Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 24: Drowning

Su Min was only just guessing. It didn’t rule out the fact that there might really only be clothes in there, so he again started to poke around.

The branch wasn’t very thick so he couldn’t use much force.

After scooping around for a while, Su Min finally gave up. If he couldn’t get it out with the branch, it was probably something that might need to be pulled out.

If that was the case, he was afraid that there really might be something in there.

Su Min looked around him. Chen Xingzhou had already entered the sea and it looked like they were the only ones here. There wasn’t an islander in sight.

The island itself was quite uneven with many small hills and mountains, and small roads that would bend around several times. The roads were also lined with trees. It could be said that all kinds of terrains were here. If he went further in, he didn’t know what else he would see.

He didn’t dare go in by himself.

Su Min took out the branch and prepared to throw it away only to see that he had once again picked up something with the branch.

It was a bone that looked like one from a severed finger. It was brought up together with a piece of cloth.

Su Min’s heart sank. His guess earlier came true. There really was a body in this pit.

What on earth happened on this island? Why would dead bodies be hidden in all kinds of strange places and why would those toads still stay in this pit?

Su Min didn’t dare to think any further. The more he thought about it, the more horrible the thoughts became.

From yesterday until now, the fear that “Murder Island” gave him was several times stronger than “University Thriller”.

Although he still hasn’t seen a real ghost yet, he clearly understood that having no ghosts was scarier than encountering a ghost.

Su Min no longer wanted to continue. He threw the items that he had picked out back inside the pit, snapped the branch and hid it in the grassy patch in the distance.

This way the others won’t notice anything abnormal.

When he was done, he went to the beach.

At about three o’clock, Chen Xingzhou and them safely returned from the sea and laid on the beach enjoying the sun.

Su Min sat on the side and didn’t go in the water.

Jiang Yunhuo laid on the beach: “Su Min you should also go down and play. This is much better than playing at those tourist attractions.”

Chen Yixin agreed: “That’s right, what were you doing at the pit? Was there something inside?”

Su Min: “I found clothes inside……..”

Before he could finish, Jiang Yunhuo said: “What clothes?”

Su Min felt that it was pointless saying it himself and he didn’t want to cause panic. He shook his head and said: “It’s nothing.”

Jiang Yunhuo laid back down: “Why don’t you go play in the water?”

Su Min shook his head, “I have no interest in swimming. Maybe it’s because I’m still recovering from the seasickness from yesterday.”

After saying that, the others no longer urged him. After all, he’s a patient.

After lying there for more than an hour, Chen Xingzhou went into the water again. This time, he wanted to have a good swim before going back.

Later, Jiang Yunhuo also jumped in.

On the beach, Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin were chattering on about cosmetics and clothes. It was something Su Min couldn’t join in on.

He could only sit there in daze while thinking about the things happening on the island.

Firstly, he was certain that there was something off with the island and the islanders. He didn’t know what it was but Uncle He’s behaviour was very strange.

As for the others, he wasn’t in contact with them.

It was just that the men he saw last night and the two men inside the bathroom gave him a strange feeling.

Could it be that the islanders here have low tolerance towards visitors?

This was not impossible. This island has not yet been developed into a tourist attraction and it was only the islanders who lived here. With them suddenly barging in, they probably weren’t too happy about it.

This is despite Uncle He’s younger brother’s agreement.

Despite Uncle He acting concerned about them, every smile of his made Su Min feel that there was a special meaning behind it. As for what it means, he temporarily has no idea.

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Zhao Mingya suddenly sat next to him and whispered, “Su Min, did you guys sleep afterwards last night?”

Su Min turned his head: “You didn’t?”

Zhao Mingya shook her head: “How could I fall asleep? I continued to listen to that sound and played on my phone the whole night.”

It was her first time encountering something so scary.

Su Min said: “It’s no wonder your dark circles are so bad.”

Zhao Mingya covered her eyes, “Don’t you know that you shouldn’t mention this in front of girls? Hurry and take it back.”

Su Min didn’t think that she should react so intensely. He quickly said: “I was blind. I didn’t see anything. Everything I said earlier was a lie.”

He didn’t know.

Zhao Mingya then said: “But fortunately the thing inside didn’t come out.”

She was afraid that the thing inside the wall would suddenly come out and kill them. She was scared for the entire night.

Su Min: “Don’t think those things. In my opinion, the other party isn’t dangerous. At least for now.”

Zhao Mingya nodded: “I think so too.”

If they really wanted to kill them, they wouldn’t have knocked on the wall the whole night and would have already come out.


As they chatted on the shore, Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo was racing in the sea.

Reaching the predetermined goal, Jiang Yunhuo lost. The two of them then happily prepared to swim back ashore.

At this moment, the sun was about to set. The sea had also darkened.

Chen Xingzhou paddled his legs when he suddenly felt something grab his left ankle.

It was a hand.

Chen Xingzhou was startled. He started to struggle. That cold hand however continued to forcefully pull him down into the water.

The water splashes raised Jiang Yunhuo’s attention.

Jiang Yunhuo was already a certain distance away and he quickly swam back. He dived in to pull him out and the two was engaged in a tug-a-war.

Chen Xingzhou could clearly feel the cold bony hands at his ankle. It really had the intention to pull him down into the bottom of the sea.

Eventually, the hand released its hold.

Chen Xingzhou quickly swam back to the surface and was completely dishevelled. There was still the sensation of being grabbed lingering at his ankle.

Jiang Yunhuo asked: “You okay? Cramp?”

Chen Xingzhou gasped and said: “Someone earlier was pulling me down. It wasn’t a cramp.”

Jiang Yunhuo was startled, “What? There are other people in the sea?”

They had played here for an entire afternoon and they didn’t see anyone else around, let alone anyone in the water.

Something clearly wasn’t right.

Chen Xingzhou shook his head: “Never mind that. Let’s go back first. I’m afraid if it happens again, I won’t be so lucky.”

The experience just now wasn’t normal. When he thought back to it, he felt a chill down his spine. Whose hand was it? He had no idea and he didn’t want to think about it.

Just like the knocking from within the wall, he knew that something strange was going on.

Jiang Yunhuo agreed: “Okay, let’s go back first.”

However, Jiang Yunhuo only swam for a bit when this time his leg was caught by something. It was very quick and soon his entire leg couldn’t move.

His body sank into the water. It was as if he was tied to a big rock.

Jiang Yunhuo subconsciously cried out: “Help! Help!”

Chen Xingzhou reacted quickly. He turned back and grabbed Jiang Yunhuo’s hand but he was also dragged down by the force.

What is down there? Why is it so heavy?

The cry for help alerted those on the beach.

Su Min was chatting with Zhao Mingya when he heard the noise. He quickly stood up, “I’ll go take a look.”

Not far in the distance, Chen Xingzhou was bobbing up and down whereas Jiang Yunhuo was almost unable to be seen. The sea wasn’t calm at all.

With someone’s life in danger, Su Min had no time to undress and jumped straight into the sea.

Fortunately, they weren’t too far. In less than half a minute, he reached where Chen Xingzhou and them were.

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Su Min immediately decided, “I’ll go down. You keep holding him.”

Chen Xingzhou had no time to refute.

Su Min rarely went in the water but he can swim. It was only that when he went into the sea this time, water entered his ear and it felt very uncomfortable.

He pulled Jiang Yunhuo. His eyes were very uncomfortable in the seawater.

Jiang Yunhuo had been holding his breath for too long and was almost out of air. With Chen Xingzhou pulling him from above, the two of them worked hard together.

Su Min dove down and saw that Jiang Yunhuo’s legs were tied by the seagrass. It was wrapped like a glutinous rice dumpling.

He held his breath and tugged at the grass.

Although it looked like it was easy to tear, it was actually not so easy. Instead, it even wrapped around a few more times.

Su Min returned to the surface to get some air and then dove back down.

This time he was a lot calmer. He carefully looked for the ends and soon half of it was untied.

With Jiang Yunhuo’s last bit of struggle, it was finally broken off.

Su Min was relieved. When he wanted to return to the surface, his breathing felt a little uncomfortable and his eyes turned bleary. He couldn’t see clearly anymore.

From above he heard Chen Xingshou’s voice: “Done!”

Su Min however didn’t hear it clearly. His ears hurt.

For a moment, he wondered if he would die in the sea. He was afraid that the cinema won’t gift him another movie ticket.

Chen Xingzhou called out to him: “Su Min, you can come up…….Su Min?”

The sound of his voice gradually weakened.

“Su Min.”

Su Min couldn’t open his eyes. His entire body sank in the water. He heard the sound of breaking water.

His hand was pulled by something cold.

Su Min wanted to break free but he didn’t have the strength. When he opened his mouth, a surge of seawater rushed into his mouth.

A hand caught him by the waist. It was like that time when he placed his hand in the ghost’s hand.

Su Min narrowed his eyes and felt a familiar presence.

He had spent a night in the female dorms in “University Thriller”. He still remembered that same forcefulness that couldn’t be ignored.

A cold pair of lips breathed cold air onto his face.

This cold sensation made Su Min subconsciously shiver. His confusion cleared up a little and he tried to open his eyes.

But the other party covered his eyes and kissed him on the corner of his lips.

Su Min trembled. He wanted to push them away but found that his lips were now being kissed. It was rubbed against repeatedly and then it was gently bitten.

Salty seawater travelled through his teeth.

Su Ming was confused for a long time before feeling himself being pushed back to the surface.

 The scenery before his eyes brightened and the dullness from earlier had disappeared. The sunset outside casted a golden-orange sheen across the sea.

Su Min was a little confused. He subconsciously called out: “Chen Su…..”

His throat was uncomfortable, so his voice was a little hoarse. It was buried by the sound of the waves.

The sun was setting.

The sky darkened. It was already past five o’clock. You couldn’t see the mountain peak anymore and everything was starting to dim.

Chen Xingzhou who was looking for him immediately said: “My god, I thought you disappeared. I couldn’t find you earlier and thought you sank to the bottom of the sea. Scared me to death.”

Jiang Yunhuo was pulled ashore by Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin. He had just woken up and vomited out the sea water that he had swallowed.

Just now, Chen Xingzhou was looking for Su Min but he didn’t see Su Min’s figure in the water at all.

He didn’t expect to see Su Min next to him when he resurfaced.

It was very strange.

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