Quick Announcement!

Hi everyone!

I’ve gotten a little ambitious and I’ve decided to pick up 2 (TWO!) projects following the end of ‘I Rely on Kisses to Clear Survival Games’!

One of them is a series that has already been translated and I have received permission from the lovely Naeda to continue it. It’s titled ‘To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie’~

(It was originally taken over by another MTL translation group but it looks like their translations were removed….. I will be continuing from where Naeda’s translation stops.)

And the second one will be a surprise! I will be posting the first chapters of both novels the day after KTCSG is done but I’m still deciding on the release schedule. For now, I am considering doing the usual daily release for one and a weekly release for the other (Still haven’t decided which one to do daily releases on though……).

If I happen to be very productive then I’ll increase the release frequency for the weekly novel. No guarantees though, things are starting to pick up at work now that we’re nearing the end of the year….😣

For both these projects though, I would prefer if it it is NOT translated into another language from my translations. There are a few reasons behind this decision of mine but I’m not going to bore you with it. If anyone wants to translate them to another language, please use the raws instead. Sorry about this and thank you for your understanding.

Anyway, please look forward to my next projects! ❤

Loves and kisses,


12 thoughts on “Quick Announcement!

  1. Samchon25 14th November 2019 / 11:15 pm

    Aaaa!! Thank you for picking up the novel.. i follow the another grup (and when i see their mass update and read the translation i got silly and didnt much understand their translation and thinking my english goes awry! i didnt know they’re mtl! Cant complain anyway, lmao)

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  2. ravenrain101 14th November 2019 / 11:36 pm

    Yes to be a heartthrob in a horror movie was so good

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Samie 15th November 2019 / 1:02 am

    Omg yay!


  4. Tenneo 15th November 2019 / 4:03 am

    Wow! That’s awesome, kk! Looking forward to your translations, and don’t worry too much if real life gets in the way of translating since we’re all just really grateful you’re willing to translate a bit for us~~


  5. odadami 15th November 2019 / 6:07 am

    Thank You, Soo Much for picking up “To be a heartthrob in a horror movie”


  6. Sion 15th November 2019 / 8:39 pm

    Thank you for picking up To be a heartthrob in a horror movie! Looking forward to the second project as well!


  7. busydistracted 18th November 2019 / 5:20 am

    My suggestion or hopeful wish is that I would lkem the one with the more chapters be daily and the one less be once a week? Like book one has 100 chapters and book too has 300 chapters? I think the 300 one be daily while the 100 could be the once a week? If this makes sense. But it’s all up to you and easiest for you!


    • KK 18th November 2019 / 6:35 am

      Thanks for the suggestion but the problem is that both are around the same length 😅
      I’ll probably do daily updates for the one that’s easier to translate 🙂

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      • busydistracted 18th November 2019 / 6:42 am

        Ah. That is understandable. Just do what you think is best for you as well. Don’t stress over it to much. Us readers are already lucky that you are translating the story and having us read them as well!


  8. Grixia 27th November 2019 / 4:49 pm

    Thank you for picking up To be a heartthrob in a horror movie, I love this series very much 😍


  9. determinatedgirl 12th July 2021 / 6:28 am

    Thank you for the hardwork!!♡♡♡


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