Chapter 68: Ghost’s Bride (4)

With his chin being grasped tightly by the groom’s cold and pale hands that seemed as if it would suddenly move down to squeeze his neck, Cheng Zhi Chu’s face also quickly became pale. He reached out wanting to get his phone back, but the groom had already used his other hand to turn on the phone screen.

[Who is that man next to you?]

[You’re going with him?]

[What about me?]

[Why aren’t you looking at me?]

A lot of confusing numbers and letters filled the screen. Between them were several statements filled with anger and accusation. The messages flashed through very fast but not a single one of it was missed from Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes.

Along with his state of panic, the groom had also seen those messages. His grip tightened and a small crack could be heard coming from the phone. Cracks spread across the phone and soon the phone screen turned black.

“Who is he, Zhi Chu?”

The groom also gently asked him the same question. His fingertips moved up and stroked Cheng Zhi Chu’s face: “What is your relationship with him?”

Cold sweat instantly formed across Cheng Zhi Chu’s head. He once again felt the dangerous aura coming from the groom which made him feel extremely chilling. It was as if the blood in his body had suddenly froze.


At this moment, a cold and biting wind suddenly blew over. The leaves that were caught up in it tumbled in the air and the shadows of the trees gently swayed making it look like a bunch of insects suddenly becoming active.

The light around him suddenly dimmed and, as if it was covered with a layer of dust, all the scenery around him became gloomy and grey. The air around him was filled with cold bloodiness.

As if he was surrounded by multiple pairs of eyes, the cold eyes were all concentrated on Cheng Zhi Chu. Numerous whispers could be heard, and they were both chaotic and noisy.

The passing students suddenly stopped their steps. They turned around and looked at him expressionlessly.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s breathing stopped. He couldn’t help but feel scared. He had originally thought that this reaction was because of the grooms anger but those whispers continued to grow louder and louder eventually forming sentences that came out from the throats of the passing students——-

[Zhi Chu, why are you going with him? Why aren’t you waiting for me?]

[I’m clearly already next to you, yet you don’t have me in your eyes.]

[Is it only if I become integrated with you that you won’t escape from my side?]

It’s “Winter Branch”.


Cheng Zhi Chu’s body swayed, and he collapsed to the ground. The white skirt spread out onto the ground like a blooming flower.

The next moment, Cheng Zhi Chu gripped tightly onto his skirt. His face was covered with sweat and his face was void of blood. With his mouth wide open, he started gasping for air.

It was as if something invisible had invaded his body causing every cell of his body to squirm. His entire body was both painful and itchy, and this was particularly the case for his throat which felt like it was being cut by a knife. He was in extreme pain. He clutched onto his chest and coughed fiercely. A burst of bloody taste filled his mouth, splattering onto his white wedding dress.

“Cough, cough cough………….”

He gripped tightly around his neck. Because of the pain, tears had spilled out from his eyes and his lips were stained with blood that continued to spill out.

“Zhi Chu!”

Cheng Zhi Chu could no longer support himself anymore and he collapsed. The groom’s originally angry mood immediately disappeared, and his tone was very flustered. He held Cheng Zhi Chu in his arms and stroked his cheek while asking anxiously: “What’s wrong?”


Cheng Zhi Chu’s entire body was in extreme pain. He could only let out a cry of agony and he couldn’t answer the groom’s questions.

“Something went into mummy’s body. Please hurry and save him!”

The bear could sense an additional terrible energy coming from inside Cheng Zhi Chu. Its body trembled and it let out a cry using its childish voice while doing its best to help relieve him of the pain but it was useless.

“……..There’s something?”

The groom seemed to be completely unaware of “Winter Branch”‘s existence. He looked at Cheng Zhi Chu who is on the ground writhing in agony and was anxious to the point that his fingers trembled. He spoke worriedly:

“Zhi Chu hold on. I’ll cut your stomach open and take out that thing from inside you. You’ll be fine soon!”


His consciousness was shrouded with pain, but Cheng Zhi Chu still heard the groom’s words. His pupils constricted and his body started to tremble terribly.

He wanted to stop the groom, but he couldn’t even lift his arm up let alone make any sounds. Only fresh blood continued to flow from the corner of his mouth. He could only watch the groom put his hands onto his abdomen.

“No, mummy will die like that. You can’t save him that way!”

The bear cried out and held onto the grooms arm but it was immediately pushed away and even tied up by the groom using the groom’s tie.

“You’re still too young to understand. This is the only way to save Zhi Chu.”

As a evil ghost, the groom’s way of thinking was obviously very different to that of a living person. He didn’t know that Cheng Zhi Chu would die if he cut his abdomen open and even thought that it was the only way to save him.

“Zhi Chu, it’ll hurt a little but try to endure it. It’ll soon be okay.”

The groom’s hands gradually started to apply more force. His sharp nails pierced through his wedding dress and his abdomen was about to be torn apart the next second———-


A hand suddenly fell onto the groom’s wrist. Cheng Zhi Chu, with a face as white as paper, spoke up weakly.

“No I’m fine………”

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The groom was stunned. He moved his hands away and carefully hugged Cheng Zhi Chu. He then raised his hand to wipe the sweat away from his face while saying in a gentle voice: “Are you really okay?”

“I’m okay…….”

Cheng Zhi Chu panted, and his body trembled slightly. Even though he wanted to escape from the groom’s arms, he was tortured with pain to the point that he no longer had any strength left so he could only lean against the groom’s chest. As he spoke, blood occasionally spilled out from his mouth.

Just when the groom was about to tear apart his abdomen, the pain in Cheng Zhi Chu’s body suddenly disappeared, leaving a numb sensation instead. This allowed him to be able to lift his hand to stop the groom and allow him to keep his life.

The strange scenery around them had returned to normal. With warm sunlight, lush greenery, beautiful serenity and the passing students going about with their own business, no one noticed the headless man and Cheng Zhi Chu who is covered in blood.

The cracked phone no longer received anymore messages. “Winter Branch” seemed to have disappeared in thin air and left behind no traces.

However, this made Cheng Zhi Chu feel most terrified. He didn’t know if this meant that “Winter Branch” had successfully entered his body.


He touched himself with a pale expression. There didn’t seem to be anything strange. His mind was also clear, and he could control his body normally.

Could “Winter Branch” have left? Could this be possible……….?

Cheng Zhi Chu was really scared. “Winter Branch” is definitely the most terrifying existence that he had encountered in this game. Earlier, he was on the verge of death and if things were delayed for just a few more seconds, even if he wasn’t killed by “Winter Branch”, he would surely die in the hands of the groom.

The groom gently held him for a while and then reached out to pull the tied-up bear over and release it. The bear cried and threw itself into Cheng Zhi Chu’s arms. It appeared to have been rather scared as well.

“You have sweated a lot.”

The headless man touched Cheng Zhi Chu’s sweaty face: “Do you want to drink something?” He said this as his wrist suddenly broke apart and fresh blood flowed out, some of which splattered onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s face. He moved it over to his lips, “Drink some?”

“…………..” Cheng Zhi Chu declined his kind intentions and pushed his wrist away. He slowly sat up, “No need.”

He wiped off the blood on his face and took out a bottle of medicine from his backpack. After drinking down three bottles, he felt much better.

The groom picked up the phone that had fallen onto the ground and handed it over to Cheng Zhi Chu. Cheng Zhi Chu tried to press the power button but there was no reaction from the phone. Looks like it had been completely broken by the groom.


The man’s tone was apologetic. His hands moved together uncomfortably, and he stood in a disciplined manner while sincerely admitting to his mistakes: “I broke your belonging.”

“I got too angry after seeing those messages earlier and thought that you had someone else in your heart but, now that I think about it, the person sending you messages shouldn’t be a living person and rather a ghost like me. Is he bothering you?”

Having said that, his tone cooled down and there was a hint of harshness in his words. He asked: “You were in so much pain earlier. Did he do something to you?”

“I also don’t know……….”

Cheng Zhi Chu replied ambiguously. He didn’t dare confide that “Winter Branch” wanted to become one with him. He was afraid that if he said anything about it, the groom would once again tear his body apart out of “care” to help him check.

Similarly, he also didn’t dare mention how terrifying “Winter Branch” is and ask for the grooms help. After all, “Winter Branch” is currently nowhere to been seen and perhaps at this moment he is hiding inside his body so he didn’t dare say anything that could possibly agitate “Winter Branch”.

Thinking this, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but tremble. He nervously thought about what he should do if “Winter Branch” is really inside him. It’s not like he can kiss himself………

“If anything is wrong, you must let me know.”

The groom’s voice was low and dangerous: “I won’t let that person off easily.” He paused and then said: “Your face is still pale. Do you want to go back to rest?”

“No need. Let’s go find your head first.”

Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head and replied in a grim voice. Right now, he only wants to quickly end this instance. The longer he drags it, the more fearful he felt. If he stayed here any longer, he didn’t know if he would really end up experiencing a mental breakdown.


The groom responded and bent his head down to look at the bear in Cheng Zhi Chu’s arms: “Can you lead the way?”


The bear twitched its nose. After a while, it lowered his head and whispered, “I’m sorry. Because the ghost earlier was here too, everything is covered now by his scent……..” It hesitated, “Your scents are very similar, I can’t distinguish between them.”

And it wasn’t just the two of them. Mr Xie from the hospital and also daddy’s scent, they were all very similar. It was so similar he couldn’t help but mistakenly think that they were all the same person……….

“It’s okay.”

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Seeing the bear looking ashamed and upset, Cheng Zhi Chu patted its small head to comfort it before finally gaining courage to look at the groom. He said to him: “Do you still have any memories left? For example, any scenery? Or people?”

“…………I do.”

The groom fell silent for a moment and appeared to be in thought before answering.

“I don’t know where this place is but, in my memory, that place is a villa region with a surrounding lake. There are also lots of roses making it look like a bright red sea. There would often be a young man who would take along his students to the lake and teach them how to paint……”

Cheng Zhi Chu widened his eyes in surprise.

He knew where this place was. This was the “Rose Manor” that he had entered when he participated in Ji Yun Xiao’s variety show recording. That young man likely referred to the painter Zhou Luo Chen and those students are the children from the Bai family that studied under him!

But why would this instance be related to the Bai family and Zhou Luo Chen? Was this just a coincidence or did something terrible really happen at that villa and that’s why both reality instances have something to do with that villa?

He took out Bai Yi’s old photo and showed the groom: “Do you have any impression of this person?”

“…………” The groom didn’t move. He seemed to be assessing the photo. He then said, “This person doesn’t seem to be among those children, but he does look familiar. Why do you have this person’s photo? What is his relationship with you?”

Hearing that the groom’s tone wasn’t quite right, Cheng Zhi Chu stored away the photo and quickly explained: “He is my friend. Don’t worry. We…….we don’t have any special relationship.” At least for now.

“Is he the ghost that attacked you?”

“No, he’s still alive. He’s somewhere else.” Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head, “I know where this place is. Since you hold a deep impression of this place, let’s go there and see if we can find something.”


The headless man agreed without hesitation. He didn’t seem to be worried about delaying the wedding ceremony. There was even faint joy concealed in his voice. He pulled along Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand and said: “Thank you for being willing to know more about me.”


Cheng Zhi Chu smiled at him uncomfortably. In fact, he was only doing it because he wanted to clear the instance. He was still afraid of the groom. If not for completing the instance, he would have naturally hidden as far away as possible.

Because the Rose Manor is located in C City and Cheng Zhi Chu’s phone was broken so he couldn’t pay using his phone, he returned to his dormitory to retrieve his wallet. He had intended on paying with cash.

But when he walked back out of the school, he belatedly realised that the others couldn’t see him now so, even if he wanted to buy a ticket, they wouldn’t be able to see him let alone serve him.

For this reason, Cheng Zhi Chu could only hitch a free ride on the subway and train before boarding the bullet train towards C City. Today was a weekday so there weren’t many people on the bullet train and there were still many vacant seats. Cheng Zhi Chu shamelessly took a seat while the groom sat down in the empty seat next to him.

Leaning back against the chair, Cheng Zhi Chu closed his eyes. He was exhausted. He only hoped that nothing would happen while he was on the bullet train so that he could rest for a while.

The groom seemed to have also noticed that he was tired, so he didn’t make a sound and just sat quietly next to him while gently patting his hair.

There weren’t many people on the bullet train, so it was very quiet. Soon, Cheng Zhi Chu started feeling sleepy. His consciousness gradually faded, and he soon fell into an almost asleep state, but he suddenly felt something cold and soft touch his forehead. It was a little moist and it gradually moved down.

It was like someone was kissing his face.

Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. He immediately opened his eyes. He clearly could still feel his face being kissed but he didn’t see anyone in front of him. It was obvious that it wasn’t the grooms doing.

What is it…….Is it “Winter Branch”? Is he back?!

【Ah! Go away, go away! Don’t come over! Ah——-】

He suddenly heard the systems panicked cries in his mind which then stopped abruptly. Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart trembled. He called out to the system internally, but no one responded.

That pair of cold lips slowly moved over to Cheng Zhi Chu’s ear and it gently kissed him. At the same time, he felt as if a pair of arms were wrapped around him, bring him into an embrace.

The groom however just sat calmly beside him while patting his hair and appeared to be unaware of what was happening.

【Sorry Zhi Chu…..I’m really sorry.】

In Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind, he suddenly heard a voice. It wasn’t the systems. Instead, it was a young man’s voice.

【I’m really sorry about what I just did. I didn’t have the intention to hurt you. Please don’t be afraid of me.】

【Now, we have finally become one. Are you happy?】

Cheng Zhi Chu felt like he had fallen into an ice cave. He stiffened up in his seat.

It’s “Winter Branch”.

He really is inside his body and had even invaded his consciousness.

But what made Cheng Zhi Chu shocked the most was:

“Winter Branch”‘s voice……..It sounded exactly the same as Bai Yi’s voice.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 68)

Even since Zhi Chu entered this game, I have something that I was worried about.

I haven’t seen all of my soul fragments but, as far as I know, most of them have changed in appearance and personality but this doesn’t exclude the possibility that some may still retain my appearance.

If Zhi Chu was to meet that kind of “me” and found out about my past……..I don’t want to imagine what his reaction would be.

I hope that this situation would never happen.

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