Chapter 43: Horror Variety (8)

Hearing the sound of the doorknob turning, Cheng Zhi Chu was extremely nervous. He had thought that Zhou Luo Chen had returned and had wanted to hide inside a closet but, after he suddenly relaxed, it was like his hands and feet had gone soft. Even when the door had opened halfway, he was not yet inside the closet.


Along with the sound of the door opening, the person outside finally revealed their true face. Cheng Zhi Chu who had his back against the closet held his breath and his heart stopped. He then suddenly discovered that it wasn’t Zhou Luo Chen.

A tall and handsome young teenager appeared in the doorway. His eyes scanned through the room until he saw Cheng Zhi Chu trembling in the corner trying to hide himself. His pupils instantly constricted and his legs involuntarily took a small step forward.

This is the young Bai Yi…….?

Cheng Zhi Chu recognised the young boy and breathed a sigh of relief. He collapsed down onto the floor and grabbed onto his chest gasping for breath. Fortunately, it wasn’t that pervert.

Although the game had ended, the fear that Zhou Luo Chen had brought to Cheng Zhi Chu had not yet subsided and he was still very afraid to see him again.

And why hasn’t he gone out of the painting yet………..Don’t tell me the ghost is going to go back on its words?

Cheng Zhi Chu felt a little cheated. Even after waiting for a while, new bloody words didn’t appear. Instead, the young teenager slowly walked towards him. He then knelt down and looked at him with eyes filled with unusually complex emotions. He reached out his hands and gently touched Cheng Zhi Chu’s cheeks.


Cheng Zhi Chu subconsciously shrank back. The young boy immediately retracted his hand and he didn’t dare to touch Cheng Zhi Chu again.

His eyes were no longer cold and dark. The gaze that looked at Cheng Zhi Chu was soft, as if he was looking at a distant and fragile dream. It was both careful and gentle, like he was afraid that Cheng Zhi Chu would suddenly disappear in front of him.


The young boy lowered his eyes. His voice was low, and it was trembling slightly.

“It’s my fault.”

“It was because of me that you were brought here.”

“I’m really……..sorry.”

Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned. He could only react a few seconds later and realise what the young teenager was talking about ———- It was because the boy had painted a portrait that was seen by Zhou Luo Chen, which led him to be kidnapped by Zhou Luo Chen.

But how can that be Bai Yi’s fault? How would he know that his teacher would turn out to be such a disgusting pervert? And it also seemed like Bai Yi had put himself into dangers way to come here to save him.

Not to mention, the adult Bai Yi is his good friend. Even if he was an unfamiliar child, Cheng Zhi Chu wouldn’t blame the other party.

“It’s okay, I won’t blame you. Instead, I even want to thank you for coming to find me.”

Seeing that young boy’s beautiful face reveal a remorseful look, Cheng Zhi Chu felt his heart soften and he couldn’t help but speak out to comfort him. He even reached out to rub his head. When he realised that it felt quite good, he couldn’t help but rub it a few more times.

The young Bai Yi is so cute. How can anyone bear seeing such a good natured and beautiful child be upset……

Feeling his head being touched by Cheng Zhi Chu, the young teenager immediately raised his head. His eyes were slightly widened, and his expression was a look of surprise. It was like he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t hated and was even comforted by the other party.

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt a slight smugness. After all, until now it was always Bai Yi that was rubbing his head. How could he even have the chance to smoothen his hair? And it seems like the young Bai Yi seems to quite like it…….

He had completely forgotten that he is currently a child that is even younger than Bai Yi. He revealed a kind fatherly smile and spread apart his hands wanting to bring the boy into his embrace and give him spiritual dependence and comfort.

But in that teenaged boy’s eyes, all he could see was a small cute boy that was still trembling a little in fear asking him for a hug while his eyes were wet and his face was covered with tears.


Just as Cheng Zhi Chu was about to embrace the boy, everything before his eyes suddenly darkened. He then felt himself being tightly embraced by the boy. With their bodies pressed closely together, their body temperatures passed through their clothes. He felt a hand gently patting his back.

“Don’t be scared, it’s okay.”

With his whole body embraced by the young teenaged boy and even his back being patted comfortingly, Cheng Zhi Chu soundlessly opened and closed his mouth. His expression was a little stiff.

This isn’t right. Wasn’t he supposed to be the one comforting Bai Yi? Why is it reversed now……

But that young boys smelled very good and his embrace was very warm. Being held like this, Cheng Zhi Chu had to admit that he indeed felt better. He could only throw away that fatherly look on his face and lie obediently in the boy’s arms.

They hugged for a while until they suddenly heard a strange sound outside. The handsome boy looked outside. He didn’t seem to care about about the source of the sound, but he still gently released his hold of the child and say with a very gentle tone:

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“Come, I’ll take you out.”

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know whether Zhou Luo Chen was still outside, and he was a little hesitant. The young boy saw this and said to him: “Don’t worry, he’s not here. You won’t run into him.”

When he was done saying this, he noticed that the boy was barefooted. There were still a few bruises on his exposed pale skin and the tips of his fingers were still stained with blood. In an instant a layer of ice formed in those dark eyes of his and he started to release a murderous aura.

But his actions still remained gentle. Seeing that the child wasn’t wearing shoes, he stretched his hand behind his knees, picked the boy up into a princess hold and carried him out of the room.


Cheng Zhi Chu subconsciously grabbed onto the back of the boy’s neck. His face turned red, and he said in a small voice: “No need to do this. I can go on my own.”

He was actually being princess carried! This is too shameful!!

“It’s okay. It’s not convenient for you to walk so I’ll carry you.” The teenager bowed his head and smiled at him. “You’re very light. I can carry you and I won’t let you fall.”

But this isn’t the issue of whether he would fall off or not!

Cheng Zhi Chu would rather Bai Yi drop him instead of carrying him. But unfortunately, Bai Yi’s arms were strong, and he held him very firmly and stably. Like this, he carried the boy down the stairs.

Bai Xi Xing sat on the sofa on the first floor. Hearing the sound of footsteps, he looked up only to see the teenagers’ eyes looking extremely gentle as he carefully carried the boy down the stairs.

His impression of his cousin was that he was always cold and secluded and he had never seen him have this type of expression before. He couldn’t help but sit up straight from the sofa and watch the two come down the stairs with wide eyes like he had just seen a ghost.

Cheng Zhi Chu thought that Bai Xi Xing was looking at him with incredulity and he was a little ashamed. He directly threw away all his earlier complaints and just buried his face into the teenager’s chest pretending that he didn’t see anything.

“Brother, you…….”

Bai Xi Xing’s gaze was very complicated. When he wanted to say something, a strange sound one again came from upstairs. It seemingly sounded like something had fallen onto the ground and there was also the sound of a chair dragging across the ground.

“What’s wrong?”

Cheng Zhi Chu was a little uneasy. He looked up and asked Bai Yi quietly: “Is that……..the person who kidnapped me?”

He didn’t see Zhou Luo Chen on the second floor. Was this sound made by that pervert? Did Bai Yi tie him up?

“Don’t worry.”

The teenager placed him down onto the sofa and smiled softly at him. At the same time, he glanced over at Bai Xi Xing.

Bai Xi Xing understood the meaning behind it very well. He immediately said: “It’s okay, you guys don’t have to worry about it. I’ll go up and take look” As he said this, he had already run up to the second floor. He entered a room and that strange sound immediately disappeared.

“We have already contacted your family. They will be here soon. You can relax and wait for them.”

The teenager smiled as he said this. At the same time, he ruffled Cheng Zhi Chu’s hair: “Tired? Do you want to sleep a little?”

Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head. He didn’t know when the game would end so how can he fall asleep comfortably?

But that teenager’s hand seemed to have some sort of magic power and it didn’t take long for him to feel sleepy. He laid down and rested his head on the teenager’s thigh. With the teenager patting his body gently, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


When Cheng Zhi Chu opened his eyes again, he found himself back in the original villa. At this moment, the sky outside had already darkened and you couldn’t see anything in the room. Only a strong bloody smell pervaded the air.

Did the ghost let him out of the painting?

Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned for a moment. Seeing that the ghost was still trustworthy, he was able to put down the apprehension inside him and breathe a sigh of relief.

He groped along the wall to find the light switch. It seemed like nothing had changed but, when he turned around and looked at the wall, he was surprised to see that the painting had disappeared leaving behind only a white patch on the wall that indicated that something was hung up there for a long time.


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Several children’s ghosts looked out from behind the bed. They quietly looked over at him but would immediately shrink back when their gazes met and reveal just a pair of curious eyes.

Thinking about what they had undergone, Cheng Zhi Chu felt very sad. He forced a small smile on his face and waved at them. Seeing this, the eyes of the young ghosts brightened, and they stuck their heads out again looking like they wanted to approach him.

[Go back.]

Bloody words appeared on the ground immediately scaring away the young ghosts. They all disappeared through the walls and, in an instant, the room was empty.

[You won the game.]

[According to the agreement, you can all leave here.]

“You’re really going to let us go?

Seeing those bloody words, Cheng Zhi Chu was still a little doubtful. He still remembered the time when “I love you” was written all over the room. It seemed to be filled with madness and twisted emotions, but the ghost had instead done the opposite and calmly said that he could leave.

Was there some conspiracy behind this?

Cheng Zhi Chu was still not reassured. He continued to remain in the same place, but the bloody words did not appear again.

The inside of the room was quiet and only a corpse laid on the ground to prove that the existence of the ghost was not just his imagination. But the ghost had fallen completely silent, like it didn’t want to communicate with Cheng Zhi Chu anymore.

Anyway, he should find Senior Bai and the others first.

Cheng Zhi Chu recalled that the ghost had said that it had kept the others in a room. After searching the rooms one by one, he finally found the injured Xiao Liu and the two other staff members in the study room.

The other three had experienced these strange incidences and were fearing that it had something to do with ghosts. Seeing Cheng Zhi Chu come in and tell them that they can leave now, the three of them simultaneously thought that he must be an amazing exorcist and had managed to save them by eliminating the evil spirits in the villa.

“Master Cheng, thank you. Thank you so much……”

The joy of escaping from death made the three men choke up a little. They desperately shook Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand and called him “Master Cheng”. It made Cheng Zhi Chu feel a little awkward. He immediately tried to explain that he is not an exorcist but the three didn’t seem to believe him

“You can go. When you go downstairs, let Ji Yun Xiao and Senior Bai know that they should go first.”

Seeing that they weren’t willing to change their way of calling him, Cheng Zhi Chu could only change the topic.

“Master is not leaving?” The cameraman asked with amazement, “Why aren’t you going with us?”

“I still have something to do.” Cheng Zhi Chu replied ambiguously, “………Uh, it’s similar to helping the souls here pass on safely.”

“Helping the souls……….You’re too modest! How can you say that you’re not a master!”

The other three looked at him with great respect. Their eyes were filled with awe. It was as if someone amazing had appeared before them.


Cheng Zhi Chi’s expression didn’t change but deep inside he was feeling very embarrassed. He wanted to find a hole to hide in. What helping the ghost pass on? He’s clearly going to find the ghost to kiss it……….

But in a way, kissing sounds even more incredible than helping the ghosts pass on………

The three of them left with great gratitude. They even reassured Cheng Zhi Chu that they would find Bai Xi Xing and the others and leave together with them.

After a while, Cheng Zhi Chu heard some voicing coming from downstairs. This was then followed by the sound of footsteps and the front door opening and closing. He stood at the stairs and looked around downstairs to confirm that everyone had safely left the villa.

Now only he himself is left.

Cheng Zhi Chu breathed out. Although he was a little nervous, he felt a lot better than before. Afterall, even if the other party is a ghost, it wouldn’t be as scary as Zhou Luo Chen.

Now Cheng Zhi Chu could pretty much conclude that the ghost is not Zhou Luo Chen. Although the young ghosts here appeared to be afraid of this ghost, they didn’t seem to hold deep fear or resentment towards it. This wasn’t the attitude a child would have towards the murderer responsible for their death.

And this ghost had said that it loves him, and Zhou Luo Chen doesn’t. He was just a pure psychopath that wanted to kill him.

If this isn’t Zhou Luo Chen, then who could this ghost be? Was it a child that was killed by Zhou Luo Chen?

If it wasn’t because Bai Yi and Senior Bai were still alive, he would have guessed that it was probably one of them.

Cheng Zhi Chu fell into thought for a moment, but he had no clue as to who the ghost could be. Fortunately, the main task this time didn’t require him to find out its true identity and just required him to escape from the villa successful and to kiss the boss……….

Wait. Isn’t this a reality instance that he had accidentally run into? But why does he still need to collect the boss photo? Could it be that this actually wasn’t a coincidence and that he was destined to take part in this reality instance from the very beginning?

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【You’ve noticed.】

The system that had not appeared for a long time spoke up: 【Although the chances of a player activating a reality instance is extremely low and almost impossible, for you it is inevitable. That’s right, there are reality instances that you need to do to collect boss photos and there are not only one of them.】

Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression changed: [Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?!] At least he would be able to mentally prepare himself in advance.

【Hey, I didn’t mean to do it. It was because I also wasn’t sure if you needed to clear reality instances to collect bosses. I just know that, if one exists, there would definitely be more of it but I am also not certain about the exact amount.】

The system chattered: 【 Forget it. Continue to do what you can. In the end you will still need to collect them so it doesn’t matter.】

It matters!!

Cheng Zhi Chu cursed internally. Thinking that life wouldn’t be peaceful even when he returns to reality made his future appear very bleak. He just wanted to dig a hole and bury himself instead.

But this was just a random thought of his. Afterall, he obviously didn’t want to die. Right now, the most important task for him is to clear this instance.

[Why aren’t you leaving?]

When Cheng Zhi Chu communicated with the system, he didn’t need to speak out loud, so he looked like he was just standing there in daze. Perhaps because he was standing there for a long time, bloody red words again appeared on the wall and it also gave off a hint of coldness.

“I want to see you.”

Seeing those bloody words appear, Cheng Zhi Chu said: “Let me see what you look like.”

The bloody words didn’t change, nor did it fade. It seemed like the ghost was a little surprised.

“Didn’t you say that you love me? Since I was young, I have never been confessed to before. I am very moved.” Cheng Zhi Chu spoke nonsensically, “So before I leave, I want to see you.”

This time the ghost finally responded.

[I won’t see you. Hurry and leave.]

“Earlier you even said that you love me but now you’re driving me away?”

Seeing that the ghost didn’t want to see him, Cheng Zhi Chu felt a little anxious. He raised his tone slightly and spoke without a thought: “If you love me, you will come out and see me. Otherwise, you don’t actually love me!”

The words on the wall suddenly disappeared.

Cheng Zhi Chu waited for a long time, but he still didn’t see the ghost.


Finally, he came to a conclusion.        

…….He seemed to have scared away the ghost.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 43)

After being brought out of the villa by his parents, because he had gone through so much stimulation, Zhi Chu fell very sick. When he woke up again, he had forgotten everything that he had experienced in C City and he didn’t have any memory of me and that man.

This is also good.

It is for the best that he forgets those things.


Bai Xi Xing’s Diary (Excerpt)

That child called Cheng Zhi Chu forgot about his experience being kidnapped by Zhou Luo Chen. This is a good thing.

It’s just that when my cousin found out that Cheng Zhi Chu no longer remembered him, he was depressed for a whole month.

I told him that he could start afresh and become acquainted with Cheng Zhi Chu again, but my cousin has not yet put that into action. Based on my analysis, I think he is scared.

He was even able to kill Zhou Luo Chen, yet he’s too afraid to meet Cheng Zhi Chu.

……….I don’t know what to say about him.

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