Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 40: Departure

After Su Min left the cinema, his mood had become somewhat calmer.

He had originally thought that Chen Su wouldn’t appear in a romance movie or that, even if he did appear, he wouldn’t appear in the form of a ghost, but he was wrong.

If that was just the case, then it would have been fine, but he continued to get up to mischief throughout the movie.

Su Min expressionlessly returned to his dormitory.

His roommates didn’t know he had gone to the cinema so when they saw him like that, they thought he probably didn’t finish his homework. However, when they remembered that he was the school’s top student, they no longer felt comforted.

For the next month, Su Min didn’t go to the cinema.

He had no intention to experience the horror movie that was to be released at the end of October. As long as he doesn’t go into a movie, he wouldn’t run into Chen Su.

If he doesn’t see him, then things won’t develop.

Su Min thought that it was fine like this, but he suddenly received a call from the person in charge of the cinema.

He refused: “I’m not going this time.”

The person in charge fell silent for a moment. He then explained: “In fact, this time it wasn’t an invitation from our cinema. The director of “Death Show” invited you to watch it.”

Su Min hesitated for a moment. He then quickly understood why.

Very few horror movies become a sensation. Most that do are foreign movies so the ones that were domestically produced generally don’t attract much attention.

The two movies from last time were both marketed differently, but both received some traction. The director wanting to invite him probably is nothing more than play to increase the ticket sales.

Although he felt that he didn’t have much of an influence on ticket sales, his experience from two movies will always be more than those who had only experienced one movie.

And he guessed the director probably couldn’t find another person.

Su Min thought for a moment and said: “If I don’t successfully experience it this time, then won’t it………”

The person in charge said: “No need to worry about this. The director is just inviting you to watch it. If you succeed, that’s great, but if you don’t you can just take it as a viewing experience.”

He didn’t hide anything and believed that Su Min could guess the reason behind this.

Su Min: “Let me think about it.”

After a night of mulling over it, he still couldn’t make a decision.

But the next day, the person in charge called him again.

Su Min asked directly: “I can go but there’s something I want to ask. I am doing solo viewing of the movie so who is Chen Su? Why did he appear?”

The person in charge answered: “I also don’t know him. Maybe it’s something the superiors arranged.”

Su Min wasn’t convinced but he guessed that he probably wouldn’t be able to get the truth out of him. Like the others, they are very strict on secrecy.

He agreed: “Okay then. I’ll go when the time comes.”

When he was about to hang up, the person in charge mentioned something else, “The director’s intention is clear. Do you want to watch the movie in advance and then experience the movie when it is out?”

Su min refused: “No need.”

If he watched the movie in advance, it would be the same as having a cheat when he goes to experience it. At that time, he would probably act very strangely.

The person in charge didn’t find this answer of his surprising, “Okay. I’ll let the staff contact you when the time comes. I hope Mr Su can once again succeed.”

Afterall, his success was also something good for the cinema.

There was still a week until the film is released. Su Min wasn’t in a hurry. He would occasionally search online about “Death Show”.

Perhaps because the plot of the movie is a very important part of the movies, much of the content wasn’t exposed.

Even the synopsis online was very vague. It was practically didn’t reveal anything. It was a little similar to “Murder Island”.

Although the name is ‘show’, this movie had no association with the entertainment industry and the characters are not celebrities or actors or the like.

This time, it was a story about a male and female protagonist and their colleagues going online to buy three tickets. With these three tickets, they went to watch a show.

The ticket said that, because of how long it goes for, they would need to stay there overnight, and the performance company will arrange the accommodation. Each person would need a ticket and it would be void if they left the area.

The ticket was very expensive, and the accommodation was free. They were just ordinary business workers, so they didn’t want to waste time and went there together.

The story would begin from there.

Regarding whether or not there were deaths and what the ending was like, there were no clues online. The actors and directors continued to withhold this information and only promoted the movie without revealing any of the inside plot.

Su Min internally thought: If the plot wasn’t good then this movie will definitely be thrown out onto the streets.

Earlier there was a foreign movie called “Escaping the Death Town” and he had watched it online. They didn’t mention anything about what happened to the town but the contents of the movie were excellent so it still received a high score.

If you wanted to do something like this here, it is difficult.


On the day of release, Li Wenxin accurately guessed what Su Min was going to do.

He originally wanted to ask if he wanted to go watch it but, when he saw Su Min’s attire, he concluded that he was definitely going.

Towards the end of October, the weather had gotten colder. Su Min even wore long sleeves.

He is tall but he is also rather thin. Wearing it, he looked like someone from a magazine with wide shoulders, narrow hips and long legs.

After going to the cinema, many girls second glanced Su Min.

The staff was waiting for him there.

This time it wasn’t Xiao He. It was a new sweet-looking girl with bright sparkling eyes.

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The sister revealed: “Leader has told me that, in addition to Mr. Su, there are also a few other movie critics who were invited to view the movie.”

Su Min also guessed that this may be the case.

One person wasn’t very reassuring. With a group of people, at least one of them should be able to succeed.

Su Min didn’t know if these movie critics have watched the movie in advance.

The theatre this time wasn’t big. Because it was specially prepared for them, it could only seat a few people allowing them to chat with each other and get to know each other a little better.

Su Min sat in an isolated seat in the back row.

Some of the critics noticed him but the theatre was a little dark so they couldn’t make out Su Min’s appearance.

After putting on the helmet, they no longer paid attention to who was who.

The lights in the theatre quickly dimmed leaving a faint light illuminating the room. The movie then started to play.

As the words “Death Show” appeared, a line of words appeared from the cinema: “Audience Member Su Min hello. Are you ready to enter the movie “Death Show”?”

Su Min closed his eyes and gave an affirmative response.


In the afternoon, the company was very busy. The sounds of keyboards clattering, and papers being turned filled the office.

“Wake up, don’t sleep.”

“The meetings about to start soon. Don’t get reprimanded by the manager.”

Su Min felt someone pushing him. When he opened his eyes, he saw a man wearing glasses standing before him.

Someone in front called out: “Su Min, bring along the files.”

Su Min subconsciously replied: “Okay.”

He sobered up and examined his surroundings. It was an office. In front of him was a computer that still had a document opened.

Many people have already picked up their files and entered the conference room.

Although Su Min was a little confused, he quickly reacted. With his experience from two movies, he already knew what to do.

The cinema gave him a reminder: 【Hello Audience Member Su Min. Please accept your script as soon as possible.】

Su Min received the script, but he didn’t have the chance to check it.

The man with glasses placed his hand on his shoulder and asked: “Su Min, what are you standing around for? Hurry and go to the meeting with me.”

Su Min didn’t have any impression of him.

He gathered up his emotions and said: “I didn’t sleep well last night. Did anyone notice earlier when I napped? Anyway, let’s go.”

The glasses man said: “No, I helped you cover up. Hey, do you think today is stir-fried tomatoes and grape?”

Su Min: “……….”

“Don’t like it? There’s also another new one. I think it’s something like cucumber and dragon fruit soup. I heard it’s really good.”

Su Min remained silent.

He had never heard of these dishes. It sounded very scary.

The inedible dishes popular in the university cafeteria was one thing but even a company’s cafeteria is filled with things like this?

The conference room was a little further away, so Su Min used this change to check the script.

His role this time was again a cannon fodder. The glasses wearing man next to him is called Li Chi Yu and he would be watching the show with him this time.

The company had staff residences and the two shared the same dormitory.

It would be the weekend after work is over today and they, along with the another two, have agreed to go watch the show.

Su Min then died at the hotel.

As for how he would die, the script didn’t mention it. It seems that even he himself didn’t know how he died.

In other words, Su Min’s role was to go together with Li Chi Yu and his goddess to watch the show but before he could see anything, he died randomly in the hotel.

The cause of death is unknown. That is very troubling.

Su Min was still in thought when Li Chi Yu changed the topic: “Don’t sleep in the dormitory this afternoon. I’ve already bought the tickets so let’s go out and play with my goddess.”

He pulled out a few crumpled tickets from his pocket and handed it to him.

Su Min received it. It was a ticket for the show.

The ticket was a single-use ticket and the background was very vague. He could only make out several woven baskets but the contents inside wasn’t revealed. It was pitch black.

The entire ticket was made to look rather old.

“They only do this show once a year and the ticketing date was fixed but they suddenly released a limited number of tickets online yesterday, so I managed to snag three of them.”

“You don’t have to worry about paying for the tickets. You just need to accompany me.”

The horror movie would begin officially once he goes there. Su Min came here to experience the horror movie, so he naturally had no reason to refuse.

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He stored away the ticket and said: “I won’t forget.”

The two of them entered the conference room together. There weren’t much discussed in the meeting and it was mostly the usual problems. It was similar to the usual meetings Su Min would have.

After the meeting, Su Min returned back to his seat and worked.

After work, as he went to the cafeteria with Li Chi Yu, he asked curiously: “That ticket you managed to get, do you know the contents of the show?”

Li Chi Yu shook his head and said: “I also don’t know. They never reveal details about the performance.”

Su Min felt that he was just sending himself directly to his own death like this.

Li Chi Yu said he found out about it in a forum. Someone recommended this show and he just happened to see the price and the number of tickets available dropping every second, so he impulsively bought a few.

It could be used to pursue his goddess.

Su Min internally thought that he probably wouldn’t die but it might not necessarily be the case for Li Chi Yu. Feeling sympathetic for him, he passed a grape over.

This goddess chaser is no different to Chen Xingzhou in Murder Island.

Li Chi Yu thought he was encouraging him and was very touched.

When they returned to the dormitory, it was already seven o’clock. There were still a few hours until they needed to go to the show venue so they could rest a little.

The venue is about a few hours drive from the company.

The content of the show is unknown, and the hotel is also usually not open. There was no useful information about it on the internet.

From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem that simple.

As he packed up his belongings in the dormitory, Su Min was very worried.

He used his phone to search up various horror stories centred around shows and performances and passed it over to show Li Chi Yu: “Be careful at night.”

Li Chi Yu rubbed his hair and revealed a suffocating expression: “Wait.”

Su Min internally thought: We still don’t know who will die first.

As they spoke, footsteps were heard outside. It was then followed by a female voice: “Li Chi Yu?”

Su Min who was arranging his belongings replied: “I don’t eat fish.”

The woman outside fell silent for a moment and appeared to be surprised by his response.

After a while she spoke up again: “I was calling for Li Chi Yu, not asking if you ate fish. It’s about time.”

It’s time to go see the show.

KKnotes: Li Chi Yu also sounds like do you eat fish in Chinese

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