Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 32: In the Wall

That lantern dress instantly disappeared.

Su Min didn’t see what ran past earlier but, for it to be chased by the lantern dress, it surely wasn’t anything good. Perhaps it was that skinless thing from yesterday.

Su Min didn’t bother thinking about anything else and quickly called out: “Chen Xingzhou stop searching. I just saw the lantern dress.”

Chen Xingzhou was shocked: “Is the lantern dress here for us?”

Su Min said: “No, the lantern dress is chasing something. Let’s leave this room first. It’s dangerous here.”

Chen Xingzhou: “Okay.”

Su Min opened the door and knocked on the door to the next room, waking Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin.

The two of them weren’t sleeping the entire time.

Su Min had guessed during the day that Uncle He must have something planned tonight and may take advantage of them while they’re asleep so they were on alert.

Jiang Yunhuo woke up with confusion: “What happened?”

Su Min: “Let’s leave this place first and then we’ll talk.”

This wasn’t their first time going out at night and they had become used to it. After leaving the room they checked their surroundings. No one was around.

It was very quiet on the island at night and there were only the sounds of insects and the wind.

Su Min was a little curious about why Uncle He still hasn’t done anything to them, but he then guessed that he was probably waiting until they were deeply asleep.

Afterall, university students nowadays would only go to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

Su Min still remembered the direction the lantern dress was going, and he went straight over.

After walking halfway through, Chen Xingzhou finally realised why he felt familiar: “This direction seems to be going down the mountain.”

“It is going down. It’s the road leading to the sea.”

“Is it going to the beach?”

They discussed with each other quietly. Because the moon was out, they weren’t worried about not being able to see the road ahead.

After walking for about ten minutes, the trees became thinner and they suddenly heard a strange cry.

It sounded like something was caught in the throat.

Zhao Mingya covered her mouth and pointed down: “There!”

She pointed about a dozen metres away from them. It wasn’t a place that they were unfamiliar with, it was near the pit with the toads.

The lantern dress was standing there. You couldn’t see what was inside and could only see the fluttering dress.

Next to the pit was a fallen man. Like Chen Yixin back then, he had tripped over the pit.

The lantern dress circled around him.

The size of the dress was similar to those worn by the ladies in medieval Europe. It billowed out like a hot air balloon.

But the surface of it was very smooth. Under the moonlight, it even looked a little faded.

What on earth is that lantern dress……..Su Min had a guess in his heart but he wasn’t certain.

Because he had never seen it before.

That man was very panicked. He wanted to climb forward. The lantern dress also didn’t do anything to him and only fluttered next to him.

But when the man’s leg left the pit, a hand suddenly appeared from inside grabbing onto his foot.

The hand was covered in green algae. It looked like an arm that had reached out from its grave.

Even Su Min was a little startled.

He wasn’t wrong. There was indeed was a body inside and it had turned into a ghost so it can now attack others.

The man started to struggle desperately.

Chen Xingzhou gulped. He whispered: “At this rate, he will be dragged down……..”

If he’s dragged into the pit, he’ll definitely be a goner.

Su Min watched for a while and then shook his head: “I don’t think it’s like this. He would probably die differently.”

Chen Xingzhou felt that his guess would be correct.

The two didn’t argue and just waited quietly.

No matter how strange it looked, Su Min didn’t come forward. A few seconds later, something finally changed.

Jiang Yunhuo widened his eyes. He couldn’t even form a complete sentence: “He…………”

The scene occurring before them was just too shocking.

The hand from inside the pit dragged the man who ate the toad in, but he only pulled him half inside.

The lantern dress waiting on the side then covered him. The man struggled for while and soon stopped moving.

From Su Min’s end, a large round body suddenly appeared from the ground, revealing a vague human figure.

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As expected, this lantern dress is half transparent.

Su Min said in a low voice: “Sure enough, it’s human skin.”

The others who heard his words trembled. They couldn’t help but recall the fact that they had thought that it was a girl when they first saw it.

Before them, the lantern dress began to shrink, and it took the appearance of a normal person.

The five secretly watching didn’t dare make a sound. They watched the man covered in the lantern skirt stand up.

“He” left the pit. The hand inside the pit was also gone. “He” left the pit and started to go up. “He” seemingly wanted to go up the mountain.

Su Min immediately said: “Hurry and leave this place.”

With one glance you could tell that the lantern dress isn’t good-natured, and they didm’t know what it’ll do if it discovered them.

They all hid in the trees nearby.

The man covered by the lantern dress walked very slowly. It took a few minutes for “him” to gradually adapt and then “he” started to walk like a normal person.

“He” then came over to their side.

Su Min held his breath as he watched the lantern man pass by in front of him. Just before “he” disappeared, the man suddenly looked back.

“He” already knew that they were there.

After that “person” disappeared, Su Min noticed that his back was drenched with cold sweat.

Chen Xingzhou and the others were oblivious. He asked nervously: “Where should we go now?”

Zhao Mingya asked with confusion: “Is that lantern dress human skin?”

Otherwise she couldn’t understand why it would cover another person.

Why would human skin run around on its own? She never knew that human skin could become ghosts and that it could even cover another person’s body and run off.

The first time she touched the lantern dress, she only felt cold.

Now that she thought back, if she was caught at that time then she may have had the same outcome as the man today………

Su Min fell into deep thought.

This lantern dress had covered another person and then went up the mountain. It didn’t even do anything to them so what is its purpose?

There was only one place left. It was where the islanders lived.

Su Min felt that he was getting closer to the truth.

Chen Xingzhou eyed the surroundings. It was too creepy: “Why don’t we go back?”

Su Min immediately said: “Follow it. See if it’s going to Uncle He’s place but don’t get too close.”

Zhao Mingya also wanted to go and see.

She wasn’t the type of girl that would panic over everything and she wanted to know what was going on as long as her life isn’t in danger.

That lantern dress also didn’t do anything to her.

Jiang Yunhuo gritted his teeth: “Then let’s go together. If we die, we’ll die together.”

He was partly responsible for suggesting that they come to this island in the first place. If anyone needed to die, he should be the first one.

The man covered by the lantern walked very slowly.

When Su Min and the others caught up, “he” had just started walking up another slope. The direction was indeed the village where Uncle He and the others lived.

Eventually “he” disappeared at the end of the road.

After a while, Chen Yixin covered her mouth and exclaimed: “Why are there suddenly so many toads? What is this?”

She didn’t notice it earlier but now she saw that a large number of them had appeared.

These toads hopped around on the ground causing those who saw it feel disgusted. If they weren’t careful, they would accidentally step on one.

Particularly because they fed on corpses to live, Chen Yixin felt that it wasn’t a good idea to step on them.

These toads seemed to have formed a group and were heading in one direction.

Su Min observed this for a while and said: “I think I have a gist. Let’s go back and open up that wall.”

Chen Xingzhou was surprised: “Really?”

He still remembered being stopped before.

Su Min nodded: “As soon as possible.”

The movie was about to end so it was time for them to find out the truth. Even if something happened, it won’t be long.

He could tell from Chen Su that they were close to the end.

The moment he thought of Chen Su, Su Min huffed.

Chen Xingzhou thought Su Min was angry at them and quickly apologised saying that he would compensate them when they return.

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Su Min didn’t want to respond.

The tools were already prepared in the room. Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin have no strength, so they stood on guard on the side to see if Uncle He or anyone else was coming over.

Jiang Yunhuo said: “This wall is a bit old so it shouldn’t be too hard to break open. We just need to use more force.”

One advantage was that they lived a little far from Uncle He and the others so even if they used a hammer, the sound wouldn’t travel that far.

The three of them struggled for about five minutes and finally revealed a large hole. When Zhao Mingya used her phone to light up the wall, the people breaking the wall down no longer dared to continue.

A human head was looking through the hole at them.

Although the eyes were closed, she looked like she would open it at any time.

Jiang Yunhuo trembled: “What do we do now?”

Chen Xingzhou said through gritted teeth: “What else can we do? We can only smash it, or did you want to continue looking at this head?”

He took the lead and started smashing the wall. Su Min wasn’t scared, so he did the same. In less than a minute, the entire wall broke apart.

A body fell from inside.

What was most creepy was that her hands were in a clenched posture – like the gesture one makes when knocking on the door.

Chen Yixin was afraid: “She really was the one knocking.”

The knocking sounds that persisted for the past two nights really was the work of a corpse hiding inside the wall.

Jiang Yunhuo said: “I don’t know what happened but now that I know that it was a corpse knocking, I feel a little relieved.”

He was afraid of revealing something else unknown after breaking down the wall.

Chen Xingzhou continued to smash the rest of the wall. He then stopped and said: “There’s another one here………”

They had thought that there might be two bodies inside and turns out there really was another one. It was also a female corpse.

It was summer so the body should have rotted and smelled foul but she had only just died.

No matter how you look at it, it didn’t look right.

Using the phones flashlight, the pale colour looked like the lights in a hospital in the middle of the night.

Su Min examined it for a bit and said: “This is probably Qian Yun.”

The moment he said this, he saw the eyes of the corpse suddenly open. It stared intently at him.

The people standing around almost screamed.

Jiang Yunhuo almost smashed the tool in his hand onto the corpse: “Did……..Did she resurrect…….”

The corpse even opened its eyes!

Su Min still had his previous experience with Liu Lili in “University Thriller” under his belt. Still calm, he said: “She probably just heard me call her name.”

Qian Yun’s body didn’t do anything else apart from opening her eyes. With her just staring at them like that, it actually wasn’t that scary.

Zhao Mingya standing near to the window moved her ears and spoke up after a moment: “Did you hear something?”

Everyone looked over to the window behind her.

Zhao Mingya felt that something wasn’t right. She asked: “Th-there’s something?”

The atmosphere suddenly turned strange. Chen Xingzhou pulled her over and said in a small voice: “There’s a ghost by the window.”

Zhao Mingya who didn’t see the ghost herself was already scared stiff.

Su Min reassured them: “Don’t be scared. That’s Hong Rui coming to find his wife.”

Hearing this, Zhao Mingya felt relieved at first. She then remembered, didn’t Hong Rui die a long time ago?!

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