KTCSG – CH99 (Extra)

Chapter 99: Extra – From Then On


After clearing the game, Cheng Zhi Chu learned from the system the reason behind the existence of “Infinite Escape”.

The game operators came from a futuristic galaxy. Their galactic technology was highly developed, but their birth rate was extremely low. Their method of reproduction was also very special so it was almost impossible to increase the population through technology.

【So we developed this game.】

This system spoke in a voice that revealed its guilty conscience.

【Have you heard of money laundering? We work in a similar way. We guide the players into the game and after they die their souls will be transferred to our galaxy and be born as a new life….】

Don’t you think that those actions of yours are too low? Cheng Zhi Chu who heard this was angry and he couldn’t help but say this.

【Sorry. We also had no choice………We will gradually stop the operation of the game now.】


Although he was very angry, Cheng Zhi Chu also felt a little better after hearing that.

At least those who died can still live well in another world.


Cheng Zhi Chu again asked the system.

So why aren’t you leaving me? I’ve clearly already cleared the game.

The system cried incredulously: 【What are you talking about? With me being so cute, how can you bear to drive me away? Don’t even think about it. Once a player is bound to a system, you’re bound for life. You’ll never be able to get rid of me!】



After killing Mr. Mu, the demon Chelman in the coin was completely liberated and he had restored all his powers. From the original child state, he had changed into his adult appearance.

The handsome demon carried enormous dangerousness and temptation. With a smile on his lips, he planned to return to the human world and let the greedy humans once again go crazy for him———-


But less than three minutes passed, and he was forced to revert back to the appearance of a small boy. The reason behind this was because Bai Yi couldn’t tolerate seeing another mature man being around Cheng Zhi Chu.


The little demon held his tail and was stunned for a few seconds. He felt extremely wronged and tears erupted from his big golden eyes. Soon, he started to wail.

How can this guy treat his saviour like this!!


Cheng Zhi Chu met a pair of twin girls at the “Abandoned Hospital” instance, Meng Ke and Meng Xin, and became good friends with them. After clearing the game, he would often be in contact with them.

Both Meng Ke and Meng Xin are the standard rich and beautiful girls. Because Cheng Zhi Chu and Pinecone had helped them out a lot in the instance, after clearing the instance they had specifically invested in a fried chicken stop to allow the bear to eat its fill.

They would sometimes miss Cheng Zhi Chu and the bear, and would specially fly over to see them. They had even become close friends with Cheng Zhi Chu’s sister, Cheng Ling Ling.

The three girls would talk about almost anything. One day Meng Ke and Meng Xin suddenly smiled and said to Cheng Ling Ling.

“Ling Ling, do you know about ‘Brokeback’?”


Since then, Ling Ling had opened a door to a whole new world.

Every day, she would think that her brother and Bai Yi had something going on between them and even secretly wrote a novel using them as the main characters.

It was the type of novel that if her brother saw it, he would definitely break her leg.


Cheng Zhi Chu received an invitation to participate in a variety show program. They invited him over as a special guest for their horror special.

During the “Horror Variety” instance, the system had modified the staff’s memories leading them to firmly believe that Cheng Zhi Chu is a ghost exorcist master and possessed true skills. They were all very impressed by him.

Recently, the TV station had developed a new variety show which is related to ghosts so the first person they thought of was Cheng Zhi Chu. They sincerely invited him to the show.

Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t used to being in front of a camera. He originally wanted to reject it, but he couldn’t get away from their passionate pleads so he had no choice but to participate. With the help of the coin and the system, he performed very well, and he even accidentally became very popular online. He acquired many female fans that would call themselves his girlfriend fan or wife fan.

Until one day, Bai Yi accidentally stumbled upon these comments.

Afterwards, the ghost program was mysteriously cancelled.


Cheng Zhi Chu was taken to the Bai family by Bai Xi Xing and he witnessed the scene of Bai Yi reuniting with his family.

The child who had been missing for many years had returned and the Bai family was moved to tears. Several older brothers even wanted to enthusiastically embrace Bai Yi but they were all avoided by Bai Yi who remained indifferent.


At this time Cheng Zhi Chu understood. Turns out, Bai Yi was actually being quite kind to Bai Xi Xing.


Bai Xi Xing introduced Cheng Zhi Chu to the Bai family.

“His name is Cheng Zhi Chu. He is my junior brother and also the person my cousin likes. They have been in a relationship for some time.”

Bai Xi Xing said it without concealing anything making Cheng Zhi Chu nervous.

He originally wanted to play the role of Bai Yi’s friend and greet the Bai family first. Then he would slowly get to know them and let them accept him but his senior had directly revealed the relationship between himself and Bai Yi………Will he be kicked out from the Bai family?

But the terrible scenario that he imagined didn’t happen.

Contrarily, hearing that the usually indifferent and cold Bai Yi had someone that he likes, the Bai family suddenly began to cry even more furiously than when they reunited with Bai Yi.

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The Bai family’s elders are very fond of Cheng Zhi Chu. That child is clever, sensible and cute, completely unlike the Bai family’s own children.

The one who liked him the most was the Bai family’s old man. His attitude towards Cheng Zhi Chu was like he was pampering a grandson that he had been separated from for many years and this wasn’t Bai Yi.

He even took out an old photo album and pointed out one of the photos in there to Cheng Zhi Chu.

It was a photo of a little girl who was about one or two years old. Wearing a delicate little dress, she looked very cute. Cheng Zhi Chu faintly found her familiar looking.

The old man’s words were shocking: “This is Bai Yi when he was about one year old———”


Bai Yi forcefully shut the album with a dark expression.


Cheng Zhi Chu wanted to take a look at the photo. He gently begged Bai Yi to show him.

“………..You really want to see it?”

After a long silence, Bai Yi suddenly chuckled and asked Cheng Zhi Chu this.

“Want! I want to see!”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression was of anticipation. He didn’t know of the consequence of his request.


In the end, he used a photo of himself in a maid costume to exchange for Bai Yi’s old photo.

He had never worn these kinds of clothes before and, on one particular night, he personally wore it for Bai Yi.

It was also the day of his birthday.

Cheng Zhi Chu wanted to cry.


That evening, Bai Yi was finally able to eat Cheng Zhi Chu with satisfaction.

They no longer knew whose birthday they were celebrating.


When Gu Zhen learned of Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi’s relationship, he shut himself in his room and didn’t come out for a whole day.

Yang Qian Fan was very worried. He knocked on the door and said: “Uncle, don’t be like this. Don’t close yourself off…..”

After a while, Gu Zhen came out of his room. Yang Qian Fan looked up at him but was surprised to see that Gu Zhen didn’t look depressed. He remained looking calm and elegant as he smiled at him.

“Don’t worry Qian Fan. I’m not upset.”

He said: “Going out isn’t the end. I still have a chance, don’t I?”

“……….En!” Yang Qian Fan nodded hard, “I will always support Uncle!”


Gu Zhen’s name in the game is “Shen Zhou”, and Yang Qian Fan’s name is “Thousand Sails”. Almost everyone thought that their names were taken from “Shen Zhou has a thousand sails” so many players even guessed that they may be a couple.

But Yang Qian Fan knew that Gu Zhen’s name had nothing to do with him.

It was the “Shen Zhou” from the saying “Burning one’s boats to cut off their means of retreat”.

Just like Gu Zhen’s personality, his appearance is gentle and elegant, but he is stubborn to his bones. Once his target is set, it had to be achieved.

He will not give up Cheng Zhi Chu.



With the directors shout, Ji Yun Xiao who had a cold expression in front of the camera relaxed and revealed a gentle smile. He politely bowed to the other staff, returned to his seat and received the water given to him by the staff. He waited for the staff to quickly change the set for the next scene for the advertisement.

He drank a few mouthfuls and placed it down. He then picked up his phone and saw that he had received a message from Cheng Zhi Chu. The expression on his face unconsciously softened and he quickly replied.

“Who’s message?”

Ji Yun Xiao’s assistant had been taking care of him for a long time and his relationship with him is very good. He smiled good-naturedly and whispered: “Don’t find trouble for me. If there is a scandal coming from you, I won’t forgive you.”

“I won’t.” Ji Yun Xiao also smiled a little. He replied, “It’s a friend.”

“Really a friend?”

“Yes, friend.”

Ji Yun Xiao responded and then lowered his eyes slightly to hide his disappointed look.

And can only be a friend…….

His assistant assessed him for a moment before looking up at the venue: “Hey, they’re pretty fast. It’s already all laid out. Hurry and go finish off the filming.”


Ji Yun Xiao nodded. He placed his phone back onto the stand and revealed a faint smile.

If that’s the case then he will become the closest and most dazzling friend of Zhi Chu’s.


After several months of dating, Cheng Zhi Chu felt that the timing was right. He confessed to his parents that he is dating Bai Yi.

Surprisingly, his parent’s reactions were very calm.

“We could tell from a long time ago.”

Mother Cheng laughed and said: “Your father and I are experienced. With you acting so obviously, how can we not find out. You’re the only one who thought that you were hiding it very well.”

Cheng Zhi Chu heard this was shocked. He spoke hesitantly: “Th-then………”

“Can’t you tell from our attitude?” Father Cheng said, “If we’re against it, did you think you could continue dating him until now?”

Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. For some reason, he suddenly had the urge to cry. His eyes were red and he opened his mouth but for a long time he couldn’t say anything.

“As long as you’re happy, it’s enough for us.”

Mother Cheng rubbed his head. She was also a little choked up but she revealed a gentle smile.

“Bai Yi is a good child. You have to cherish him.”

“I will.” Cheng Zhi Chu nodded solemnly.


“You have to cherish Zhi Chu that child. If you lose him, you probably won’t meet anyone else………”

At the same time, the old man from the Bai family is also seriously guiding Bai Yi.

The old man had always had to deal with Bai Yi because both of them didn’t have a good temper. Since young, Bai Yi had never listened to his words and would often anger the old man until his eyes were bulging. He would even repeatedly punish him with his stick. If not for someone else stopping him, he would have broken his walking stick multiple times.

Time passed and the old man no longer reprimanded Bai Yi. Afterall, Bai Yi wouldn’t listen to him anyway but this time he felt that he needed to personally instruct him for him to feel more at ease. Although he is always speaking bad about Bai Yi, he still hoped that this child will live safely and happily.

“Don’t worry grandfather.”

However, this time Bai Yi just smiled faintly at him and responded to his words: “We will be very happy in the future.”

The old man was stunned for a few seconds. Hundreds of emotions mixed inside him. There was a faint ambiguous sense of gratification.

However, he had lived a long life and he could no longer say anything heartfelt. He just waved his hand and said: “Sit next to me tonight when we have dinner.”

However, that evening Bai Yi didn’t have dinner with his family.

“He received permission from his parents and is now living together with Junior Cheng.”

Bai Xi Xing who was forced to be the messenger smiled stiffly as he gave the old man this news: “So he moved his things out this afternoon and went to their new home……..”

For a moment, the entire room was silent.

After a while, the old man’s angry roars reverberated through the windows.

“Kick him out of the Bai family! Don’t let him ever come back!!”


Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu now live together. Their house is located near the university where Cheng Zhi Chu studied at.

Their furniture was also chosen together and all the furnishings in the room were done personally by them. The space was small, but it was cozy and just enough for two people.

However, when choosing furniture Bai Yi would stand in front of all kinds of furniture and fall into a long period of silence.

One of the aftermaths of soul fusion was that he had become even more picky and he found nothing pleasing to the eye. In the end, Cheng Zhi Chu had to make the final decision regarding the furniture.

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On the day when the new home was set up, Cheng Zhi Chu was very excited. It was especially so when he saw the big bed. He liked it very much. It was wide and it was moderately hard. It was just like his dream bed.

Bai Yi was very considerate. Knowing that Cheng Zhi Chu liked this bed, he allowed Cheng Zhi Chu to use the bed to its maximum potential at night and then lie on the bed for the whole day the next day.

Cheng Zhi Chu no longer dared to say that he liked the bed.


However, because they had only just formally moved in together, Bai Yi was too enthusiastic. He continued to let Cheng Zhi Chu ‘like’ the bed. In less than two weeks, there was a problem with the mattress, and it began to make creaking sounds.

At the beginning Cheng Zhi Chu endured. After all, it was something that they had just bought, and it wasn’t cheap. He didn’t want to only use it for a little more than a week and change it.

But when he saw the piece of paper stuck on the door, he couldn’t endure it any longer. That very night, the mattress was changed.

The contents of the note was:

Hello neighbour,
I don’t mean to offend you but I think it’s time for you to change your mattress. Every time I go to bed, I would always hear creaking sounds. Although the soundproofing of the house should be good but for some reason, the noises are very loud and clear. My ears are fine but my teeth can’t stand it anymore.
I hope you can consider my proposal!
From one of your friendly neighbours.

“Look at this!”

Cheng Zhi Chu with a bright red face slapped the note onto the table and pushed it over to Bai Yi.

“The neighbour has made a complaint. You….Can’t you hold back a little?!”


Bai Yi reflected deeply. He expressed that he will no longer overuse the bed in the bedroom in the future.

 The sofa in the living room and the bathtub in the bathroom now share the workload of the bed, effectively reducing its burden.

The neighbour left another note to express their gratitude.

However, Cheng Zhi Chu felt deep regret. Why did he have to activate a new attribute in Bai Yi ———- He didn’t want the mirror to also take a share of the bed’s workload!


Sometimes, Bai Yi would accompany Cheng Zhi Chu to university. When he went to the university the first time, his appearance was too outstanding and it caused a small sensation in the campus.

Bai Yi was then blacklisted by the teachers and he was not allowed to enter the classrooms because he was definitely not a student of the university and would affect the order in the classroom. As long as he was there, the students wouldn’t be able to focus on studying and would look at him while secretly gossiping.

So Bai Yi could only wait alone in an empty classroom until class ended. Cheng Zhi Chu hurriedly rushed to the classroom where Bai Yi waited only to see that the seats near Bai Yi were filled up by girls who were self-studying.

They were clearly not immersed in their studies……

Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart went sour. He pursed his lips and walked over to Bai Yi. Pulling at his sleeves he said in a small voice: “Let’s go.”

Bai Yi who was originally indifferent saw him come over instantly revealed a gentle smile. He nodded slightly and cooperatively stood up: “Which classroom is your next class at?”

“………” Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi went out. After a few seconds of silence, he said: “Not going. Let’s go back.”

“Class was cancelled?”

“No, I don’t want to attend anymore.” Cheng Zhi Chu was both sour and angry. Holding Bai Yi’s hand, he dragged him out of the university. “They’re all looking at you……I want to send you back and not let them look.”

“Zhi Chu…………”

Bai Yi looked at him for a moment. He suddenly stopped and looked fixatedly at him: “Are you jealous?”


Cheng Zhi Chu’s face went red. He spoke with some embarrassment: “I can get jealous can’t I?”

“Of course you can.”

Bai Yi felt sweet. He couldn’t help but hold Cheng Zhi Chu in a hug. He bowed his head and kissed him on the lips. He chuckled lightly.

“Don’t eat vinegar (KK: Jealousy), you can just eat me.”

“I only belong to you alone.”


In the end, the person who was eaten up in the evening was Cheng Zhi Chu.


Cheng Zhi Chu liked to play games, especially card games. Despite clearly having bad luck, he still played them tirelessly.

However, his luck was just very poor. He was unfortunate with almost everything that he played but he didn’t want to rely on the coin’s power because he felt that it didn’t give him that sense of accomplishment.

This time, he fell through ten consecutive times. He felt extremely frustrated and was about to vomit blood. At this moment, he looked over at Bai Yi who was sitting nearby with his tablet. He couldn’t help but poke him and pass his phone over.

“Bai Yi, help me with this.”


Bai Yi smiled and obediently received the phone. He helped Cheng Zhi Chu pick the cards.

Cheng Zhi Chu immediately moved to his side. He looked forward to the picture inside. If it’s Bai Yi, he would definit———

However, the result was that Bai Yi’s luck was worse than his.

“How can this be……..”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart was bleeding. He couldn’t bear look at the tragic situation on his phone and he threw the phone aside.

“Sorry.” Bai Yi rubbed his hair. He said apologetically, “I’ll charge up your funds.”

“No need, no need. I was just playing casually. No need to give me gold. It’s just going to be a waste.”

Cheng Zhi Chu quickly waved his hand to gesture to Bai Yi that he didn’t need to worry. At this moment he suddenly remembered that Bai Yi used to possess good luck but it was completely taken away by Mr. Mu. His heart suddenly hurt and he couldn’t help but move to hug Bai Yi.

“It’s okay, it’s all in the past.”

Seeing Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression, Bai Yi could guess what he was thinking. He smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Not to mention, I still have my own good luck.”

“I have you.”

“You are my greatest fortune.”


“What are you guys talking about?”

The little demon snuck out from the coin and fluttered his wings. Holding the phone up and using the remaining ten attempts, it drew out 6 six star cards and 4 five star cards. They were all cards that Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t have.

He returned the phone back to Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi.

“Unlucky people have no right to talk.”


That night, the little demon was pegged onto the clothesline and was hung out to dry for an entire night. He wailed the whole time and was almost about to become dried demon jerky.


Cheng Zhi Chu looked at the new six star cards on his screen for a long time before reluctantly putting his phone down.

Bai Yi had gone to shower first and Cheng Zhi Chu who was bored laid on the bed waiting for him to come out. He saw the tablet that Bai Yi was using light up. It appears to have received a message.

He didn’t plan on peeking and he only subconsciously glanced at it but he found himself unable to move away his eyes. He immediately picked up the tablet and confirmed the message.

The source of the message was Bai Xi Xing. The content written was: “I think you can consider this brand. Their custom-made rings are very unique. Maybe you and Junior Cheng will like it.”

Ring? The ring that Bai Yi and senior is discussing about……..Is it what he think it means?

Cheng Zhi Chu’s mood was a mess. Suddenly, a hand reached over from behind to take the tablet in his hand. It was followed by Bai Yi’s voice which carried a hint of a smile.

“Don’t peek.”

“Bai Yi……….”

Cheng Zhi Chu looked up at Bai Yi. His voice was trembling slightly.

“What to do, you saw it.”

Bai Yi smiled a little helplessly. He held Cheng Zhi Chu in his arms and kissed his lips. He said: “Since you saw it, I won’t be able to surprise you. Although it’s a pity, I feel more reassured now that we can go and pick it together.”

“Zhi Chu, would you be willing to come and choose our wedding rings?”

“Of course I’m willing……”

Cheng Zhi Chu choked out a response as he hugged Bai Yi back.


They will be together forever.

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