Chapter 65: Ghost’s Bride (1)

Cheng Zhi Chu glanced over at Bai Yi’s stoic expression and felt very awkward.

Gu Zhen had said that he couldn’t possibly like Bai Yi ——- He had also thought that this was the case. How could he like another man?!

But at this moment, he suddenly realised in horror that his heart was swaying. When he recalled his kiss with Bai Yi, he felt his heart race. Earlier when he kissed the boss’s, he had never felt this way.

Moreover, Bai Yi’s face itself was already very good looking but when he looked at Bai Yi now it was like he had a filter over his eyes. He could only think that he was just too handsome to the point that he couldn’t look away and even wanted to look at him longer…….

Could it be that towards Bai Yi he……….Towards Bai Yi…………

Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind was a mess. He subconsciously tried to deny this thought but the moment he realised that his feelings for Bai Yi had changed, he could no longer stop the thoughts in his mind.

In his mind he started to recall the times that he had spent with Bai Yi; their first encounter, Bai Yi’s smile directed at him, those affectionate gazes and touches, the embraces that made him feel like he was melting, and the low, magnetic voice that called his name———

[Zhi Chu.]


Cheng Zhi Chu quickly lowered his head and used the darkness of the night to hide his reddening cheeks.

Even just imagining Bai Yi calling out his name made his heart flutter. From inside, he felt himself becoming filled with a sour and sweet sensation.

……….Oh no.

He may really have fallen for Bai Yi.

“Is it your business?”

However, after hearing Gu Zhen’s question and falling silent for a moment, Bai Yi suddenly lifted the corners of his lips. On his handsome features were a hint of mocking.

“This is Zhi Chu and my business. It has nothing to do with you.”

“I like Cheng Cheng. Of course, I would ask those who are close to hi———“

Gu Zhen stopped halfway through his words.

He had been paying attention to Zhi Chu, so he naturally also noticed the changes in his mood. Although it was dark and he couldn’t see clearly, he still noticed that Cheng Zhi Chu was feeling embarrassed and shy.

This was something that he had never seen from Cheng Zhi Chu.

Gu Zhen’s mood instantly plummeted.

He became silent. With his eyes lowered and his lips tight, sharp pain filled his heart.  A part of the emotions that he had repressed inside shattered and a crack appeared on his face.

Bai Yi raised his eyebrow. Although he didn’t expect Gu Zhen to suddenly stop speaking, he naturally wouldn’t ask about it. After all, if he could, he just wanted to kill Gu Zhen immediately and make him completely disappear from Zhi Chu’s side.

However, after knowing that Gu Zhen was Shen Zhou, he had to give up that idea for the time being.

It wasn’t because he couldn’t kill Gu Zhen and he didn’t care about the possible retaliation from the “Ultimate Alliance” that Gu Zhen covered. Since Gu Zhen is a top player, he wouldn’t be able to quietly kill Gu Zhen off. At that time, Zhi Chu would definitely suspect something.

If not for Zhi Chu being here………..

A flash of darkness passed through Bai Yi’s eyes but when he looked down at Cheng Zhi Chu, he immediately suppressed the dark and violent emotions away. He called him gently:

“Zhi Chu?”


Cheng Zhi Chu looked up in surprise at Bai Yi. He was completely immersed in his own world earlier and was not paying attention to what the others were saying.

At this moment his eyes met Bai Yi’s. Cheng Zhi Chu who had only just confirmed that he liked him felt his heart skip a beat and he couldn’t help but move away his line of sight and look into the darkness to hide is reddening face.

…………No, he can’t let Bai Yi find out that he had shamelessly fallen for him. Although Bai Yi has been very good to him and was very tolerant of him, it was only because they are good friends. He shouldn’t let it get to his head.

Not long ago, he had firmly believed that Bai Yi was like him and both of them are very straight men ———- Although it looks like he had been completely bent. Bai Yi had also kissed him several times and didn’t appear to be too repulsed by it but, even if Bai Yi wasn’t completely straight, it didn’t mean that Bai Yi would like him.

And he also hasn’t forgotten about Bai Yi’s ID, One Thought, thinking of only one person……….

Thinking this, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable inside. Although Bai Yi didn’t explicitly admit that his ID meant that he had someone that he liked, but what if? If Bai Yi already has someone that he likes, then he……….

Based on his understanding of Bai Yi, Bai Yi must be someone who is very loyal. If he really did have someone that he liked and he was to suddenly confess to him, he would probably not only be rejected, he might not even be able to continue being his friend.

But Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t want to hide away from his feelings towards Bai Yi. In the past he didn’t have those thoughts towards Gu Zhen who was still playing the role of a senior sister because he had stopped himself before the feelings even sprouted.  But this time his feelings towards Bai Yi is an established fact. Regardless of the outcome, he wanted to try and let Bai Yi accept him.

Of course, before that he would need to consolidate his position in Bai Yi’s heart and strive to let Bai Yi see his strengths to ensure that even if he is rejected after confessing, Bai Yi would be reluctant to cut off all relations with him. Like this, they could at least still be friends.

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Moreover, he needed to ascertain whether or not there is someone that Bai Yi likes. If there really is someone, something like stealing him away was something that he couldn’t do so he would probably just stay quiet………

In any case, he shouldn’t let Bai Yi see his ulterior motives right now. He should act normal in front of Bai Yi!

Cheng Zhi Chu gathered his courage and turned to look back at Bai Yi. The moment their eyes met, he couldn’t help but feel his heart start racing again and he could only look away again.

Fuck, he still hasn’t adapted to it yet……..

His avoiding behaviours were noticed by Bai Yi causing Bai Yi to raise his eyebrows in surprise. He started to involuntarily guess the reason behind Cheng Zhi Chu’s abnormal behaviour.

Could it be because Gu Zhen’s words made Zhi Chu suddenly doubt him? If Zhi Chu was avoiding him because Zhi Chu found out about his secret feelings towards him, then he………

Bai Yi’s heart sank. He looked over at Gu Zhen and his eyes were filled with disdain. At this moment Gu Zhen was also feeling frustrated. Facing Bai Yi’s sharp gaze, he also had no intention to back down. Very quickly, the atmosphere got uncomfortable.

Yang Qian Fan felt very uncomfortable. To ease the situation, he didn’t spend much time to think and just wanted to say something. And such, he spoke without thinking:

“Mr Zhi Chu, why did you kiss Su Ling earlier? He then disappeared and we cleared the instance early. Did it have something to do with your actions?”


The air around them became even more stagnant.

Yang Qian Fan’s face went pale.

Oh no. He seemed to have asked something that he shouldn’t have…….

Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression also changed ——- That right, he had always been kissing Bosses in front of Bai Yi. Although Bai Yi knows of his ability, if he kissed others while having feelings for Bai Yi what qualifications does he have to confess to Bai Yi!

“That………indeed is related to me.”

He opened his mouth and answered awkwardly while secretly glancing over at Bai Yi. He hesitantly said: “You can just take it as having something to do with my ability.”

Ki-kissing can have something to do with abilities?

Yang Qian Fan widened his eyes and revealed a shocked expression.

Something to do with abilities? Gu Zhen frowned. His expression turned even more dark.

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t explain specifically so he didn’t know what Cheng Zhi Chu’s ability was. It may not be directly related to kissing but rather related to satisfying the ghosts’ wishes. For Su Ling who had secret feelings for Cheng Zhi Chu, a kiss was an understandable wish.

He naturally didn’t think that Cheng Zhi Chu’s ability was something as ridiculous as kissing to clear the instance but when he found out about the reason behind Cheng Zhi Chu’s move to actively kiss Su Ling, Gu Zhen still wasn’t happy. After all, this didn’t get rid of the fact that Cheng Zhi Chu’s attitude towards Bai Yi was different.

Yang Qian Fan saw his uncle’s expression and couldn’t help but tremble. He wanted to atone for his mistakes so he pulled at Cheng Zhi Chu’s clothes and tilted his head up: “Mr Zhi Chu, Can I add you as a friend in the forum? My ID is ‘Thousand Sails.’”

“Ah, ye…..”

Cheng Zhi Chu had a pretty good impression of Yang Qian Fan and he didn’t think much of his relationship with Gu Zhen. He was just about to agree but, now that the game forum was suddenly mentioned, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten about something that had happened just before he entered the instance.

“Winter Branch”………..

This ghost who took the identity of “Winter Branch” had appeared in reality and had even said that he is waiting for him at his university……..

His face suddenly became pale, beads of sweat formed across his forehead and his body started trembling.

“What’s wrong Mr Zhi Chu?”

Yang Qian Fan saw that his expression didn’t seem quite right, and he asked anxiously: “Is it that difficult for you to add me as a friend…….”

“No………” Cheng Zhi Chu smiled with much difficulty. He shook his head and said: “I just thought of something else. You can add me as a friend, no problem.”

Having said that, more cold sweat formed on his face.

Although he had experienced a reality instance before, Winter Branch had not initiated a reality instance so he didn’t know whether he could deal with him the way he could deal with a boss in an instance. Furthermore, the way he had revealed himself was extremely shocking, so he was very scared…….

【It’s okay, don’t be scared. This time there is a special item that can help you.】

The system suddenly spoke up: 【You will receive a special reward for completing the side task of attending class. If you take it out later and do as I say, it would definitely help get you out of trouble.】

【But this reward is a little special……….You have to wait until the three of them leave before taking it out or it will be very troublesome.】

Thank goodness. There’s still a solution……..

Cheng Zhi Chu’s nervous mood eased, and he quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s great. I’m glad Mr Zhi Chu is willing to add me as friend!”

Yang Qian Dan smiled and said: “I’ll send you a friend request after I get back. Don’t forget to accept it!”

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Bai Yi had an unpleasant expression. He obviously didn’t want to let Cheng Zhi Chu have too much contact with them but, when he recalled Cheng Zhi Chu’s act of avoiding him earlier, he didn’t want to make him unhappy again and could only endure.

The boy secretly made a victory gesture inside him. He was very clever, and he knew to just leave it at that and not take things too far. Anyway, there’s still plenty of time and this is just one step towards success. Later he could get in touch with Mr Zhi Chu more often and help his uncle out.

He then tugged at Gu Zhen’s sleeve and said with a smile: “Uncle, let’s go back. Don’t forget, we still have an alliance meeting to attend.”


Gu Zhen also understood that it was pointless just standing around. He nodded his head slightly and stored away his emotions. He gave a deep look at Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi and said, “Goodbye.”


Bai Yi naturally didn’t respond. Cheng Zhi Chu just absentmindedly gave him a small wave. All that was on his mind was the possibility of him running into Winter Branch after going back.

Gu Zhen and Yang Qian Fan walked out of the school and left the instance. Bai Yi expressionlessly stared at the school gate for a few seconds before his expression eased. He didn’t dare touch Cheng Zhi Chu and could only try to act like nothing had happened and ask gently:

“Zhi Chu, what did you think of earlier? I remember you mentioning that you encountered something scary before the instance started. Is it related to that?”


Cheng Zhi Chu opened his mouth. He wanted to tell him about Winter Branch, but he quickly changed his mind and decided not to tell Bai Yi. After all, the system had already said that there was a way to deal with it. If possible, he didn’t want to trouble Bai Yi. With him always been relying on Bai Yi and unable to show his strengths, how will Bai Yi come to like him?

Furthermore, Bai Yi is still in Death Mode and is unable to return to reality. Even if he said something, the only result of it is making Bai Yi unnecessarily worried.

“It’s actually nothing much. I just ran into some trouble, but I have already thought of a solution. That’s right, remember how I said that I went to your place? I even brought you a photo.”

He suddenly remembered that he was still carrying Bai Yi’s photo and he took the photo out of the system backpack. It was a photo of young Bai Yi painting.

“I found it in an album. I don’t know if this can make you happy………”

Cheng Zhi Chu handed the photo over. Seeing the exquisite looking young Bai Yi in the photo, he suddenly regretted not taking a few more photos so that he could hide one for himself.

But when he saw that photo, Bai Yi didn’t reveal a happy expression. Instead, he furrowed his brows, took the photo and immediately made the gesture of wanting to tear it apart.

“Ah, wait! Why are you tearing the photo?!” Cheng Zhi Chu quickly stopped him.

“This photo……..made me think of a bad past.”

 Bai Yi glanced over at Cheng Zhi Chu. Seeing that he didn’t seem to show signs of remembering the past, he shook his head slightly and said: “So I don’t want to keep it.”

 “But to tear it. It’s such a good photo……..”

Cheng Zhi Chu said this in a small voice. He then realised that his tone may have sounded too reluctant, so he quickly added with a red face: “If you don’t want it, I’ll give it back.”

Uh, although he had said that, he actually wants to keep it for himself…….

“Alright.” Bai Yi fell silent for a few seconds before returning the photo to Cheng Zhi Chu, “Then I’ll be bothering you.”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Cheng Zhi Chu revealed a bright smile.

Bai Yi saw his smile and his eyes instantly softened. He habitually wanted to rub his head, but he held himself back. After slowly letting a breath out, he smiled at him and said: “Thank you, Zhi Chu.”

“You’re welcome…….”

Cheng Zhi Chu saw that Bai Yi was smiling and felt pleased inside.


After speaking to Bai Yi a little longer, Cheng Zhi Chu reluctantly sent him away and then followed the systems instructions to take out his reward from the side task.

【Do you wish to open the reward?】


【The reward has been issued into your backpack.】

【Okay, now you can take it out. Oh, don’t forget to also put on the silver ring. Those two things need to be used together……】

Hearing the systems words, Cheng Zhi Chu had some doubts. What reward is it? Why can it be used together with a cursed item?

He then retrieved the reward from his backpack.


A long, white flared dress gently fluttered into his arms.

Cheng Zhi Chu: “?”

…….Wait a minute. Why does this dress look like a wedding dress? How should he use it? What does this have anything to do with escaping from Winter Branch?

【It doesn’t “look like” it, it is a wedding dress. As for how to escape…….You should put it on first.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “………”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 65)

Why is Zhi Chu avoiding me………

(Not in the mood to write his diary.)

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