Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 31: Kiss You

Jiang Yunhuo saw someone strange. So strange that he felt scared.

Chen Xingzhou asked: “What do you mean by strange?”

Jiang Yunhuo was still in a fearful state: “When I was searching through that room, I saw a person run past and he was making strange shouts. I was curious so I followed him………”

He was also very careful and maintained a distance away from him.

Jiang Yunhuo didn’t know that person. Seeing him run past while yelling, he felt that something wasn’t right.

He didn’t go too far because the man didn’t run very far. At a flat plain, he started to roll around on the ground. He looked particularly miserable.

Jiang Yunhou pointed to his body, “He was scratching himself. He seems to be very itchy but that reaction of his was too extreme.”

It was his first time seeing someone scratch themselves like that. Like he was crazy, he shouted while he scratched.

Chen Xingzhou said: “It might be a skin disease.”

Su Min however instinctively felt that something wasn’t right. He stood up and said: “Let’s go and see.”

Jiang Yunhuo jumped up: “Okay, I’ll take you there. Maybe that person hasn’t gone far yet and we can still make it.”

They all went over with him.

They were at a place halfway up the mountain. If they went down, it was a slope and then there was various fields planted with unknown vegetation.

A long and small trail could be seen going through them

At this moment, there was a person rolling around in the field next to that small trail. From where they stood, they could hear his cries. He seemed to be in a lot of pain.

He had his back facing Su Min and the others so they couldn’t see his expression.

Jiang Yunhuo whispered: “I didn’t expect so many people to come while I was gone. I wonder what’s going on?”

Uncle He and several men stood around him.

Seeing them like that, Su Min felt that things weren’t so simple. He quickly said: “Find a place to hide.”

If they were discovered like this, they wouldn’t have a good outcome.

Fortunately, despite this island not having many things, it had many trees, grass and rocks. There were also standing at the top, so they had a geographical advantage. As long as Uncle He doesn’t look up and doesn’t look too carefully, he wouldn’t see them.

Zhao Mingya said: “He looks like one of those madmen on TV.”

Rolling around the ground, he screamed nonstop.

Chen Yixin said: “I think he seems to be suffering from some sort of illness. He is probably feeling extreme pain throughout the body and he scratched away at it too much.”

She had seen something like this before. Every time it happened, several doctors and nurses would be needed to control it. They could only wait until the episode is over.

Jiang Yunhuo said: “He was like this when I saw him.”

Chen Xingzhou watched him for a while and suddenly remembered: “Su Min, is this the man we saw last night?”

His back view looked familiar.

Last night they had stared at the man’s back for about ten minutes. The memory whilst you’re in fear is usually several times better than usual.

Su Min thought about it: “If I’m not wrong, it is him.”

That man was still alive and well eating the toad so how did he become like this now?

He really didn’t expect this outcome.

Until now, no one attacked them in this movie, and they were only presented with question after question. No matter how you look at it, things weren’t right.

Zhao Mingya wondered: “Why aren’t they saving him?”

The moment she said that, the situation changed on the other end.

While that man rolled on the ground, Uncle and the others wanted to help but they eventually let go and stepped back.

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Su Min felt that this action of theirs was very meaningful.

Why did they let go? Afraid of being infected? What illness does that man have to make him like this?

Before he could think more about this, the answer was revealed.

When the man rolled to face where they stood, they clearly saw multiple pustules over his body. Some of them had even ruptured open from his excessive scratching.

The entire surface of his skin looked like the bubbles on the surface of boiling water.

Chen Yixin stepped back, “That’s just too horrible……”

It was no wonder he was rolling around all over the place. It was itchy but he couldn’t scratch it and it looked like he would die any moment.

Every time he rolled around, several of them would rupture. The contents of the pustules would stain his clothes and leave faint residuals.

As a whole, it was both disgusting and strange.

Su Min thought of a strange possibility, “Could this be because he ate the toad?”

There was an old saying from his hometown that the elders would often say: Don’t hit a toad and never eat one.

Chen Xingzhou widened his eyes: “No way……..”

He had never heard that eating a toad would result in something like this.

Su Min said in a low voice: “What is not possible here?”

This is a horror movie. Anything can happen in a horror movie and even curses can work.

Jiang Yunhuo said: “Listen carefully and see if you can hear what they’re saying.”

Uncle He was saying something over there and bits and pieces of his words were carried over by the sea breeze. They could vaguely make out a few words.


“I told you not to………..don’t scratch…….”

And finally, Uncle He said: “………Wait.”

When Su Min heard the last word, he intuitively felt that something bad was going to happen. What did he mean by wait?

To wait until the illness is over or to wait until he kills them?

Uncle He stood on the side looking coldly at the man rolling on the ground. He then looked up in a direction and left.

Zhao Mingya rubbed her arm, “Where was he looking?”

Su Min said in a cold voice: “The place where we’re staying.”

He could now be certain that it was about time for Uncle He to do something to them. With what happened to this man, it looks like things were going to happen ahead of time.

Chen Xingzhou said: “Then we should always be alert.”

If the entire village came over, the five of them wouldn’t be able to fight back.

Su Min thought for a moment, “Let’s go back first.”


After returning back to their rooms, they were all in a bad mood and were even a little irritated.

They had a simple meal and then they spent the rest of the afternoon searching around the house. They even left some tools at a place close to them.

Chen Xingzhou searched online and found a boat rental company.

After conversing with each other for a while, the other party was unwilling to come unless they paid several thousand more.

Tonight, no one dared to sleep.

In the end, sleepiness won them over. One by one, they fell onto the bed leaving Su Min alone.

The moment it passed midnight, the cinema’s prompts came.

【Hello Audience Member Su Min, congratulations for once again surviving another day. Today’s hint is: Power Outage】

Su Min got off the bed to turn on the lights. As expected, the lights didn’t turn on.

Did the electricity go out by itself or did someone turn it off deliberately? This was a still a question.

There are small windows in the room, but the curtains were pulled over. The persistent knocking in the walls continued.

Su Min opened a small slit and could see that the moon outside was round and bright. It was so bright, he could see the grass by the roads very clearly.

There was a feeling that a storm was about to pass by.

Before he could turn around, he felt Chen Su suddenly appear behind him. It was as if he had appeared out of thin air.

Su Min had already grown accustomed to his ability to appear and disappear suddenly. He didn’t expect a ghost to constantly remain in one place.

Chen Su asked: “You’re not sleeping?”

Su Min shook his head: “Can’t sleep.”

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As soon as he said that, he felt Chen Su pat his butt.

Su Min quickly turned around to face him. He glared at him and whispered: “Are you crazy?”

The same sentence was spoken in two horror movies.

Chen Su admitted without any shame: “If you say I am then I am.”

Su Min: “………”

Then he must by really crazy.

Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo were already asleep, and their chests rose and fell along with their breathing. It was as if they weren’t in a horror movie at all.

Su Min thought for a moment and asked: “Is the movie about to end?”

When he said this, he felt that it wasn’t right. Afterall, he was the only on who’s experiencing it and there wasn’t anyone else. No one would know that this is a movie.

But he didn’t expect to hear the word: “Yes.”

The bright moonlight outside penetrated through but it only casted a single shadow across the floor. The shadow stretched and fell onto the bed.

Su Min subconsciously looked up only to see a shadow covering his eyes and a cold touch on the tip of his nose.

Chen Su said: “I want to kiss you.”

Su Min stepped back a little and frowned: “I don’t know you.”

Chen Su before him had not revealed his appearance. He only heard his voice: “You didn’t react like this when we slept together last night.”

Su Min: “……………”

Before he could say anything, another person’s voice sounded in the room: “……..Su Min? Who are you talking to?”

Su Min denied: “It’s nothing. Just speaking to myself.”

He also didn’t know why they couldn’t see Chen Su. It seemed like every time he appeared, only he could see him. It was the same in “University Thriller”.

Did he have some sort of special skill? Su Min felt that he was guessing too wildly.

Chen Xingzhou asked with confusion: “Then go to sleep soon. I’ll go back to sleep now. Tomorrow I’ll see if we can go back……..”

He rolled over and no longer spoke.

Without waiting for Su Min to turn around, Su Min found himself pressed onto the wall, The cold wall immediately startled Su Min.

He gritted his teeth: “Chen Su, are you crazy?”

The ghost opposite him didn’t answer his question and responded using his actions instead. Su Min’s isn’t weak but, no matter how strong he is, he couldn’t overcome a ghost.

Su Min couldn’t make a sound. Even his breathing disappeared.

After a while, Chen Xingzhou who was getting ready to sleep again suddenly sat up.

This action of his wasn’t small and it startled Su Min.

Chen Xingzhou scratched his head and sat on his bed in daze for a moment. He then looked up and saw Su Min leaning against the wall by himself.

Su Min had his head tilted up slightly and he didn’t know what he was doing.

Chen Xingzhou thought silently, is he a night thinker?

As he got up from the bed, he asked, “Su Min, did anything strange happen tonight?”

He didn’t find it strange when he didn’t get a response.

Chen Xingzhou went over to turn on the lights but after flipping it back and forth a few times, the lights didn’t respond. At this moment he realised that there was a power outage.

No wonder Su Min is standing there without turning on the lights.

Chen Xingzhou sighed and said: “The power is out. What to do?”

He used his phones flashlight and shone it over to Su Min’s direction, inadvertently seeing his expression.

Chen Xingzhou asked with concern: “Do you have a fever? Your face is so red.”

Su Min lowered his head and covered his mouth. After a while he waved his hand and said in a low voice: “I’m okay. Why are you up?”

Chen Xingzhou: “I was thinking things and couldn’t sleep.”

Su Min didn’t answer. He covered his mouth and coughed a few times. His eyes glistened a little.

Chen Xingzhou felt that Su Min was acting strange. He stared at him for a long time.

He stared at Su Min for so long, Su Min almost thought that Chen Xingzhou was possessed by a ghost. Chen Xingzhou then said: “You’re tearing up from coughing so much. I’ll get you a tissue.”

He turned back to the bed and internally wondered why he never realised how attractive Su Min was.

When Su Min was about to refuse, he heard noises from outside the window. When he turned around, he saw a huge lantern dress float into the yard.

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