Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 38: Going Home

Su Min ate outside and then went back to school.

With experience from last time, although people know about it this time, they didn’t go to bother him and instead gossiped about it on the school forum.

The appearance of Chen Su once again reawakened the memories of those who had watched “New University Thriller” but there were some who suspected that it wasn’t the same ghost.

But eventually, they were convinced by the others.

“New Thriller University” has already been launched online and some specially cut the final scene and posted it onto Weibo. It was the scene where Su Min asked the ghost for his name.

At that time, they didn’t hear it because it was just a whisper but now they could guess that it was the words “Chen Su”.

Very quickly, they two movies were once again put together.

“So to say, it was the same ghost in both those movies? Was it something that was agreed on before? Can I report cheating? I heard someone experienced it five times and died pitifully all five times.”

“I heard something happened in the bathroom. Why don’t I remember seeing that? I only remember them sleeping in the same bed. It’s all because it wasn’t broadcasted in the movie, so angry.”

“I’m more concerned about the lantern dress HAHAHA. Was she like Liu Lili and wanted to show affection but was scared away by that great master? I really feel distressed for lantern dress sister.”

“Sweet! So sweet! I had a creepy grin the whole time, scaring my roommate in the process. It’s like watching a Korean drama HAHAHAHA. Sure enough, it’s as the others have said. I hope that there’s a similar movie next time.”

“I didn’t eat my popcorn. They were all crushed by me………..”

Su Min saw that last comment and clicked on the replies. Inside, he felt bad for her popcorn.

Before he was able to read the rest, he arrived back at his dormitory.

Li Wenxin and Wang Di have gotten up. One was playing games while another one was using their own rice cooker to cook instant noodles.

The aroma of instant noodles filled the entire room.

Although the school does not allow use of high-powered electric appliances, there were lots of smaller versions of them available online. This small rice cooker isn’t big and could only cook two or three servings each time.

Li Wenxin was fascinated by the noodles. Seeing him returning, he asked: “Do you want some? If you want to, I’ll add another bag?”

Cooking instant noodles is completely different to making it by just adding hot water.

Li Wenxin had bought various seasonings and this time he added a lot making the flavour more intense.

Su Min shook his head: “I’ve eaten.”

Li Wenxin was conversely happy that no one was going to steal his food. As he filled up his bowl he asked: “How was the movie?”

Su Min: “It’s okay.”

“How okay is okay.” Li Wenxin grumbled: “I didn’t watch the movie and I already know what basically happened.”

Wang Di also joined in and asked: “Who is that Chen Su?”

Su Min could only answer: “I also don’t know.”

Li Wenxin slurped his noodles and said: “You can’t do that. You can’t go around everywhere kissing someone you don’t know. What are you going to do if the other party is ugly?”

Su Min was their university’s school idol, and also their top student. They didn’t want this school idol to be taken away by someone strange.

Wang Di then thought of something else: “Can he come out from the movie? Are you going to end up having an online relationship?”

Su Min pursed his lips and answered after a moment of hesitation: “I won’t.”

He would definitely not let himself end up in that kind of situation.

Li Wenxin placed down his noodles and said: “Do you want me to help you find a hacker and find out who that other person is?

Su Min instantly stopped.

It was useless thinking about something as impossible as this. The cinema naturally wouldn’t allow things like this to happen and they are more likely going to end up caught by the police.

Li Wenxin was also only suggesting it without much thought. He shrugged and said, “The instant noodles are delicious yet you guys aren’t even eating it.”

It was too fragrant in the room. It even made Su Min feel a little hungry.

He sat at the desk and opened his textbook. His teacher had left a few questions to complete and he should hurry and complete it while he still remembered.

When he was done, it was almost nine o’clock.

Li Wenxin and Wang Di were still playing computer games. Their keyboards clattered and their mouse swooshed back and forth.

Su Min didn’t pay them any attention and went to sleep after washing up.


The next day was a Monday, Mid-Autumn Festival.

There were not many people wandering around outside. It was already the beginning of autumn and the weather was starting to become colder.

Su Min bought a soup bun and soy milk from outside. On his way back, he was greeted by some of his classmates.

“Good morning great master.”

“I watched the movie yesterday, it was very good.”

“Su Min, you’re famous now at school. Be careful not to be stopped on the streets and confessed to HAHA.”

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Although they mentioned the movie, he wasn’t asked anything else about it.

This was also something that he felt glad about.

In the evening, Su Min packed up his belongings and prepared to go home instead of staying at school. You would naturally go and spend mid-autumn festival with your family.

Li Wenxin mumbled out a reminder: “Remember to close the door.”

Su Min gently closed the door and left the dormitory with his bag.

His house is located in the city centre and isn’t far from school. He just needed to take the subway line and get off nearby.

Very few people know that Su Min’s family owned several apartment suites and usually just thought that his family circumstances were okay. Even Li Wenxin only came to know about it after asking.

Since young, Su Min had always been considered as the exemplary child next door. He received numerous awards and was always gentle and well-behaved. The elders all loved him.

Unlike the relationships between the parent and child in other families, Su Min and his family got a long very well. It was almost to the point where they would tell each other everything.

Su Min left the subway station and walked home from there.

When he opened the door, Mother Su heard the sounds and walked out from the kitchen. She spoke with pleasant surprise: “Why are you back so early today?”

Because Su Min mentioned that he would go home today when he called last night, she was preparing to personally cook up a few things.

It was six o’clock in the evening. It was still quite early.

Su Min changed his shoes and said: “There’s nothing to do at school anyway so I came back early.”

“How’s school lately?”

“The same as usual. It’s nothing much. It’s still more comfortable at home.”

Su Min is an only child. In fact, he would have had a younger brother or sister, but unfortunately, they were gone before they were born.

It was also because of this that Mother Su’s body is a little frail and would require bedrest.

Fortunately, the Su family was rather well off, so it wasn’t something difficult to do. Mother Su now lives her life very peacefully.

Even after losing her second child, Mother and Father Su didn’t try for another child.

Mother Su suddenly remembered something. She asked: “Your cousin called yesterday mentioning something about a movie. Did you star in a movie?”

Su Min subconsciously recalled those scenes.

He hesitated for a moment and asked nonchalantly: “What did she say?”

“Nothing much. She just mentioned something about a horror movie.” Mother Su looked at him, “Why? Didn’t you say that you’re not going to become a celebrity?”

Su Min laughed: “No, it’s new technology.”

Mother Su quickly understood his words, “It’s that holographic movie experience that’s been mentioned online isn’t it? I would have forgotten about it if you didn’t mention it.”

She wasn’t interested in watching movies, so she never paid it much attention.

Su Min tilted his head up and drank some water: “Yeah, that’s the one. If you successfully experience it, it will be broadcasted so that was why she saw me.”

Seeing that Mother Su still wanted to ask more questions, Su Min quickly changed the topic, “The payment I get from that movie is pretty good.”

Mother Su was surprised: “There’s such a thing?”

Su Min nodded and didn’t say much.

Since it was like this, Mother Su didn’t continue asking.

Although he had managed to escape this bullet, Su Min felt that something was likely going to happen in the future. If one day his father invited his mother to the movies, and they saw his movie then it’s over.

Su Min quietly returned to his room.

On his way here, he received a new link from Li Wenxin. It was a new post discussing the movie.

Although Su Min felt that it probably won’t be much different in content, it was as if something came over him and he moved to click on the link.

This time the content of it was discussing the plot of the movie. There were even some who were trying to guess the connection between the blind granny and the toads. After all, the large toad shaped shadow only appeared after the blind granny disappeared.

Su Min himself guessed that the disease on the island may be related to the toads. Or, at the very least, the toads were probably a key step or important ingredient for the skin changing ritual.

The answer given by the director about the island also had its secrets.

If the islanders lived normally, it would naturally be impossible for them to contract any disease of the sort, unless it is an environmental factor.

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Su Min thought of those toads. Although the movie didn’t reveal much about it, it didn’t hurt making various speculations.

In addition to those discussing this, there were other posts containing numerous exclamation marks.

“Can I be honest and say that from the beginning to the end, I wasn’t paying attention to the story…….I’m a shameful viewer. I was grinning like an aunty the whole time…..”

“What you’re talking about is right. I have no problems with that. But is anyone else also wondering why Chen Su was there?”

“I think it might be a pair of people watching the movie together in couple mode. Didn’t the cinema say that you can customise the script? They probably made it so that he’s a great master and wanted to try something new.”

“The perfect Cinderella and his great master drama. All the ghosts were just helping them progress their relationship. Us SuMin girls won’t leave behind a single sugar!” (KKnotes: SuMin: Chen Su+Su Min combined)


Su Min once again recalled the post about Cinderella and her prince.

He felt that the relationship wasn’t quite right. He should be the prince so why did he now become the Cinderella?

At this moment, knocking came from his door.

Su Min was so startled, he almost threw away his phone. He even knocked down a model on his desk as he quickly pulled out a book and pretended to be studying.

After doing all that, he remembered that he was now a university student. There was nothing wrong with playing on his phone.

He pinched the inner corners of his eyes and felt that he had become stupid.

Mother Su’s voice came from outside: “Xiao Min, take a look and see if this is your package?”

Su Min quickly opened the door and saw a box in her hands.

He was confused: “I didn’t buy anything.”

Mother Su frowned: “Is it a scam? I’ve seen a lot of people be tricked these days.”

Scams like these have all been exposed online. After delivering something, they would do a few things and finally achieve their purpose of cheating others of their money.

Su Min received it: “Let me see.”

The address was written correctly, and it even included his name and phone number. The sender was New Century Cinema.

The cinema sent him something?

Su Min recalled that he had originally filled his details with his home address, not the school address and felt that he was too careless.

He let out a sigh of relief: “It’s not a scam. It was sent by the cinema.”

“The cinema would even send things?” Mother Su was curious: “Are they movie tickets for the family to go and watch?”

Su Min’s heart fell. He was worried that the contents inside had something to do with the movie.

He used his hand to cover the form on it and gently said: “Mum, aren’t you busy cooking? Don’t worry about this. I’ll go find a pair of scissors and check the contents.”

After Mother Su left, Su Min quickly closed the door.

The box wasn’t big and it’s very light. It didn’t look like it contained anything heavy. After he opened it, he saw a gift box inside.

Su Min opened the gift box. Inside, there were two discs.

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