KTCSG – CH93 (Extra)

Chapter 93: Extra – Bloody Fairy Tale (3)

While the young man and the two dark knights were caught off-guard, Cheng Zhi Chu quickly climbed up from the ground and kissed the young man on the lips.

Because of fear, his fingers trembled slightly. His expression was also very nervous. There weren’t any sweet emotions in his heart at this moment.

The reason why he kissed the young man was entirely because he wanted to completely his task before he is cut up to pieces. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to have another chance to get close to the man after he is cut into small chunks of meat.

The young man didn’t expect him to do something so surprising. He was stunned for a moment and wasn’t able to react for a while. Cheng Zhi Chu knew that he had succeeded and proceeded to relax. When he was about to move away, he suddenly felt a sharp pain at his lips. He had been too forceful earlier and had accidently let his lips be cut by the young man’s fangs.

A faint taste of blood spread through his mouth. Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t have to chance to taste it when the vampire man appeared to be suddenly stimulated by the smell of blood. His dark-red eyes suddenly turned bright red and he held tightly onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s waist as he fiercely kissed him.

The taste of blood spread through both men’s mouths. The young man sucked at the wound on Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips and took in his blood but he soon became dissatisfied. He bit onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s neck and greedily drank his blood.


The sensation of losing his blood made Cheng Zhi Chu dizzy. His vision darkened and he pulled at the man’s clothes from behind, but the sharp fangs had already sunk deeply into his neck and he was held down tightly at his waist. He was like a weak prey. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t get out of the young man’s grasp.

The pain of having his blood sucked was mixed together with a slight tingling sensation. This feeling was so strange, he couldn’t help but shed tears and whimper.

It didn’t take long for him to collapse into the young man’s arms because of excessive blood loss. With closed eyes and a pale face, he immediately fell unconscious.

“Your Excellency………”

The knight who was holding Cheng Zhi Chu earlier felt his heart sink. He couldn’t help but call out to the young man.

Hearing the knights voice, the young man awakened from his state of indulgence. He looked at the unconscious Cheng Zhi Chu in his arms and frowned slightly. He released him and let him fall to the ground.


The black-haired young man looked down at Cheng Zhi Chu. His fingers slowly rubbed against his blood-stained lips, and there was a slight look of confusion on his face.

He didn’t expect the mirror spirit to be so arrogant. It even dared to kiss him. He himself was also ridiculously addicted to the mirror spirit’s blood, almost sucking him dry.

He didn’t know if it was because the mirror spirit is a magical creature but his fresh blood held deadly temptation. It was both sweet and pure, and rich in life. He had never tasted something so wonderful.

Even if he had become a vampire, he was once a human. He didn’t like to indulge in his desire for blood, but the blood of the mirror spirit had actually made him lose control. He even wanted more…….

He should kill the mirror spirit immediately.

The young man’s eyes looked darkly at Cheng Zhi Chu who was collapsed onto the ground. After a long silence, he waved at the two dark knights: “Take him to the magic dungeon. Be careful not to let him escape.”

“Yes, your Excellency.”

The pair of knights answered in one voice. One of them lifted Cheng Zhi Chu up, bowed to the young man and was about to leave the palace.

“Wait a minute.”

The young man looked at their backs. He narrowed his blood-red eyes and suddenly changed his mind. He motioned for them to stop and proceeded to walk over.

His slender finger brushed across the small wounds on Cheng Zhi Chu’s neck. The tips of his finger glowed slightly red and it formed a translucent red collar which hung around Cheng Zhi Chu’s neck.

This collar was a magic contract. The wearer will become a slave to the contractor and cannot harm their master, defy their master’s orders or even leave their master’s side. Otherwise, their head would be cut off.

Looking at the collar around the mirror spirits neck, the young man hooked up the corner of his lips. There was a hint of pleasure in his expression as he spoke.

“It’s a pity killing him like this. I want him to serve me as his new master.”

“After clearly wanting to kill me and now becoming unable to disobey my will, I’m looking forward to his reaction when he wakes up.”

“Take him back to my residence.”


Cheng Zhi Chu quickly woke up. He touched himself all over and breathed a sigh of relief when he realised that he had not been cut into pieces or eaten by that horrible monster. He then started to assess his surroundings.

This was a luxurious and quiet residential palace and he was lying on a bed, but he didn’t know where this is. Was he back at the mermaids palace or did he get transported to another place ——— He didn’t think that he would receive such good treatment from “Snow White”.

【You are still in “Snow White”.】 The system said, 【This is his residential palace. You are lying on his bed.】

He didn’t suck me dry?

Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised. He found it very strange, but he quickly understood why he wasn’t killed. Through the mirror nearby, he saw a strange red collar on his neck.

He tried to take the collar off but it was as if it was something attached to his neck and it didn’t budge. Even if he didn’t know what it was for, Cheng Zhi Chu knew that it definitely wasn’t a good thing. Feeling fearful, he asked the system: Can you help me take this off?

【I can but if you are going to be staying here, it is better not to take it off. Otherwise you may be suspected.】

Why should I stay? Cheng Zhi Chi was shocked. He recalled something. There are still other projections of Bai Yi’s soul fragments here? …….Those two knights?

【Yes, it’s them. You will need to kiss them both.】 The system said, 【You have become smarter. You can now guess who they are.】

It’s because they’re very handsome. He already knows. As long as they have a good face, they will definitely be Bai Yi’s soul fragment…….But in his eyes, the most handsome is still Bai Yi.

Cheng Zhi Chu laughed drily and then asked: You still haven’t told me yet. How many soul projections are there in this world?

【There are a total of six.】 The system said, 【The merman brothers, Prince “Snow White” and the pair of knights, and last but not least, “Sleeping Beauty”.】

Fortunately, there’s only Sleeping Beauty that he hasn’t met yet. Since there’s only one of Sleeping Beauty, he should be easier to deal with than the others…….

Cheng Zhi Chu complained inside. He then suddenly felt a bout of dizziness and he fell weakly back into the bed.

At this moment, the door to the residential palace was pushed open from outside. It was the two dark knights. The handsome black-haired young man walked in and saw that Cheng Zhi Chu was already awake. He hooked up his lips and revealed a cold smile.

“You should be glad that you are still alive.”

Cheng Zhi Chu was hurt by the blood sucking earlier and his body instinctively stiffened. He slowly backed away in the bed. The two knights stood at the door and closed it. Their expressions continued to remain cold and indifferent but the knight that held Cheng Zhi Chi earlier glanced at him a little longer before looking away.

The young man turned his back to Cheng Zhi Chu and calmly took off his knight outfit. He changed into a black set of pyjamas and gracefully sat on the bed. He hooked his finger at Cheng Zhi Chu who was constantly retreating away and said: “Come here.”

When he spoke, a white fang was revealed at the sides of his mouth. Cheng Zhi Chi didn’t want to have his blood sucked by him and he wanted to get out of the bed and flee, but he found his body moving outside of his control. Completely contrary to his thoughts, he obediently moved closer to the young man and laid in his arms.

It must be this collar of his!

Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression was of confusion and panic. He desperately wanted to escape but his body couldn’t move. He even stretched his wrist out and brought it over to the man’s lips.

The young man held his shoulder and planted his lips onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s wrist. His fangs pierced through the thin skin and he began to drink the warm blood. This time however he quickly stopped and didn’t let Cheng Zhi Chu feel any pain.

“Kashir. My name.” The young man kissed Cheng Zhi Chu’s wrist and allowed the wound to heal quickly. He lifted Cheng Zhi Chu’s jaw and spoke with hooked up lips, “Remember this name. But you can only call me ‘master’”


Even though he was reluctant, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t resist the collars power. He reluctantly called out to Kashir.

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Seeing his expression, Kashir’s expression sank. He said coldly: “You better be good and listen to me or I’ll kill you and bury you with my mother.”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s body stiffened. Although he found it shameful, he quickly stored away his emotions and once again called him “master”.

No. It’s not because he was scared. He only did this in order to stay here and kiss the two knights……..As long as he has the chance, he would immediately rush over to kiss them!

“You have the ability to prophesise. You should be able to see what your final outcome is if you betray me.”

Kashir’s voice was cold but when he saw Cheng Zhi Chi’s fearful appearance, he unconsciously softened down. He stroked his cheek and moved closer. He said in a low voice:

“Be good and I’ll consider letting you live.”

As he said this, he held down Cheng Zhi Chu’s shoulders and gently kissed him on the lips.


Cheng Zhi Chu inexplicably began living in Kashir’s palace.

He would be with Kashir every day and they were almost inseparable. He couldn’t even find a chance to kiss the pair of knights. Occasionally Kashir would have something do to and he would bring the two knights along. Afterall, with the collar on Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t go anywhere.

Although he was imprisoned by Kashir, Cheng Zhi Chu’s stay here was very comfortable. Kashir invaded and took control of the country and became the new monarch so he naturally enjoyed excellent treatment. As for Cheng Zhi Chu who is always with him, he also received the same treatment. If not for having his blood sucked every day, he was treated more like a special guest.

He didn’t know if it was because of the constant bloodsucking but Cheng Zhi Chu’s state wasn’t very good. He constantly felt tired. His consciousness was here, and his body was with the mermen. He was worried that if he didn’t go back soon, his body would begin to rot.

【Don’t worry, I have checked it and the flow of time on both ends is not the same. Despite many days passing here, over on the mermaids end, you have only had a short sleep.】

The system said: 【You should hurry and kiss the two projections here so that I can send you back.】

I want to but I don’t have the chance to do it. Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated. They’re also very loyal to Kashir. If I kissed them, I might be hacked into pieces by them……

【That’s impossible. They’re all Bai Yi’s soul fragments and will definitely like you and become unable to refuse you. You just need to find the right timing.】

Hearing it say that, Cheng Zhi Chu wanted to say something back but the door to the residential palace was suddenly pushed open. From outside, two vampire maids walked in. They gave him a bow and then began to clean up the room.

These two maids would come and clean every day. Cheng Zhi Chi had already become familiar with them. Although they would absolutely obey Kashir’s orders and not be able to help him out, they would often chat with Cheng Zhi Chu and inform him of many things. This included news about “Sleeping Beauty”.

“Although that master is called “Sleeping Beauty”, it was just a story that humans made up. He is actually the lord of Eternal Sleep City. Back then when Master Kashir died, he was the one that revived him.”

The maids finished cleaning and didn’t immediately leave. Instead they sat down and chatted with Cheng Zhi Chu.

“That master is called Chrisis, the only undead magician remaining. He had existed for more than a thousand years and built up the iron clad Eternal Sleep City. Although it is just a city, it’s power is not inferior to any country.”

“But legend says that Master Chrisis and Master Kashir were the same and used to be human. Not only him, Eternal Sleep City was also once a human city. It was one until thousand years ago when our great god bestowed us with punishment and turned the city into an undead city….”

“All the residents in the city had become undead. They acquired immortal life but the cost of it was losing all their emotions and desires. They couldn’t enjoy the joy of life or hold any expectations towards the future. They were just a group of walking dead.”

“Although they are still alive, they had lost the meaning to being alive. So for the past thousand years, many of the residents have chosen to sleep eternally. They were not willing to wake up. Only Master Chrisis insisted to stay and guard over Eternal Sleep City.”

“Master Chrisis is almost omnipotent. As long as you can give him a something that will impress him, he will satisfy all your requests.”

“But he almost has no desires. His requests are also very strange. He would sometimes do strange things for no reason. For example, he once spent a lot of money to turn the dead Master Kashir into a vampire but no one had asked him to do this. After all, back then Master Kashir had no one to turn to. Much of the power was in the dead woman’s hands and he was just a pitiful, ordinary prince.”

“We had the privilege of seeing Mr Chrisis once. He was very gorgeous, even more gorgeous than the most beautiful woman in the world. It was probably because of this that, after a long time, humans created a fairy tale story that described the master as a sleeping princess in the castle, waiting for ‘her’ prince’s kiss……..”

Having said this, the two maids started to giggle: “But how can the master want to have a prince’s kiss? On the contrary, he would find it disgusting. He would definitely turn him into a mannequin.”

Cheng Zhi Chu heard this and knew that the last target that he needed to kiss was Chrisis. He asked: “Where is Eternal Sleep City?”

The maids didn’t know that Cheng Zhi Chu was originally the magic mirrors spirit, otherwise they would definitely doubt his identity. After all, the mirror should be all-knowing. They only thought that Cheng Zhi Chu was a human being raised by Kashir and answered his question without any suspicions.

“It’s far from here. Almost half a continent away. Even if you ride the magical flying car, it would take half a month.”

“If Master Kashir is in a good mood, you can ask him to bring you along the next time he goes to Eternal Sleep City.” The maid’s tone was very teasing, “Master dotes on you a lot so he definitely won’t reject your request.”

Dote him? Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips twitched. He didn’t know how they had come to this conclusion. In the end he concluded that it was because they didn’t see how ferocious Kashir was when he sucked his blood……….

“Okay then, Master Kashir will be back soon so we’ll go first.”

The maids smiled and winked at him: “Your body isn’t good so you should rest well. We will see you tomorr……….”

When they said this, Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt strong pain and dizziness. His face instantly turned pale and the vision before his eyes blackened. He fell onto the bed without warning and fainted.

“What’s wrong? Wake up……..”

The two maids were shocked. They gently shook Cheng Zhi Chu but saw that he couldn’t be awakened.


“I’m sorry Master Kashir. We, we………….”

The maids trembled as they knelt in front of the young man with faces covered in tears. The black-haired young man’s expression was extremely dark. He sat by the bed gripping tightly onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand only to see that the tip of his fingers was gradually becoming a little transparent. The colour was slowly disappearing from his body. It was as if his body was gradually disintegrating.

He tightened his grip around Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand. He lowered his eyes and fell into silence for a long time before finally speaking to the two knights around him.

“An, Kai. Go to Eternal Sleep city now and invite Chrisis over.”

“……..Yes, your Excellency.”


“Zhi Chu, you’re finally awake.”

Cheng Zhi Chu opened his eyes and found himself lying in bed. The handsome golden-haired young man leaned against the side of the bed and looked at him with a smile. The tentacles behind him reached over and touched his forehead while the others helped tuck Cheng Zhi Chu in.

………He has returned back to the mermaid’s side?

Cheng Zhi Chu was a little confused. He looked around at his surroundings and saw that it was different to Kashir’s palace but equally as impressive. Scattered around were marine treasures including corals and pearls. This was a palace in the ocean.

“Brother has something to sort out and was called away by the tribe so I’m here to guard you. Don’t be angry.”

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“Wait, don’t go.”

Cheng Zhi Chu paid no heed to his dizziness and quickly grabbed hold of one of the man’s tentacles. Why are you leaving? Now that the big brother merman isn’t around, he should take this opportunity to kiss the little brother……!

“Hm? What’s wrong? Hungry?”

The young man blinked and looked back at Cheng Zhi Chu. He said with a smile: “Or are you too scared to stay here on your own? Don’t worry, my brother and I will be back soon to accompany you.”

“Come a little closer.” Cheng Zhi Chu endured the shame inside him and asked the young man to come closer.

The young man didn’t suspect him. The eyes looking over at Cheng Zhi Chu was bright and he didn’t refuse his request. He cooperated and moved closer but was caught unprepared by Cheng Zhi Chu’s kiss.


He instantly widened his eyes in shock as he looked at Cheng Zhi Chu. His face immediately turned red.


“He is the rumoured Master Chrisis? The lord of Eternal Sleep City?”

Inside the palace, several maids knelt down and bowed their heads respectfully while waiting for Kashir and the others to walk past. Behind him was the twin knights.

They slowly walked further and further away before the maids dared to look back up. One of them watched the back of the man next to Kashir curiously and could only see that the man was very tall and had his long black hair tied up behind him. He wore a long black robe that had countless spots of light on it.

“His robe is so beautiful……..” The maid didn’t see Chrisis’s face and could only admire his clothes, “Those light spots are a little strange. They look like they can form a pattern.”

“The patterns embroidered onto Master Chrisis’s magical robes are called ‘stars’. They can form ‘star charts’ and ‘star magical arrays’.”

Another maid said: “Legend says that in the past the night sky was covered in stars but I think only Master Chrisis has seen a sky like that……”

“The whole sky covered in stars?”

The maid couldn’t imagine such a scene. She looked up out the window and only saw a dozen or so blood-red eyeballs in the sky.

Those eyes swept past her and she hurriedly closed her eyes and prayed: “Please bless us our great god……..”

Chrisis walked next to Kashir and followed him into the palace.

He had lived for more than a thousand years but he still maintained the appearance of a young man. With a pale face void of any colour, the black magical robes that he wore made him look even more pale. His face was extremely beautiful to the point that he was even somewhat feminine.

His expression was calm, and it didn’t change at all. He was like a glass doll. This way of describing him wasn’t wrong. He didn’t have any emotions, it was completely blank.

“……….It’s him.”

Kashir walked next to the bed and looked at Cheng Zhi Chu who laid on it. He grabbed onto the hand that had become more transparent and his dark red eyes showed a hint of anguish. He said in a quiet voice:

“Chrisis……..Please save him. I am willing pay you whatever you want.”

“He’s the magic mirror spirit?”

Chrisis also walked over and asked Kashir.


“You broke the magic mirror and destroyed his body. As a mirror spirit, he will naturally disappear.”

Chrisis lowered his eyes and he looked at Cheng Zhi Chu who laid unconscious in bed. His cold fingers slid over his eyes and nose and he gently spoke up.

“But I can save him. As long as you are willing to pay the price.”

“What do you want?” Kashir’s eyes lit up and he looked up at Chrisis.

Chrisis gently caressed Cheng Zhi Chu’s cheek and he looked at him intently. A faint hint of emotion could be detected in those indifferent eyes of his.

“I want him.”

He said.

“I just want him.”

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