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Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 42: Watched

For the first time, Su Min saw a carpet trope in a horror movie.

“This……Did my phone reveal something there?” Jiang Taozhi could tell something wasn’t right, “Should we take a look?”

Su Min shook his head: “It’s better not to.”

Although he would like to know about the actual plot of this horror movie, when faced with a supernatural event like this, they would easily be targeted if they did anything.

Le Ling and Li Chi Yu had already entered their rooms.

Su Min reminded her: “Delete that photo and act like you didn’t see if. Try not to come out at night.”

Jiang Taozhi sighed: “Okay.”

In fact, she really wanted to know what was wrong with the carpet.

Su Min ensured that she opened the door to her room before he entered his. Before he went inside, he quickly glanced down the corridor. There didn’t appear to be any signs of life in the hotel.

Just as he thought this, two people suddenly appeared.

Su Min subconsciously slowed down his actions and secretly observed them.

The pair that arrived was made up of a man and a woman. They looked like they were a couple and are about 28 or 29 years old.

The man appeared stick thin and he was tall, like a bamboo. It was very contrasting to the woman next to him. The woman was rather plump and shorter than him.

Because the corridor is very quiet, everything they said could be heard clearly.

“……….Seeing that this hotel doesn’t look too bad, I won’t be angry at you anymore. Did you book one room?”

The man smiled and said: “I’m glad you’re not angry but there are two rooms. They give a room for each ticket, Qing Qing.”

The woman’s expression changed dramatically. She scoffed and said: “Xu Jian, can’t you just come over and stay with me?”

Xu Jian’s face stiffened, and he said: “Of course I can.”

Zhou Qing Qing said: “Since you can then you shouldn’t make that type of expression. It’s as if I forced you. You’re the one who invited me over.”

Xu Jian didn’t speak again. He bowed his head and used the card to open the door.

Su Min could easily tell that the woman called Qing Qing is the dominant one in the relationship and Xu Jian appears to be unwilling but was forced into it.

The two no longer spoke.

Su Min also couldn’t delay things any longer. He returned to his room and eyed the carpet. He didn’t know what kind of ghostly situation would occur.

He was slightly tempted to guess that anyone who pulls the carpet up would be wrapped by it and pulled in.

The hotel room was very spacious and there was even a large living room. It could be said to be even more luxurious than an apartment.

Su Min rarely stayed at hotels, but he knew that hotels are also a common setting in horror movies. Many of it involved hotel guests dying in their hotel room and then becoming an evil spirit.

He first went into the bathroom to check and then he closed the door.

As soon as came out, the phone on his bed rang. It was a WeChat message sent over by Li Chi Yu: “Are you guys going out tonight?”

Before then came over, they had already established a group chat.

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Su Min: “Not going out. It’s better not to go out at night.”

Le Ling: “You might get kidnapped out in the wilderness.”

Li Chi Yu sat on his bed and scratched his head. He had wanted to go out with his goddess, but both his roommate and his goddess refused.

Su Min: “I saw two people come in tonight, so I think the people who are coming to see the show are also staying in this hotel.”

The hotel looked like it had five floors and on the fourth floor there was a minimum of 6 people including themselves. If they counted the others, there would probably be eight or nine people on each floor.

Su Min thought this because he deemed that it was unlikely for only a few people to stay on each floor.

Li Chi Yu: “Really? Why don’t we ask them?”

Jiang Taozhi: “Ask? They’re strangers so they probably don’t want to talk to us. This hotel is an unfamiliar place and if the other party’s attitude is poor, what do we do then?”

She has a gossipy personality. Whenever she spoke, she would say a lot of things at once.

Su Min: “You’re thinking too much.”

He not only heard that the two guests didn’t know about the contents of the performance, he even guessed that all the guests that came probably didn’t know either.

Li Chi Yu was reprimanded by them and he no longer sent any further messages.

Su Min knew that he wouldn’t be too hurt by this, so he didn’t pay him any attention. Using his phone, he prepared to search online about this hotel.

But when he set up his location, he realised that he didn’t know this place.

After a while he realised that he didn’t recognise this entire city. It was a completely fictional city generated by the movie.

The phone was from the movie, so the information was automatically filled.

Su Min also didn’t want to search up anything else. He went and directly searched the hotel address and a webpage soon appeared.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much information. Perhaps it was done so that it was in line with the plot.

The webpage revealed that this hotel is located in the outskirts. After going through the news articles a piece of news mentioned that the address of the hotel is a death pit. In the past, a major massacre had occurred here.

Seeing this news, Su Min recalled an old alleyway in Yangzhou called Luosi Jieding. It was probably something similar to that.

This was something that he had learnt from his previous experience. The only thing that was fictional was the school in “University Thriller” and the town that it was located in was based on reality.

The old alleyway in Yangzhou called Luosi Jieding also had a homophonic name called “Mountain of Corpses”. It is rumoured that the “Yangzhou Ten Day” massacre’s death toll was so high, the bodies that piled up exceeded the heights of the houses that lined it.

Because lights installed there would inexplicably turn off, the residents there basically didn’t go out at night. This resulted in the saying: Be careful when you run into someone in the alleyway as they may not necessarily be human.

Although Su Min understood that the hotel had nothing to do with that, it shared a common point. It was both closely related to ghostly events. 

The director probably was inspired by those slaughterhouse landmarks.

And the pair of man and woman that he saw before entering his room, because he only saw them from a distance, he didn’t know if they were human or ghosts.

There won’t be a ghost party tonight will there?

Su Min inexplicably thought back to “University Thriller” and the female ghosts singing in the girl’s dormitory.

Apart from that, there wasn’t anything else online that was related to the hotel.

Su Min turned off his phone and proceeded to charge it.

Because he knew what was going to happen, he took a shower before he came so that he could avoid having to go through anything in the bathroom.

The hotel was very rich. The entire floor was carpeted, and the colour was different to the carpet in the corridor. The carpet in the corridor was grey while the one in the room was white.

When Su Min came in, the lights all turned on. Although it wasn’t very bright, it still looked a little safer.

He specifically examined the carpet on the floor and carefully tested out places that was slightly wrinkled and didn’t find any problems with them.

It seems that only that part of the corridor was special.

Su Min laid back on the bed and only left the bedside lamp on. He was not sleepy. As for the experience this time, it wasn’t much for him.

It was just a matter of changing how he experienced terror.

Thinking this, Su Min recalled the romance movie that he had watched a month ago. Even now he was still a little angry.

He had originally wanted to watch the male and female protagonists fight as a bystander, and also experience what it was like to be a doctor but in the end ghostly events repeatedly occurred at the hospital.

In the ward, in the clinic……….

It was completely different to the theme of the movie. He had even checked and confirmed that it was a romance movie, and that it wouldn’t have anything supernatural happen.

But in the end, even the romance movie was turned into a horror movie. Although it isn’t a true horror movie plotline and it wasn’t dangerous, it was still very thrilling.

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In addition to that there was also a ghost next to him that liked to make trouble. That made it even more thrilling.

Su Min stopped his thoughts and closed his eyes to rest.


One o’clock in the morning, all was silent.

The corridor in the hotel was lit up while most of the rooms were dark. Zhou Qing Qing woke up from her dream in the middle of the night.

There was only a small light turned on in the room and it was quite dim. She looked at Xu Jian who slept next to her, put on her pyjamas, and got off the bed barefoot.

It felt very comfortable walking on the carpet.

Zhou Qing Qing walked over to the bathroom and reached the entrance when she noticed that the floor didn’t feel quite right. It was as if there was something in it.

She lowered her head and looked down. Because the lights in the bathroom was turned off by her, she couldn’t see things clearly. The carpet was wrinkled, and she just happened to step onto it.

Zhou Qing Qing cursed: “What the fuck is this thing?”

She kicked it with her foot but didn’t expect to see that the carpet didn’t flatten out and instead her foot sank inside. No matter what she did, she couldn’t pull it out.

This was very irritating. It was Zhou Qing Qing’s first time encountering such a useless carpet. As she thought about filing a complaint, she used her hand to forcefully tug at the carpet.

In the end, something so simple ended up taking a long time. After finally managing to pull her foot out, she angrily returned to bed to continue sleeping.

Just as Zhou Qing Qing laid down, she suddenly felt a chill in the blanket. Thinking that it was because the air conditioner was on, she tugged at the blankets and closed her eyes.

In her confused state, a hand grabbed her foot. It was extremely bone chilling and it felt like it was covered in glue. The moment it touched, it was as if it was stuck on.

Zhou Qing Qing woke up struggling and angrily pried open the blankets only to find nothing inside. She then looked at her own foot and saw that it was covered in something sticky and transparent.

She didn’t know what the liquid was but she felt very uncomfortable.

Zhou Qing Qing was angry to death. She nudged Xu Jian next to her but the other party didn’t respond. He didn’t even turn over.

She slapped him: “Xu Jian?”

Xu Jian didn’t budge.

Zhou Qing Qing was originally very angry, and this only made her even more angry. In one fluid action, she pulled off his blanket only to be frozen in place the moment she turned around.

There was a vague shadow standing in the corner next to the bathroom.

Zhou Qing Qing could even see the clothes on his body. He was wearing a white loose shirt that looked like a hospital gown, but she couldn’t see it very clearly.

He lowered his head and his face was ghostly pale. His skin looked like a finger that was injured and was soaked in water for too long resulting in it becoming all swollen.

Zhou Qin Qing felt a chill run up from the soles of her feet. She didn’t even know how long he was standing there fore.

More importantly, he didn’t look human………..

Zhou Qing Qing gripped tightly onto the blankets until her knuckles turned white. She took two steps back while keeping her eye on the shadow who had his head lowered.

She spoke with a trembling voice: “Who are you? When did you get here?”

The other party didn’t answer. He only raised his head.

Seeing his face, Zhou Qing Qing’s mind went blank. She was so scared, she let out a loud scream and flew out the room.

There was no one in the corridor. The black and white wall design now looked like hell. As Zhou Qing Qing walked through it, she felt as if there was someone watching her.

Dim light illuminated the entire corridor.

After Zhou Qing Qing ran a certain distance, she finally looked back. The shadow in the room didn’t chase after her but the end of the corridor looked even more terrifying.

She stood in place and didn’t know what to do.

The feeling of being watched was very strong. Zhou Qing Qing stood in the corridor and looked at her surroundings only to see black and white walls.

She didn’t know where that eye was.

When Zhou Qing Qing turned back to the direction of her room, she saw a bulge in the carpet. Like a wave, it rolled towards her.

She subconsciously retreated but she was no match for its speed.

Zhou Qing Qing turned around and ran but, when she looked back, everything before her had turned black.


In the middle of the night, those staying on the fourth floor heard a loud scream.

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