Chapter 53: Poke

From the elevator, Jiang Yang struggled as he made his way to the front of Qin Xu’s home with Qin Xu hanging from his waist. When he arrived in front of the door, he soon realised that he needed the keys. He lightly patted Qin Xu’s face hoping that it would clear his mind up a little and asked: “Keys?”

Qin Xu only knew to smile stupidly and was completely useless.

Jiang Yang sighed and felt like an old father. Using his remaining patience, he bent down to look through Qin Xu’s pockets. There wasn’t anything in his jacket pockets, so he reached towards his trouser pocket.


A low, breathy voice suddenly could be heard next to his ear. It was said in a low voice and a warm alcohol filled breath could be felt on his ears. The veins on Jiang Yang’s temples throbbed and he was speechless. This guy…he was just reaching into his pocket so did he really need to say something so ambiguous? Why don’t you just start singing “Itchy”? If anyone heard it, they would think that I was doing something unmentionable to you.

The trouser pockets are deep, and Qin Xu is quite tolerant to the cold, so he didn’t have the habit of wearing thermal pants. With Jiang Yang’s hands reaching in, it was only separated from his thighs by a thin layer of fabric. While he searched around for the keys, he accidentally touched a particularly sensitive place………

Fuck! You actually dare to get hard?!

 Jiang Yang exploded and threw him off without a word. Qin Xu, no longer having something to support him, could only fall backwards onto his butt. With his back against the wall and his head hanging downwards, he looked quite pitiful.

Jiang Yang however didn’t feel bad. Instead, he shook his hands in disdain but the sensation on his hand wouldn’t disappear. The sensation was conversely firmly etched in his mind and consequently goose-bumps formed all over his arms. It was fortunate that he had already gotten the keys as Jiang Yang probably would not be able to have the courage to reach again into Qin Xu’s pockets. After all, there was still a chance of him touching that thing again. Jiang Yang felt his scalp go numb at the thought of this.

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He aligned the key with the keyhole, inserted it and the door opened with a click.

Jiang Yang brushed his hand against the wall and turned on the lights before going back out. He bent over and pulled at Qin Xu’s arms a few times, “Get up. You’re home.”

The drunk Qin Xu however started throwing a tantrum. He pouted and, because he was hurt from being thrown down earlier, he wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t want to move. He complained childishly: “I’m hurt. Not getting up!”

Jiang Yang indeed threw him off earlier and was in the wrong, so he felt a little guilty. But you also have to know what this guy did too! Throwing a tantrum like a child, do you think the child’s mother would relent? Throwing him down wasn’t enough, he would only be satisfied after punching him a few times okay?!

And so, Jiang Yang didn’t feel bad at all and firmly refused to try and coax him. He only said coldly: “Getting up?”

“Not getting up!” Qin Xu stubbornly refused.

Jiang Yang looked at him expressionlessly and just used the tip of his foot to nudge him a few times. Qin Xu, realising that the other party didn’t soften down and even turned around to kick him, felt even more wronged. His eyes reddened and soon it became wet. Tear drops rolled down his cheeks as he burst into tears silently.

Jiang Yang kicked him a few times and saw him sitting on the floor hugging his knees with barely any reaction. Feeling tired, he couldn’t help but think that if he had such a difficult child in the future he would probably go crazy.

Finally, Jiang Yang looked up and sighed. He knelt back down and said with frustration: “What on earth do you want……..”

Before he could finish, his eyes were met with Qin Xu’s teary face. His eyes were welled up with tears, but he refused to let out any sound. The tears flowed down the sides of his face and gathered at the base of his chin. Like this, he looked extremely pitiful.

Jiang Yang: “………..” Long sigh.

His mood was very complicated. He didn’t want to admit that his heart did soften a little bit. He couldn’t help but diss Qin Xu; that cry baby attribute from that memory loss punishment really wasn’t a mistake.

Jiang Yang’s expression softened, and his tone was no longer harsh. He grabbed Qin Xu’s arm and tugged at it a few times to get him to stand up.

Qin Xu however continued to resist. He stuck to the floor and whinged in a hoarse voice: “Without a kiss, I’m not getting up.”

A pair of doe-like, watery eyes looked at him unblinkingly.

Jiang Yang: “…………..” Fuck.

He immediately pulled out his phone to take photos of Qin Xu. He then turned on the recording function and said: “Repeat what you said just then.”

Qin Xu really did obediently repeat his words and continued to persistently stare at him.

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After several unsuccessful attempts, Jiang Yang finally realised the extent of his stubbornness. He put away his phone and said: “Close your eyes.”

Qin Xu blinked a few times.

Jiang Yang felt uncomfortable being stared at like that and said with irritation: “Do you want it? If not, then forget it.”

Qin Xu heard this, and his eyes instantly brightened up. He obediently closed his eyes. The long eyelashes hanging from his eyelids casting a small shadow over his face and it trembled slightly with expectation.

Jiang Yang casually used his fingertips to touch him on his face and said: “Done.”

Qin Xu opened his eyes and he looked at Jiang Yang with bright eyes. He was very pleased and he no longer cried or threw a tantrum. Jiang Yang didn’t even need to pull him up. He jumped up excitedly and grabbed Jiang Yang’s hand before entering his home and closing the front door behind them.

Unfortunately, the effect of the alcohol was still there. Despite being spirited and excited, he still wobbled here and there and was unable to control his body. Before he was able to pull Jiang Yang into the bedroom, he had already collapsed.

Jiang Yang watched him suddenly fall to the floor and was shocked by it. He quickly went to support him and gave him a pillow to rest on before letting him lie on the ground. His eyes were closed, his face flushed red from the alcohol and his breathing was slow and calm.

Jiang Yang was originally worried that something had happened but after a moment of observation he realised that ——– he was just asleep.

The corners of Jiang Yang’s mouth twitched. He was rendered speechless. But since they had already stepped through the bedroom door, he should at least move him and throw him onto the bed. He stood by the bed and looked down from above at Qin Xu for a moment. The person lying below the bed had his brows furrowed in discomfort. He wouldn’t be surprised if he would do something crazy or vomit in the middle of the night, so Jiang Yang wasn’t comfortable with leaving him alone. Jiang Yang thought for a moment and decided that he should call home to let them know that he won’t be going back tonight.

When he hung up, Jiang Yang thought that it would be fine if he spent the night on the sofa in the living room. He scratched his head and prepared to head to the bathroom to wash up first. Just as he moved, he felt a small resistance. He looked back and found Qin Xu, with his eyes still closed, grasping tightly onto his clothes.

Jiang Yang had a very complicated expression on his face. When someone is not in a sober state, they tend to develop a sense of dependence and be as fragile as a nestling. With Qin Xu’s current actions, don’t tell me he’s treating me as if he’s his mum?

At the thought of this, Jiang Yang shook his head to throw the ridiculous thought aside. He then bent down and tried to pull Qin Xu’s arm off by his wrist.

Qin Xu, still in a half-asleep and half-awake state, unwillingly struggled a few times. He even tried to grab onto Jiang Yang’s hands but, because he was still under the effect of the alcohol, he wasn’t particularly strong, so Jiang Yang was able to free himself. With his hands now empty, he was a little upset. He mumbled a few words in complaint that Jiang Yang couldn’t clearly make out. Jiang Yang gave up trying to decipher his words and proceeded to skilfully rummage through Qin Xu’s wardrobe before pulling out some clothes to borrow and then heading into the bathroom.

The next day, the sun had risen very high and it’s golden sunlight lit up the sky. However, the curtains in Qin Xu’s rooms were still closed and his room remained dark.

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The figure curled up in the bed let out a muffled groan presumably from the hangover and managed to force himself up. Qin Xu blinked a few times and patiently waited for his vision to slowly clear up. He then lazily let out a yawn.

At this moment he realised that there was another person lying beside him on the bed. Jiang Yang laid on the edge of the bed and, with furrowed brows and clear signs of tiredness on his face, he looked particularly uncomfortable.

Qin Xu was shocked for a moment. Why is Jiang Yang on his bed? What happened yesterday?!

Logically speaking, this wasn’t the first time they had slept on the same bed, so he shouldn’t be reacting so strongly. However, they had their reasons for it the last few times and this time he couldn’t remember what happened yesterday after drinking. He tried his best to remember but he could only recall little bits and pieces and wasn’t able to figure out what had happened. Not to mention, Qin Xu had his fair share of TV dramas and is an imagination king. Things like X after becoming drunk and other outrageous guesses would definitely be the first few things that come into his mind.

Awakened by his movements, Jiang Yang’s eyelids moved slightly and soon he also opened his eyes. He lazily sat up and let out an impatient yawn. The look he gave Qin Xu was filled with resentment and dissatisfaction. He said coldly: “Uncle, you’re finally awake? Thanks to you, I barely got any sleep last night. If you can’t drink don’t drink like that without any restraint. You were too loud.”

Didn’t sleep? Loud?

Qin Xu instantly started imagining all sorts of R18 images.

Fuck! Did I accidentally expose my devious thoughts?

But the truth is, Qin Xu had thought too much. He was already drunk to the point that he could no longer stand steadily so how could he doing something as laborious as that?

Last night, in order to take care of the drunk him, Jiang Yang had almost exhausted his entire years’ worth of patience. Every second and every minute, he had the urge to knock him unconscious or just kill him off. In the end, he managed to keep his reason and restrained himself. Jiang Yang felt that he was extremely merciful, and he could probably instantly become a saint if he wanted to.

Jiang Yang sleeping on the edge of the bed was also something that couldn’t be helped. It gave him the convenience of being able to just bend his arm over to push the other person down and wrap him up with his blanket into a ball whenever that guy tried to do something stupid.

After such an exhausting night and also being unable to sleep well, Jiang Yang naturally wasn’t in a good mood. He looked at him coldly before lying back down with his back turned to him, “I want to continue sleeping. You keep quiet.”

Qin Xu scratched his head. On his face there were still red sleep marks and a hint of shyness. He looked over at Jiang Yang’s back. Wearing his shirt, the shirt was slightly loose on him and a curved back peeked through at the bottom. As if he was suddenly possessed by a ghost, Qin Xu suddenly stretched his finger out and poked at the soft exposed flesh.

Jiang Yang: “……….!!!”

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