Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 23: Seaside

It was naturally impossible to shower using sea water. Su Min soon realised that it was indeed freshwater that was used when he was showering.

Although there are benefits for the body when bathing in sea water, it shouldn’t be used purely.

If he really did use seawater, in addition to the fact that there was man eating fish in the sea……….Su Min felt goosebumps forming.

Chen Xiaozhou didn’t understand what was going on. He asked: “But we always use freshwater to rinse ourselves after going to the beach. Can it be used to shower?”

He felt that it would be uncomfortable. Afterall, seawater is not the same as freshwater.

Uncle He said with surprise: “Of course not. What are you thinking? The island has its own processing facility so it would process the seawater into freshwater to be used. Because of this, the amount is small so you should use it sparingly.”

Su Min didn’t know what the processing facility was, but it wasn’t surprising for islands to have things like this.

The murkiness of the water wasn’t the main problem. The main problem was the bloody water.

Su Min clearly saw that the water droplets was red. In a horror movie like this, it couldn’t be anything else.

Chen Xingzhou looked at the bathroom, “I see.”

Uncle He rubbed his bald head and smiled: “If everything is all good, then I’ll go back. Call me if you need anything.”

Chen Xingzhou said: “Okay.”

After just a few steps, Uncle He suddenly thought of something and turned around: “That’s right. I forgot to tell you something.”

Chen Xingzhou: “What is it?”

Uncle He pointed at the bathroom not far away, “There might be a power outage soon so you should sleep as early as possible at night. Don’t wander around. It’s easy getting lost on the island.”

Chen Xingzhou nodded: “Okay, I understand.”

When Uncle He left, Su Min finally relaxed. He pinched the inner corners of his eyebrows.

A power outage. He didn’t have a good feeling about this. After all, when things are dark, accidents can easily happen.

Chen Xingzhou walked over and whispered: “When you were in the bathroom, I saw Uncle He over there. Just wanted to warn you.”

Su Min furrowed his brows and asked: “When did he arrive at the bathroom? Did you see where he was standing?”

He is most disgusted by the idea of being peeked at while showering but he didn’t sense anyone watching him when he was showering earlier.

Chen Xingzhou nodded: “I remember.”

Of course he would remember something that happened only a moment ago. He walked over to the side of the bathroom and found the location where Uncle He stood.

Chen Xingzhou turned around and said: “It’s here. I saw him standing here earlier. I don’t know what he was doing though.”

Su Min walked over, “So it’s this place.”

He examined the location and nothing appeared out of the norms. It was where the ditch connected to the sewer.

Su Min was about to leave when he noticed a small square hole from his peripheral vision.

The hole was only about the size of a palm and square in shape. It was above his head so he could touch it if he reached up.

Su Min thought of something and he felt a chill run down his spine. He said: “Chen Xingzhou you play basketball. Jump up and see if this square hole leads into the bathroom. ”

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Chen Xingzhou also noticed that something wasn’t right. He jumped a few times.

Eventually he stopped and said in a quiet voice: “Yes. It probably is a vent.”

Su Min’s expression wasn’t great, but he then remembered that Uncle He isn’t taller than him and wouldn’t be able to look through that hole.

He then reached out and touched the inside of the square hole. It was dusty. Seeing that there wasn’t a camera, he felt a bit more relieved.

Chen Xingzhou thought he was worried about being peeked at and quickly explained: “Su Min don’t worry too much. When I saw Uncle He earlier, he looked like he only just arrived too.”

Su Min could tell that this was probably the case: “I know.”

After this incident, Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo didn’t dare to continue delaying things. They took a speedy shower and even made Su Min keep watch outside.

It was already past nine and the sun was shining brightly outside. It didn’t look like anything bad would happen.

Zhou Mingya and Chen Yixin had their turn while Chen Xingzhou volunteered to keep watch.

By the time everything was done, it was almost eleven.

Su Min and Chen Xingzhou didn’t tell the girls about the incident at the bathroom and just warned them not to go shower alone.

Zhao Mingya had a different line of thought.

In the past there were cases of girls going to the countryside and getting peeked at while they were showering. Later they were even threatened with photos.

Su Min and Chen Xingzhou had already blocked off the vent.

After washing their clothes, they haven’t eaten breakfast and was very hungry.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin could cook so they suggested: “Let’s have lunch then go out. We won’t be missing anything by staying another hour.”

Su Min naturally had no objections.

The rice here was already prepared. They just needed to wash it and then cook it. This time Chen Yixin and Zhao Mingya checked it several times before cooking.

They were afraid of cooking out something strange.

There was a small vegetable garden on the side of the yard, so they picked out a few to make a vegetarian dish.

Jiang Yunhuo sat in the yard and said: “I’m worried that if we can’t even eat the vegetables in the yard, we would really end up starving to death. Have you guys seen the movie about the human meat buns? It’s so terrifying.”

The first major shadow in his heart was from that movie. Now there was another one – the severed finger in the fish.

It easily refreshed Jiang Yunhuo’s worldviews.

Chen Xingzhou kicked him: “Don’t say that.”

Su Min instead spoke up: “It is possible, but I think it is very unlikely to happen.”

It can’t be that ridiculous. If it is the case, he decided that he would file a complaint to the cinema after he gets out.

The dishes made by the two ladies were naturally quite average. The three boys didn’t dare say too much and just praised that it was good.

This was especially the case for Chen Xingzhou: “It’s delicious. Mingya’s food is the best.”

Zhao Mingya: “Even food can’t plug up your mouth.”

Chen Xingzhou smiled foolishly and didn’t say anything.

After the meal, the group did as they had decided last night. They would play, eat, drink and act like they didn’t know anything.

If islanders tried to feel them out, they will act like they don’t understand.

Coming to an island, it was natural for them to go to the beach and play there. This island was not very developed, so the sea is very clean.

As they headed over to the beach, Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin wore swimsuits under their jackets.

Su Min didn’t dare tell them his thoughts fearing that they would panic but he wasn’t certain whether or not the seawater was clean.

As they walked down the small road, they could see the beautiful beach and the endless ocean extending out into the distance. It was a magnificent view.

Su Min temporarily forgot about the dangers on this island.

Chen Xingzhou said emotionally: “The scenery here is amazing. If everything was normal, we could stay here for a long time.”

But obviously that was impossible.

Chen Yixin jumped excitedly. Seeing such a beautiful sea, she wanted to go in. She ran off the path and went through a shortcut through a small patch of grass.

But before she could take more than a few steps, they heard a cry: “Ah——–“. Chen Yixin fell to the ground.

With his girlfriend in danger, Jiang Yunhuo as a boyfriend would naturally rush over to help her. He saw that there was a big pit next to her.

He said: “How can you be so careless and not see such a big pit?”

Chen Yixin stood up and complained: “Why is there a pit here. I just ran over from the grass and I swear I didn’t see it.”

Su Min and Chen Xingzhou also looked at it. The pit was indeed covered by grass and you couldn’t see if from the road.

Chen Yixin’s feet and ankles had turned green and it looked dirty. She frowned and wanted to wash it off.

The others surrounded the pit examining it seriously.

At this moment, two eyes appeared inside.

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Zhao Mingya who was deep in thought was startled by the eyes and took a step back, “What is that?”

The eyes that were suddenly exposed in the water was gone when she looked again. It was as if everything was just her imagination.

The water inside the pit rippled.

Su Min was s little suspicious, “There might be something in it. You should stand further away and be careful not to fall in.”

Chen Yixin only stepped on the edge, so she fortunately didn’t fall in.

The moment he said this, two toads suddenly leapt out from inside. Supporting a green oily body, it hopped away.

The green stains on the beach was particularly conspicuous. They were startled by this change.

Jiang Yunhuo breathed a sigh of relief: “It turned out to be toads. I thought it was some water monster. Scared me to death.”

He wasn’t afraid of them.

Zhao Mingyu suddenly had strange thought: “Do you think those toads over there came from this pit?”

There were a lot of toads on the road yesterday. At that time, they were shocked and were later led down a different path by Uncle He.

Su Min fell into thought: “Possibly.”

This pit was quite big and was about 1 metre wide. Above it was green plants and algae as well as various indistinguishable aquatic plants. The entire surface of the water was dirty and green.

He wasn’t sure why there would be so many toads in a place like this. After all, this wasn’t his major.

Chen Xingzhou took out a long branch and said: “Move aside. I want to see how deep this pit is.”

He carefully poked downwards and stirred up the water.

The surface of the water covered in green algae was messed up and it wrapped around the thin branch. It looked quite disgusting. Chen Yixin no longer wanted to watch.

She really didn’t want to continue looking at a disgusting pit like this.

Chen Xingzhou couldn’t help but stop his actions. He commented: “It’s pretty deep. Be careful not to fall in.”

Zhao Mingya frowned: “Don’t stir it. It’s disgusting.”

Jiang Yunhuo also stopped him: “Yeah that’s right. Be careful or the toads might look for you for revenge. Stop playing around with it. Toads can be poisonous.”

Chen Yixin said: “I want to go to the sea to swim and also wash my feet.”

She pulled Zhao Mingya over to the beach.

There were still holes that they made yesterday on the beach from when they dug up some razor clams but, unfortunately, they only ate a little bit of it last night.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin were both good swimmers. They would often go swim at the pools together so they weren’t afraid.

Chen Xingzhou said: “I also want to try. Su Min, you coming?”

Su Min shook his head: “Not going. Be careful out there.”

It is said that those who drown are the ones who can swim. Although it wasn’t necessarily completely true, it did apply to many people.

When the others walked away, Su Min squatted down by the pit.

He picked up the branch that Chen Xingzhou had used and again poked around inside.

The pit was indeed quite deep, and he didn’t know how it was formed. He couldn’t move around the things inside and the oily green algae on the water made it look disgusting.

Su Min pulled the branch back out.

He originally wanted to throw it away, but he suddenly noticed something hanging from the branch. He subconsciously examined it more closely.

Su Min brought the branch closer and he could smell an unpleasant odour.

The object hanging from the branch looked like a piece of clothing.

Su Min ignored his disgust and reached out to rip it off the branch. He touched it carefully and confirmed that it was indeed material from a piece of clothing.

They threw clothes into the pit?

Su Min denied this ordinary answer. A terrible conjecture that suits the setting of a horror movie came to mind——–

There may be a body in this pit.

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