nose and saying: “How about we head to the store next?”

Jiang Yang didn’t speak. He only picked up the small tea cup and slowly sipped the tea inside. Only when he was done drinking did he slowly nod his head and say: “Don’t worry. I won’t go back on what I have promised.”

Just as the corners of Qin Xu’s mouth started to raise and form an arc, Jiang Yang added faintly: “I’ll record this next to your name. When we get our bodies back, I’ll get you to repay this debt.”

He smiled gently as he said this, but this made the hair on Qin Xu’s back stand.

Qin Xu hailed a car and from the restaurant they went directly to the store.

Jiang Yang originally imagined a small dingy shop like those that he had seen in TV dramas but when he arrived he saw that it was in a prosperous prime location. Instantly, he knew that rent would be very expensive. The store itself was also very in line with the style of the city centre. Its design reflected a strong and unique personality and you could tell with one glance that it is very stylish.

As soon as you enter the door, you can several glass display cabinets. Inside, it displayed a neat arrangement of various exquisitely designed stud earrings. There weren’t many, but each earring had a unique design. Although Jiang Yang may not know much about it, even he could tell that they are rather special.

“Ah Xu, you actually came.”

A mellow male voice rang out and its tone was filled with familiarity. Jiang Yang looked up and saw that it came from a man wearing a casual suit. His face was quite exquisite and, adorning a pair of metal rimmed spectacles, he had an elegant temperament.

That person spoke to him but, since he isn’t Qin Xu and didn’t know how to respond naturally, he just nodded gently. Following Qin Xu’s prompts from earlier, he responded, “Yu brother.”

Lu Yu smiled and looked over to Qin Xu, “You even brought a friend?”

Jiang Yang awkwardly introduced himself: “This is my classmate Jiang Yang. He heard about it and was curious, so he tagged along.”

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Li Yu had no problems with it and brought them over to the side with a black and white checkered wall.

He pressed something, and a door suddenly appeared on the wall. It looked very high-tech. The door opened, waited for them to enter before automatically rotating back and closing.

Li Yu made Jiang Yang sit onto a curved chair next to him and told him to wait. He then moved to the cabinet and rummaged through to find the ear-piercer.

Jiang Yang looked around the room and saw several tools and equipment he didn’t recognise. The table on the side however, with various cutting tools lying on top of it, appeared to be Li Yu’s workstation.

Li Yu returned back and cleaned Jiang Yang’s ears with alcohol-soaked cotton pads. He then prepared to start the procedure. Jiang Yang couldn’t help but feel nervous. His face was tense, and he pursed his lips into a straight line while he did his best to maintain an expressionless face.

Qin Xu stood beside him and naturally noticed this. He reached out and held onto his hand while trying to appease him in a soft voice: “Relax, it’s nothing. It doesn’t hurt.”

The deliberately lowered voice was soft and light, like the touch of a feather, and this helped Jiang Yang relax slightly. However, at the same time he couldn’t help but remember who the true culprit was and sent him a cold glare.

Qin Xu lowered his eyes, rubbed his nose and remained silent.

Li Yu watched their small interaction and smiled. With a small smile he picked up the piercer and bent down over to Jiang Yang’s ear. Firmly gripping onto the edge of his auricle, he aimed accurately and quickly applied pressure onto the piercer.

A click sounded.

Jiang Yang instantly felt a sting on his earlobe. Who the fuck said that it didn’t hurt?!

He firmly clenched his teeth. Although the pain was short and only lasted for a short moment, it was a short duration where all the pain was focused at one point. Since it was done so suddenly, he was caught unprepared and tears formed at the corner of his eyes.

Qin Xu didn’t expect him to have such a big reaction. Seeing him in pain, he felt a little distressed and turned to Li Yu: “Didn’t you say that it didn’t hurt? At most, it’s just like a needle prick?”

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Li Yu looked at him and assumed that he probably heard it from Qin Xu. He slowly responded, “It is like a needle prick. But it’s not by one needle, it’s a few dozen. As a man, a small pain like this is nothing.”

What do you mean nothing, Qin Xu roared out internally. He had promised that it didn’t hurt so that Jiang Yang would help him get the piercing and now it would look like he had deceived him. He feels extremely wronged okay?!

After piercing one side, Qin Xu frowned and stopped him while saying: “Forget it. If it hurts this much, then we’ll leave it.”

Li Yu was confused. He found it very strange. To think that Qin Xu would have a classmate that he would get along with so well to the point that the classmate would even worry about him being in pain? What is this feeling of being forcefully fed dog food?

Li Yu wanted to say that since they already had one done, they should just get the other side over and done with.

Before he had the chance to speak, Jiang Yang pushed the other person away and said calmly, “Ignore him. Continue.”

He then threw a threatening glare at Qin Xu. Qin Xu stalled and felt even more guilty.

Despite Jiang Yang’s cold and indifferent expression externally, internally he cried out furiously from the pain. Qin Xu remember this. You owe me a favour now!

Very quickly, the other side was done, and Li Yu checked it out for a while as he held onto his chin. Seeing that there were no problems, he inserted the sterilised earrings in.

Li Yu said patiently, “Remember to use antiseptic spray every day. Try not to wet it or touch the piercing for the next two days as you might reopen the wound.”

The one listening to his words seriously was not Jiang Yang. It was Qin Xu who accompanied him. Qin Xu felt very regretful. Seeing Jiang Yang’s red and teary eyes, despite feeling guilty, he also strangely felt that his own face looked quite lovely. Why didn’t he notice this before? What’s with this inexplicable urge to hug and comfort him?

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