Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 41: Carpet

Li Chi Yu flew over to open the door.

Seeing Le Ling standing by the door, he smiled and pointed at Su Min, “We’re ready now. Let’s go.”

Li Chi Yu had already started to imagine the wonderful days that was soon to come.

Su Min closed the lid to his suitcase and turned to look over at the door only to be shocked.

Li Chi Yu’s goddess is very tall. Could she be considered a royal sister?

He compared his own height with hers and felt that she was similar to him, but she was a few centimetres taller than Li Chi Yu.

Li Chi Yu really is brave.

Le Ling said: “I’ll give you one minute.”

Li Chi Yu was already used to her cold attitude and said: “One minute, one minute. That’s plenty.”

Le Ling nodded and left the room.

Su Min sat back onto the bed, “You really invited your goddess out to watch the show?”

Li Chi Yu said: “You don’t understand, this is why it’s thrilling. When you don’t know what the show is about, it is an entirely new experience.”

Su Min internally thought: You’re using your life in exchange for that thrill.

But this was a horror movie and it was pointless for him to say anything. He just thought that the scriptwriter really was amazing for being able to think of something like this.

Su Min lifted his suitcase and asked casually: “With Le Ling being so tall, do you don’t feel pressured?”

Li Chi Yu: “No I don’t.”

He felt a little weaker when he stands next to Le Ling, but he still liked her. There was nothing he could do about that.

Li Chi Yu also invited a recently hired intern, Jiang Taozhi. He wanted to set her up with Su Min but he felt a little apprehensive.

But he couldn’t just invite Le Ling alone and make her be the only girl with them. It’s to awkward like that. Afterall, girls rarely go out alone with boys to play.

After a few minutes, the four of them gathered outside the staff building.

Jiang Taozhi leaned against her suitcase and said aggrievedly: “Li Chi Yu, are you deliberately hiding the contents of the show from us?”

Li Chi Yu raised his hands: “I’m innocent. I really don’t know.”

Le Ling said coldly: “Let’s go.”

With Li Chi Yu taking charge with organising this outing, he naturally was the main source of contact. As they spoke, he received a message from someone.

The car that was here to pick them up had arrived and was waiting just outside.

As they walked over to the car, Su Min couldn’t help but ask Le Ling: “Why did you agree to go to such a place.”

Le Ling glanced at him: “Just happened to be free.”

Su Min felt that it didn’t look like that was the case from her expression.

He had no memory of Le Ling, and his character has only been on the job for one month, quite like Jiang Taozhi.

But Li Chi Yu had been employed here for several months and is more familiar with Le Ling hence his desire to pursue her.

The staff residency is a few minutes walk away from the road. Right now, the sky had already darkened and the streetlights were on.

Su Min looked at the road and asked: “Is it that car?”

Just by the road not far ahead of them was a black car. It didn’t look different to the other cars, but it was parked in a separate location from the other cars.

Su Min subconsciously thought of the cars that appeared in horror movies.

Could this be like those final destination cars where something horrible would happen once you get on?

After thinking this, he quickly tossed that thought aside.

The main focus of this horror movie was to watch the show. If they died before reaching the venue, how would the movie be called Death Show?

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Li Chi Yu checked his messages and nodded: “It’s that car.”

He took the initiative to help take Le Ling’s suitcase but didn’t expect Le Ling to be a step ahead of him. She even conversely helped him carry his suitcase.

Li Chi Yu: “………….” My goddess is so strong.

Su Min found the way these people interacted to be very strange.

Jiang Taozhi had a small 18-inch suitcase which was not only easy to drag around, you could also easily pick it up and carry it, so she didn’t need any help.

The car wasn’t locked. Su Min opened the door in one go.

The interior of the car was no different to normal cars but, because the lights weren’t on, it was dark inside.

There were two rows of seats in total; Jiang Taozhi and Le Ling sat at the back and he and Li Chi Yu sat at the front which is also behind the driver.

Sitting here, he could better take in the situation.

Li Chi Yu patted the back of the seat and said: “Brother, we can head off now.”

The moment he said this, the driver started up the car. His movements were smooth and quick and he didn’t utter a word.

Su Min could see through the rear-view mirror the driver’s appearance. It was a normal middle-aged man, but his expressionless look reminded him of a robot.

It was as if he had done this so many times that he had grown numb to it.

Li Chi Yu was very talkative and couldn’t stop speaking. He constantly tried to chat with the driver: “Brother, what is the show about?”

The driver didn’t respond.

Li Chi Yu again asked: “Brother, how long do we need to stay in the hotel? Or does the show take place at the hotel?”

The driver again didn’t respond.

Li Chi Yu was about to ask another question when he heard Le Ling’s cold voice from the back seat: “Li Chi Yu, did you eat too much last night? Why are you so talkative?”

The goddess spoke so he naturally didn’t dare say anything else.

Li Chi Yu whispered: “He’s not saying anything.”

No matter what he asked, the driver acted like he didn’t hear him at all and only stared ahead as he concentrated on driving.

Su Min outwardly praised: “Good driver.”

So good that it felt a little strange.

Su Min just happened to have the same thoughts as Le Ling and wanted to stop Li Chi Yu. After all, this driver didn’t seem to want to talk.

He guessed he probably wouldn’t speak or it could also be because……..he can’t speak.

Afterall, the contents of the show cannot be revealed.

During the entire drive, Su Min wasn’t sleepy. Li Chi Yu on the other hand was knocked out.

Every time Li Chi Yu’s head leaned against his shoulder, a hand would reach out from behind to return Li Chi Yu to his normal position.

Once was okay, but when it happened several times Su Min found it amusing.


Two and a half hours later, the car stopped.

Su Min could see a building through the window. It was a very luxurious hotel. It was an European style hotel and looked like a gorgeous church.

It’s just that the hotel was surrounded by empty space. It was the only building in this area.

Were they about to be scared by something in the hotel?

The driver remained sitting in the driver’s seat and didn’t move. He didn’t even remind them to get off.

Su Min shook Li Chi Yu, “We’re here.”

Li Chi Yu was startled awake. He quickly opened the door and took out the suitcases, “I didn’t expect such a luxurious hotel.”

The four of them stood outside checking out the building for a moment before entering the hotel.

The hotel was a manor-styled building. After going through a large iron gate, there was a wide road that is surrounded by a large patch of green grass. There was even a fountain and several statues.

After entering through the hotel’s door, Su Min subconsciously looked back and saw that the car that they had come in on was gone.

Behind it was a forest that appeared to extend endlessly into the distance. It gave people a feeling something was about to come out from it.

Su Min sighed. Since he’s here already, he should avoid the cold.

But Li Chi Yu and Jiang Taozhi felt no sense of danger, and Le Ling was as cold as ever.

When they reached the inside of the hotel, the interior was magnificent but empty. A lifeless vase sat in the corner.

There was a woman sitting at the front desk.

Su Min assessed the surroundings and said: “There seems to be no one here.”

Earlier, Li Chi Yu had mentioned that he had managed to snag the tickets while they were quickly selling out so there should be many people coming to watch the performance, but it didn’t look like anyone else was here.

Li Chi Yu said: “Looking at the time, they’re probably all in their rooms. Let’s check in.”

The dull yellow light shone and there was an indescribable smell that filled the air. All their gazes moved over to the front desk.

The woman at the front desk wore a uniform and, like the driver, she was completely expressionless. It was as if she was someone who had no emotions.

Li Chi Yu has a very accepting heart and thought nothing of it.

The tickets are also vouchers for the hotel. He directly handed the four tickets to the front desk, “Checking in.”

The woman at the front desk mechanically checked the tickets and then typed a few things on the computer. The light casted from the screen onto her face made her look a little pale.

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Le Ling stood together with Jiang Taozhi on the side and was a further away from the front desk.

Li Chi Yu said in a low voice to the front desk: “Four rooms that are next to each other.”

Su Min asked: “You’re staying alone?”

He had thought that this male protagonist would want to stay in a room together with him. It was also rather dangerous staying alone.

Li Chi Yu nodded: “Otherwise are you going to be the third wheel while I chat with Le Ling at night?”

Su Min: “……..Okay then.”

He no longer cared about this male protagonist. After all, the male protagonist would usually be the last one to be in danger so he guessed that there shouldn’t be any problems at the beginning.

Li Chi Yu puffed up his chest: “I will protect her.”

Although Su Min didn’t want to hurt his feelings, he still said: “Maybe the other party will end up protecting you instead.”

Li Chi Yu glared at him: “You———”

He couldn’t think of anything to say to refute it.

Li Chi Yu snorted twice. When he received the room cards from the front desk, he happily ran over to give it to Le Ling.

The woman at the front desk raised her hand and pointed down the corridor.

When the hotel is completely empty and you walk down a long-carpeted corridor, you couldn’t help but feel your heart race.

The lighting here was similar to the lighting in the lobby, apart from the fact that it was a little dimmer.

Li Chi Yu read: “401-404. Our rooms.”

Su Min didn’t expect the rooms to be associated with the number 4. Can’t the directors change the numbers? (KKnotes: 4 = death, bad omen)

The elevator smoothly went all the way up to the fourth floor.

Because it is a European-style building, the ceiling is very high and the black and white patterned wallpaper stretched all the way up to form a line.

It was Su Min’s first time seeing such a hotel. Although it isn’t unusual seeing black and white walls, it was uncommon for hotels to use it.

The entire corridor felt very oppressive.

“It’s such a strange hotel. They are really amazing thinking of decorating it like this.” Li Chi Yu spoke with awe: “I wonder what the rooms are like.”

Su Min didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Li Chi Yu asked: “Which one are you staying in?”

Su Min randomly picked one out and when he turned it over, he saw that it was 404. Although it was bad omen, he didn’t refuse it: “This one then.”

The rooms were arranged so that it was even on one side and odd on the other.

Li Chi Yu said: “Okay then I’ll be next to you. Le Ling and Taozhi will stay opposite us. Be careful at night.”

Le Ling randomly picked out a card and said: “I’ll stay here.”

Jiang Taozhi had been constantly checking out the hotel and taking pictures nonstop. She wanted to post it onto her friend’s circle.

The camera finally reached the end of the corridor.

Their rooms were located at the end of the corridor and at the very end was a window.

It was pitch black outside and you couldn’t’ see anything. Perhaps there may be a small opening there as they could feel a gentle breeze coming in.

Jiang Taozhi took another photo and then looked down to check the photo only to see that something wasn’t right.

She frowned and once again took another photo.

She had thought that the photo this time would be normal, but she didn’t expect to get the same outcome as earlier. It was still a little strange.

Jiang Taozhi patted Su Min who stood next to her and whispered: “Su Min, can you check and see if there’s something wrong with my eyes?”

Su Min turned over to check, “What’s wrong with the photo?”

Jiang Taozhi pointed at the bottom, “Here, do you see it? The carpet on the ground is wrinkled.”

There was a patch of the carpet under the window that appeared to be wrinkled, like it was hiding something inside.

Su Min then looked over at the location where the photo was taken.

The carpet in that same location was flat and had no wrinkles at all.

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KK has something to say:
Didn’t Li Chi Yu buy three tickets? But there are four of them?? Did the author make a mistake?

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