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Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 51: Dart

Although he said that he saw him, it was just Su Min’s intuition.

Because he had become very familiar with Chen Su, he can now detect Chen Su by just detecting his presence.

Chen Su reached out and tapped his lips. He asked: “Do I look good?”

Su Min: “…………”

Haven’t yet seen his face so how would he know whether or not he looks good? Though inside he had always felt that Chen Su would be good looking.

Su Min wouldn’t admit to this nor would he tell Chen Su.

He turned his head and looked over at the clown magician shake his hand. He then stepped back and no longer looked at him.

With this trick being unsuccessful, would he try another one?

The audience were in panic. They still had not yet recovered from the shock from Zhou Qing Qing’s death. They all trembled in silence.

The four people in the front row were on a different level.

Li Chi Yu was still wondering, “Why hasn’t he pulled anything out yet? This magician is too unprofessional. I’m starting to doubt his skills.”

Le Ling: “Did you come here to watch a magic show?”

Hearing that, Li Chi Yu wilted, “Of course not! I just want to find a flaw in his magic!”

Le Ling said coldly: “Then you must be skilled.”

Li Chi Yu thought to himself: Even if he isn’t skilled, he would pretend to be skilled. How else would he be able to pursue his goddess?

Jiang Taozhi suddenly spoke up: “Look, he’s doing that action again. Is he going to choose the next person to die?”

The clown on stage turned the hat over and he redid his demonstration earlier. This time however he had his eyes fixed at the audience.

Su Min suspected that he was going to attempt it again.

Li Chi Yu acutely sensed that the clowns gaze was on him. He was afraid. “Will he pull me?”

Su Min finally couldn’t help but comment: “……….Stop using the word pull. It sounds strange.”

Li Chi Yu felt wronged: “But he is pulling something out.”

This magic involved the magician pulling animals from their hats.

The principle behind it was very simple. There are even several types. The simplest one involved putting the hat on the table and there would be a hole in the table that would allow the rabbit to come out from.

Others would hide the rabbit in the hat, and some would hide it under the table. By the time the hat is covered, it would give them an illusion of the rabbit being pulled out of the hat.

But this time, he felt that he was definitely not pulling a rabbit out. It was a dead person in the previous trick so it would likely be the same this time.

They had tried to call the police in the bus but there was no signal. They couldn’t even get online.

With Chen Su’s arrival, Su Min no longer paid attention to the magic show.

He felt an inexplicable sense of security. Although he no longer spoke to him, he could feel Chen Su sitting beside him.

Chen Su said: “That magician is too ugly.”

Su Min agreed but he said: “He can perform magic. Can you?”

Chen Su was a little angry. He didn’t know how to perform magic, but he would make others do it, “You want to watch?”

Su Min shook his head, “Not watching.”

After this incident, magic would probably leave a psychological shadow in him. Even if magic in reality is normal, he would associate it with this. This was the woe of having good memory.

The clown had already begun to put his hand into the hat. The atmosphere turned tense.

The audience started to whisper quietly. Most of them were praying in fear. Quotes from the Bible and the Book of Morality all appeared.

Su Min heard this and instead calmed down.

Li Chi Yu was very nervous: “It’s here, it’s here. He’s pulling something out.”

The moment his said this, the clowns hand came out from the hat. His movements were slow. There was something in his hand.

Su Min stared fixatedly at it. It looked like a sack.

The sack was long, and it looked very dirty. The clown wriggled it from side to side and it took more than a minute for the whole thing to come out.

At first, the audience didn’t understand.

Even Li Chi Yu was confused. He wondered: “What is this? It’s not harming people?

Although that was a good thing, it’s too abnormal.

Su Min even started to suspect it: “It’s that simple?”

His hand that was resting on his leg was touched. Chen Su wasn’t acting like a rogue like usual and said solemnly: “Look carefully.”

Su Min wanted to move that hand but was unsuccessful.

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He could only direct his attention back to the stage. He watched the sack pulled out by the clown hang to the ground. It looked pretty heavy.

The clown raised his hand and the lights on the stage brightened a little.

Su Min could now finally see the thing in the clowns hand clearly. He could clearly see internal organs and facial features. What was held in the clowns hand was their hair.

It was a human.

Su Min almost retched. He carefully assessed the situation to figure out the tricks used by the clown.

A human was indeed pulled out of the hat.

But the human wasn’t complete. Its whole body was dried up and even the bones had shattered to the point that it merged with the skin. It looked like a piece of skin.

The clown magician excitedly showed it to the audience, but he didn’t hear the screams that he was anticipating.

Soon, he got angry.

He put on his hat and spread the skin apart with both hands. He then triumphantly displayed the result of his magic to everyone.

Li Chi Yu suddenly grabbed his arm and cried out: “This clown is so fucking perverted!”

There was mass chaos amongst the audience. There was non-stop screaming.

The audience that was selected by the clown was drained of blood, had their bones crushed and internal organs twisted to eventually become a piece of dried skin.

Su Min exhaled. He felt that the magic was only getting more and more dangerous.

Chen Su next to him however would whisper in his ears saying that he would hire a professional magician to specially perform for him.

Or Su Min could perform for him.

With this way of speaking, Su Min thought of the overbearing president characters. He felt that Chen Su might be poisonous.

The magician on stage was satisfied with the audience feedback.

After the curtains opened, a wooden wall was pushed out. The audience that had died because of the hat trick was thrown behind the curtain.

A small table was also pushed out. There was something sitting on it that reflected light.

Li Chi Yu stretched his neck and peeked, “Looks like darts.”

This time Su Min finally knew what they were going to perform.

He had seen many of them. They would throw darts at a person and the person would survive without any injuries.

But this time would it be the audience that’s throwing or the clown that’s throwing?

Le Ling remained expressionless. She appeared to be extremely disgusted with the magician.

The clown turned around a few times and picked up a dart from the table. He showed it to the audience and threw it at the wooden wall.


Luo Zhanshen who sat in the audience had also come here unintentionally.

He didn’t understand the magic tricks at first but when that incident happened with the water tank, his face turned pale.

Fortunately, he had come with his wife and they could support each other.

After the clown pushed out his new trick, he trembled. There was a bad feeling inside him. This feeling was answered when the clown pointed at him.

Everyones eyes turned to look at Lou Zhanshen.

The clown on stage pointed at him with the dart and made an invitation gesture.

Everyone looked at him with sympathy. Because he was selected by the magician, he would definitely end up dying.

Luo Zhanshen’s lips were dry. He could only utter: “I don’t……I don’t……I don’t want to go up……….”

Someone behind him suddenly pushed him, “If you’re not going, who’s going?”

This person understood. If he didn’t go, another person would be selected. At that time, it might possibly be him.

When everyone is in danger, they would naturally push a scapegoat up.

Luo Zhanshen was stunned for a moment. He looked down at his pale faced wife and both of them couldn’t utter a single word.

In the end, Luo Zhanshen was pushed up to the stage.

The clown smiled at him. He then selected another person. It was the person who had pushed Luo Zhanshen to participate. The audience immediately went silent.

Two people were selected. Luo Zhanshen was the one throwing the dark and the second yellow haired man was tied to the wooden wall by the clown.

Yellow Hair’s face was covered in tears and snot, “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I’ll give you whatever you want!”

Luo Zhanshen had the intention to seek revenge.

Yellow Hair was tied onto the wooden wall like the character big (大). There were different words written in the gaps. Only Luo Zhanshen could see it clearly.

Money, mansion, freedom, life………His gaze turned heated.

Luo Zhanshen’s breathing quickened. In any case, it wasn’t him that’s dying. If he gets any of them, he would be successful.

There were ten darts in total. He was forcefully blindfolded by the clown.

Luo Zhanshen had never played darts before but this didn’t stop his ambitions.

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Just when he was about to throw it, he suddenly realised that the blindfold was a little loose. He could peek through and see a little.

Luo Zhanshen was shaking with excitement. He didn’t dare reveal this secret. Looking at the reward of a hundred thousand dollars, he threw it straight over.

He really hit it.

Yellow Hair who saw the dart fly over was so scared he almost wet himself. When it didn’t pierce into him, he was about to cry with gratitude.

The audience was completely silent.

Luo Zhanshen couldn’t see the clown’s expression. He pretended to be hesitating and then he threw it again at another reward.

After seven consecutive throws, Yellow Hair was completely excited.

Li Chi Yu who was below the stage couldn’t help but say: “I don’t even know how many there are. Maybe someone won’t die this time.”

Le Ling said: “Dream on.”

Li Chi Yu: “………..” Once again, he was snubbed by his goddess.

Su Min watched this intently. He felt that his luck was too good. Not a single one of the darts had hit him. It was too much of a coincidence.

He could tell that something wasn’t right. This was particularly the case for the clown.

Chen Su noticed his suspicions and said close to his ears: “He will regret it.”

Su Min didn’t know who Chen Su’s ‘he’ was referring to, but his ears were hot and numb.

He moved away and saw that Luo Zhanshen’s eight and ninth darts were thrown. Both pierced into Yellow Hair.

Yellow Hair cried out in pain. Blood leaked through his clothes.

Luo Zhanshen flinched a little and he felt a little sorry, but he had done so in order not to raise any suspicions.

Holding the last dart, he looked around a few times and tried to decide where he should throw it. After a few minutes of consideration, he threw the dart out forcefully.

The dart pierced straight into the wooden board.

The clown took off the blindfold from Luo Zhanshen’s eyes and then applauded him. As for Yellow Hair, he was already too weak to do anything.

Luo Zhanshen was extremely excited. Seeing the marks left by his throws on the board, he had a question that he wanted to ask.

However, the clown then proceeded to push the wooden wall over to the front and he revealed it to the entire audience. The writing on the board could clearly be seen.

The audience suddenly started to chatter.

That Luo Zhanshen’s luck really is too good. How did he manage to get all those things? They didn’t know if the clown is going to honour it.

When Su Min saw this, his eyelids twitched.

While everyone was in discussion, the clown then turned the wooden wall around to reveal the back of it.

In an instant, the room was only filled with Luo Zhanshen’s cry of anguish.

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