KTCSG – CH92 (Extra)

Chapter 92: Extra – Bloody Fairy Tale (2)


Under the blood-red moonlight, the salty and bloody sea breeze blew over. Waves crashed against the dark reefs, washing away the blood stains and spreading the strong bloody smell around.

Behind the silver-haired man laid a large pile of deformed skeletons. These bones were mostly old and broken but some of them also appeared very fresh and even still had remnants of bloody-red flesh and bloodstains. As it soaked in the sea water, the water around it turned a pale red.

Met with this horribly grotesque scene and along with the smooth black tentacles that made up the man’s lower half, even if he smiled gently at him, Cheng Zhi Chu was still shocked. He couldn’t help but involuntarily take a step back.

“Don’t be scared Zhi Chu. Come here.”

Seeing him back away, the man smiled and wasn’t angry. Several tentacles silently slipped over to grab onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s wrist. Others pushed him from behind, forcing him to move closer to the man.

Cheng Zhi Chu was pulled along by the tentacles and he stumbled along. He suddenly tripped over a tentacle that laid on the reef. Using this opportunity, the man reached out to catch him and held him tightly in his embrace. A large patch of cold and pale skin came into contact with Cheng Zhi Chu who couldn’t help but shiver.

The golden-haired young man leaned against the reef watching them. He suddenly laughed and said: “Looks like brother can finally realise his wish…….When do you plan on holding the wedding?”

As he said that, the tentacles behind him swayed back and forth. It was as if he was swaying his tail. It stirred up the water around him and the corpses floating in the water rose and fell along with the waves. The scene itself was particularly horrifying.

“If possible, naturally the sooner the better.” The man rubbed Cheng Zhi Chu’s cheeks and said with a hint of a smile, “But I am willing to respect your opinion. Zhi Chu, if you can’t adapt to it for the time being, I can give you some time to get used to it.”

Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned for a moment. He didn’t know what wedding ceremony they’re referring to.

Are they talking about the wedding between the two of them? But according to the plot, he should he marrying the neighbouring country’s princess and not with a merman……….That is, if this man can still be considered a “merman”………..

Noticing his confused expression, the man gently pinched his cheek. He smiled and asked: “Why, have you forgotten about the promise you made to me?”

Cheng Zhi Chu heard those words and his heart jumped. Of course, he wouldn’t know about the promises he made but he didn’t dare ask as he was afraid that he would anger the merman.

Fortunately, the young man explained to him as a matter of factly: “Zhi Chu is human. He was still young at that time so he must have forgotten all about it.”

He said that and smiled, revealing a cute canine.

“Let me explain. At that time, you promised my brother that when you come of age, you will marry him. We would take you back to the sea and you will spend your entire lifetime with my brother.”

“At that time my brother planted a seed in your mind that would make you come to the sea on the day that you come of age and we would come to pick you up.”

The silver-haired man rubbed Cheng Zhi Chu’s wet hair and said: “The wedding isn’t urgent. We can discuss it slowly. We will take you back first.”

He said that and then he raised his hand. Using his sharp nail, he cut his wrist lightly. He then brought the bleeding wound over to Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips. He coaxed him: “Here, drink some of my blood. After a while, you will be able to move and breathe freely in the water.”

Cheng Zhi Chu looked at the dark and deep sea. He didn’t want to go into the deep sea with these brothers. Just thinking about it made him feel suffocated. He quickly asked the system in his mind:

Is the merman brother a projection that I need to kiss?

【Yes, he is……..】

After receiving a positive response from the system, Cheng Zhi Chu no longer hesitated. Under the silver-haired man’s surprised look, he supported the man’s face and quickly moved in to kiss him on the lips.

The man was stunned for a moment. The arms embracing Cheng Zhi Chu then tightened around him and he began to kiss him deeply. The tentacles on the ground became to move and, after a moment, it couldn’t help but move over to explore Cheng Zhi Chu’s body. Over the thin layer of clothes, it wrapped tightly around his body.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s kiss instantly ignited the man’s strong desires and possessiveness. He was no longer able to control himself and he had succumbed to the instincts of a beast. While biting his lips, he used his tentacles to envelop Cheng Zhi Chu’s body.

“Wait a minute brother. Don’t do it here……..”

The young man’s face was a little red. He quickly used his tentacles to tap his brother’s shoulder and awaken him from his desires. He quickly explained: “You clearly said that you wanted to give Zhi Chu the perfect experience. Isn’t it inappropriate doing it here?”

“……..You’re right.”

The man was silent for a few seconds. The tentacles that wrapped around Cheng Zhi Chu then slowly receded. The dark silver eyes of his recovered a little light as he released his hold of the red-faced Cheng Zhi Chu. He gently kissed his forehead and said hoarsely:

“Sorry Zhi Chu. I have waited too long and couldn’t control myself. I hope you don’t mind.”


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Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head while gasping for air to indicate that he didn’t mind. Exhausted, he leaned against the man’s shoulder and waited for his ability to take effect.

But after waiting for a while, he didn’t see any signs of the man disappearing. He panicked and asked the system: Why isn’t my ability working? Is it getting delayed?

【……..I haven’t finished speaking. You were in too much of a hurry.】

The system coughed and said: 【He is a soul projection but, as I have already told you before, there isn’t just one projection in this world. His brother is also another soul projection. You need to kiss the younger brother too.】

【Also, this instance has an aspect that is different to the other instances. After kissing, the projections will not disappear. The ability will only take effect after you kiss all the projections.】

……….Even the younger brother needs to be kissed?

Cheng Zhi Chu heard this and subconsciously looked over at the golden-haired young man. The handsome young man’s eyes were clear and bright. When their eyes met, he revealed a pure smile that resembled those of a puppy.

The young man spoke very happily: “After we go back, you can have your wedding and then Zhi Chu can give birth to brother’s baby………I’m really looking forward to it. Our family hasn’t had a new life for the past hundreds of years…………..”

“…………..” Cheng Zhi Chu was originally mulling over how he should kiss the young man when he heard his words. He was instantly stunned and he couldn’t help but ask with confusion: “………Give birth?”

“Yes, give birth.”

The young man nodded seriously. Seeing that his brother didn’t have the intention to stop him, he continued.

“Mermaids like us cannot get pregnant but we can breed with any race. Gender doesn’t matter. So, brother can inject you with mermaid seeds and you can give birth. It won’t be long until you lay lots of cute mermaid eggs.”

His eyes curved as he smiled but at this moment this appearance of his in Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes was even more terrifying than a devil’s.

The man also hugged Cheng Zhi Chu from behind. With both hands on Cheng Zhi Chu’s lower abdomen, he smiled and said: “I’m also looking forward to it. Zhi Chu, our children will be the cutest and the loveliest. In the future they will also be the strongest…….”

No! Go away!! He’s not a mother hen, he’s a man! Why should he lay eggs for a monster?! Even if this man is Bai Yi’s projection……..That is still absolutely impossible!

Cheng Zhi Chu was scared pale. He reached out and wanted to grab the young man’s hand and quickly completely the task but at this moment the older man suddenly pinched his jaw and forcefully fed Cheng Zhi Chu his blood.

“Be good. Sleep for a while. We will take you back.”

The bloody taste spread through his mouth. Cheng Zhi Chu was horrified to find that he felt a strong sense of drowsiness. He felt weaker and weaker until even his eyes couldn’t be opened. Eventually he softly collapsed into the man’s arms and fell unconscious.


【Hey, wake up. Hurry and wake up!】

The faint sound of the system could be heard in Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind. He slowly opened his eyes and reacted after a few seconds of delay. He suddenly remembered the situation he’s in and sat up quickly while covered in cold sweat. He shouted out in horror: “I don’t want to give birth!!!”

“……..give birth…….irth…….”

But what responded to him wasn’t anyone’s voice but his own echoes. It continued to echo around in this empty space.

Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised. He found himself in a completely different environment. The surroundings were very strange. He seemed to be inside an ice crystal cave. There were uneven edges and corners throughout which were all made of transparent crystals. It was very beautiful but also very strange.

Where is this place? Cheng Zhi Chu asked the system in panic: Did the mermen take me here?

【No, this isn’t the mermaid’s palace. Only your consciousness drifted over into a strange place. Your body is still with the mermen.】

Did I get eaten by them?! Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked.

【No, you are currently in an unconscious state. You just have not awakened yet.】

The system said: 【As I have said before, everything in this world is twisted. This includes time and space. Everything is chaotic and disorderly and strange things can happen any time.】

【Based on my analysis, your time wasn’t disrupted, but your consciousness was transferred to another place, which is this place.】

Then you should hurry and teleport me back. Cheng Zhi Chu continued to shed cold sweat. He was worried about the mermen doing something to his body…..

【I don’t think it’s necessary to teleport now. I believe you have activated the second story, so it’ll be better to explore it a little.】 The system said, 【You should at least confirm how many projections there are before you go back, or you would have come here pointlessly.】

Then I’ll try…….

Cheng Zhi Chu mulled over it for a moment and then agreed with the systems words. In fact, it was mainly because he received too much of an impact from the shock of having to lay mermaid eggs. Not yet recovering from it, he really had no desire to face those horrible brothers………

But where is this place?

He assessed the surroundings. Everything here was bright and sparkly, and filled with diamond-like crystals. The room was very spacious, but it was also very lifeless. It was so quiet, he could even hear himself breathing.

Because he had the system accompanying him, Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t afraid. He began to walk around and speculate where this place could be.

He suspected that this was probably a location from “Snow White” and that this was the mine where the seven dwarves worked at. Perhaps he had become a dwarf.

But there are seven dwarves in the story and there was no one around him. Could the story have changed and now only he is left to take care of Snow White?

Cheng Zhi Chu guessed wildly when he suddenly heard a faint voice. He carefully walked over and saw that there was a small gap between a crystal in front of him. It was covered in transparent glass and the other side of the glass was an entirely different setting.


A large amount of blood spattered across the glass. It came from the other side and didn’t land on the crystals. What was even more strange was that the glass appeared to absorb the fresh blood and it once again became clean again.

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know what was going on. After hiding behind the crystal, he timidly looked out through the glass only to see that the other side of the class was a magnificent palace. Scattered across the palace floors were many dried up corpses. Their dried faces had no hint of blood in them and they were practically bones wrapped in a layer of skin. They appeared to have died because all the blood inside them had been drained out.

“Magic mirror, magic mirror……..”

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 Amongst the corpses, a beautiful young woman crawled over to the glass on her hands and knees. Her body was covered in blood stains and she had a despaired look on her face. She cried while reaching out to the glass.

“Magic mirror, please save us. Save our country. Kill ‘Snow White’———–Ahhhh——–”

A pale hand with long slender fingers grabbed the woman’s hair and lifted her up. It then fiercely grabbed her by the neck.

Then a gorgeous young man wearing a black knight’s outfit appeared before the glass. His hair was as dark as midnight and his skin was white as snow. His lips were bright red, as if it was stained with fresh blood. He looked extremely enchanting.

He held the woman’s neck and his blood red eyes swept over her fearful face. He lifted his lips slightly to reveal a pair of sinister fangs. He gently chuckled.

“Mother, is this the magic mirror that you treasured so much? But it looks like its nothing special apart from its appearance. If the magic mirror has special powers, why didn’t it listen to your command and come out to save you and your country?”

“You bastard…..Don’t you dare call me ‘mother’!”

Because she had difficulty with breathing, the woman’s expression twisted. She desperately clawed at the man’s wrist and wanted to break free, but she was no match for the man’s strength. Her eyes gradually became bleary.

She used the last of her strength to curse at the man with a resentful look in her eyes.

“I curse you ‘Snow White’. Death to you……Death to you!”

“What are you talking about, mother?”

After the woman’s breathing stopped, the young man threw her body onto the ground. He took out a handkerchief and meticulously cleaned his hand including his fingers. His face had a smile, but his eyes were cold and dark.

“You clearly already knew that I have already died.”

“It was even you who personally instructed the hunter to kill me and dig out my heart.”

“Just because this magic mirror said that I would one day destroy this country.”

“……..But, now that I think about it. It’s wasn’t wrong. That prediction was indeed true.”

His hands loosened slightly, and the snow-white handkerchief gently fell to the ground. In an instant, it was stained with blood.

“An, Kai, come in.”

The young man lazily supported the side of his face as he sat on the throne. He watched the palace door open and two identical dark knights walked in. They bowed respectfully to him and said: “Your Excellency, please give us your commands.”

“Go and send my mother off on her final journey.” The young man hooked up the corner of his lips. He said casually, “Take her to “Eternal Sleep City” and let them turn her into a blood sacrifice. Release her in the arena and let the slaves have some fun with her.”

The pair of knights heard his instructions and their expressions didn’t change. They maintained their cold and frosty look, bowed and moved to take away the woman’s body.

“No, wait a minute.”

At this moment, the young man raised his hand slightly, gesturing for them to stop. His eyes then moved to Cheng Zhi Chu’s direction. Separated by a layer of glass, their eyes just happened to meet, shocking Cheng Zhi Chu.

The young man slowly walked down the steps and the pair of knights also followed him over to the glass. He smiled and instructed: “This magic mirror is mother’s favourite treasure. Now that she is dead, this magic mirror should also accompany her…….”

His fingers gently slid over the surface of the glass. At a certain moment, his eyes suddenly darkened. He coldly spoke up: “Break it. The fallen pieces are to be sewn into mother’s body so that it will always accompany her.”

“We obey your command.”

The two dark knights pulled out their swords and pointed the tip of it at the glass. Seeing this, how could Cheng Zhi Chu not realise that he is currently inside the mirror and that his current identity is the spirit inhabiting the mirror? His expression instantly changed. He said to the system: Hurry and transfer me away!!



The sword smashed against the mirror and the mirror instantly shattered. Cheng Zhi Chu at this moment was being transferred by the system. As a mirror spirit, he was naturally closely connected to the magic mirror. When the mirror broke, even he was affected. His body shook and he was uncontrollably sucked through the ruptured gap in the mirror. His entire body fell out from the mirror and he slammed straight into one of the knights.

The dark knight holding onto the sword suddenly saw a figure appear from the mirror. His cold expression didn’t change, and he lifted the sword up to cut the figure but, before the tip of the blade was able to touch that person, it disappeared along with a bright flash. Without a sword blocking him, that person fell directly into his arms.

Even after experiencing many wars, the knight had never experienced something like this. He widened his eyes slightly and revealed a look of surprise. The other person’s body was both soft and light and he also felt very fragile. It was as if he could easily be broken with just one hand.

At this moment, he unconsciously moved his arm and tightened his grip around the person in his arms. The next moment he reacted and realised how ridiculous this action of his was. He quickly pushed the other person away from his arms and the other person fell back onto the ground.

Cheng Zhi Chu fell to the ground and his mind was still in confusion. He didn’t understand why the transfer would suddenly fail. He then heard the system speak tremblingly: 【Oh no. Earlier the space distorted and I transferred away the wrong thing. I accidentally transferred away the sword…….】

【But don’t worry, I won’t let you die. Even if you are cut apart by Snow White, I have a way to keep you from dying!】

Stop talking! He would rather just die then and there!!

Cheng Zhi Chu huddled into a small ball on the ground. Suddenly, a pair of slender legs appeared before his eyes. His chin was then gently lifted up and a beautiful young man’s face was reflected in his eyes.

“Oh? Are you the spirit living in the mirror?”

Although the young man was smiling, there was no smile in his eyes. The look in his blood-red eyes was extremely blood-chilling.

“So you’re the one who prophesied that I would destroy this country and instruct my mother to———-”

His words suddenly stopped. A look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

The mirror spirit had suddenly grabbed him by the back of his neck and kissed him on the lips.

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