Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 25: Mystery

Su Min wiped away the water from his face and again dived into the water only to see endless sea water. There wasn’t even a single fish.

His ears quietened down and his groggy mind quickly cleared up before he resurfaced.

Chen Xingzhou was shocked. “Su Min, you okay?”

Su Min shook his head: “I’m fine.”

He shook out the water in his ears and felt extremely uncomfortable. This was especially the case for the sea water on his face. Residuals still remained even after wiping it off.

Chen Xingzhou said: “The sea isn’t safe. Let’s quickly go back.”

Earlier, someone had grabbed his leg and at that time only he and Jiang Yunhuo were in the water. Jiang Yunhuo was in front of him so it was not possible for him to do that.

Through a process of elimination, he concluded that it was something that no human could do.

Chen Xingzhou also regretted going in the water. He should have been more vigilant. He even almost caused Su Min to have an accident.

Su Min said: “Let’s go back.”

They carefully swam forward and finally stepped onto the wet sand. Step by step, they walked over to the beach.

The moment they stepped onto solid ground, they felt a little more reassured.

Su Min said while deep in thought: “Jiang Yunhuo’s incident is strange. There shouldn’t be seagrass so close to the beach.”

Chen Xingzhou didn’t dive into the water, so he didn’t know that it was because of seagrass, “Seagrass? Before that happened to him, I was caught by a hand.”

He once again retold his experience.

Su Min’s expression went through some changes.

It couldn’t be Chen Su’s doing right? It isn’t in his character and he has never attacked others.

Chen Xingzhou said: “Could it be a water ghost?”

Su Min paused for a moment, “It’s possible. I thought it might be a corpse but I didn’t see anything in the water.”

Afterall, this island’s corpse could knock on walls so it wouldn’t be strange if there was one that could grab people in the water.

Water ghosts are not rare. Almost every child that has grown up in the countryside would have heard of it.

Strictly speaking, water ghosts are ghosts of people who died in the water. Often, these water ghosts died very reluctantly, so they would have the urge to harm others.

Those that are dragged down by the water ghost would become their replacement. The original ghost would be freed from its fate as a water ghost and it can live freely.

The dead ghost would become the new water ghost and it continues on in an infinite cycle. This was also the reason why people would constantly drown in the water.

Water ghosts also have another name, called the water monkey.

Chen Xingzhou imagined the scene of him being grabbed by a corpse and shuddered, “Forget it. I don’t want to think about it. If I think about it I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

He will stay away from the beach so that neither the water ghost or the corpse could get him.

Su Min hummed in response. He continued to walk ahead with him, but his mind was on Chen Su.

He didn’t think that Chen Su would also appear in this horror movie.

Su Min couldn’t help but feel doubtful.

He was participating in this holographic movie alone so New Century Cinema wouldn’t allow another person to enter. The other party probably isn’t an audience member like himself.

Or did “Murder Island” and “University Thriller” choose the same person to play the role of the ghost and didn’t include him on the cast list?

What is the role of Chen Su’s character?

In the last movie “University Thriller”, he was just a bystander and was just following him around. He didn’t play a role in the story at all.

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This time it was probably the same.

In any case, Chen Su saved him. Although he didn’t know if the other party still retained the memories from the other movie, he was certain that he posed no danger to him.

Su Min has never doubted his own instincts.

Jiang Yunhuo on the beach had recovered.

Chen Yixin and Zhao Mingya came over worriedly: “Are you okay? We saw that you didn’t come back for a long time.”

Chen Xingzhou: “We’re okay.”

Su Min looked at the sky and reminded them: “It’s getting dark. We should go back soon or we will have to walk in the dark.”

Walking in the dark meant that it wasn’t safe.

Especially for this mysterious island, it was even more unsafe not to mention the fact that they still had to go up the mountain to get to where they stayed.

The island is divided into ‘on the mountain’ and ‘below the mountain’. Yesterday when they walked by, they saw that there were all kinds of agriculture fields at the base of the mountain while the houses were on the mountain.

This island wasn’t big. You could easily count the number of houses and it looked just like an ordinary small village.

Jiang Yunhuo stood up: “It’s all thanks to you Su Min. Otherwise I probably would’ve drowned in the water.”

He was really grateful. The moment when Chen Xingzhou was pulling him and he saw that he was still sinking down, he felt true despair.

Su Min: “It’s nothing.”

To him, he would just leave the movie if he died in this horror movie, but he couldn’t watch someone die in front of him without doing anything.

He wasn’t Virgin Mary, but he just couldn’t watch it.

Su Min’s clothes were soaked and it clung uncomfortably to his body. He would need to go back to shower and change his clothes.

Zhao Mingya said: “Let’s go back and change first.”

“Yeah, you will be sick like this.” Chen Yuxin added: “I brought my phone so we can use it as light.”

Fortunately, she brought it or they would have to fumble around in the dark.

Luckily Su Min knew the way. The five of them chatted as they went back and stored away the events that had happened today to the back of their minds.

Afterall, it was even more scary if you talked about those things while walking in the dark.

Their return back up the mountain was more tiring than going down the mountain.

When they walked halfway up, they stopped and took a break. The clothes on Su Ming’s body had also almost completely dried up.

Chen Yixin suddenly asked: “What is that person doing?”

Zhao Mingya: “What?”

Chen Yixin pointed ahead. There was a person standing there and that person’s clothes were fluttering. They couldn’t tell if it was a dress or not.

Jiang Yunhuo: “I haven’t seen a girl here. Looks like we finally ran onto one.”

When he said that, he was pinched by Chen Yixin. He didn’t dare to speak again.

Su Min stared over there for a few seconds and suddenly noticed something: “She’s coming over.”

They looked and saw that the other party really was coming over.

When the girl moved, the clothes on her body fluttered around a lot. It was like she was wearing a large sized lantern dress.

Chen Yixin couldn’t help but point her phone over.

The light from the phone was limited and it couldn’t shine far enough. It instead made the girl look even more unclear and she appeared to be running on her tiptoes.

Su Min had a bad feeling: “Don’t block her way.”

He reached to grab Chen Xingzhou next to him and took a big step back to retreat to the edge of the road.

Zhao Mingya reacted a little too late. When the other party came over she was in the midst of moving away and her arm accidentally touched the dress.

Cold air passed through.

She couldn’t make out the girls features no matter how hard she tried. It was like there was a veil over it and she couldn’t see it at all.

She clearly ran past but the girl in the lantern dress suddenly disappeared by the road. It was as if she was never there.

Su Min’s heart raced quickly, “Don’t look. Quickly go back.”

This road was surrounded by bushes and the woods were in the distance. No matter how fast the girl in the lantern dress ran, she couldn’t disappear so quickly.

Unless she wasn’t human.

But Su Min wasn’t clear about what she was. He could only feel relieved that the other party didn’t do anything to them.

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Zhao Mingya had not yet recovered from the shock.

Chen Xingzhou quickly helped her up: “Are you okay? Did you touch her earlier?”

Zhao Mingya: “Touched, very cold…….”

She swallowed and seemed like she could still feel the chilling sensation on her arm.

She didn’t know whether that lantern dress was really a dress.

Su Min said: “Stop talking. Let’s go back first.”

The more they delay things, the more trouble they will encounter. There are too many strange things going on in this island. It was best not to go out at night.

The five people no longer delayed things and they continued all the way back to their place of residence.

Seeing the familiar door, they felt relieved.

But when they soon recalled the wall incident, they conversely thought that being outside might be safer instead.

At this moment, Chen Yixin saw another shadow.

She grabbed Jiang Yunhuo’s arm and whispered: “Look, is that a person in the yard?”

The burden in Jiang Yunhuo’s heart that was let down was once again raised.

Chen Xingzhou’s heart thumped furiously. He looked at the yard and with his sharp vision he saw that it was Uncle He. He breathed a sigh of relief.

He whispered: “It’s Uncle He.”

The one after another encounters really tested their hearts tolerance.

Chen Xingzhou raised his voice: “Uncle He, what are you doing there? Did something happen?”

Uncle He turned around and saw the five of them.

He said: “I saw that you haven’t returned and was a little worried, so I came over to check. You’re all wet. Did you go to the beach?”

Chen Xingzhou consciously concealed the things that they had encountered on the way here. He nodded: “If we go to the beach, we naturally should swim in the sea otherwise we’re wasting out time.”

Uncle He nodded and then asked: “You are all big city kids and there are no safety measures put in place on the beach. I hope you didn’t run into anything dangerous?”

Su Min nudged Chen Xingzhou and said: “No, it was all fine. The water here is very clean.”

He and Uncle He have interacted a few times. Although he couldn’t see Uncle He’s face in the dark clearly, he felt that he was probably smiling.

Su Ming wanted to know why he didn’t turn on the lights. Was he really waiting for them while standing in the dark?

Of course, even if he didn’t know the answer to this question, he didn’t intend to ask.

Uncle He said: “It’s good if you didn’t run into anything dangerous. We haven’t had outsiders come here for a long time and everyone here are all the original islanders, so the sea is very clean.”

He emphasised the word ‘clean’.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin weren’t particularly fond of Uncle He. Although he was always smiling, he looked like someone from the underground world.

Chen Xingzhou said: “If there’s nothing else, we’ll go back first?”

Uncle He waved: “With you coming back so late, you probably haven’t eaten. Come to my place for dinner tonight?”

The moment he mentioned dinner, they subconsciously wanted to refuse.

Earlier, he had given them a bucket of fish and the discovery of the severed finger was etched deeply in their minds.

Jiang Yunhuo even imagined what might happen afterwards.

———–Uncle He would take them all to his house, kill then all and then feed them to the fish……..

Jiang Yunhuo shuddered. He felt a little cold.

Su Min frowned: “Uncle He, we’re still covered in sand and seawater and haven’t washed. It’ll be rude going over like this.”

Uncle He waved his hand: “It’s nothing. While you wash up, I can go back and cook up a few dishes. When I’m done, I’ll come and call you over.”

Without waiting for their response, he turned and walked up the slope.

Su Min’s expression wasn’t great. They had encountered many things today and now they had to go to Uncle He’s house. Who knows what else could happen?

He looked up and looked in the direction Uncle He disappeared in. It just happened to be the same direction where those mysterious men from last night were.

The islanders lived above them so they could pass through from there.

Su Min heard that Uncle He’s younger brother had wanted to get married, so he had this building built but, in the end, he wasn’t able to find a wife.

But, until now, the only female Su Min saw was the blind granny.

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