Chapter 18: Abandoned Hospital (2)

Three days ago, Cheng Zhi Chu had thought that he had reached peak shamefulness in his life. But as it turned out, ultimate shame wasn’t having Bai Yi witness him kissing Joshua———

Compared to him hugging onto the nation’s male god Ji Yun Xiao’s thighs and tearfully proposing to the other person even at the expense of death, what significance does that little kiss even hold?!

Cheng Zhi Chu even had the desire to die but he couldn’t control his body and just continued to cling onto the other person’s leg. Ji Yun Xiao was so surprised that he had even forgotten to struggle. With his beautiful eyes slightly widened, he looked down at him and couldn’t utter a single word.

“Let go!”

The bodyguard Da Gao’s expression immediately darkened, and he violently pulled Cheng Zhi Chu by his shirt collar to get him to let go but he didn’t budge.

Bai Yi frowned slightly, and his eyes turned several degrees colder. He had already noticed that something wasn’t right.

He walked over and his eyes gently swept over Da Gao’s body. Being looked at like that, Da Gao couldn’t help but feel his heart go cold and he unconsciously released his grip. Bai Yi brushed past him and gently lifted Cheng Zhi Chu’s arm. In a warm tone he said: “Let’s get up.”

He didn’t seem to exert much energy but, strangely, Cheng Zhi Chu was able to be pulled off by him rather easily. His tears however didn’t stop, and his shoulders continued to tremble. With his soft and fluffy hair a mess, he looked like an extremely pitiful small animal.

However, even after leaving Ji Yun Xiao Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes never left him. With his eyes and nose red from crying, he continued too look at him with great attachment, as if he really was in love with Ji Yun Xiao.


Being looked at like that by him, Ji Yun Xiao couldn’t help but take a step back and avert his gaze. In addition to being scared, his face was also flushed red in shyness.

“Zhi Chu.”

Bai Yi reached out and used his hands to turn Cheng Zhi Chu’s face back. With dark eyes he called out his name: “Don’t look at him.”

If he can he also doesn’t want to look but what can he do when he can’t control himself?!!

Cheng Zhi Chu could feel the sisters complicated gaze. They were both surprised and disgusted but there was also a faint hint of envy.

Without even needing to think about it, he knew that his innocence had been destroyed. They definitely now see him as a perverted gay fan of Ji Yun Xiao’s!

【Ending out of control behaviour.】

With the systems notification, Cheng Zhi Chu’s abnormal state was lifted and, as if he had suddenly lost all the strength in his body, his body went soft and he fell forward into Bai Yi’s arms.

Bai Yi gently held onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s slender shoulders and could feel his body tremble. The darkness in his eyes darkened several shades and it looked as if something was about to split open.

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His fingers tightened and then slowly relaxed. Maintaining a steady voice he asked as naturally as he could: “Zhi Chu?”


Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t speak, nor did he dare look up and look at Bai Yi’s face. Although the out of control behaviour from earlier had ended, he didn’t have the guts to face the others. Also, apart from Bai Yi, the remaining people are on Ji Yun Xiao’s side…….

He couldn’t help but feel despair. He even wondered if Ji Yun Xiao’s bodyguard or the sisters would share this matter with the others after they’ve left this instance and make him out to be a crazy pervert…..No. Maybe he wouldn’t even be able to return, and they would just directly kill him here!

“How are you feeling? Anywhere uncomfortable?”

Bai Yi saw that he just kept quiet and asked him with a gentle voice. He then slowly looked up at Ji Yun Xiao with cold eyes emanating a murderous aura.

“Or……..You like him that much?”


Cheng Zhi Chu immediately raised his head from his arms. His face was still covered in tears and his expression was anxious. Because he didn’t want Bai Yi to misunderstand, he hastily explained.

“That was because I was in an out of control state. As you have already heard, because I am a mental patient in this setting, I would occasionally do something strange. The actions just then were done outside of my control.”

Having said that, he once again leaned over to Bai Yi’s ear and whispered in a quiet voice: “Otherwise why would I propose to Ji Yun Xiao? I don’t even like him. Even if I were to propose, I would rather to you——”

Bai Yi was slightly surprised. The darkness in his eyes faded and it was replaced with a bright light. Even the coldness within it had softened up. With a bit of anticipation he asked again: “…..to me?”

“……..Cough. No, I didn’t mean it that way.”

When Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly remembered Bai Yi’s extremely straight orientation and realised that he definitely wouldn’t like this kind of ridicule, he stopped himself in time and said seriously: “Anyway, those actions earlier wasn’t done out of my own will. It’s all just a misunderstanding……You have to believe me!”

“………..” Bai Yi fell silent for a few seconds. He then smiled and rubbed the top of his head and said, “Of course I believe in you. I originally felt that those actions were strange and after hearing that explanation, it all makes sense now.”

“It’s great that you believe in me.”

Seeing that he is willing to believe in him, Cheng Zhi Chu was able to breathe a sigh of relief. But the moment he thought of the other people, his heart dropped. But what needed to be faced would need to be faced eventually so he could only harden his expression up and turn around.

He looked at the others nervously and saw that the bodyguard was staring at him with ferocity while guarding Ji Yun Xiao behind him to prevent him from getting close to him again.

As for Ji Yun Xiao, the handsome young man bit lightly onto his thin lips with his face still red with embarrassment. His expression was a little complicated, but it didn’t seem like he hated him, so it looks like there was still some room for negotiation.

As for what he should do now……..It looks like the only way is to beg Ji Yun Xiao for mercy. He had heard that he has a good personality so if he could willingly admit to his mistakes and explain his situation, Ji Yun Xiao would probably forgive him………

“I’m sorry!!!”

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly bowed and apologised to Ji Yun Xiao. He then began to tearfully explain that his actions were because he had lost control and it wasn’t done out of his own will. For some reason, when he lost control, he couldn’t help but rush over to hug Ji Yun Xiao’s leg while spouting those strange lines.

Fortunately, with his explanation Ji Yun Xiao and the sisters appeared to believe his words. Afterall, he was now behaving very normally and completely different to his actions earlier. Only Da Gao continued to look at him suspiciously as if he was looking at a thief.

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“But, even if it is because of the instance’s settings, you probably still have had those thoughts about Xiao Xiao……..”

One of the twin sisters spoke up: “Because you are his fan and you like him very much, you couldn’t help but regard him as your husband so when you lost control you would naturally reveal your deepest desires.”

“………” Ji Yun Xiao raised his hand to cover his face. When he heard the girl mention the word ‘husband’ so straightforwardly, he couldn’t help but blush again.

Cheng Zhi Chu: “……..No, it really isn’t the case. Although I am Yun Xiao’s fan,” although this wasn’t true, no one would believe him if he said that he wasn’t, “but I am a straight man. I only like girls. Towards him——–”

“What?! You’re straight?” The twin sisters looked at him strangely, “That isn’t right. You clearly have a pampered shou’s face……..”

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know what a “pampered shou” was but his instincts told him that it wasn’t something could, so he wisely didn’t ask about it. He once again sincerely apologised to Ji Yun Xiao: “Yun Xiao, I’m really sorry for scaring you. I hope you don’t mind. If you’re still worried, I can stay away from you.”

“It’s okay.”

Ji Yun Xiao shook his head and said: “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.” As he said this, he revealed a small smile, “Let’s work hard and escape from here together.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh Xiao Xiao smiled……..Like an angel!!!”

The twin sisters screams startling Cheng Zhi Chu a little. He felt that he could see why Ji Yun Xiao would be so popular. His personality really is out of this world.

Great, it looks like this dog life of his could still be saved……….He was almost about to burst into tears from that.

Da Gao snorted coldly. Since his boss had said that it was okay, he couldn’t say anything else. He coldly glanced at Cheng Zhi Chu a few times and his eyes just happened to pass by Bai Yi. Seeing the smile on that mans face, he couldn’t help but feel his heart tremble slightly.

He has been working as a bodyguard for many years and his instincts are very keen. He could tell that this man is very dangerous, and it would be better to maintain a distance from him.

Da Gao considered it for a while but gave up the idea of splitting the group up. If he could, he naturally didn’t want to go together with Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu but if they did that it would mean that they are dispersing their strengths out and may even cause some unexpected variables. It wasn’t something that he wanted to risk.

He hoped that going together with them wouldn’t cause more trouble.

He secretly thought this but didn’t notice Bai Yi’s gaze that grew colder and colder by the second.


After a long delay, the group of six finally made their formal self-introductions.

In fact, even if they didn’t introduce themselves, Cheng Zhi Chu already knew of Ji Yun Xiao and Da Gao’s names. As for the twin sisters, the older sister is called Meng Ke and the younger sister is Meng Xin. They were easy to distinguish because they wore different clothes.

“When we enter the hospital, remember not to act alone. There should be at least two people in a group, and you cannot venture more than two metres away from the other person. Like this, if something was to happen you may still have a chance to be saved.”

Da Gao had a lot of experience, so he reminded them with a few words. He then said expressionlessly: “Also keep in mind Cheng Zhi Chu’s state and make sure the incident earlier wouldn’t happen again. Bai Yi, since you two know each other, you can be responsible for him.”

I’m not really mentally insane…………Cheng Zhi Chu muttered quietly but he didn’t say it out loud. After all, he really was no different to a mental patient when he loses control. The embarrassed one was still himself in the end.

Bai Yi had no objections to this. He smiled and nodded and said to Cheng Zhi Chu: “When we go in, make sure you stay by my side. If you feel that something isn’t right, tell me immediately.”

As always, his calmness allowed Cheng Zhi Chu to feel more at ease. Bai Yi also didn’t detest him after those gay actions of his and this made him feel very moved.

He sincerely hopes that he wouldn’t do those types of things to Bai Yi later……..!!

Cheng Zhi Chu prayed madly inside as he followed the group and walked on. Da Gao held the flashlight in his hand and walked at the front. He lead the group through the muddy road. With a “creak”, he pushed open the gates leading to the hospital.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 18)

Zhi Chu didn’t finish his sentence and it made me feel disappointed……..But it’s okay, the one that should be proposing is me. It would be great if Zhi Chu would accept it.

As for Ji Yun Xiao, I won’t let him leave here alive. Also those two women…….Who were they saying is Zhi Chu’s husband?

PS: It felt very good holding onto Zhi Chu. His body was both small and soft and a good smell came from that warm body of his. It would be great if I could hold him in my arms all the time.

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