Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 49: Stage

It wasn’t like Su Min hadn’t seen anything like that before, but a tree trunk that was densely covered in faces was a rather shocking sight.

With one glance, you couldn’t see any gaps between the faces.

The entire tree trunk that was protruding out was covered in human faces. Their faces were pressed against the bark and just happened to be facing them.

Su Min could see that each of the faces were a little different and he could even see some of their expressions. Some were shocked, some scared and some confused. It can be said that all the emotions were brought together here.

Everyone in the bus was shocked speechless.

Li Chi Yu took the lead and reacted: “That tree can eat people?”

Normal trees shouldn’t have grown like that. It looked like people were pressed against the tree from inside to cause the protruding bulge.

Su Min frowned: “There might be dead bodies inside.”

Maybe the tree can eat people. Or maybe dead bodies were placed inside the trees eventually causing them to merge into one.

Either way, it wasn’t good news for them.

Jiang Taozhi took a photo with her phone: “This time the photo is still the same. That tree is too scary.”

When she took a photo of the carpet last time, there was a change. After thinking about it, she felt that it may be able to reveal something again.

But there wasn’t anything different.

Su Min stared at the tree and moved back: “We may find it horrible, but the others might not think the same.”

Many things had happened at the hotel and the show was the main focus of this movie. This tree was probably just some common gimmick.

Seeing those faces, Li Chi Yu said emotionally: “How many people died? We don’t even know if they’re the same people from the hotel.”

Many people had disappeared in the hotel. They were probably taken here.

But he didn’t know what they looked like and that was the reason why he was confused. He couldn’t confirm whether this really was the case.

Su Min didn’t answer him.

It wasn’t until the tree got close to the crowd that the ruckus ensued again. Without exception, there was panic.

“Do you see that tree?”

“How can there be a tree like that? It’s all human faces…….Where are we being sent to?”

“I don’t want to be treated as an organ container, and I don’t want to die for no reason here. Why should I be treated like this after spending my money?”

“Can we escape from here? Kill the driver?”


As the discussions got more and more complicated, various suggestions of survival methods were raised. Many of it included killing the driver and taking control of the bus.

Su Min who heard their words was a little speechless.

Killing is killing, but why are you discussing it so loudly? The driver is there in the driver’s seat and he can hear your voices.

But the others had already reached a certain level of fear and could no longer think logically.

A young man reached out and tapped Su Min. He said in a small voice, “Do you want to join us?”

Su Min examined his expression. The young man appeared afraid but there was also a small hint of inexplicable excitement deep in his eyes.

As we all know, an oppressive environment can lead to psychological changes. He probably wasn’t the only one who had undergone this change.

There was no benefit in joining them. If things could be resolved like this, then this horror movie wouldn’t exist. It wouldn’t be possible changing the script this way.

Li Chi Yu and Jiang Taozhi both looked at Su Min.

Su Min shook his head and said: “No.”

He came to this horror movie with the intention to get to the heart of the plot. He hasn’t even watched the show yet, so it would be impossible for them to leave successfully.

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The young man’s expression was ugly: “If you’re not going to act with us, then you’re just waiting for death.”

Li Chi Yu was angry: “What is with your tone? I think you’re just playing around with your life.”

Le Ling said coldly: “Scram.”

The young man dismissed them and turned back to discuss his plans with the others.

Su Min held Li Chi Yu back and said: “Don’t bother about them.”

Le Ling who rarely cursed people out also said: “They will meet their own retributions.”

Su Min once again felt that Le Ling must know this place but, with all the people around, he would only put them in danger if he asked.

After a few minutes, the group of people was finally about to act.

They had various tools in their hands that they had taken out from the hotel. There was even a woman who supplied them with a hair pin.

Several tall and powerful men went over to the driver’s seat together.

The inside of the bus was inexplicably quiet. For a moment, there was only the sounds of soft breathing which gradually increased in speed from the tension.

At this moment, a small window suddenly appeared in the roof.

All the passengers in the bus were taken aback. In a blink of an eye, the man who was about to attack was pulled out by a tree branch.

“What the hell……..Save me. Save me………”

The cry for help grew weaker and weaker. Eventually it disappeared in the darkness.

The howling wind came in through the small window, covering the sounds of everyone’s breathing and the weak screams.

Li Chi Yu was stunned: “Where has he gone?”

Su Min guessed: “Probably eaten by that tree.”

It was a branch that grabbed the man earlier. The only unusual tree that they saw on their way here was that tree with faces.

The bus quietened down. No one dared to speak.

The driver didn’t do anything the entire time, but peak fear level was reached with that earlier incident. The other men’s legs went soft and they didn’t dare continue to move.

Cold wind kept pouring in.

Some time later, the bus stopped.

The silent passengers in the bus couldn’t help but feel afraid again. They looked at the world outside the window.

So did Su Min.

The scenery outside was beyond his expectations. It wasn’t a mass grave, instead it was a huge house.

He couldn’t tell how it was made, but the surface was glowing faint green and red light that flickered again and again.

There was finally sound in the bus: “Are we going in there?”

“What the hell is this place. It looks scary. We’re even coming here in the middle of the night.”

“Could there be a secret experiment taking place in here? Are we going to be experimented on?”

“I have a bad feeling. I don’t want to get off.”

“Even until now, I haven’t seen the person in charge. This place doesn’t look good. It definitely wants our lives.”


Su Min and Li Chi Yu looked at each other without saying anything.

The bus door suddenly opened to the darkness outside. No one dared to get off first.

Su Min said: “Let’s get off.”

It was impossible not to get off. You would have to get off in the end, so it didn’t matter if you were first or last. It was just a difference of whether you’re going to die earlier or later.

He took the lead and was then followed by Li Chi Yu and the others.

Seeing them all get off, the people in the bus looked at each other. They then thought of the man who was caught after trying to kill the driver and they also began to slowly get off the bus.

When the last person got off, the bus started to drive off. The group of people stood at loss in front of the building.

The whole building looked like it was a bowl that was turned over.

Li Chi Yu said awkwardly: “The light here gives it a strange, ambiguous vibe.”

Jiang Taozhi’s attention was moved: “Have you been to a red-light district like this?”

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Li Chi Yu acutely sensed Le Ling’s gaze and quickly denied: “No, why would I go? I saw it on TV.”

The two of them started to talk about the lights.

The others behind them however gloated at their misfortune. For them to discuss something like this in this kind of situation, they will surely be the first ones to die.

Su Min understood that the performance venue was probably inside. The true nature of the show was finally about to be unveiled.

From the very first day, he had been curious about the contents of the show which was also the main focus of this horror movie.

Very quickly, the door was opened, and a man came out.

The man wore a goblin mask which covered the upper half of his face and exposed his pale lower half along with his bright red lips.

It looked like make up that was done for the dead.

He held a plate in his hand which was filled with number plates. He expressionlessly handed them out to everyone.

Su Min got No.1.

He guessed that the number plates were distributed out in order. After all, Li Chi Yu and the others were right after his.

Someone asked in a small voice: “Can I reject it?”

No one answered him but he was still handed a number plate.

The masked staff then entered the building with an empty plate. He looked back at them and motioned for them to follow.

Su Min said: “Follow him in.”

Li Chi Yu muttered: “The numbers of this number plate won’t be our order of death, right? Like that movie “Final Destination”?”

Something that they didn’t pay attention to would eventually determine the order of their deaths and the death god would take their lives in that order.

Su Min said with surprise: “You’ve seen that?”

Li Chi Yu said proudly: “I’ve seen many.”

Su Min: “Amazing.”

As soon as they entered the room, everyone was greeted with darkness. Nothing could be seen, and they couldn’t make a sound.

More and more people disappeared in the darkness.

They walked for an unknown length of time, and a dim red light suddenly lit up. Su Min adapted to the light and saw stepped seating before him.

At the front was the stage. In its entirety, it looked like a performance theatre. At most, it could probably hold 180 people.

The staff pointed at the numbers at the back of the seats. It was the same as the number on their number plates.

Su Min found his seat and sat down.

From the beginning to the end, the staff didn’t say anything, but his instructions were clear.

Many people turned around and saw that their companions had disappeared without a trace. They were so scared, they didn’t even dare ask about it.

The staff didn’t leave until everyone sat down.

Li Chi Yu couldn’t help asking: “What is going to happen now?”

Su Min said: “Inviting us to watch the show.”

Li Chi Yu naturally knew that, but he was afraid of being dragged into something horrible during the performance. Afterall, a lot of people had died in the hotel.

Jiang Taozhi however said: “Although those incidences happened in the hotel, we survived. Maybe we will be safe?”

Su Min glanced at her: “It would be good if that’s the case.”

Though it was probably unlikely. The male and female lead are here so how can the most important part of the story pass by peacefully?

For a while, there were quiet discussions in the seats.

Not long later, the big red curtain on the stage was suddenly pulled open. A man in a black trench coat and a black hat walked out.

His face was adorned with clown make up. Both the colour and the makeup was more exaggerated than any movies Su Min had seen.

After that, a water tank was pulled out.

Su Min didn’t know what this was about, but Li Chi Yu gave him the answer as he exclaimed with surprise: “Is he a magician?”

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