Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 34: Ancestral Hall

A light bulb lit up in Su Min’s mind and he realised who this person was.

When they were having dinner at Uncle He’s place, there was a headless ghost. Was this that same headless ghost?

No wonder he wanted to dig out his eyes. It was to avenge his hatred for having his eyeballs eaten by Uncle He together with the fish soup.

However, Su Ming found it strange. Afterall, the eyeballs clearly popped out and had fallen into the fish soup by itself.

But an avenging ghost isn’t a big problem.

Chen Su was still discussing the earlier topic: “I’m telling the truth”

Su Min no longer wanted to pay him any attention. He just wanted to know what on earth happened here.

Those people had taken a fancy of their skins and knew about the method to change skins. Was it because they knew of some unspeakable black sorcery?

Su Min has seen horror movies like this before. Some were fabricated while others were true.

In any case, they were used to deepen the plot.

In just one minute, the headless body ran back, picked up his head, and then it ran away again.

Su Min felt that this was a little strange.

Chen Su felt lonely and touched him: “Say something.”

Su Min turned to look at him and asked a question that he had always wanted to ask: “Why can only I see you and the others can’t?”

When Chen Xingzhou turned on the phone flashlight last night and walked over, Chen Su still had not released his hold of him.

Thinking back, he felt ashamed.

Chen Su moved close and said: “Because I am only related to you.”

The way he spoke was ambiguous and meaningful, but Su Min wasn’t moved. Instead he thought in another direction – Could this be something the cinema did deliberately?

But why would the cinema do this?

Was it because he was single for too long and the country wanted to give him a boyfriend? Although he is a ghost……..

Su Min was shocked by his own thoughts.

Chen Su didn’t understand why he would suddenly have a shocked expression and just thought that it was interesting. He even wanted to kiss.

Su Min said: “I’m going out.”

A human and a ghost were hiding in the corner. It was as if they were doing something unspeakable.

Chen Su said: “Okay then.”

He couldn’t interfere with Su Min’s actions. This movie was also about to end so any interference was useless.

When Su Min was about to go out, he felt the world spin.

When he came to his senses, he found himself lying on Chen Su’s body. There was a strange feeling of lying on an ice bed.

Chen Su said in a low voice: “Do you want to move yourself?”

Su Min: “………..”

Move your head. He’s not someone who would just attack anyone out of desperation and would even target a ghost.

Did this Chen Su originally come from a tyrant CEO and Cinderella Mary Sue background? His brain doesn’t seem normal.

And at this moment, Chen Xingzhou’s voice sounded: “Su Min?”

A head came out and then quickly retracted. Then he could hear broken discussion: “Not here.”

“Did he get caught and skinned?”

“Su Min can’t be that unlucky…………..”

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“It’s hard to say. Those people have no sense of humanity in them. Who knows how ruthless they can be? What do we do now?”

Chen Xingzhou had already imagined the miserable appearance of him being skinned alive and Zhao Mingya even started to sob quietly. The four of them looked extremely saddened.

Su Min expressionlessly listened to them discussing his death.

Chen Su didn’t want to see him distracted. His ice-cold fingers clasped onto his shoulder and the warmth and coldness mixed together making it even more stimulating.

Su Min who didn’t have the chance to fight back was kissed.

When he reacted, Chen Su had once again disappeared.

Every time, he would do something rogue and then he would run away. Su Min was about to laugh from anger.

He snorted and then carefully looked out from where he was.

Zhao Mingya was excited: “Su Min, you’re still alive!”

This school flower really had well-functioning tear glands. Su Min got up from the ground and said: “I’m fine. I was hiding here the whole time.”

Chen Xingzhou said: “It’s good that you’re okay.”

When they passed by, they saw a group of people killing each other and every time one of them fell, the toads would rush over.

It was like that scene where corpses were eaten away by insects and their corpses became filled with holes.

Chen Xingzhou hesitated and asked: “Su Min, they’re acting like madmen over there. Do you want to take a look?”

Su Min nodded: “Yes.”

When he left, it was chaotic. He didn’t expect to see such earth-shaking changes in just a few minutes.

They all went there together.

There was no trace of bloody flesh on the ground and all that was left were residual blood stains and mess left from the chaos earlier.

This time the entire dozen or so people were completely annihilated. Only the man in the lantern dress laid nearby still alive.

He also wasn’t in a good state. The pustules on his skin were all ruptured and he rolled on the ground howling in pain while the lantern dress covered him.

Su Min and them then saw a familiar person run over.

Jiang Yunhuo subconsciously said: “It was the one that was chased by the lantern dress earlier.”

And it’s skin really was peeled. At this moment, its muscles and blood vessels were clearly visible. The entire human figure was an extremely shocking sight.

Seeing it, the lantern dress quickly flew over to chase it. The two them merged into one and it became a corpse.

It’s just that the human skin continued to hang loosely from the body.

The three bodies and the bodies of Uncle He and the others were placed together. There were even some ghosts standing around with their heads bowed. Gradually, they disappeared.

The moon also faded, and the island was scarily quiet.

At this moment, Chen Xingzhou had the courage to speak up: “Did they all die? Is this retribution for eating the toads?”

He knew that toads were poisonous, but he didn’t expect it to be this severe.

The toads that swarmed over scattered and appeared to have eaten their fill. Soon, all of them were gone.

In an instant, everything was completely silent.

At this moment, that large shadow with the form of a toad appeared again and it stood up from the ground. It was even taller than a two-storey building.

But this shadow didn’t have a physical body and it remained in its shadow state.

The large shadow left the chaotic plain and hopped away in the direction of the village.

Su Min hurriedly said: “Let’s follow it.”

They weren’t far from the village and the quickly followed behind. They passed through Uncle He’s house and the houses of the other islanders before eventually reaching the end of the village.

Once again, they had returned to the house where the granny had disappeared.

Zhao Mingya suddenly remembered something: “This looks like an ancestral hall. My hometown had something like it, but it isn’t being used anymore.”

When she first came, she felt that it was very familiar, but she couldn’t figure out why. Now she noticed the resemblance.

Su Min knew about the role of an ancestral hall.

This island was originally very isolated from the rest of the world, so the appearance of an ancestral hall isn’t strange. With what happened with the blind granny, the ancestral hall seemed even more normal.

Su Min felt that there must be something inside. He stepped in: “I’ll take a look inside. Do you want to go too?”

Chen Xingzhou: “Of course we’ll go together.”

The ancestral hall wasn’t as scary as they had imagined. It was very normal with plaques and incense burners as well as a portrait.

The picture in the portrait was very strange. It looked both like a human and like an animal.

Su Min felt uncomfortable looking at it. He looked away and looked elsewhere and finally saw a small wooden house that was decorated like a palace.

There was a book in the wooden house with “Clan Registry” written on it.

Su Min took out the heavy book and exhaled, “It should contain all the people in the village.”

Chen Xingzhou walked over with the flashlight coming from his phone.

There were many names written on the book. As they flipped through the pages, they didn’t recognise the names. When they almost reached the end, they found Hong Rui’s family.

As for the surname He, there wasn’t one listed in there.

Chen Xingzhou gasped and said: “Uncle He’s surname isn’t here. He’s not someone from this island. No wonder he acted so strange earlier and walked the wrong way.”

It was definitely because he wasn’t familiar with the roads.

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The one who he had contacted was Hong Rui who was later killed by Uncle He. Uncle He then lied and fabricated a story about Hong Rui being his younger brother.

With all these facts lining up, everything seemed to make sense.

Chen Yixin couldn’t understand: “Why did they want to kill the people on this island? Isn’t it okay to live alongside them? The original islanders shouldn’t have been that non-tolerant of outsiders?”

Su Min said: “Perhaps the islanders mistakenly led a wolf in.” (KKnotes: left themselves open to attack, unknowingly let someone with bad intentions in)

If his guesses are correct, the place Uncle He was staying at was originally owned by the old lady in the well. He had pushed her in and then he took over her house.

Jiang Yunhuo muttered: “It’s really scary.”

Su Min then had another question. If Uncle He wanted to pretend to be an islander, why didn’t he destroy this ancestral hall?

Or was it because he couldn’t destroy it?

Su Min felt that the latter possibility seemed more likely. What happened earlier clearly meant that things weren’t so simple.

He didn’t know what the relationship between the toads and the island was and he probably wouldn’t find out until he leaves the movie.

Su Min suddenly recalled something, “Let’s go to the other houses. I think there are still people there.”

Chen Xingzhou didn’t understand what he meant but he still followed.

There was no one living around this ancestral hall. They didn’t know if it was because the villagers didn’t dare live too close, but their houses were located rather far away.

Only until they opened the fifth door, they made a discovery.

There was a woman tied up inside a room. The clothes on her appear to have been randomly thrown on and you could tell with one glance what she had experienced.

Su Min quickly looked away.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin were angry to death.

From the front of the village until the end, there were a total of several dozen houses. A dozen of them had women tied up inside. Young, middle-aged and old, they were all present. There was even a little girl kneeling into corner and staring at them with pitiful eyes.

Chen Xingzhou pulled out his phone and called the police.

He even turned on the video function to show them. With something as important as this, it was completely different to earlier when they didn’t have any evidence. Although it was late at night, they responded very quickly.

Soon, dawn was about to come.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin untied the ropes, but the women wouldn’t speak. They didn’t know if it was because they were held hostage for so long or if it was because of their previous experience of accidentally leading a wolf in.

There were even some that wanted to fight back.

Su Min didn’t dare stay in the same room as them. In the end he returned to Hong Rui’s room. On his way back he even saw that man covered in pustules struggling on the ground.

He thought about it and decided that it was safest here.

Although the corpses of Hong Rui and Qian Yun would likely run back here to sleep.

Too many things had happened in one night and no one had the urge to sleep. They remained awake until the sky started to brighten up and Chen Xingzhou’s phone rang.

Su Min heard the cinemas prompt.

【 Hello Audience Member Su Min. Congratulations for successfully living until the finale! There is a five-minute transitional period. Please be prepared. 】

The five-minute transitional period was very short.

Chen Xingzhou hung up: “The police just reached the island and will arrive soon. Do you want to go there?”

Su Min shook his head: “You guys go.”

Chen Xingzhou thought that he was probably tired from running around the entire night and decided to let him rest. He stood up and got ready to go out.

The others three couldn’t fight their sleepiness and had already fallen asleep.

Su Min wanted to say something, but he realised that the movie had already ended, and his body began to turn transparent. Eventually, he disappeared.

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