Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 44: Restaurant

Su Min stared at him for almost a minute and the man also pulled at it for almost a minute.

In the end, the amount didn’t decrease and instead more and more of it accumulated. A mountain had formed on the plate giving others a sense of disgust.

His appetite originally wasn’t great and, with something like this happening, Su Min no longer wanted to eat anything in this restaurant.

That man still continued to pull it out.

Seeing that Su Min wasn’t coming over, Li Chi Yu turned around and asked: “What are you looking at? Why aren’t you eating?”

Su Min removed his gaze, “Yeah.” But he has already lost his appetite.

Jiang Taozhi wasn’t worried at all. She continued to chatter as she concentrated on picking up the food. Soon, the table was filled with plates. She was clearly a big eater.

Su Min: “…………”

He felt that it wasn’t good for him to say anything.

The group of people that were in the lobby earlier also entered the restaurant. In an instant, it became bustling and loud chatters filled the room.

Su Min walked over to the long table and carefully examined the food.

At this moment, he heard a strange sound coming from not far away.

Su Min looked back. The bald man who had ran back earlier was arguing with another person with an unpleasant expression. He didn’t know what he was saying.

Just when he was about to look back, he saw the bald man slap the other man and was stunned.

The bald man had only slapped him on the head, but the other man’s head easily fell and rolled on the ground.

Because it was carpeted, it didn’t make any noise.

Su Min clearly saw it with his own eyes. The man that was slapped had become a headless body, but it was as if the bald man didn’t notice it.

The bald man even hugged the headless body and patted his chest like they were good brothers.

The headless body then followed behind him.

Su Min’s lips twitched. He then turned around calmly and felt that his appetite had been once again affected.

He eyed the restaurant through the corner of his eyes.

There were people at every table, but no one seemed to have noticed that man’s change. They just concentrated on eating their own food. There were both old and young people. The oldest looked about forty years old.

 They didn’t seem to find it a problem. Some of the people sitting at the tables chatted with each other while others were laughing. There was even someone who had come here alone.

Despite seeing so many people, Su Min didn’t feel safe. Instead he felt a little more disconcerted. He didn’t know whether they were human or ghosts.

He even suspected that there are possibly ghosts pretending to be humans amongst them.

Like this, it made things even more difficult. If that was true, then the true living humans would slowly become fewer and fewer.

Su Min sighed internally.

Li Chi Yu had already picked up his plate. Although it was morning, there were other foods available in addition to congee and buns.

When he saw Su Min come over, he picked up a steamed bun and said: “Do you want a custard bun?”

Su Min waved his hand: “No.”

He won’t eat anything that would require biting it open. He didn’t want to end up becoming like that man just now.

Thinking this, Su Min looked back at that table.

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The man at the table had disappeared.

He was shocked. He looked around more carefully and confirmed that he was gone. All that was left behind was the kelp on the table

The kelp was still being held by the fork and it was placed next to the plate. Black hair that covered the kelp was gone.

It was as if it was never there in the first place.

Su Min’s heart turned several degrees colder. Only one day had passed and to his knowing, two people had encountered some trouble. He suspected there probably was more.

And were these people killed directly or were they taken somewhere?

Su Min turned around again and once again found the bald man and his group. They were sitting at a round table in the other half of the room.

The headless corpse sat next to the bald man and seemed to be moving. He was even pouring water for the bald man. He was clearly a model younger brother.

Su Min carefully looked around and saw that the head on the floor was gone. He didn’t know where it went.

He swallowed and could only let out a sigh.

The horror movies recently would even include some gimmicks in the food. Are they not going to the audience experience the movie properly?

After getting out, Su Min was worried that he would be left traumatised by the kelp.


The long table was about a dozen metres long and various foods were displayed.

When Liu Huida entered the restaurant, he saw Le Ling standing there picking up food. Seeing that there wasn’t anyone next to her, his eyes looked around and then he walked over.

Le Ling was concentrating on selecting her food.

She only turned around when Liu Huida stood next to her. The other party stretched out his hand, “Hello……………”

Le Ling ignored him and went to the other side.

After experiencing the cold attitude time and time again, Li Huida lost his patience. He reached out to grab her arm.

The next second, he found himself thrown down next to the chair.

The loud sounds attracted everyone’s attention. Seeing Liu Huida sprawled pathetically on the ground and Le Ling standing calmly next to him, they all fell silent.

Li Chi Yu walked over after a moment of shock, “Are you shameless?”

Le Ling picked up the plate from his hand and placed it on the table. She sat down and said: “Let’s eat.”

It was as if she wasn’t the one who threw him.

Li Chi Yu glared at Liu Huida a few times and then proceeded to sit down next to Le Ling. He happily said: “I’ll help you peel the prawns.”

He had specially brought the prawns over just for this moment.

Li Chi Yu picked up a prawn, stared at it intently and carefully peeled the shells off. He then examined it closely to ensure that it was okay before planning to put it on Le Ling’s plate.

But when he raised his hand, he saw that his plate was filled with prawns that were already peeled.

Li Chi Yu: ??? What’s going on?

He glanced at the single prawn in Le Ling’s plate and then at the prawns on his plate before silently eating them himself.

When Su Min sat at the table, ten minutes had already passed.

He had selected his food very carefully. Every time he picked something, he would examine it carefully to ensure that there was no kelp, no hair and no eyeballs.

But every time he reached out to something, Chen Su’s presence would appear. It was as if he was trying to stop him.

After going through the entire long table, there were very few things that he could eat.

Su Min originally felt very lucky, but he then had a thought. Weren’t the people in the restaurant eating these things?”

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 He looked over at Le Ling and Jiang Taozhi’s end and silently decided not to say anything.

They had already eaten so he would only cause panic by saying something. He could only wait and see if anything was going to happen.

Su Min didn’t have the appetite so he just ate something to pad his stomach.

Jiang Taozhi had a very good appetite. After finishing the soup dumplings, she had fried dumplings. After the fried dumplings, she would have seafood congee. She even brought over a plate of fruit and vegetables.

She held up the plate of sashimi in front of her and invited them: “You guys aren’t eating? I feel bad if you don’t. Do you want to have a try?”

Su Min waved his hand: “No, no need.”

Li Chi Yu shook his head: “You can eat.”

Jiang Taozhi had a regretful expression but inside, she was happy. She ate happily and you could only see the tower of plates before her increasing layer by layer.

Su Min pointed towards the direction of the kelp and asked cautiously: “Did you guys see the man sitting at that table earlier?”

Li Chi Yu looked over at where he pointed and only saw a plate with kelp: “Probably left after eating. Why?”

Jiang Taozhi said: “Probably didn’t taste good.”

Just as Su Min was about to say something, Le Ling suddenly spoke up: “No. He has never left the restaurant.”

He nodded and said: “Yes. That man disappeared.”

“Disappeared?” Li Chi Yu examined the restaurant, “Could he have just gone to another table while you weren’t looking?”

Su Min said: “That’s impossible.”

He had carefully examined it. That man really did disappear.

Le Ling wiped her mouth and said: “Something isn’t right with this hotel. The woman who screamed in the early hours of this morning probably also went missing.”

Su Min didn’t think that there would actually be another person who thought the same things as him.

But perhaps it was because this is a horror movie. Or perhaps it was because the director included something like a ghost exorcist in Le Ling’s character design.

Li Chi Yu said tremblingly: “It’s like you guys are acting in a horror movie.”

Su Min really wanted to say that he wasn’t.

But they were indeed in a horror movie. And it is even your horror movie. He was just a poor and innocent viewer.

After such an event, the desire to eat was gone.

Li Chi Yu said that he wanted to help Le Ling peel prawns but, in the end it was Le Ling who peeled for him while he enjoyed it alone.

Although he felt embarrassed like this, he was also very pleased.

More people entered the restaurant in twos and threes.

Li Chi Yu couldn’t help but say: “This hotel is decorated really uniquely. There’s even such a large oil painting in the restaurant.”

Jiang Taozhi spoke while stuffing a bun into her mouth: “Because they’re rich. I’m sure they spent a lot of money on just the paint alone.”

For the first time, Su Min directed his attention to that wall.

The entire hotel, including the restaurant, was luxuriously decorated. It also appeared very new and it didn’t look like a building that had been built decades ago.

Unlike the black and white designed corridors, the restaurant had a wall of French windows which faced the courtyard outside. On the other side of the restaurant was a large oil painting.

The entire wall was covered by the oil painting and went all the way to the entrance of the restaurant. The colours were deep, so it was difficult making out the objects in the painting.

Su Min didn’t know much about oil paintings so he couldn’t understand the abstract art shown.

It’s just that, no matter how he looked at it, the oil painting looked a little like the ticket to the show. It looked like several baskets but more than half of it was covered by darkness. There was even fog overlaying them.

Jiang Taozhi looked around and saw that there were only a few people left, “Most of them are gone. Are we still eating?”

When they came, most of them were already eating.

Li Chi Yu couldn’t help but remind her: “It’s only you that’s still eating.”

Jiang Taozhi was embarrassed. She wiped her mouth, “Okay, okay.”

She rubbed her stomach that had become slightly larger from the feast. Fortunately, she was wearing loose clothing so it wasn’t obvious.

When they left, Su Min glanced at the bald man’s table only to see that they had already left. He didn’t know if that headless body left with his head.

There was no one in the corridor and hotel lobby.

Jiang Taozhi couldn’t help but be curious. She asked, “Until when do we need to stay in this hotel for before we go and watch the show?”

Su Min said: “Ask Li Chi Yu.”

He was the one who originally organised it, he bought the tickets and he’s also the movie’s male protagonist.

It was also not written on the ticket. He recalled that the post also didn’t mention how long they would be staying.

Le Ling said: “Should be a few days.”

Su Min could guess the meaning behind her words. He couldn’t help but have a thought.

This time, hundreds of people have come to the hotel. With several of them going missing in just a day, there would likely be only a few left at the end to watch the show.

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