Chapter 70: Ghost’s Bride (6)

Bai Xi Xing rubbed his nose and subconsciously looked around. His eyes swept past the location where Cheng Zhi Chu and the groom stood but, like everyone else, he didn’t notice their presence and just lowered his head and muttered a few words. He then revealed a smile and continued to speak to the old man.

“Elder Li, I actually came because I wanted to speak to you. This is something I heard of recently and I thought it was pretty interesting.”

“What is it?”

The old man referred to as Elder Li briefly glanced up at Bai Xi Xing. He didn’t seem to expect to hear anything proper coming from that rascal’s mouth.

“Probably about six or seven years ago, I remember your family going through a bad stage. The two uncles had some problems with their company and was almost about to shut down.”

“But miraculously, just when they were just about to collapse, the company suddenly received several large orders in succession, allowing it to get through the difficult stage. Afterwards, the business got better and better and everything was smooth sailing. Your competing companies not only closed down, they even changed into another line of business leaving your business to take over the whole industry.”

Bai Xi Xing sat casually and had a hint of a smile at his lips. His eyes looked into the distance and he said casually:

“Everyone is curious about how your family was able to turn their fate around. Some said that they saw a child ghost near your villa and suspected that you’re raising a little ghost……..”

“Humph, what nonsense.” Elder Li snorted. He slowly gathered back the fishing line and prepared to take off the hook at the end, “How can a young man like you be so superstitious?”

“I naturally don’t believe in it.” Bai Xi Xing also laughed. “But there is one thing that I have recently confirmed.”

“What is it?”

“Six years ago, when my cousin disappeared, someone saw that you were near the place where he was last seen.” Bai Xi Xing’s gaze suddenly moved over to the old man, “Elder Li, is this true?”

Cheng Zhi Chu who was listening on from the sides was shocked. Elder Li’s action of removing the hook also stopped. The sharp tip left a small wound on the back of his hand and small red beads of blood flowed out.

Cheng Zhi Chu was a little scared. He knew that Bai Yi had disappeared six years ago but he couldn’t tell whether or not the dialogue between Bai Xi Xing and the old man was something that was happening in reality or if it was part of the instance setting.

If it was the former, then does that mean that he can help Bai Yi? And if it was the latter, then why would this instance again involve Bai Yi?

The grooms body turned towards the old man’s direction and he seemed to be looking at him. He then suddenly walked over and placed his hand on the old man’s shoulder and said:

“I have an impression of him too.”

Cheng Zhi Chu heard this, and he became even more confused. The groom not only had an impression of Bai Xi Xing and Bai Yi, he also knew of this old man surnamed Li. He probably lived here in the past and may have also closely interacted with the Bai family.

He couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. He couldn’t tell if this was reality or just part of the instance setting. If it was something that had truly happened in reality, he couldn’t imagine why the groom would also be buried in the same place. Could his death have some sort of connection with Bai Yi’s disappearance?

What was even more terrifying was that, if the groom’s death and Bai Yi’s disappearance happened at the same time, then what happened to Bai Yi in reality? Could he have——–

His heart trembled fiercely. His attention instantly shifted over to the conversation between the two and he had even forgotten about his own task.

With the groom’s hand on his shoulder, although he couldn’t see him, Elder Li felt his body shudder. He inexplicably felt a chill on his shoulder and his face changed along with it.

A dark shadow flashed through Bai Xi Xi’s eyes. He still maintained a perfect smile: “Elder Li?”

“Ah…….six years ago……..Indeed, Bai Yi that child disappeared.”

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Elder Li seemed like he had just returned to his senses and his look returned to normal. He stored away the hook and fishing line in the box and touched the frail hand that was still bleeding. With a look of pain, he said:

“I feel very bad about his situation and I also hope that he can return soon…..”

“But this is something that happened six years ago. My memory isn’t great. The things that I did that day, the places I went, I don’t remember anymore.”

“If it wasn’t for you telling me, I really wouldn’t have known than he had disappeared at a place near me. If I knew that he was there, I would have done everything that this old body can do to save that child. Unfortunately……….sigh………”

“Did you want to ask me about your cousin? In fact, you don’t need to ask in such a roundabout way and just ask me about it directly. But unfortunately, I don’t remember anything and can’t be of help…….”

Elder Li shook his head. He spoke with a tone of deep regret: “My hand was cut by the fishing hook. I’ll go back to disinfect it, so I won’t accompany you. If you still have anything you want to ask, you can find me another day.”

“Not another day. You can answer me now.” Bai Xi Xi smiled, “I haven’t finished asking.”

“This………” Elder Li revealed an uncomfortable expression. He raised his hand, “But look at my hand…….”

“You can come with me. Go to my place and I’ll help you disinfect it.” Bai Xi Xing smiled. His eyes however were cold and he held onto Elder Li’s wrist to stop him from resisting, “I should take responsibility for injuring you, right?”

Elder Li was stunned. He threw away his hand and said angrily: “Not going! You little rascal, stop playing around. I’m not going. Are you going to tie me up and take me over?”

The people around them heard Elder Li’s shouts and their eyes feel on the two people. Bai Xi Xing however didn’t appear to look uncomfortable. He hooked up his lips and moved closer to Elder Li before speaking in a low voice.

“Since you aren’t willing to go with me, that’s fine. I’ll just ask you here instead.”

“Yes, my cousin has disappeared, but our family had never disclosed any details of his disappearance. That day, he just happened to have a conflict with the elders at home and, with his poor temper, many thought that he had left home in anger. Even now many people in our family think this.”

“Only a few people know about the details of cousins disappearance; that he had encountered an accident and disappeared, and was likely attacked by someone.”

“I am certain that the few people who know about it wouldn’t reveal the truth to others but why did Elder Li say earlier that you would have ‘saved’ him?”

There was a hint of playfulness in his tone: “’Save’?”

Cheng Zhi Chu listened on the sidelines and knew that Bai Xi Xing wasn’t telling the truth. Afterall, Bai Xi Xing had revealed to him that Bai Yi had encountered an accident and had gone missing. However, he didn’t disclose that information to anyone so even if Elder Li just happened to learn of this information inadvertently, it wouldn’t have been leaked from him.

Also, based on Bai Xi Xing’s tone, the details regarding Bai Yi’s disappearance was indeed very secretive and only a few people knew about it.

Clearly, Elder Li belonged in the group of people that shouldn’t know about the details. He, however, remained calm and said:

“Your cousin had not returned for many years so how can it be something that he had done in a moment of anger? Isn’t it normal for me to think that he had encountered an accident?”

“Couldn’t it have been an accident that had happened after he left home instead?” The handsome young man raised his eyebrow.

“It’s just a mistaken assumption on my end, but that doesn’t mean anything.” Elder Li said, “I can understand your desire to find your cousin but, with you questioning me like this, are you suspecting me of doing something to your cousin?”

“Well, it’s hard to say. When I connect the fact that, after my cousin’s disappearance, your Li family suddenly received large orders and your business improved——-”

“Bai Xi Xing!”

Elder Li roared angrily: “Don’t you wrongly accuse others!”

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry……”

Bai Xi Xing waved his hand. His eyes were still curved, and he pulled out his phone. On it was a photo. He showed Elder Li the photo: “So does that mean that you also don’t recognise this icon?”

Elder Li’s eyes glanced over briefly but the moment he saw the picture, he could no longer maintain his calm state and his expression instantly changed.

Cheng Zhi Chu had also walked over. He looked at the photo in Bai Xi Xing’s phone and his pupils constricted slightly.

It was a black and white skull icon that looked like the game icon of “Infinite Escape”. The only difference was that there was a blood red pattern just underneath it.

Although skull icons are very common, in a situation like this Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t just a coincidence.

“You………..” There was a tremor in Elder Li’s voice.

“I am very interested in this icon. Elder Li seemed to be the same.” Bai Xi Xing raised his phone and smiled slightly, “It’s a little inconvenient talking about it here. Would you like to come to my place to have a chat?”


Elder Li followed Bai Xi Xing back to his villa. They walked over to a villa and Bai Xi Xing took out a key to open the door to it.

“Isn’t this the villa that Zhou Luo Chen killed himself in?”

The old man took half a step back and shook his head. He didn’t have any desire to go inside: “The villas next to it are all your family’s, why are you taking me to this accursed villa?”

“Oh, I just forgot to bring along the keys to the other villas.”

There were clearly many more similar shaped keys on the keychain, but Bai Xi Xing spoke with no hint of shame. He spoke casually and proceeded to push open the door. He made an inviting gesture and said: “Please come in——-or, do you want to chat with me here and let everyone hear what we have to say?”


Elder Li’s face changed slightly. Finally, he gritted his teeth and walked in with Bai Xi Xing.

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Cheng Zhi Chu who followed behind them felt his scalp go numb. He was also reluctant to enter. He recalled the horrible experience in the villa and the game of hide and seek with Zhou Luo Chen. Seeing the villa again, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

However, although this is a villa where someone had passed away in and is considered as a cursed villa, it was actually taken care of very well. The courtyard was serene and quiet, and it was filled with the fragrance of flowers. The beautiful western-style building was also clean and bright. On the surface at least, you couldn’t tell that something horrible had happened.

“Please.” Bai Xi Xi opened the door and invited Elder Li in.

Cheng Zhi Chu was about to follow them in but he suddenly realised that the groom wasn’t moving. Instead, he stood before a cluster of flowers motionlessly and appeared to be looking at the flowers.

“I have an impression.” The groom bent down. His fingers lingered between the flowers and he suddenly dug out a bit of dirt from the ground. “There is something buried here.”

Could it be the grooms head? But why would it be buried under this villa? Did Zhou Luo Chen kill the groom and bury his head under the flowers?

Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart went cold. Hearing the groom’s words, he no longer cared about others seeing a supernatural phenomenon and proceeded to find a small shovel in the corner. Using it, he started to dig up the flowerbed.

His snow-white wedding dress spread across the floor and it was very inconvenient. Cheng Zhi Chu held the dress with one hand and used the other hand to hold the shovel. He dug up the soil and, after a while, he was covered in sweat. The groom quickly took over the shovel, made him stand on the side to rest and started to dig himself.

Cheng Zhi Chu stood under the shade of the tree and watched the groom’s back. If it wasn’t because he had no head and was horrific to look at, the groom’s back was actually quite pleasing to lthe eye. His shoulders were wide, and his slim black suit outlined the smooth muscles on his back. With a pair of long and firm legs, it was a perfect male figure.

And the groom also isn’t too short…….Cheng Zhi Chu was distracted for a moment.

Even if the groom had no head, just his shoulders reached his ear……..If they managed to find the groom’s head, he would be about half a head taller than him. He would probably be around the same height as Bai…….

Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart stopped for a moment. His pupils constricted and a terrible thought flashed through his mind.

The grooms back very closely resembled Bai Yi’s.

No, that’s impossible. This can’t be Bai Yi. Their voices are different. What nonsense is he thinking about? Bai Yi definitely is fine……

He quickly shook his head. He wiped away the cold sweat that had formed across his forehead and his throat moved a little as he suppressed that thought. Just when he was about to look up to see how the groom was going, he heard the groom’s low voice.

“Found it.”

Cheng Zhi Chu walked over and took a look. In addition to the brown soil, there was something white.

It was a white leg bone, as well as a skull.

Sure enough, it was a dead body……..Was this Zhou Luo Chen’s doing?

Because he had prepared himself psychologically, Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t too shocked by this discovery. He used his hand and dug through the soil a little more before picking up the skull. He held the skull over to the grooms severed neck and compared it but it didn’t match up. It didn’t look like it was the groom’s head.

That’s true……..There’s also a leg bone here. This skull probably belongs to the same owner as the leg bone.

Cheng Zhi Chu was a little disappointed, but he also hoped that they could find more things if they dug around a bit more. Maybe they would even be able to find the groom’s head inside. Just when he was about to get him to continue digging, he suddenly noticed something black in the soil.

He reached out to pick it up and assessed it for a while. He confirmed that the soft black thing was an old tape.

……….Is this the body of the boss from the reality instance?

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly thought of the ghost that was covered from head to toe in black tape.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 70)

I don’t know how I entered the game.

When I woke up, I found myself already in an instance. A voice told me that I couldn’t go back to reality unless I cleared the whole game.

Because in reality I am already dead.

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