Chapter 49: Ghost School (3)

Because of both embarrassment and anxiousness, Cheng Zhi Chu had shouted out those words to the bear and Yang Qian Fan without a thought. When he returned to his senses and saw the bear and the other three looking at him, his face suddenly turned beet red and he looked away uncomfortably.

Although he knew that he shouldn’t bicker with children and teddy bears, the content of their argument was just too ridiculous. What mummy and aunty……Fuck, do they even realise that he is a man?!!

And so, he couldn’t hold himself back and he tried to intimidate the two of them. Only that he also dragged the innocent Bai Yi in as well………… As for Gu Zhen, who cares about what that guy thinks. If he conversely hated him because of what he had said, he would be happy instead!

However, after he was done speaking the several people present all fell silent. The bear showed a guilty expression and it quietly climbed back up his leg and into his pocket.

Yang Qian Fan had also lowered his cap. With his head slightly bowed, he didn’t speak anymore. It was as if he had realised how childish it was for him to bicker with a teddy bear.

In an instant, the atmosphere had turned stagnant. Fortunately, the introduction to this instance finally started. Cheng Zhi Chu quietly let out a sigh of relief. He couldn’t help but recall that the same thing had happened last time with Ji Yun Xiao. This instance introduction really has good timing.

【Today, your group will be attending a special reunion.】

【Apart from Yang Qian Fan who is a child brought to the party, the remaining three of you are graduates of Chengnan High School and have spent three years of your youth here.】

【Now, the school is about to be moved to a new site and the old school building would soon be demolished. In order to find the memories from the past, the four of you and five other students have agreed to enter the old school building at night. They are now waiting for you at the school entrance.】

Having listened to the introduction until this point, Cheng Zhi Chu furrowed his brows slightly. He understood that once an instance reaches “Expert” level difficulty and over, the players identity and the instance setting would be more detailed. In addition to the players, there would also be characters created specially for the instance.

These characters may just be irrelevant background characters, or they may carry very important clues. However, without exception, the appearance of these characters would greatly increase the difficulty of the instance.

He once read the complaints left behind by players in a forum post. Some NPC’s seemed to have no brains and would make extremely ridiculous choices that would lead them to their deaths. For others, you were not allowed to show any abnormal behaviour in front of them. This would include using weapons or cursed items. There were also NPC’s that you needed to protect and keep alive, and so on.

All in all, once you have an instance character, things would become very cumbersome. They still didn’t know what type of character they were going to encounter so it looks like the system still had more to introduce.

【Amongst the four of you, Gu Zhen and Bai Yi are best friends. Both come from a good family background and are from the same grade. Gu Zhen is the president of the school’s student council and Bai Yi is the top of the grade. Both are the pride of the school and are untouchable stars in the eyes of the other students.】

Hearing the words “best friends”, Gu Zhen’s eyes dimmed slightly, and Bai Yi sneered. Cheng Zhi Chu’s attention however was focussed on Gu Zhen’s identity. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly; no matter where this guy goes, he seems to always be the president.

【But unfortunately, a car accident three months ago caused Bai Yi to lose most of his memory and he had no impression of many things that had happened in the past. He even couldn’t recognise his friends and family. He was only morbidly dependent on his junior brother Cheng Zhi Chu.】

【Afterall, you not only have a senior brother and junior brother relationship, you are also a pair of lovers who have been together for a long time.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “……….”

What the hell is with this setting?!

He looked up in shock and couldn’t help but look over at Bai Yi. At this moment, Bai Yi also just happened to be looking at him. From the previously dark and over casted expression, a gentle look emerged and he smiled at him like he was in a good mood.

Seeing that he wasn’t averse against it and was even smiling, Cheng Zhi Chu who was initially indignant about the setting could only quietly accept it and look away in embarrassment.

Anyway, he and Bai Yi had already kissed. He has already grown numb to it all. As long as Bai Yi doesn’t hate it…………..Although there seems like something wasn’t right…………

Cheng Zhi Chu scratched his head in confusion. Yang Qian Fan who stood next to him heard this setting and slightly widened his eyes. He said in a small and surprised voice: “This setting……..”

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Uncle might die from anger?!

He felt his heart squeeze in fear and he carefully looked over at Gu Zhen. Sure enough, Gu Zhen had a dark expression and his lips were pursed tightly together. Although he didn’t show any obvious signs of anger, the boy who is very familiar with him knew that his uncle was extremely angry.

That’s true, aunty…….uh, Mr Zhi Chu had always been rejecting his uncle but now he has become the lover of another man. He even didn’t seem to hate this setting and, along with the difference in treatments between the two of them, it would be weird if he didn’t get angry or jealous.

Yang Qian Fan rubbed the tip of his nose and felt a little bad for his uncle. However, he didn’t dare to speak up. If he went over to comfort his uncle, he was afraid that he would become even more angered.

The system explaining the background of the instance continued.

【Cheng Zhi Chu is Bai Yi’s junior brother from the year below. He has a severe hearing impairment and must rely on hearing aids in his daily life. Without it, he can hardly hear anything.】

【But Cheng Zhi Chu’s personality is warm and cheerful. The classmates in his class all like him very much and took good care of him. Later, Cheng Zhi Chu met the gentle and amazing Senior Bai Yi. The feelings between the two of them developed and they became a couple. Even after graduating, they continued to maintain this relationship.】

Cheng Zhi Chu touched his ear and found that there was a small and hard object inside. It didn’t feel like anything, so he hadn’t noticed it earlier.

He tried taking off the hearing aid. With it removed, he was no longer able to hear the sound of the wind around him. Looks like he shouldn’t lose this hearing aid in this instance or he won’t be able to hear anything.

Last time he was mentally ill. This time he’s hearing impaired. Enough is enough……….!

【The car accident helped bring Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi even closer together. Bai Yi loved Cheng Zhi Chu very much. After losing a lot of his memories, he became only willing to be close to Cheng Zhi Chu.】

【Cheng Zhi Chu felt the love but more of him was worried about Bai Yi. He decided to help Bai Yi retrieve his former memories, so he arranged with Gu Zhen and several classmates to come to the school where they first met to find some of his memories from when they were in school.】

【But there were legends of the school being haunted. At night after school, some things that should not exist in this world would open their eyes and reawaken.】

【You didn’t see any ghosts while you were at school, and you don’t believe in those ghost stories, so you decided to enter the school at night. After all, everyone was working during the day and you only have time in the middle of the night.】

【I wish you a safe trip.】

【Main task 1: Leave the school alive.】

【Main task 2: Help Bai Yi find his memories.】

【Special requirement: Play your role properly and avoid allowing your “classmates” become aware of your player identity.】

【This would include: 1. When using weapons, cards, curses and other props, it cannot be seen by the “classmates”. Otherwise, let them think that it is the ghosts’ doing.】

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【2. Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu are sweet lovers. If necessary, intimate actions may need to be performed in front of the “classmates”.】

【3. Bai Yi is very dependent on Cheng Zhi Chu but he doesn’t trust others very much.】

【4. No conflict should happen between Gu Zhen and Bai Yi, and Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu, because you are best friends and lovers.】

【5. You cannot take the initiative to get rid of the “classmates”. When “classmates” are in danger, try to rescue them. At the end of the instance, the number of surviving “classmates” would be associated with the amount of survival points rewarded. The more that survives, the higher the reward.】

【There are penalties in place should a player make a mistake. The specific penalty is different depending on the players level.】

After that, each player’s own system then informed their own players of their individual contents.

【Your penalty: 20% of the remaining survival points would be deducted for each mistake. Should it happen more than three times, survival points will be zero.】

【Your special mission: Collect the photo and kiss the boss. If you don’t complete the special task, you will not be able to leave the instance even if you complete the main tasks.】

【Once you enter the campus, the game will start】

【I wish you a happy game.】

After listening to the systems introduction, Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t able to react. He then suddenly felt his hand gently being wrapped inside a warm palm and slender fingers inserted between his to form an interlocked handhold.

“……….Bai Yi?” Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart skipped a beat. He looked up at Bai Yi who was holding his hand and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. He wanted to pull away his hand, but it was futile.

“Since we need to act like lovers,” the handsome man lifted the corners of his lips and his eyes were filled with smiles, “holding hands is very normal.”

“Mr Bai, the instance hasn’t started yet. Please let go.” Gu Zhen’s tone was extremely cold.

“You should be more polite to me. I am your ‘good friend’.”

Bai Yi glanced at him and said slowly: But I have no memory, so I don’t remember that you are a good friend. If I accidentally offend Mr Gu…..” He paused and suddenly smiled. “I will not apologize to you.”


Gu Zhen’s eyes became extraordinarily sharp. His hands clenched into a fist as he looked at the interlocked hands of Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu. His expression was dark and suppressed, and he looked extremely scary.

Cheng Zhi Chu felt uncomfortable being stared at like this and pulled Bai Yi over to where the instance was to start. He was worried that Gu Zhen might do something to Bai Yi but, as long as the instance started, they would need to follow the instance settings and Gu Zhen would not be able to do anything.


Yang Qian Gan pulled at Gu Zhen’s clothes. He didn’t know what to say.

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They are high-level players. By entering a low-levelled instance, they would be directly be locked into the highest level of “Extreme” difficulty. The penalty that they were given was also the heaviest. As soon as one of the characters see through their façade, they would be directly obliterated on the spot.

Although it didn’t mean that there is no way of avoiding death, it would mean paying a great price. If they cannot control their emotions in front of the characters, it would be very bad……….

“Don’t worry.”

Gu Zhen patted the boys back. He fell silent for a moment to retract the gloom from his face and revealed his usual smile. However, there was still a hint of darkness that couldn’t be hidden in his eyes as he followed to keep up with Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi.

“I won’t lose control.”


Chengnan High School is located in an old residential area. This residential area was also about to be demolished so the nearby area was uninhabited. The streetlights were also broken, and most were not repaired. Even the streets itself were quite battered.

Led by Bai Yi’s hand, Cheng Zhi Chu followed behind and saw five classmates waiting for them at the school gate. Under the dim, flickering street light, they stood there with their shadows stretched out far behind them and a pale face that resembled those of ghosts. Cheng Zhi Chu who saw this was, for a moment, very flustered.

“The two great masters are finally here. Also, Junior Cheng and Xiao Qian Fan. You made us wait out here for so long, we were about to be sucked dry by mosquitoes!”

Seeing the four of them come over, the instance characters seemed to have suddenly come alive. Their originally somewhat dull look became lively and they laughed and waved at them.

The instance characters are set to be friends and classmates of Gu Zhen and Bai Yi, so they were all young people of their age. Of the five, three were men and two were women.

Of the two girls, one looked innocent and pure while the other was glamorous. Both are very beautiful. Compared to them, the three young men are relatively inferior and average looking. Standing next to Bai Yi and Gu Zhen, they looked even worse.

“Sorry for making you wait. Qian Fan got lost on the way, so I had to go find him.”

Gu Zhen and the instance characters started chatting. He smiled gently and his actions were graceful. It was as if he and these people had been friends for many years and they interacted very naturally.

In contrast, Bai Yi was a lot colder. He was even too lazy to look at them and only continued to look at Cheng Zhi Chu with tenderness to the point that Cheng Zhi Chu got shy. He coughed and greeted the instance characters: “Hello Senior brothers and sisters.”

“Hello Junior Cheng.”

They nodded at him and saw that Bai Yi was only looking at Cheng Zhi Chu. Knowing the situation, they could only reveal a look of understanding.

The glamourous girl was bold and lively. Even if she knew that Bai Yi had lost his memories, she still had the mood to tease him. She gently laughed and said to Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu:

“Brother Bai, I heard that you especially like Junior Cheng? It’s unfortunate that I also appreciate him very much so you should kiss him to prove that your relationship is good, or I will steal your junior brother away.”

“Senior sister, we…….”

Cheng Zhi Chu revealed an unnatural smile to the senior sister. Just when he wanted to try and get out of this situation, he heard Bai Yi standing next to him speak up.


Wait a minute—————!

Cheng Zhi Chu widened his eyes and opened his mouth. But before he could make a sound, Bai Yi had already lifted his jaw and, under his shocked gaze, gently kissed him on the lips.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 49)

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