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Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 46: Miss You

Li Chi Yu felt that it was because he knew too little.

The vase sat to one side and next to it was an area that sunk in. It was just enough for half the vase to be in that and the other half of it to be outside of it.

Jiang Taozhi rubbed her nose and whispered: “It looks so expensive but it’s a little ugly. It looks a bit like the ones Qianlong likes…….” (KKnotes: an emperor of the Qing dynasty)

She searched for a photo on Weibo and showed it to the others.

Su Min also took a look. He felt that Jiang Taozhi was right.

He thinks the vase probably was a real one. After all, as long as the screenwriter and the director wants it to be real, it will be real in a horror movie.

Su Min touched it. “It feels very cold.”

Su Min’s hand stopped just below the opening in the vase. He asked: “Do you guys think there’s anything in this vase?”

The next second, Li Chi Yu jumped away.

He said: “Can you not say something so scary?!”

Su Min felt that this interaction was similar to the interaction between himself and Lin Yiri back then. This time, it was his turn to say it……..

He said: “Okay, I won’t say it anymore.”

Li Chi Yu suddenly jumped up but all he could see inside the mouth of the vase was darkness. He couldn’t look any deeper.

He naturally wouldn’t ask Le Ling to look.

Su Min warned him: “Be careful not to trip.”

Li Chi Yu didn’t take the warning seriously. He hesitated for a moment and then slowly reached in.

It was empty inside and he didn’t touch anything: “It seems to be empty. We might just be thinking too much.”

Just as he was about to take it out again, a hand suddenly grabbed him.

Li Chi Yu was startled. His hand was grabbed, and his entire body was about to fall onto the vase. Le Ling reacted quickly and reached in only to come into contact with a cold hand.

She applied some force and, seemingly in pain, the hand retreated.

Li Chi Yu was caught surprised by this. He took a few steps back and almost fell to the ground but the vase remained unmoving.

Su Min supported him. “I told you not to mess around.”

Li Chi Yu rubbed his hand. “I thought it was normal. I didn’t expect a hand to suddenly appear. Scared me to death.”

It was too scary. It was as if he was caught by the dead.

Su Min: “Now you’ve learnt your lesson.”

He looked around the lobby. He then went into the restaurant and came back out with a chair. The chair was placed next to the vase.

Su Min explained: “I’ll stand on it and take a look. Drag me out if anything happens.”

Li Chi Yu tried to stop him: “Don’t. Something’s not right with this vase. It’s best not to look at it. We should just call the police.”

Le Ling however said: “What are you going to say when you call the police? That there was a hand that grabbed you? You’ll probably end up getting locked up instead.”

She said this very calmly but it sounded very convincing.

Li Chi Yu was stunned.

Su Min had already stood up on the chair. He was originally about the same height as the vase so, with him standing on the chair, he could see everything.

It was dark inside the vase.

And in that darkness was a dead body.

The reason why he called it a dead body was because Su Min had seen this person before. It was the man that was eating the kelp at the restaurant today.

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His face was very pale. It looked like he had been dead for a long time.

But it hasn’t been long since this morning. He didn’t know how long this person had been dead for, and he didn’t know how he ended up inside this vase.

The neck of the vase wasn’t very big. A human couldn’t fit through that, yet the dead body was found inside the body of the vase.

Su Min was afraid of the corpse doing something, so he quickly got off the chair.

Seeing his calm expression, Li Chi Yu couldn’t help but be curious: “There’s nothing inside?”

Su Min said: “There is. A dead body.”

Li Chi Yu: “Oh, then let——–”

Halfway through his words, he suddenly reacted, “What did you just say? A dead body? There’s a dead body in there?”

Su Min nodded, “It’s the man in the restaurant.”

Did he end up dying in here after eating kelp and pulling out strands of hair from it?

Jiang Taozhi said: “Let’s call the police.”

She pulled out her phone and called the police but even after ringing for several minutes, no one answered.

Jiang Taozhi’s face was pale, “I can’t reach them. What do we do now?”

Su Min expected this. He said: “Let’s stay away from here and act like we didn’t see anything. Don’t let the murderer find out.”

Li Chi Yu finally calmed back down. He said: “Let’s go. Let’s hurry and leave. Don’t worry about it. Act like we didn’t see anything.”

Su Min also agreed.

They moved the chair back and then returned to their rooms upstairs.

It was only until later in the afternoon that Su Min and the others came back out again. Together, they went to the restaurant downstairs and this time everyone they met was normal.

He carefully assessed them. There were some people that he wasn’t sure if they had already eaten or if they’re not eating. For example, the bald man and the people that he encountered this morning weren’t here.

Su Min wanted to find out what was going on with the bald man and the headless ghost.

The food was plentiful. Although he didn’t know where the kitchen was, there would always be waiters bringing food out.

The waiters, like the driver and front desk, were all expressionless. They don’t respond to questions and just stared at the others while mechanically serving food.

When the dishes are all served, the waiters also disappeared.

Su Min didn’t eat much but it was better than this morning.

When they were done with it, it was a little past two. They decided to go upstairs to have a look and was surprised to find that there was a top floor.

The top floor wasn’t very big but there were many things there including a small gym and swimming pool. There was even a deep-sea fish tank on the side.

There wasn’t anyone in the pool and the water was clear.

Su Min wasn’t interested in the gym so he walked around the pool: “Looks like no one came to swim.”

There were no traces of water beside the pool.

It was either cleaned up by the staff or no one has come to use it yet. Su Min felt that the former possibility seemed more likely.

Li Chi Yu next to him said, “It’s my first time seeing a fish tank on the top floor.”

Jiang Taozhi had already recovered from the incident earlier today. She said: “I didn’t expect the top floor to be like this. Turns out the hotel has a lot of things.”

The fish tank was very large, and it took up almost an entire wall. The water inside was a dark blue and many water plants inhabited it.

The lights on the top floor were dim so it was difficult to see what fish was inside.

Li Chi Yu walked over and looked underneath a rock. When he looked up, he was shocked.

After a while, he managed to find his voice again: “There’s someone swimming in the fish tank?”

Su Min heard this and walked over from the pool. He looked more carefully and saw a corpse above the aquatic plants. From afar, it looked like a fish.

Su Min observed it for a while and confirmed: “It’s a corpse.”

Le Ling added: “We saw him this morning.”

It was that bald man. He wanted to leave the hotel but, in the end, he came over to the top floor and his body was now inside the fish tank.

Su Min still didn’t understand. How did the body get put in there?

The bald man had interacted with the headless ghost for such a long time and he didn’t die yet he ended up dying like this in a fish tank. It was just too strange.

The two people who had gone missing were now found to be dead.

Su Min felt that, based on their method of death, it was likely for revenge. Either that, or the murderer didn’t have an intention to hide a body because he wanted to let others see.

Li Chi Yu turned around and saw Su Min deep in thought. He waved and asked with concern: “Su Min, you okay?”

Su Min returned to his senses: “I’m fine.”

They didn’t know what the body in the fish tank could do.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he said that the people present saw the fish tank suddenly starting to bubble.

Li Chi Yu took a step back: “Blowing bubbles?”

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There weren’t any fish in the fish tank so there couldn’t be any bubbles being blown. These bubbles were probably coming from that corpse.

Su Min was already used to it. He said: “He probably did it on his own.”

Before he could finish his words, more bubbles appeared. It looked like it was echoing his words.

Li Chi Yu: “……………”

Le Ling: “…………”

Jiang Taozhi: “…………”

Su Min coughed softly: “He likes to blow bubbles. Let’s leave him alone and hurry up and leave. It’s too dangerous here.”

Who knows if the murderer was still around? They’ll be in big trouble if they run into him.

Su Min also didn’t know why he himself had an affinity with corpses. From the first horror movie until this one, he had encountered many of them.

This time the bald man was even blowing bubbles at him.

As they walked back, Li Chi Yu finally couldn’t help asking: “Did that person know you?”

Su Min said: “Don’t know him. How could I possibly know him?”

He didn’t even know what the bald man’s name was, and the headless ghost was still a question.

Su Min instinctively felt that this place wasn’t good: “Let’s leave first.”

The others also had the same thoughts.

As they went downstairs, Su Min instinctively felt that the danger was getting further and further away. It was as if there was someone secretly watching over them earlier.

The corridor was still black and white and quite oppressive looking.

Many things had happened today but, when they looked at this wall again, their moods turned even more sour.

Su Min didn’t delay and immediately returned to his room.                                      

The curtains in the room was still pulled across so the room was dark. He turned on a lamp and fumbled his way to the bed.

“You’re back.”

Chen Su’s voice suddenly appeared next to him.

Su Min was startled, “Why are you back?”

Chen Su said: “I missed you.”

Su Min didn’t want to listen to this kind of ghost talk. If others said it then it might be the truth but he’s a ghost, so it’s ghost talk. (KKnotes: 鬼话 literal translation is ghost talk but the meaning of it is nonsense talk)

He turned around and pressed him down. He asked: “I still haven’t paid you back for last time. Will I be seeing you every night?”

Chen Su asked back: “You don’t want to see me?”

Su Min: “Don’t want to.”

Chen Su laughed: “Impossible.”

Su Min thought to himself: Then why did you ask?

He then waved away the hand that was reaching out to him and asked again: “With you appearing like a ghost every time, what on earth is your true intention?”

Chen Su: “I’m a ghost here so I naturally would appear like a ghost.”

Su Min: “………..”

Although the explanation was reasonable and it seemed plausible in this setting, it still sounded a little strange.

Chen Su looked at their positions and asked: “Are you sure you want to interrogate me in this position?”

Earlier Su Min had intended on pushing him down to restrain him but now he had unknowingly found himself sitting on him.

Chen Su sighed leisurely.

Su Min looked down and, just when he was about to get off, he stopped himself. He grabbed Chen Su’s wrist: “Don’t change the topic.”

Their positions haven’t changed. Chen Su was quite pleased with this.

He denied: “I’m not.”

Chen Su easily pulled out his hand and then reached up to tickle Su Min.

All the momentum that Su Min had built up collapsed without a trace with this action of his.

He was very ticklish. Although he wouldn’t laugh exaggeratedly, he couldn’t stand being tickled. He couldn’t help but shrivel up and stick himself up against Chen Su.

Chen Su immediately moved to embrace him. As he bit his ear, he said, “Oh, throwing yourself into my arms?”

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