Chapter 33: Misunderstanding

In one movement, he had restrained the hand that Qin Xu wanted to use to push the carrots away. Qin Xu turned and saw Jiang Yang glaring at him with a look of warning. He felt distressed for himself; how can he eat something so unpalatable?

Feeling that he owed Jiang Yang, Qin Xu took a deep breath before heroically picking up the carrots and eating it all in one go. He even followed it with a few mouthfuls of rice and sweet and sour pork to cover up the taste in his mouth.

Halfway through the meal Qin Xu heard Mother Jiang scold Jiang Yuan to stop being picky. She even pointed out that Jiang Yang is eating the fungus that he normally avoided.

It is not only children who are picky eaters. Father Jiang, despite being in his forties, would frown and scrunch up his face whenever he sees eggplants. However, under the pressure from his wife, he would force himself to have a few bites.

The moment Qin Xu heard this, his bitter face suddenly brightened up. It was as if he had just heard something amazing and, with a host-like gesture, he proactively picked up a few of the fungus up and threw it into Jiang Yang’s bowl. He said: “Qin Xu loves to eat this.”

Jiang Yang’s expression stiffened, “You probably remembered wrong.”

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Qin Xu responded with a look of certainty: “How can that be? You said before that you could eat a whole bucket of it in one go.”

Mother Jiang said: “Is that so? Then you should eat more. These are all from our hometown and very refreshing. If you like it, you can take some home and let your parents have some too.”

And so, several dark things filled Jiang Yang’s bowl. He really didn’t like them but what could he say? He could only give his thanks and pretend to happily eat those things!

Qin Xu ate the carrots with satisfaction. There was even a hint of smile at the corners of his lips. How can I suffer alone?

After eating, Jiang Yang felt that it was very inconvenient for them to stay at home. He wanted to talk to his parents and then return back to Qin Xu’s place. He pulled Qin Xu over to one side and quickly discussed things while asking for his cooperation.

When Mother Jiang heard that he planned to stay for another night at his classmates’ place, she couldn’t help but frown, “You’ve already troubled them last night, why are you going again? Even if it is for homework, can’t you just do it at home?”

Jiang Yang said quickly: “It’s okay. It’s a group task so we have to work together.”

Mother Jiang however looked over to Qin Xu and said, “How can it take so much time? Are you boys playing games? Work on the homework together this afternoon for now and we can talk about it afterwards if you absolutely can’t finish.”

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Qin Xu said innocently: “We’re not playing games.”

Mother Jiang didn’t believe him, “Then why do you want to go to his place so much? I think you’re probably lying to me.”

Jiang Yang saw that his mother is unrelenting and felt anxious. He subconsciously refuted: “I’m really not lying mum!”

The moment those words escaped, Jiang Yang realised that he was done for. Facing Mother Jiang’s strange look, he pretended to act embarrassed and said: “Sorry, I made a mistake. My mum usually scolds me like that so without realising it, I……”

On the side, Qin Xu watched him act flustered and couldn’t help but secretly laugh. Naturally Jiang Yang also noticed this, and he quickly gave him a glare when Mother Jiang is not paying attention. The look in his eyes appeared to urge Qin Xu to hurry and do something to salvage the situation.

Little did he know that Qin Xu that bastard would only make the situation worse the moment he opened his mouth.

Qin Xu had not yet completely integrated himself as Jiang Yang and said with a tone of politeness: “It’s not a problem going to Qin Xu’s. His parents are out of a business trip and no one is at home.”

“No one is at home?”

Mother Jiang asked with a look of surprise. Jiang Yang could only face palm and curse inside.

Sure enough, Mother Jiang then said, “If that’s the case, Qin Xu you should just stay over at our place tonight. It’ll save you the hassle of going back and forth.”

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Seeing the look of pity in his mother’s eyes, Jiang Yang felt complicated inside. He could tell that she probably imagined a whole bunch of ridiculous scenarios. She probably thought that Qin Xu was an unfortunate child left alone in a dark house and desperately wanted Jiang Yang to come over because he was lonely and wanted a companion….

Only god knew how much Jiang Yang wanted to grab onto Mother Jiang’s shoulders and wake her up from those strange delusions.

Unable to retort back at mother Jiang, Jiang Yang could only give up and obediently follow Qin Xu back to his room to work on their homework.

As soon as he entered the room, Jiang Yang saw Qin Xu secretly snickering and even commenting that his mother is very nice.

If he didn’t make that comment then he probably would have been okay but the moment he heard those words, Jiang Yang was instantly enraged. If it wasn’t for this bastard saying something so ridiculous, they wouldn’t have ended up in this situation! What should he say if they’re accidentally exposed? With a pig teammate like this, he felt exhausted and really wanted to smash that dog head of his!

Thinking this inside, Jiang Yang also acted it out. Without a word he rushed over, pushed the other person down, grabbed their collar and started attacking. Qin Xu naturally also isn’t a herbivore and also wasn’t someone to be underestimated. Quickly recovering from his shock, he smoothly fought back.

The two both wanted to push the other person down and overwhelm them and this eventually evolved into them rolling around the ground. They looked like tiger cubs play fighting. Despite not having sharp enough teeth and not appearing as overbearing as adult tigers, the two were unrelenting and would not easily release their grip. They were both stubborn and competitive and, for a moment, you couldn’t help but think that they’re acting very immaturely.

The noise wasn’t loud but if someone passed by, they would hear commotion inside. Jiang Yuan’s room was closest to them and she also just happened to have something that she wanted to ask Jiang Yang about. Hearing strange collision-like sounds, she hesitantly knocked onto the door only to see that the door was not completely closed.

Jiang Yuan pushed the door open and saw her brother being pressed down onto the ground with his classmate ‘Qin Xu’ sitting on his waist. One hand was pressing down onto his shoulder and the other was pulling at the shirt collar. Witnessing such an indescribable scene, Jiang Yuan was completely petrified. She was so surprised she could no longer control the expression on her face.

“What are you two doing?!”

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