Arc 3: Death Show
Chapter 58: Notes

There were lots of people working at the cinema and the person in charge was only in charge of certain areas such as being the one responsible for contacting the holographic viewing audience members.

There was an issue two days ago where a member of the audience couldn’t withstand the stimulus from the movie and was quickly forcefully taken out of the viewing experience after it was discovered by the staff.

The person in charge’s heart almost stopped.

Fortunately, they were prepared for this and forceful quitting of the experience was done very quickly so that member of the audience didn’t get hurt and only required a short rest before leaving safely.

So, he really appreciated someone like Su Min who could watch a horror movie and come out alive and well.

He was both efficient and stable.

“The movie side was afraid of disturbing Mr. Su so this time we prepared some rewards for you at the cinema. You can pick them up on the day of the rerelease.”

Su Min answered: “Okay.”

He didn’t know what the reward was and whether they were good or bad.


On the day of the rerelease, it was raining very heavily.

Su Min originally didn’t want to go because he didn’t like going out on rainy days. His dislike towards it was very strong.

But when he thought of the movie, he eventually decided to go.

Li Wenxin heard his movements and crawled out from his bed: “Wait a minute. Let’s go out together.”

Su Min said: “Aren’t you going home? We’re going different ways.”

Li Wenxin waved his hand: “Don’t mention it. I even skipped class to buy it but the tickets were all sold out. It’s not even the holiday season so I don’t know why it’s so busy.”

Su Min asked casually: “So are you still going back?

“I am.” Li Wenxin got dressed and said: “You know how there are some classmate who are going on a trip? The trip everyone is talking about that’s organised by the Economics department. There just happened to be someone going near my place, so I’ve asked them to give me a ride.”

With the mention of the trip, Su Min suddenly remembered that there was indeed something that some of their classmates had been discussing.

Su Min said: “Then you will also be getting a ride from them when you come back?”

Li Wenxin said: “Yeah. The people going on the trip are all from classmates or their friends so they would drop them off at school. It’ll save travel expenses.”

Su Min felt that it was very cost effective.

After Li Wenxin packed up, the two of them went out together. As they were going to different places, one went to take the subway to the cinema while the other got onto a bus.

When it didn’t rain, Su Min usually just walked over to the cinema. It was his first time taking a subway to a cinema that’s located so close to him.

Before he could dry up the water stains on his pants, he had arrived.

Su Min opened his umbrella and quickly walked over to the cinema. He showed his ID to the staff and quickly entered the theatre.

Looking at the queue waiting behind him, he felt that it was pretty good having this privilege.

Su Min was amused by this thought of his. He asked the staff: “The movie side said they prepared a reward for me. Is it still here?”

The staff smiled and said: “It’s here. You can come pick it up after watching the movie. It’s already prepared for you.”

Su Min stored his umbrella away, “Okay.”

Probably because he had arrived early, there weren’t many people in the theatre and, because the rerelease of the movie was also in 3D, there were significantly fewer people.

Su Min felt that his earnings from this rerelease would probably be much less compared to last time.

Just after the lights in the theatre darkened, two girls ran in through the door, “Hurry up. It’s about to start!”

They then sat down next to Su Min.


Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei are audience members who also worked for the cinema.

Their job was to watch the latest movie, write praiseworthy articles to make it a hot headline and to help the movie attract more viewers.

By cooperating with the cinema, they could earn their livings.

There were many people who did this and the two of them were new, so they were sent to watch horror movies instead of romance movies.

This movie was also one of their targets for today. They had watched “Death Show” a few days ago and, using “New Death Show” as comparison, they would write something nice.

Qian Hui instructed: “Remember to write notes for later.”

Because there was only Su Min and the two of them sitting in that row, she looked up and gave Su Min an apologetic look.

Su Min didn’t mind it much.

The opening of the movie very quickly finished playing and the first scene appeared. Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei immediately began to concentrate on the movie.

With them like that, Su Min also couldn’t help but watch it seriously.

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He had personally experienced the movie so, apart from how it would be filmed, he knew about the scenes that were going to appear.

There were also some special scenes that appeared because of the change in the plot.

When Chen Su appeared, Su Min felt something strange inside. He couldn’t quite explain it.

But they didn’t interact much in this movie.

Su Min only now found out that Chen Su had hugged him from behind the entire night and had only left just before he woke up.

As he watched the movie, the two people sitting next to him also watched it.

Only they were different. Only half an hour had passed in the movie and they had already jotted down several pages of notes.

Because they had to write, they had even turned on a very small lamp to help them see.

Every few minutes, the two of them would quickly scribble down something as if they had seen something exciting.

As the scenes changed, Su Min moved his line of sight away from the big screen and glanced curiously at their notes.

After reading their notes, he was speechless for a long time

—- Something wrong with that Qing Qing’s boyfriend. He’s sleeping too deeply.

—- There must be another ghost in the other half of the blanket because I didn’t see anyone when it was pulled away. That Su Min spent a night with the ghost.

—- Why didn’t Su Min die after sleeping with the ghost? I feel that he may have an unspeakable relationship with the ghost in this movie.

—– Colourful bubbles appeared out of thin air in the room. This is very important.

—– Why is Su Min sitting on the bed? This is a question worth thinking about. Is he pressing something down? It’s too dark so I couldn’t see clearly. Will need to go back and investigate.


——- That ghost who suddenly appeared next to Su Min must be the culprit behind this! Otherwise how could he be so powerful?

——– That clown gave up on Su Min and chose someone else. This once again proves that he is no ordinary person. There must be something going on there.

——– He managed to get a bone. That Su Min is very amazing.

——— The movie didn’t reveal the behind the scenes for Su Min. Disappointed.

Qian Hui quickly jotted down some notes and whispered: “Weiwei, did you write your notes?”

Zheng Weiwei nodded: “Yes.”

The movie had reached the finale and there were about ten minutes left.

Su Min looked away and acted like he didn’t see anything. He didn’t expect them to note down something so strange instead of the main points.

He felt that Chen Su would probably be happy to death.

Although he didn’t know if Chen Su would know about this, Su Min internally noted that he should mention it next time.

Su Min reminded them: “Can you be a little quieter?”

Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei blushed. They spoke with embarrassment: “Sorry, sorry. We’ll try not to speak. Sorry.”

Su Min: “It’s okay.”

Seeing that they’re disturbing others, Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei no longer spoke. They looked around and quietly moved to a seat at the back.

Ten minutes later, the movie ended, and the audience began to leave the theatre.

Su Min lowered his head and followed them out.

“New Death Show” was probably the strangest horror movie Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei had ever seen.

Zheng Weiwei whispered: “I’m afraid of getting yelled at by the boss. We didn’t focus on the horror movie itself.”

Like this, their articles might be biased.

Qian Hui scratched her head and said: “What can we do? That’s just what we saw. Do you want to watch it again?”

Zheng Weiwei: “Okay. The tickets aren’t expensive anyway.”

Qian Hui grinned: “In fact, there were some scenes I didn’t see. There was a ghost that appeared every now and then and I wanted to know who he was.”

The two of them had not watched horror movies before this so they didn’t know anything about Chen Su and Su Min.

As for their conversation, he heard every word. He internally thought that they definitely wouldn’t be able to find out who Chen Su was. Afterall, even he himself didn’t know.

Su Min left the cinema and went straight back to school.

Before leaving, he couldn’t help but pay attention to the two girls and he mentally noted their account names.

Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei bought tickets to watch the next session.

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More than an hour later, the two came out of the theatre and were in a state of confusion.

Even after watching it again, their attention was once again drawn away. Compared to last time, they became even more focused on figuring out who that ghost was.

As a result, more notes were taken but they were all related to Su Min.

Even Le Ling the crossdressing man didn’t result in much of a reaction from them since they had already known about it before.

“I feel like I didn’t watch a horror movie……”

“When we go back, are we going to be writing only about the interactions between Su Min and that ghost? Although I probably will be able to write a lot, that’s ridiculous.”

“I don’t know what the director was doing. The actor’s face wasn’t revealed the whole time. That’s too pitiful. How can he get famous like this?”

“Those horror movies from before were probably fake. If you put all those small clips together, it would look like an everyday romance drama………”

“I will probably be able to write a novel this time.”

The two sat in the resting area outside the theatre for a long time to gather their thoughts. They couldn’t help but want to write something.

Before they left the cinema, Qian Hui suddenly recalled something, “Didn’t that guy sitting next to us look a little familiar?”

She had noticed his looks when she apologised to him because he was pretty good looking, but she later forgot about it because her attention was placed on the movie.

Now that she thought about it, why did he look familiar?

Zheng Weiwei didn’t see so she wondered: “Why? Did a celebrity come and watch a movie?”

Online you would often hear about celebrities going to watch movies.

Qian Hui racked her brains for a long time. Her eyes then widened: “I remember now. The person who sat next to us was Su Min!”

She felt that he looked familiar because he was the one that appeared in the movie.

Zheng Weiwei paused for a moment. She suddenly asked: “Then did he see what we wrote?”

Qian Hui thought back. She seemed to remember seeing Su Min look over at them.

She lowered her head and looked at her notes and felt a little conflicted.

If the protagonist of a movie saw it, she was afraid that he would think that she was watching some BL suspense movie.

Qian Hui’s tone was uncertain. She said hesitantly: “He…..He was wearing 3D glasses so he probably didn’t see what we wrote.”

If he saw it, he probably would be acting that calm.

Moreover, Su Min himself had come to watch his own movie. This was very good material. She quickly added that note down.

Like this, she could write a lot. The more she wrote, the more money she could make. She easily wrote up a long article.


The next day, a long article was posted and then shared many times across Weibo.

——— New Death Show: The Intimate Methods of Interaction between Human and Ghost

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Another arc is done! What were your thoughts on this arc? I personally felt that the movie ended quite anti-climatically after all that build up…


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