Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 59: Name

As soon as this article was published, the number of reads skyrocketed to more than 100,000.

A popular movie with nothing but news promoting it suddenly entered the eyes of the public. Although many people didn’t click into it, it did attract many passers-by.

Especially considering the articles name.

For most people, their recollection of a horror movie was how ghosts killed or tormented people, or the actions of a crazy psychopath.

So what they wanted to read about was their method of murder.

However, after reading through the entire article everyone felt cheated.

“I didn’t expect the methods to be completely different to what I was thinking…… Looks like I was too naïve. The world is too complicated.”

“Countless methods were listed in the article, but did it appear on screen?”

“It mentioned something about riding but there is no picture proof of this. Is this a fake article? I’m not going to watch it so let’s see what you can do about that.”

“I’m new here. Is this movie about love between a human and a ghost?”


As for Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei who were the writers of this article, they were now receiving lots of bonuses so they naturally promoted it even harder.

Because they didn’t remember the rest of the movie plot very well, most of the article was written based from the notes that they had taken.

As for the pictures, they naturally could only take them from the trailer.

Unfortunately, “New Death Show” was a rereleased movie so it didn’t have a trailer and was just directly screened so they could only use the trailer for “Death Show”.

They were originally intending on writing an article, but it ended up turning out more like a novel.

For example, the one scene that was mentioned a lot———

【………. Before this scene came out, we thought Su Min would be dragged in and would disappear like Zhou Qing Qing but the result was completely different. On the bed was a ghost who didn’t show his face the entire time and, in the end, he was successfully pressed down by Su Min! That’s right, pressed down!】

【From what we know, this position is rather intimate. Now there may be some cuties who don’t know about this, so we suggest that you search it up online. You will open up a whole new world.】

【For less than a minute, Su Min sat there. He then bent down and even laughed out loud. I don’t know the reason for this change in his mood.】

【Because the length of the article is limited and we cannot spoil too much, we cannot reveal the plot of the movie ——- We have just chosen some selected scenes to talk about. Everyone, please go to the cinema and give the movie a try.】


Articles like these were plenty and they came in a wide variety. Most would praise and praise the movie to no end until the readers themselves developed an immunity towards it.

Afterall, no matter how much they praised it, the conclusion was still the same.

However, Qian Hui and Zheng Weiwei were different, and they worked differently. Their title attracted passers-by and they left bait at the end for the readers.

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This bait successfully helped bring some readers to the cinema.

Those who haven’t seen the movie wouldn’t say much but those who have seen “Death Show” and “New Death Show” would leave behind comments.”

“Me! I watched this. I watched both of them. This is the movie ticket. I can prove to you that the content of this article is true.”

“Hahahahaha Turned out there are people who thought the same? I have been counting how many times they’ve changed positions.”

“Why didn’t the writer mention the show? Su Min sat in the first seat in the first row. The biggest question was where the ghost was sitting.”

“To be honest, I have already become Su Min’s biggest fan. Our Min has managed to rerelease all three horror movies! The only question is, are you brave enough to watch it?”

“You don’t even know who that ghost is? Wasn’t it obvious? I thought we’ve talked about this already.”

All kinds of strange comments were made by the readers.

In the end, the most popular comment was an analytical comment.

“Seeing that you don’t know about it, let me try and figure out who Su Min and the ghost is. They are not celebrities or actors. Su Min is only a student. The ghost’s name is Chen Su. The other information about them is unknown. The two of them watched three horror movies together and behaved intimately together like a couple. Their couple name is SuMin…..”

Su Min only saw this the next day.

Because not everyone at school paid attention to this, and the ones who did pay attention weren’t familiar with Su Min, there wasn’t much of a commotion.

That night, Li Wenxin returned to the dormitory.

When Su Min saw him after returning from class, he was very surprised. He asked curiously: “Didn’t you go home? Why did you come back today?”

Li Wenxin looked like he was about to cry, “I fucking forgot to ask them how long their trip was. It turned out to be a day trip!”

He didn’t have a ticket so he could only come back with them.

Despite originally planning on staying a few days, in the end he only stayed a night at home and returned back to school.

Su Min: “………..”

He didn’t know what to make of his luck.

Li Wenxin sighed: “You’re not going to comfort me?”

Su Min comforted him: “You can go home next time.”

Li Wenxin: “……..Your comforting is equivalent to not comforting. I will definitely be able to go home next time. Don’t curse me.”

Su Min shrugged and said nothing.

There were no classes in the evening. At this point in their degree, they no longer needed to attend self-study sessions.

Just as the two were doing their own things, Wang Di rushed in from outside, “Su Min where are you?”

Su Min turned around, “What’s wrong?”

Wang Di said: “Have you seen the posts online? They’re talking about you and Chen Su. Do you know who Chen Su is?”

Su Min’s movements stopped. He asked: “They found the answer?”

Even he didn’t notice the slight nervous tension in his voice.

Su Min thought that this was very possible. The netizens’ abilities are amazing, and they can figure things out very quickly and very accurately.

If they really did find out, he wanted to know.

Wang Di had a strange expression, “You want to see?”

Su Min was preoccupied thinking about Chen Su’s identity and didn’t notice his expression. He asked: “Is it on Weibo?”

Wang Di nodded.

The page was still opened on his phone and he had intended to show Su Min the contents of it. If Su Min refused to see it, he would not show it to him.

Su Min received his phone.

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On the screen was a Weibo blog belonging to “Yangleduo Coconut”. She posted a very long article and even included pictures.

【Yangleduo Coconut: #SuMin# From the first movie “New University Thriller” to the second movie “New Murder Island” and then the more recent “New Death Show”, these three movies have successfully turned me into a SuMin fan. Needless to say, Su Min is known to be a top student at a famous university but for Chen Su, everything about him is unknown and all we know is his name. Today, I checked to see who this Chen Su is!】

Su Min was surprised when he saw those words. She even mentioned things like SuMin?

Wang Di saw him look up and quickly said: “Continue reading. There’s still a lot more after that. Hurry and finish reading it.”

He was dumbfounded when he read it.

Su Min suppressed the strange feeling inside him and continued to read.

The blogger had listed a lot of real dialogue from the movies, pointed out a lot of fine details and even included a few screenshots.

【So from this, I have locked onto several people that may possibly be Chen Su. They are all likely but only one of them is the Chen Su in the movie.】

Su Min’s heart raced. He clicked open the photos.

The first photo was a photo from an encyclopedia. His name was Chen Su and the picture depicted a small screen celebrity. Aged 28, he had always been at home.

When Su Min saw the photo, he felt that it wasn’t the same Chen Su that he had interacted with. It gave him a very different feeling.

All these ups and downs were bad for his heart.

Su Min clicked open the second photo. This time it wasn’t a photo from an encyclopedia, but this person was also called Chen Su. He was a 35-year-old professor at a well-known university. A full body picture was included.

He also felt that this one wasn’t right.

The two consecutive bouts of disappointment significantly lowered Su Min’s expectations and anticipation towards the third photo.

But before he was once again met with disappointment, the occupation of the third person surprised Su Min.

The other party was the director of the provincial psychiatric hospital.

Su Min: “………….”

Wang Di glanced at him carefully: “The director of a psychiatric hospital isn’t mentally ill. Don’t worry.”

Su Mi returned the phone to him, “It must not be true.”

Wang Di wasn’t the person involved so he didn’t know about the exact situation. Hearing him deny it, he also felt that the post was probably wrong.

Afterall, a director of a psychiatric hospital would be too busy to go watch movies.

If he really did that, others would say that he was being negligent.

Wang Di said casually: “They all thought you knew who Chen Su was but in fact you don’t know who he is. It’s quite dramatic.”

In fact, he had also originally thought that Su Min would know but he only realised that he didn’t when Su Min mentioned it.

As classmates and roommates for almost three years, Wang Di knew Su Min’s personality very well. He knew that he wouldn’t lie.

Su Min’s emotions calmed down significantly: “I’ll find out in due time.”

He sat back at his desk and opened a book up.

Li Wenxin who was lying on the bed heard everything. He got up and poked his head out, “Are you still talking about that psychiatric hospital? Su Min, a new horror movie will come out next month. Let’s watch it together.”

Su Min’s attention was diverted, “What movie?”

“What a minute. I forgot the name.” Su Min checked his phone and said: “It’s called “The Last Supper”.”

Wang Di took the lead and asked: “For some reason I remember The Last Supper being the name of a drawing.”

That drawing was related to Jesus and many people knew about it. There were various analyses of the drawings online as well.

Su Min also knew about this drawing. He subconsciously asked: “Western movie?”

He didn’t like western movies because most of them were too gory. Su Min didn’t like it when horror movies tried to use gore to elicit fear.

If he heard that it was good through word of mouth, he would possibly consider giving it a watch.

If it really was a western movie, Su Min probably wouldn’t go watch it.

Li Wenxin waved his hand and said: “No, it’s a domestic movie. Let me see, the original name was “Shocking Orphanage”.”

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KK has something to say:
A new arc! Looks like it’s going to take place in an orphanage this time~


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