Chapter 24: Abandoned Hospital (8)

The moment he embraced Ji Yun Xiao and spouted those words, Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. He could only feel all the blood in his body rushing into his brain. If it wasn’t for him being unable to control his body right now, he was afraid that he would have probably already killed himself on the spot by biting off his tongue so that he wouldn’t spout further nonsense like having grandchildren.

At this moment, Ji Yun Xiao was still in a state of shock. He looked over at Cheng Zhi Chu who was holding onto him with his beautiful pair of eyes slightly widened. 

Cheng Zhi Chu even had his hands on Ji Yun Xiao’s face and he could distinctly feel his cheeks getting warmer and warmer, eventually forming a faint blush. 

His slender hands couldn’t help but loop around Cheng Zhi Chu’s lower back and tighten its grip. He opened his mouth and seemingly wanted to say something but when his line of sight brushed past the bear, he once again became vigilant.

He immediately pushed Cheng Zhi Chu to one side and stood in front to shield him. With the crossbow, he aimed it at the bear.

After being exposed to Bai Yi’s dark gaze, the bear had originally collapsed onto the ground in fear but, seeing that Ji Yun Xiao had come out from behind Cheng Zhi Chu, it once again stood back up. Completely different to its cute appearance, it revealed a row of white canines that are still stained with blood and dashed over towards Ji Yun Xiao.

【Ending out of control behaviour.】

This time, his loss of control of his body only lasted a few seconds. Before Cheng Zhi Chu had the chance to react to his newly recovered freedom, he saw the bear rushing closer to them. In a state of surprise, he lifted Joshua’s necklace with completely subconscious movements. 

A faint green light flashed, and the bears movements stalled like it was suddenly being tied down to the spot.

The strength of it wasn’t great and it could easily break free but when it saw Bai Yi’s cold and indifferent look it suddenly changed its mind and allowed itself to be bound.

【Cursed item takes effect】

【You can order the beast to do something that is not outside of its capabilities.】

Ah? How did he…….?

Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned. He then realised that he had unconsciously used the necklace and had managed to put the bear under his control.

In fact, he actually didn’t plan on using the necklace. After failing to control the man-eating monster, he was certain that it would be impossible for him to control the bear that was obviously more powerful than the man-eating monster. But contrary to what he had thought, this time he had actually succeeded. How strange……

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Seeing the bear standing still, Ji Yun Xiao and the two sisters raised their weapons intending to attack it. Cheng Zhi Chu saw this and quickly stopped them. He said: “Wait. It looks like I have managed to control it. Let me try giving it an order first.”

The Meng sisters were a little surprised but when they confirmed that the bear was indeed not moving, they retracted their weapons. Still not very reassured, Ji Yun Xiao pursed his lips and continued to point the crossbow at the bear. He gently glanced over at Cheng Zhi Chu and said: “Be careful.”

Bai Yi looked over at the bear and gave it a smile that wasn’t quite like a smile either. His eyes were extremely sharp as he stared coldly at the bear making the bear’s hair stand up in fear. The bear could only look up with its round beady eyes and look pitifully at Cheng Zhi Chu.


For some reason, Cheng Zhi Chu could feel a sense of pleading from the bears eyes. He quickly deemed it as just his imagination and calmed himself down. Raising the necklace, he said to the bear:

“Before we leave this hospital, you are not allowed to hurt us in any way.”

【The order was established】

Almost in an instant and to Cheng Zhi Chu’s relief, the order that he had given had come into effect. This meant that the bear is now no threat to them and that they would no longer need to worry about it attacking them.

Dark green light shone and slowly entered the bears body. Seeing that the cursed item was taking effect, Bai Yi’s eyes darkened, and he glanced over at Ji Yun Xiao. 

The bear blinked its eyes a few times and it secretly glanced over at Bai Yi behind him with a trembling tail. It then took a few steps and, with a “flop” it hugged onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s calf.

【A cursed item appeared. Danger. Please be careful.】

Cheng Zhi Chu had thought that the necklace didn’t work and that the bear had wanted to attack him, so he was a little scared but when he heard the systems notification, he was able to calm back down and let the bear climb up his leg. 

【It wants you to take it in. Are you willing to give it a name and become its new owner?】

【Item Name: Teddy Bear.】

【Item Type: Cursed Item.】

【Can you bring it out of the instance: Yes.】

【Description: A lonely teddy bear. After being left in the hospital many years ago, it had accumulated a lot of grief, pain, tears and blood, and it eventually became a living cursed item.】

【Although it had become a monster, its heart is still those of a teddy bear. It anticipated for the day its new owner would appear and bring it out of this dark place.】

【Likes to eat fried chicken. If you are willing to take it in, please remember to feed it fried chicken.】

【Danger Level: D】

【Practical Level: B】

【Effect: Eats zombie type monsters. Restriction is that their strength should not be higher that its strength.】

【Side effect: Very clingy. So that someone would play with it it would occasionally wake the owner up.】

[Of course, I am willing!]

There isn’t a need for any hesitation!

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Cheng Zhi Chu was pleasantly surprised because the bears attributes were very good. It is powerful, has a low danger level and side effects were pretty much non-existent – only an idiot wouldn’t want it!

He looked down at the bear. At this moment the bear had already climbed up to his thighs. It also raised its small head and looked at him with round eyes while making a cute childlike whine.

If it didn’t reveal that cruel side, it’s actually very cute….

Cheng Zhi Chu was extremely happy. He couldn’t help but hold the bear in his hands and poke its small head a few times: “I’ll give you a name…….” He glanced at the brown fur, “Hm…..Since you are brown, why don’t I call you Pinecone?”


The bear shook its tail and it nuzzled against his finger looking very happy.

The Meng sisters saw that the bear was very well-behaved and was quite surprised. They asked: “You took it in? Do you have the ability to train monsters?”

Cheng Zhi Chu nodded his head and explained: “This is not a monster. It is a moving cursed item and I have just become its owner.”

“That’s amazing. It’s actually a cursed item….”

The Meng sisters let out an exclamation of amazement. Rather than having a cursed item, they had not even seen them before this instance. To think that it’s actually this cute….

They all crowded around the bear and looked at it curiously for a while. They couldn’t help but stretch a finger out.

“So cute…….Can we touch you?”

“Hiss!” The bears response was a sharp hiss that revealed its sharp teeth. 

“So fierce……”

The two sisters were shocked. They quickly retracted their hands and looked at Cheng Zhi Chu even more enviously.

They looked at his necklace and the blood-stained ring. Both items looked a little sinister, so they probably aren’t a weapon and are actually cursed items. 

If that is the case, then that means that he has at least three cursed items on him. Even if you added up the cursed items the two of them had, it would still be zero. How can there be such a big difference between people……..

Three cursed items……. At the same time, a thought also flashed across Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind. The three cursed items were respectively a necklace, a ring and a bear. Why does it seem like all these items don’t match with his gender……?

However, it was just a fleeting thought. Cheng Zhi Chu wouldn’t throw away these three cursed items. The former two cannot be disposed of and he would rather be killed than give the bear away. 

As he thought this, the more he looked at the bear, the more he liked it. He couldn’t help but reach out and rub its head. He even squeezed its soft belly a few times with a smile on his face. If it didn’t eat the man-eating monster just a few moments ago he could even go and give it a kiss.


The two sisters are even more envious. Ji Yun Xiao on the other side looked on quietly with a small hint of envy in his eyes.

But unlike the two sisters, he was envious of the bear that was being petted by Cheng Zhi Chu.

He thought back to the warmth that he had felt when he was hugged by Cheng Zhi Chu a moment ago. Ji Yun Xiao’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and his heart couldn’t help but speed up a little.

In that dangerous moment Cheng Zhi Chu had actually used his body to protect him. It would be impossible to say that he wasn’t surprised.

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Although he also understood that it was an action made because Cheng Zhi Chu was out of control and he wasn’t certain how much of it came from his heart, but what if? What if he actually did have such thoughts? If it was just a little bit…..

Ji Yun Xiao lowered his eyes and his fingers tightened slightly.

He understood that he shouldn’t have these kinds of thoughts but after seeing the medical record he really couldn’t help but start questioning whether the matter regarding his sexual orientation was true or not. Would Cheng Zhi Chu really like the same sex?

If he really likes men…

Then as his idol, would he be more likely to like—-

Ji Yun Xiao was surprised by this thought. He didn’t dare to think about it any further.


His gaze once again fell back to the small bear that is being held in Cheng Zhi Chu’s arms. With a bit of desire, he again looked on with envy…..

“Zhi Chu.”

With dark and deep eyes, Bai Yi called out and walked over in front of him. Although he was still smiling, his eyes were dark and oppressive. Like the deep sea that saw no traces of light, it was very suffocating.

Being looked on like that, the bears entire body froze up. The hands holding onto Cheng Zhi Chu started to tremble, but it only made Bai Yi’s stare become even more chilling.

The handsome man hooked the corner of his lips slightly and, with a tone that lacked warmth, he spoke up: “Zhi Chu that cursed item is very dangerous. It won’t be good. I think it’s better to get rid——“

“Wait a second. Something doesn’t look right.”

Cheng Zhi Chu noticed that the bear didn’t seem quite right. It seemed to be really scared of something. It was like what had happened with the man-eating monster before and for a moment he couldn’t help but worry that another more powerful monster was going to appear. He immediately asked: “Pinecone, what are you afraid of?”

The bears’ hand sized body trembled, and his pair of black eyes were cloudy like it was about to cry. It looked grievously over at Cheng Zhi Chu and it suddenly cried out in a soft voice: “Mum…..Mummy!”

Cheng Zhi Chu: “…..”

Cheng Zhi Chu: “……??”

The bear then shook its tail and immediately turned around to Bai Yi and cried out:


“…..Daddy, please don’t kill me……”

Cheng Zhi Chu: “……..”

Cheng Zhi Chu: “……Bai Yi, what did you want to say earlier?”

“……I was saying.”

The darkness in Bai Yi’s eyes immediately faded away and he revealed a gentle smile.

“It’s not bad. You can keep it.”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 24)

I knew why that cursed item suddenly wanted Zhi Chu to be its owner. It’s because it is afraid of being killed by me and, seeing that Zhi Chu is very important to me, it decided to ask him for help and hope that he can protect it.

It became Zhi Chu’s cursed item. Like this, I would no longer be able to order it to kill Ji Yun Xiao. It was even acting very intimate with Zhi Chu so it must die——This was what I had originally thought but….

As expected of our child. It’s very smart.

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