Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 47: Blowing Bubbles

Chen Su said this slowly but provocatively.

Su Min also finally realised that this position was inappropriate. Coupled with what had just happened, he quickly suppressed those mischevious hands.

Chen Su didn’t resist at all.

Su Min didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. He moved off from his body and moved away from him: “Lets have a good talk.”

Su Min returned: “Have a good talk.”

Although Su Min felt that it was a little perfunctory, it was better than nothing. That earlier act of tickling also startled him.

He asked tentatively: “Do you know what happened on the top floor today?”

He felt that something was strange about the body of the bald man in the fish tank and he still had not yet confirmed the identity of the headless ghost.

Su Min even felt that a head would suddenly appear somewhere in this hotel.

Chen Su moved closer to him: “I know.”

Su Min ignored his actions and suddenly remembered another thing: “Why did the corpse blow bubbles at me?”

He found it very strange.

It could be considered just a coincidence the first time, but it was strange when he blew bubbles again after they finished speaking.

For a long time, the room was silent.

Su Min was about to suspect that Chen Su had already left when he heard his voice: “I don’t know.”

Su Min was surprised. Turns out, there are things that Chen Su doesn’t know about.

He had initially suspected that Chen Su is someone from the cinema and that the reason why he knows about the movie plots was because he could watch them in advance.

But it didn’t seem to be the case.

While Su Min was deep in thought, his face was turned over. Chen Su asked: “Did it look good when he blew bubbles? Why are you still thinking about it?”

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Su Min was originally going to deny it but for some reason he changed his words: “Of course it looks good. A corpse that can blow a chain of bubbles is really cute. You can’t even do something like that.”

Humans blowing bubbles was already strange enough. It’s even more strange for a ghost to blow bubbles.

Chen Su coldly snorted and removed his hand.

Su Min thought he was hurt by his words but what he didn’t expect was that he would see a bubble appear in front of him.

Before he was able to see it clearly, the bubble burst.

The temperature around Chen Su’s body dropped. Su Min could acutely sense this change. He asked: “How did you blow the bubbles?”

Are ghosts these days all so versatile?

Chen Su didn’t answer. He just blew a few more bubbles. This time there were even colourful ones.

Su Min subconsciously thought about Mary Sue bubbles.

He blinked and saw that the area around Chen Su was now filled with bubbles. He couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips, “Stop blowing.”

Chen Su asked: “Does it look good?”

Su Min said: “It’s good. It’s good.”

Chen Su then asked: “The best?”

Su Min didn’t expect him to be so narrowminded. He said helplessly: “You look the best. The bubbles you blow also look the best.”

He didn’t know if he was a mermaid in his last life. A corpse could blow bubbles in water but this one here could blow bubbles in thin air.

Chen Su turned over and pressed him down. He said with a hoarse voice: “Your words sound enticing.”

Su Min stared at him vigilantly. He could still remember the events from before vividly, “Keep your hands to yourself. Get off.”

Chen Su asked: “I can’t?”

Su Min’s ears turned slightly red: “You can’t.”

Chen Su stared at his face for a few seconds before finally lying on one side. He said: “I thought you liked that position.”

 Su Min was almost about to laugh out of anger from his shameless words.

Before he could do that, there was a knock coming from outside.

Su Min’s attention was instantly shifted. He turned to look at Chen Su, “Someone’s here. You should hurry and leave.”

Chen Su leaned close: “You’re acting like we’re secretly having an affair.”

Su Min: “…………”

He gritted his teeth and walked over to the door.

There were only a few knocks on the door. After going halfway to the door, he felt that something wasn’t right and stopped.

But after thinking about it, ghosts shouldn’t come out during the day. This is naturally excluding Chen Su who is of unknown origin.

Chen Su suddenly said: “You’re going to open the door?”

Su Min is already at the door. He said: “I’ll check who it is.”

He asked and Li Chi Yu’s voice soon rang from outside: “It’s me. I need you for something.”

Su Min heard this and was about to open the door, but his body reflexively stopped. Chen Su appeared next to him.

Li Chi Yu outside was still talking: “Su Min, why aren’t you opening the door?” I’m anxious to death here. Hurry and let me in.”

Su Min frowned. He didn’t open the door.

“Is he not human?”

Chen Su didn’t say anything, but the meaning was evident. His cold hands blocked his hand and prevented him from opening the door.

Su Min thought for a moment and sent a message to the WeChat group: “@LiChiYu, are you in your room right now?”

Li Chi Yu was probably playing on his phone. He instantly replied: “Yeah, I’m in bed. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Su Min answered: “It’s nothing.”

He had already got his answer. The real Li Chi Yu was in his room. The one outside was pretending to be him.

It was no longer necessary to worry about whether it is a human or a ghost.

The fake Li Chi Yu said: “Su Min, are you there? Why won’t you open the door? You’re not going to have dinner? Let’s go together.”

Su Min internally thought: What damned dinner? If he opened the door, he would probably end up as dinner.

At that time, it won’t be him eating. It would be others eating him.

Su Min pulled out his hand from Chen Su’s hand. He asked with curiosity: “You can also appear during the day?”

Chen Su pressed him up against the door and he once again repeated his words: “I will appear when you miss me.”

Su Min: “……….”

I don’t miss you at all.

The hotel door was very cold but it was nothing compared to the cold sensation of Chen Su’s hand. It was two completely different sensations.

Su Min pushed Chen Su away. He moved away from the door and asked in a small voice: “Do you know what’s outside the door?”

Chen Su: “Nothing good.”

“Li Chi Yu” was still outside speaking. He spoke faster and faster and seemed to be a little annoyed.

Su Min was a little worried about that thing suddenly running in.

But when he thought about Chen Su’s presence here, he guessed no ghosts would be able to defeat him.

Su Min had now watched a total of three horror movies. In the former two movies, Chen Su seemed to have the ability to scare away the ghosts. It was just a guess on his half though as he hadn’t confirmed it.

As for Chen Su’s identity, he naturally wouldn’t say anything.

Su Min ignored the fake Li Chi Yu who sounded a little frustrated outside. When he was ready to lie back on the bed, the knocking and talking stopped.

His movements stopped. He once again listened carefully for any sounds but there were no longer any sounds. Everything had once again become quiet.

Su Min felt that the thing outside was probably hiding in wait.

The corridor was silent. The knocking sounds were also gone.

Even though it was daytime, the black and white wallpapers that covered the corridors made it look a little dim.

The door to all the rooms were tightly shut.

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Then there was another set of knocking. This was then followed by the sound of someone speaking and the door opening. The speaking voice then stopped abruptly. The door in the middle of the corridor was half open, but the owner was gone.


When Su Min asked him that, Li Chi Yu was confused. He asked in WeChat: “I’m so bored in the room. Is it time for dinner?”

He actually wanted to go find Le Ling but he was afraid of leaving a bad impression so he could only stay in his room.

For a long time, no one spoke up in the group chat. Li Chi Yu however didn’t find it awkward.

After a while, Jiang Taozhi suddenly appeared: “Eat now? Looks like we can. It might all be gone if we go later so it’s better to go earlier.”

Li Chi Yu ignored this comment and asked: @SuMin, why did you ask me that question? I didn’t leave my room.”

But Su Min didn’t answer his question. Li Chi Yu suspected that he might be busy doing something.

Too many things had happened today. Li Chu Yi’s world views had completely changed and was even subverted.

When he was grabbed onto while reaching into the vase, he was very shocked. Fortunately, Le Ling helped him get his hand out again.

Thinking this, Li Chi Yu marvelled at how amazing his goddess is.

He rolled over and sat up. Leaning against the bedframe, he started to search for tips on how to pursue girls.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Li Chi Yu returned to his senses and walked over to the door: “Who is it?”

It was Le Ling’s voice: “It’s me.”

Li Chi Yu was a little surprised. He quickly opened the door but there wasn’t anyone outside. It was just an empty corridor.

He was a little confused. He poked his head out and looked around and confirmed that there really wasn’t anyone.

Li Chi Yu felt that he was probably tricked. A little confused, he sent Le Ling a message: “Why did you go back to your room?”

Le Ling: “I’ve been in my room the whole time.”

Li Chi Yu didn’t comprehend this. After looking at it for a few seconds, he reacted and asked: “You didn’t knock on my door earlier?”

Le Ling: “Someone knocked on your door?”

Li Chi Yu didn’t have the chance to think of a response to this question when the door to the room opposite his opened. Le Ling appeared at the door holding her phone.

He originally wanted to go over but everything was too strange, so he didn’t move.

Le Ling walked over to him and asked: “What’s going on?”

Li Chi Yu said with fear: “I clearly heard a knock and it was your voice but as soon as I opened the door, there was no one there. When I asked you, you said that you haven’t left your room.”

It originally seemed quite normal, but it was very weird now.

Le Ling said that she was always in her room, so who was the one that knocked on his door? Was there a prankster in this hotel?

Li Chi Yu didn’t quite believe in that theory.

Le Ling stood by the door and looked up and down the corridor. She frowned and said: “Don’t come out.”

Li Chi Yu was naturally very obedient.

He reclosed his door reluctantly and then opened the door again. Everything was still the same.

Le Ling repeated: “Don’t come out.”

Li Chi Yu also didn’t dare come out, “You really didn’t leave your room earlier? The whole entire time?”

Le Ling furrowed her brows: “No.”

Li Chi Yu was about to say something when his phone received a WeChat notification. It was a message from Su Min: “Don’t open the door if anyone knocks.”

He quickly replied: “I just opened it. There’s no one outside.”

Su Min: “Did you go out?”

Li Chi Yu: “No, I’m standing at the door. I don’t dare go out.”

He was afraid of possibly being caught by something the moment he steps into the corridor. Seeing that the knocker could talk, it probably is quite smart.

He reiterated everything that just happened, “……….What’s going on? Is it really a case of a ghost knocking on doors?”

Li Chi Yu didn’t doubt his hearing. He had clearly heard it and it still remained vivid in his mind.

As he thought this, Su Min’s door opened.

Su Min asked straightforwardly: “You’re certain there wasn’t anyone knocking?”

Li Chi Yu nodded: “I’m certain.”

Su Min was a bit puzzled. Ghosts are ghosts. It was very unlikely for them to knock on the doors just so that they could scare them.

Unless there was another issue.

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