Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 33: Condition

For the first time, Zhao Mingya realised how scary Su Min’s way of reassuring others was.

When she turned back, she saw a face pressed up against the glass panel. His face was soaked in water for so long that it was swollen and the hair that was plastered against his face was still dripping with water.

He was also a little dirty and there were various holes on his face. He looked both grotesque and terrifying.

Chen Yixin quickly jumped away. Seeing Hong Rui at the window, she felt like her heart was about to jump out.

Chen Xingzhou suddenly remembered the hand that grabbed him in the sea: “He’s the one that drowned?”

Jiang Yunhuo denied it: “No, see that algae on him?”

Hong Rui’s hair still had residues of oily green algae which looked like a small green plain growing from his head. It looked very strange.

Jiang Yunhuo whispered again: “Those holes on his face might have been caused by the toads……..”

At every hole, they could see the flesh inside. A corpse that looked like this was very frightening.

Su Min thought about it and said: “The corpse in the sea won’t come ashore unless it managed to find a replacement.”

This was a characteristic of a water ghost. Chen Xingzhou didn’t die at that time so it cannot leave the sea and the corpse can only continue being a water ghost.

As for the identity of that ghost, there was no way to find out.

Qian Yun’s body on the ground continued to remain motionless despite keeping her eyes wide open. She didn’t even know that her own husband had come.

Chen Xingzhou whispered: “Is this the husband and wife?”

Zhao Mingya had already recovered. She guessed: “The lantern dress might be their daughter.”

The family of three was killed and the daughter suffered the most miserable fate with her getting her skin peeled. The wife was sealed in the wall while the husband was thrown into the pit.

Su Min guessed this was probably what happened.

As he thought this, the knocking came from the window. Hong Rui outside was still pressed onto the glass so it didn’t seem like he was the one who knocked.

But the knocking sounded urgent and the body on the ground started to move. Eventually it sat up and then it stood up.

The people near the corpse was most fearful.

Qian Yun’s corpse was different to Hong Rui’s. She was completely pale, like those that appears in movies.

The corpse opened the door itself and walked out stiffly like a zombie.

With the door opened, cold wind blew in. They only returned to their senses when the two strange corpses disappeared from their sights.

Chen Yixin suddenly cried out: “Look!”

Outside, numerous ghosts appeared. They had their heads lowered and one by one it looked like they were on their way to the underworld.

There was no sound. It was strange and scary.

Su Min calmed down, “They’re not looking for us, don’t worry.”

If this was the original movie, one would have already died in the sea and the rest would have been killed.

Hearing him say this, Chen Xingzhou reacted and said calmly: “They might be going to find the murderer to take revenge.”

It was the same for the lantern dress.

Su Min said: “I’ll take a look.”

As soon as he stepped out, Chen Xingzhou and the others also followed.

The ghosts with their heads lowered were already gone.

Su Min decided to go to where Uncle He lived.

Before they could leave, the blind granny from the first day appeared without a sound.

Chen Yixin pulled Su Min’s clothes, “Look.”

The blind granny supported herself with a tree branch and knocked it onto the ground. With a raspy voice she said: “Don’t go there.”

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Su Min this time didn’t waste any time and asked directly: “Granny, are these people originally from the island?”

The granny blinked her murky eyes and just kept repeating: “Don’t go up. Don’t go there.”

Again and again, she repeated that sentence.

Su Min asked a few more questions but every time he received the same response. This granny was also a little impatient and just continued to repeat herself.

He even started to question his own mental state.

Zhao Mingya said: “Is she stopping us from going up there because there’s something there? Does this granny know what Uncle He and the others are doing?”

It was just a guess and there was no way to find out.

Jiang Yunhuo muttered: “She’s not letting us go and she won’t tell us the reason. Can we trust in her?”

This granny is too strange. She even came over in the middle of the night.

The blind granny probably felt that she spoke too much. She began to move. She passed in front of them and turned to leave.

Su Min finally said: “Follow her.”

Although the blind granny looked like she was blind, she had no problems when walking. She walked down a small road that lead to the back of the village.

As they followed, they could hear a yell. They didn’t know what happened.

Countless toads hopped past them. Some even wanted to jump onto them, but they were shaken off.

Chen Yixin was about to cry: “This is so disgusting.”

But they had no other choice. There was nowhere safe on this island and they were everywhere.

After about ten minutes, the blind granny stopped outside a house. Just when Su Min wanted to move forward, she faded and disappeared.

He was stunned. After a few seconds he turned and asked: “Did you see that just now?”

Chen Xingzhou also had his mouth open, “I saw……”

How did that blind granny suddenly disappear in front of them? It was as if she had never appeared.

Zhao Mingya spoke nervously: “Is she human or is she a ghost?”

Su Min suddenly recalled when they met her on the first day. That blind granny didn’t want them to go up and when Uncle He came, he looked like he didn’t see the granny.

Was it because he didn’t see her and not because he was deliberately ignoring her?

Su Min had never thought that the granny is a ghost and she even appeared during the day. Who would have expected this kind of twist?

So, what was the purpose behind her appearance?

Su Min pointed to the ground, “Did you see this?”

The others looked down and a question appeared in their mind: Why aren’t the toads going in and just hopping around outside?

Was there something inside this house?

The surroundings were silent. It was as if all the islanders had disappeared. Even Uncle He was gone.

The granny didn’t seem to pose any danger to them, and she even brought them over to this place where there were no toads around.

Su Min entered the yard and, when he was about to push the door open, a dark shadow appeared from the ground.

From small to large, it eventually exceeded the height of the house.

The moonlight clearly illuminated it. It took the form of the shape of an animal. The shadow started to hop, and it hopped from the end of the village to the entrance.

The bulging eyes looked like lanterns in the middle of the night.

It was a shadow from head to tail and you couldn’t see its figure in the streets. It soundlessly left around the village.

The people watched this with shock. They remained in place and didn’t dare to move.

This was Su Min’s first time seeing something like this. In his mind, he felt that this shadow was somehow linked to those toads.

Chen Xingzhou muttered: “What is happening?”

Su Min subconsciously thought, there’s such a scene in this horror movie? The director really knows how to shoot.

Jiang Yunhuo asked: “Are we going to continue to stay here?”

Su Min thought seriously about this, “You guys stay here. I’m going out.”

He wanted to see what was happening. At most he would just leave the movie and he wouldn’t be met with a terrible ending.

Chen Yixin said: “Don’t. It’s dangerous outside.”

Su Min shook his head and walked out.

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He followed the direction the shadow moved in and soon reached a slope. From there, he could see a shocking situation ahead.

No wonder the village was so quiet. It was because everyone was here.

Down on the flat plain, the people standing there were all men. In their hands they waved various tools including sharp kitchen knives.

Su Min’s eyes went cold.

Even the man covered by the lantern dress was standing back in the shadows. Perhaps it was because the skin was too small, it wrapped tightly around him.

You couldn’t help but feel that it would tear at any moment to reveal the flesh inside.

Uncle He and the others didn’t seem to have noticed the lantern man.

A man said: “I think it’s about time. They should all be asleep.”

Su Min recognised him. It was one of the men who was watching them from the first night. The other men were also there.

Another asked: “Which one do we pick?”

One of them answered: “The one that went into the sea. His skin looks quite tight and the colour is nice. It would be good to change into a new one.”

Su Min didn’t expect to hear that they were followed even when they went to the sea. For the entire time, this group of men didn’t let down their guard.

“Then it’ll be him.” The man frowned and turned around: “Old He, what are you thinking about? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Uncle He didn’t answer.

A large black shadow covered them. From Su Min’s location above them, he could clearly see that the black shadow took the form of a toad’s shadow.

The people below didn’t seem to notice it.

Not receiving an answer, the man got ready to ask again. The next moment, Uncle He suddenly lifted the hoe in his hands.

The group of people didn’t expect this. Uncle He looked like he had gone mad. He continuously bashed the villager next to him.

Blood spattered and it stained his entire body.

One wanted to run but he tripped over a corpse on the ground and fell. He was then attacked by another person.

Su Min was dumbfounded. He felt that the number of people down there had increased.

He quickly realised that it wasn’t because the people had increased in number, ghosts and corpses had mixed in.

With humans and ghosts mixed together, it was like the killing spree in the wild.

The person next to Uncle He had been hit down by his hoe and his face had been smashed open. Blood and flesh mixed horrifically.

Uncle He stiffened his expression and, just when he was about to attack again, he was suddenly thrown down by another person. A shocking scene developed.

That man struggled around on Uncle He’s face and eventually dug out his eyeballs. Fresh blood dripped from his hands.

Uncle He let out a cry of anguish and rolled around on the ground.

Next to him, he was surrounded by toads. They smelt the blood and started to gnaw away at his face. In less then a few seconds, you could no longer see Uncle He’s face.

As for the man who managed to dig out Uncle He’s eyes, he triumphally raised the eyeballs and ran away from the chaotic mess.

Su Min didn’t expect him to rush over to where he was.

He only took a few steps back when he suddenly felt Chen Su appear. Su Min was pulled by him to another place.

Chen Su said: “If you want to watch the show you should find a good place first.”

Su Min retorted: “Not watching the show.”

He only came to find out the truth and unexpectedly ran into something like this.

Uncle He’s sudden act of madness was clearly due to an unknown factor and many of his partners were killed by his hoe.

Su Min asked curiously: “What’s the condition for you to appear?”

He felt that Chen Su’s appearance was very random. Could he be able to appear any time he wanted to without any restrictions?

There was a cold sensation on Su Min’s ear. Chen Su deliberately leaned close to him and said: “When you miss me.”

Su Min moved his ear and was a little exasperated: “Nonsense.”

Chen Su spoke innocently: “I’m not.”

As a human and a ghost conversed, that man with the eyeball ran past.

After he ran a certain distance away, Su Min saw his head falling off. Separated from his body, it rolled around in the dark.

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