Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 55: Leaving

For the first time, when Su Min said those words he didn’t feel any wrong with it.

He may have been influenced by Lin Yiri, Chen Xingzhou and the others, or it may also possibly be Chen Su’s fault.

Su Min then reassured him: “We will definitely get out.”

Although those words sounded like he was raising a flag, he was confident. It was unlikely for none of them to return alive.

Li Chi Yu said: “That sounds even more scary with you saying that.”

Su Min decided not to speak anymore.

The fog gradually dissipated, exposing the small mounds of dirt. It was hard to believe that they had ran through those graves earlier.

The ghosts that were swaying around next to the graves also didn’t appear to have any intention to come over. They didn’t know what they were doing.

Li Chi Yu asked: “There are no tombstones for these graves?”

If there weren’t any, there were probably lonely ghosts. With so many of them here, it was probably a mass grave.

Le Ling said: “There are.”

Su Min glanced at her. For the first time, he asked her a question about herself, “How do you know? Have you been here before?”

Le Ling said: “Haven’t been. Just guessing.”

Su Min: “…………..”

The female protagonist was headstrong. He didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, a sound appeared in Su Min’s mind: 【Audience Member Su Min, congratulations on successfully surviving for another day. Please keep up the hard work. Today’s hint: Human bones】

Suddenly receiving a hint from the cinema, Su Min was a little surprised.

He didn’t think that time would have passed so quickly and that a day had already gone by. It was probably because a lot of time was wasted from watching the tediously long show.

The hint this time was human bones. Su Min had already encountered these human bones.

Every hint the cinema gave was a key location in the movie. With it mentioning human bones, it meant that they would probably have to do something with those bones.

As for the human bones they had in their possession, it was useless.

Su Min raised the human bone and couldn’t help guessing: What on earth can you do with these bones?

The event organiser had used numerous human bones to make this grave but for himself it seemed that he could only use them to hit others.

Human bones cannot be eaten. It seems that they can only be used as a tool.

Su Min suddenly thought of another problem. He asked: “Do you have a lighter?”

Li Chi Yu shook his head: “We don’t smoke so why would we have a lighter? There’s also nothing to burn in this place.”

Su Min said: “Who said that there’s nothing?”

He didn’t continue speaking. He just looked over at the huge grave filled with human bones.

Bones could be burned. Since they had no other options, it didn’t hurt to try. Maybe they could really burn it all.

If it could really be burned with fire, then he would probably be able to drag out the final boss. The only problem was where they could get the fire.

Le Ling thought and added: “We don’t have it, but the others may.”

Li Chi Yu sat in place for a long time and said: “We should go back to the performance venue and take a look. There might be something there.”

As things are now, it was their only option.

The three of them walked through the eerie small graves, fumbled out through the dark tunnel and, after an unknown amount of time passed, another exit appeared.

Su Min took the lead and stepped out. The curtain had blocked everything and there was no sound at all. He didn’t know if the audience was still there.

He opened a small slit and prepared to look out.

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He didn’t expect himself to meet a pair of eyes.

Those eyes were very strange. The area around it was white, like it was a layer of paint.

Su Min’s heart stopped. He subconsciously used the bone in his hand to smash it but unexpectedly the other party stepped back.

“What is this?” Li Chi Yu walked over from behind. Seeing what’s happening, he immediately jumped in to press the other person down.

When they saw clearly the person on the ground, they realised that it was the clown.

That murderous magician was now being held down by Li Chi Yu.

When Su Min thought this, the clown quickly broke away from Li Chi Yu’s clutches. He jumped onto the stage and a dart appeared in his hand.

A gust of wind blew over as soon as he threw it over.

Su Min quickly dodged and threw out the bone in his hand.

The bone cooperated well with him. That dark shadow appeared once again and the bone pierced through the clown’s body,

The clown was in disbelief: “You dare betray us?”

Su Min keenly noted the phrasing of his words. As expected, there wasn’t just one of him. They were a group.

The three of them against one group. There are also supernatural creatures. It may seem impossible but, if they wanted to live, they only had one choice.

Su Min took a deep breath and looked around. There wasn’t anyone around. He didn’t know if they were alive or dead. A thick smell of blood attacked his senses.

The clown smiled uglily: “Hahaha, you won’t live long. You will all die here. Once you become bones, you will be placed at the top hahahaha…..”

He gradually stopped breathing and his body collapsed.

Li Chi Yu stepped back. His face was filled with disbelief: “He died just like that? Was he human or was he a ghost?”

A ghost couldn’t have died in their hands.

Le Ling directly pulled apart the clown’s clothes, exposing the skeleton inside. His face and his entire body had turned into bones.

Su Min didn’t expect this, “Looks like the bones here were likely from this. Once you die, you turn into bones.”

And then the bones are used to build that massive grave.

Su Min jumped off the stage and saw that the audience actually had not left. Like the clown, they had all turned into a pile of bones.

Even Jiang Taozhi was no exception.

He sighed internally. He then restored his spirit and said: “Their clothes are still here. Let’s search them”

Because many people had died earlier, there were not many left in the seats. The search should be able to be completed very quickly.

Li Chi Yu trembled as he rummaged through the clothes. Every time he touched a bone inside it, or he saw a skull facing him, he was startled.

He was afraid of them suddenly coming alive and killing him.

Su Min didn’t think that much. He searched all the way until the final row before finally finding a lighter.

The moment the lighter was found, the thick dark fog appeared.

It was as if the people who were devoured earlier had returned and they were filled with malice. One by one, they rushed over towards them.

Su Min flicked on the lighter only to realise that there was no fire.

He backed away as he tried to flick it a few more times but not a spark appeared no matter how many times he tried. It appeared to be broken.

The dark fog was now right in front of them.

At this critical moment, a spark followed by a small flame appeared. The fog appeared to be startled by this and it quickly retreated.

Su Min’s forehead was coated with cold sweat.

The black fog didn’t dare come closer. Su Min quickly used the lighter to ignite the theatre seats but there was no response.

He quickly changed directions and tried to ignite the curtain on the stage but unexpectedly, the result was the same. There was no trace of burning on it.

Cold sweat dripped from Su Min’s nose. He didn’t know what was going on.

They were all made of cloth so how could it not be burned? Unless they’re not ordinary cloth.

Li Chi Yu asked urgently: “It can’t burn?”

Su Min nodded: “Yeah, there’s something wrong with these cloths.”

Le Ling frowned: “If it can’t burn, we should burn these bones. They should be able to be burnt.”

They didn’t have time. After trying a few more times and failing, Su Min looked over at the human bones.

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The entire performance venue was made from human bones. He randomly placed the flame in contact with it and fire rapidly burned.

Its speed was terrifyingly quick. Su Min quickly stepped back.

As if it was a flammable substance, the fire travelled from one bone to another and an indescribably unpleasant smell filled the air.

For a moment, Su Min felt like he was in some kind of concentration camp.

The fog made strange sounds. Some were sharp, so were rough and others wear fearful.

They flung desperately over towards the flames and, every time it was covered, the flames got a little smaller. The burning speed also got slower and slower.

Su Min’s heart tightened. He quickly used the lighter to light up another end.

Li Chi Yu continued to light human bones and he threw them far into the distance. In an instant, the entire performance venue was filled with fire.

The smell inside also got worse. It was like they were deep inside a sewer and you couldn’t help but feel a little sick.

Su Min said: “Let’s get out!”

With the fog fighting with the fire, it no longer paid them any attention. The three of them ran out through the tunnel from earlier.

The outside air also wasn’t that good.

Su Min used this chance to once again ignite a few more bones outside. Like the ones inside, it burned very easily and fire surged several metres high.

The fog and fire entangled with each other and they could hear the anguished cries from the ghosts.

Numerous ghosts entered but they were all completely burned down. The human bones and the entire performance venue crumbled.

They stood not far away. Li Chi Yu was still panting. He said worriedly: “From the looks of it, it should be able to burn it all.”

Su Min didn’t answer. A cold finger poked at his face.

Chen Su had once again appeared at an unknown point in time. He said: “You have something dark on your face.”

Su Min moved to rub it off but he only ended up spreading it out.

He continued rubbing his face with a cold expression. Chen Su saw this for the first time and couldn’t help laughing.

Su Min pursed his lips and glanced at him. He stopped his actions and decided that he wasn’t going to continue.

Finally, he heard a prompt: 【Audience Member Su Min hello. Congratulations on successfully surviving until the end! There is a five-minute transitional period. Please be prepared.】

The remaining three of them sat down and rested.

When the fire engulfed the fog, those sounds also grew weaker and weaker. The human bone tomb collapsed, and the sky gradually became brighter.

Chen Su rarely appeared during the day. He didn’t know if he did it willingly, but he soon disappeared after a few more words.

Suddenly Su Min found himself in another place.

They were surrounded by barren land. In front of them were hundreds of small dirt mounds and the sun burned bright above them.

In the middle of those mounds was a large grave. It was higher than the ones around it and at this moment it had turned black. There was a pile of dark ash next to the tombstone.

Su Min faintly realised something.

Li Chi Yu fiddled with his phone and cried out with pleasant surprise: “There’s signal here! I’ll call the police!”

Su Min knew that this must be the end of the movie. Afterall, the sky had brightened.

Li Chi Yu spoke to the police for a long time. He finally hung up and turned around. He wondered: “Where’s Le Ling?”

Su Min pointed ahead, “She’s there.”

Li Chi Yu looked over in that direction and saw Le Ling standing in front of a grave at the edge of the grave site.

He stood up and walked over.

Su Min sat in place and didn’t move. He pulled out the show ticket from his pocket and found that he was holding a coin instead.

The ticket was gone. If he didn’t remember it, he was afraid that everything that had happened earlier was just an illusion.

Su Min returned to his senses and gradually disappeared from the movie.

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Another movie is over! But that ending was kinda anti-climatic………

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