Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 27: Uncle He

Uncle He had come over to urge them so they couldn’t say anything.

Chen Xingzhou looked back and finally nodded: “Yes, we’re almost done. Just another minute or two.”

Uncle He: “Okay.”

He immediately moved to stand in the hallway. Although he wasn’t looking at them, it was as if he would turn around any moment.

Su Min turned around and pointed at Zhao Mingya and Chen Yuxin: “Didn’t you say you wanted to put on makeup?”

Zhao Mingya reacted, “Wait a bit.”

She pulled Chen Yixin along, walked past Uncle He, went into their rooms and closed the door behind them.

Zhao Mingya understood the meaning behind Su Min’s words.

Two minutes later, the two girls came back out and had changed into trousers. To Uncle He, there wasn’t any difference.

Uncle He said: “Let’s go. Follow me or you’ll get lost.”

Because they haven’t been there before, no one knew what was behind the slope. Now that they saw it, it was a very ordinary house.

Like those in villages, it was a house that had its own yard and a vegetable field.

There was actually light here but it was blocked by the woods, so they didn’t see it from their end.

The small lights in the black background looked pretty good.

But although it looked good, it could be hiding something dangerous. No one knew what was going to happen next.

They walked a little further after going up the slope and reached Uncle He’s house.

Su Min noticed that all the houses next to his had their lights on but their doors were closed. Almost all of them were like this.

Uncle He opened the door leading to the yard and said: “There’s only me living here now. My brother left the island so the food I make isn’t that good. I hope you don’t mind.”

Chen Xingzhou said: “It’s okay. It’s already very nice of you to invite us for dinner so how can we do that?”

He looked back at the people behind him.

Uncle He had already opened the door to his house. After the lights turned on, they saw that it was a very simply decorated one storey house with tables, chairs and the like.

It looked quite normal. But the more normal it was, the worse they felt.

Uncle He placed the keys down and said: “Sit down. I’ll go bring the dishes over from the kitchen.”

Su Min and the others were still at the door.

Jiang Yunhuo turned and looked at the yard. He saw a well not far away by the wall. He asked curiously: “There’s a well here?”

He didn’t know if an island could have a well, and he didn’t know if the water that came out of it is sea water or fresh water.

Su Min glanced over: “Looks like it.”

Uncle He went to get the food. The kitchen was at the back. Su Min used this time to examine the place where Uncle He lived.

The lights in the house travelled through the house and illuminated the yard in front.

There was a stone cover over the well and it was surrounded by dust. It clearly wasn’t used for a while.

Su Min: “It probably is fresh water.”

A freshwater resource on an island surrounded by seawater should be very valuable and cherished so why is it covered up?

Zhao Mingya walked over and then returned, “The well looks like it cannot be used.”


Uncle He’s voice startled everyone.

No one knew when he appeared. He was clearly in the kitchen earlier taking out the food.

Uncle He acted like he didn’t notice their expressions.

He lit up a cigarette and breathed out: “Oh, this well indeed cannot be used.”

Chen Xingzhou asked carefully: “There’s no water?”

He could only guess. After all, freshwater resources are scarce so the islanders wouldn’t seal it for no reason.

Uncle He looked at him: “Not because of that.”

He again looked at Zhao Mingya standing next to Chen Xingzhou and his lips moved. There was an inconspicuous smile.

Zhao Mingye intuitively felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

But she couldn’t pinpoint why she felt uncomfortable. She could only move closer to Chen Xingzhou and use him to get some reassurance.

Uncle He stepped on his cigarette to extinguish it and said: “The woman my brother liked jumped in so it cannot be used.”

Su Min was shocked.

Uncle He’s tone was very calm. It was as if he was talking about something very ordinary, but it was actually something that was related to human life and death.

He narrated very simply.

Uncle He’s younger brother had fallen for a woman and built a house after proposing. It was the place Su Min and the others are staying at right now.

But something happened before the marriage and the woman no longer wanted to marry. Uncle He’s brother naturally didn’t agree. The woman’s family had already received the betrothal, so she was forced to get married.

On the night of the wedding, the woman killed herself by jumping into the well.

Uncle He’s eyes swept passed the well and said: “When the woman was pulled out, her eyes weren’t closed. I no longer dare use this well.”

That’s true. No one would dare use a well that someone has died in.

Chen Yixin whispered: “That’s so scary. Let’s not worry about this well and go sleep after eating. I’m so sleepy today.”

Uncle He laughed: “Yes, let’s go eat. It won’t taste good once it’s cold.”

He turned around and went inside. Chen Xingzhou and the others followed.

Su Min was at the end of the group. He suddenly thought of something and his heart went cold.

Shouldn’t Uncle He’s younger brother use his new house as his wedding room so why would he come over to where Uncle He lived? The bride ran so far just so that she could jump into the well?

Wouldn’t it be faster running into the wall then jumping in?

Su Min felt that there were a lot of loopholes in that story of his but with Uncle He here, he couldn’t talk about it.

When they once again entered the house, five or six plates were placed on the table.

The food looked very ordinary. Most of it was seafood and there was a pot of fish soup. It was white and thick and looked particularly appetising.

Su Min and the others only got themselves a small amount of rice.

Uncle He held the spoon saying: “Drink some soup. The soup is very healthy. You won’t be able to drink soup like this back home.”

He moved to give them some.

Chen Xingzhou was about to refuse when Su Min next to him held out his bowl, “Uncle He, give me some please. I want to give it a try.”

Uncle He happily have him two ladlesful of soup.

When Su Min placed it down in front of him, he could still see the fish eyes. He couldn’t help but recall a topic mentioned in the news about fish eyes emitting a strange light.

But the eyes of this fish cannot emit light.

When Su Min was about to eat it, he suddenly felt a chill next to him. It wasn’t the familiar feeling that Chen Su gave.

He glanced over and saw the source of the cold air.

Uncle He sat alone on one side and Su Min saw a man’s apparition sitting next to him. Uncle He appeared to not notice anything.

The black apparition sat there with his head on the table. He looked like a headless ghost.

Su Min looked at the head on the table and then saw that the eyes of the severed head had suddenly moved to look in his direction.

The eyeballs then came out and fell into the fish soup.

Su Min was startled. He felt disgust inside him.

Uncle He suddenly said: “I’ll also have some soup first.”

He then placed a bowl of soup in front of him. Su Min could see an eyeball floating in Uncle He’s bowl.

That headless ghost soon disappeared.

At this moment, a man suddenly came over. Seeing the people at the table, he frowned: “Old He, why are you still eating?”

Uncle He stored away his smile.

He stood up and said: “You eat first. I’ll go and take a look.”

Su Min looked at the man at the door and saw that he was one of the two men in the bathroom.

Right now, he had a fierce expression. He looked like he was difficult to talk to.

The man also looked over. Before Su Min could react, the man forced a smile on his face.

Su Min also smiled back but he felt a sense of danger inside.

After Uncle He and the man left, Chen Xingzhou couldn’t hold back anymore, “I don’t want to eat. I really can’t eat it.”

They didn’t know what was used to make these dishes.

Zhao Mingya whispered: “I called the police before I came but the police can only get here tomorrow at the earliest. It’s still a long time until they’ll be here.”

The island was both far and inconvenient. If it was a tourist attraction, you could take a boat over directly, but it was dangerous to take a boat over at night as well.

Chen Yixin spoke unhappily: “I’ll rather go back and eat potato chips.”

Su Min reminded: “If you can’t drink the fish soup, don’t drink it.”

Chen Xingzhou wanted to ask something but Uncle He walked back in.

When he returned to his seat, Su Min saw the wounds on his body. It wasn’t obvious and looked like it was covered up.

A fight?

Su Min thought of the fierce looking man earlier. He didn’t know if they had any grudges between them.

Despite a table filled with food that was still exuding heat, no one dared to eat.

“Eat. Don’t be so polite.” After saying that, Uncle He started to gulp down his fish soup. They could clearly hear the sound of it entering his stomach.

The milky-white soup left traces around his lips.

Uncle He finished off the food that he had made.

He had a filling meal, but Su Min and the others only had a few mouthfuls of rice. Afterall, at least the rice was normal.

When they left, Chen Xingzhou and the others gave their goodbyes to Uncle He.

Su Min could feel someone staring at them and glanced over only to see that the people living near Uncle He’s place were standing outside.

Uncle He saw him look over and explained: “There are very few visitors from outside, so they were curious.”

That explanation didn’t sound quite right either.

This time Chen Xingzhou refused when Uncle He said that he would walk them back. They fearfully left his place and their backs were covered in sweat by the time they reached the slope.

They had originally thought that something would happen as they had dinner, so they didn’t expect to be able to return safely.

For a moment, the five of them walked silently down the road.

At this moment, Zhao Mingya suddenly saw a figure flash by. She whispered: “A man passed by just then.”

Su Min quickly looked over only to be met with darkness.

Zhao Mingya pointed in a direction, “It’s there. He went down and it looked like he was holding a shovel.”

That man had clearly ran a long distance.

Su Min thought about it and turned to Chen Xingzhou: “I want to take a look.”

Since it is a secret, then he will need to find out. Otherwise living until the end is pointless. It’s better to explore it yourself.

Isn’t the purpose of experiencing horror movies so that you can find out the truth?

Jiang Yunhuo wanted to say something but was cut off by Su Min: “You guys go back and pretend that I’m still there. Don’t tell anyone.”

Chen Xingzhou:”I’ll go with you.”

Su Min thought about it and agreed. After all, he’s the male protagonist. No matter how dangerous the horror movie is, he will still possess the protagonist halo.

The two of them walked behind the house.

There was no light behind them so they could only grope around slowly. From here, they could hear the sound of waves in the distance.

After a while, they saw a figure below.

Su Min subconsciously thought of the shadow in the bathroom. It was also crouching down.

So are they doing the same thing?

Chen Xingzhou couldn’t see clearly: “Is he eating something?”

From where they were, the man looked like he was grabbing something and then he constantly sent it over to his mouth.

Su Min squinted and confirmed: “Yes, he looks like he’s eating something.”

They didn’t dare act rashly. They hid there for more than ten minutes until the man finally stood up and did something else.

He then looked around before leaving the place. As he left, he even boldly carried the shovel away.

When he disappeared, Chen Xingzhou wanted to go out but he was stopped by Su Min. He said in a low voice: “Wait.”

If they went over now and the man returned, they would run into each other. If that happened, they are probably done for.

The dark night was completely silent. There were also bugs.

Chen Xingzhou didn’t stay there for long when he couldn’t stand it anymore. He turned around and gnashed his teeth: “Why doesn’t the bugs bite you?”

Su Min: “Maybe our physiques are different.”

Chen Xingzhou was really envious.

Su Min felt that time was long enough and stood up: “Let’s go take a look. Be careful not be be discovered.”

From here they could slide down. There were also vines that they could grab onto.

The two of them fell onto the flat land and ran over to the place where the man stood earlier. They saw that the soil appeared to be newly turned over.

Su Min looked around and only found a few branches that could be used.

At least they could be used. He pointed to the ground: “Let’s dig it up and see what’s inside.”

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