Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 60: Going Back

Li Wenxin sent a screenshot to their group.

Upon hearing the word orphanage, Wang Di exclaimed: “Orphanages are scary. Have you guys seen the news about them?”

Su Min said: “Haven’t seen.”

Except for the things that he was interested in, he didn’t pay much attention to anything else.

Wang Di said: “I knew you wouldn’t know about it. A top student definitely wouldn’t know about the history of orphanages. All kinds of supernatural events have happened there and there are even picture proofs of it. It’s terrifying.”

Every once in a while, there would be a post summarising well-known haunted sites as well as descriptions of those places.

Li Wenxin said: “A domestically produced one definitely won’t be that scary. Don’t worry, it might even be fake in the end.”

Although ghosts may appear, some movie directors would happily film it such that the entire movie was just an illusion or fantasy created due to the protagonist’s mental illness.

Wang Di said: “No matter how scary the movie is, it’s just a movie. How can our Su Min be defeated?”

Li Wenxin: “Yes, that’s right.”

Just like that, the two of them started to toot Su Min’s horn. As the centre of their conversation, Su Min didn’t think much of it and even wanted to laugh.

While Li Wenxin and Wang Di chatted, Su Min pulled out his phone and started to seach for the movie “The Last Supper”.

Because tickets for movies are usually available for pre-purchase half a month to a month before it is released, it was already showing on the ticketing software.

Su Min looked at the synopsis first.

Yan Jing Cai was abandoned at an orphanage at a young age and he lived happily with the other children there. After he was adopted, he lived a very normal life.

Fifteen years later, Yan Jing Cai received an email from the old director of the orphanage. He decided to return to the orphanage with his girlfriend Xu Yixiang.

When he returned to the orphanage, he also saw his former friends. They were also called back by the old director and they chatted until very late at night.

But the next day, Yan Jing Cai realised that something wasn’t right. There were other children still living at the orphanage and strange phenomena happened every night.

One by one his friends died, and he started to fear for his life. Feeling that this place had changed and was probably haunted with ghosts, Yan Jing Cai decided to escape with Xi Yixiang.

But it was too late.

From this synopsis, Su Min couldn’t tell anything. All he knew was that there were ghosts.

After he clicked in, he selected a viewing time and then clicked on the “Buy Ticket” option. At this moment, no one else had bought the tickets.

“Hey Su Min, are you going to watch it?” Li Wenxin asked.

Su Min stored away his phone, “I have already bought the tickets.”

Li Wenxin shrieked: “Then I also want to buy. I’ll also do holographic viewing. I’ll do it with you. What session did you buy?”

Su Min was too lazy to respond so he just sent him a screenshot.

Li Wenxin saw the screenshot and went quiet. It wasn’t known whether he really did buy the ticket, but he vowed: “I definitely will go.”

For the next month, everything was very peaceful for Su Min.

As for the speculations online, he would sometimes look at them but most of the time they were just baseness inconclusive guesses.

As for Chen Su’s true identity, he will eventually find out.

The day before the release of “The Last Supper”, he received a call from the cinema.

Su Min was all ready to go so he told them directly that he would watch it and he had bought tickets himself for the 9am session.

It was another working day so there probably won’t be many people.

He really didn’t want to encounter another situation where he was being watched by others. It was extremely strange seeing all those eyes staring at him the moment he opened his eyes.

The person in charge said: “No, no. There won’t be any movie critics or media in this session. They’re in the midnight session.”

Because it was to be released at midnight, they would watch the first session and go back to write their review with the aim of being the first one to publish. That way, their post will be the first one that comes up in the searches.

Su Min was relieved: “Okay, I understand.”


The next day was the day of the movie release.

Su Min had no class in the morning, so he woke up naturally, washed up and then went to the cinema alone.

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As for Li Wenxin who said that he would go with him, he fell asleep again after being woken up and had completely forgotten his words from last time.

There were very few people at the cinema, only a few were scattered around.

Su Min went straight in and saw Xiao He waiting there.

Despite not seeing Xiao He for a while, he still walked over with a smile: “Mr. Su, you are really punctual.”

Su Min asked: “You weren’t here last time?”

Xiao He explained: “Our rostered times are different. Last time I wasn’t on duty so I didn’t meet Mr. Su.”

Su Min nodded.

Xiao He gave him the instructions he received from the person in charge: “There are very few viewers for the 9am session of “The Last Supper” so it should be quiet later.”

Su Min hummed in acknowledgement.

The two entered the theatre together. Because there weren’t many people, it was a smaller theatre that was about half the size of the previous ones.

Su Min didn’t mind that. He found his seat and sat down. When he bought the ticket, not many people had bought it, so he managed to snag the best seat.

This time “The Last Supper” was a 2D movie.

After Xiao He left, several other people entered. Eventually there was total of a little less than ten other people in the room.

This was Su Min’s first time watching a movie with so few people.

A girl spoke excitedly: “Oh wow, there’s so few people here. I want to take a picture and pretend I have this entire theatre to myself.”

The best seating in the theatre would naturally appear in the picture.

But Su Min didn’t know this, and he just fiddled with the helmet.

When it was time, he wore the helmet.

In less than a minute, the lights in the entire theatre dimmed and the big screen turned on. Someone spoke:

“………Since you are going back, I’ll go back with you. Afterall, this is the orphanage that you stayed at before. I also want to take a look.”

Following the sweet female voice was a man’s voice: “Okay then, let’s go and meet the orphanage director together. It would be good introducing you to him.”

After that exchange of words, the movie’s title finally appeared. Following the name “The Last Supper” was the original name “Shocking Orphanage”.

A prompt appeared before Su Min’s eyes: “Hello Audience Member Su Min, are you ready to experience “The Last Supper”?”

He immediately responded and his vision turned black.


“……..Teacher, how do you do this question? They say that you have to do it this way but I don’t think that’s right!”

When Su Min recovered, he heard a child’s voice.

He subconsciously assessing his current location. It appeared to be an office and surrounding him were teachers and mountains of documents.

A seven or eight-year-old child was standing next to him holding an exercise book in his hand.

Remember the other party’s question, Su Min received the book. There was a math problem written on it that was quite simple.

He answered the child’s question in detail.

The child came to an understanding and happily left the office with his workbook, leaving behind the busy teachers.

Su Min examined his desk and saw that he was really a qualified teacher. He even had a very carefully written up lesson plan.

He didn’t know how long he had been a teacher for.

At this moment, the belated cinema’s prompt appeared: 【Audience Member Su Min hello. Please accept your script as soon as possible.】

Su Min silently accepted it.

After reading through his characters script, he didn’t speak for a long time. This time, he once again died as a result of his own actions.

Su Min’s character was an orphan who later became a teacher after growing up. The beginning of the movie would depict him in the office receiving an email shortly after the child left.

The email was sent by the director of the orphanage saying that he didn’t have long to live and requesting for him to visit. After reading the email, he requested for leave from the head teacher.

When he arrived at the orphanage, he saw that he wasn’t alone.

Everything was normal that night. After returning to the room he used to stay in, he heard a child’s laughter coming from the corridor outside and he proceeded to get up and check.

Then he died in the corridor.

As for the method of death, he was hung from the door.

The details regarding the death wasn’t revealed in the script. Afterall, he was just in the role of a cannon fodder, so everything was rather vague.

Once again, he was fated to die miserably.

As Su Min thought this, he turned on the computer and saw that his inbox was open. After refreshing it, he received a new email.

He opened it and read the message from the beginning.

The sender of the email was the director of the orphanage where he had once stayed at called Li Fengde. He was in his fifties.

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He mentioned in his email that he had been ill recently and was told that he didn’t have much time left after being checked at the hospital. The reason for the email was because he wanted Su Min to visit him and stay a few days there.

At the end, he even mentioned that the rooms have already been prepared and that he is waiting for him.

There wasn’t much written in the email. Most of it was the director reminiscing the times when Su Min was staying at the orphanage.

Su Min sent him a reply expressing his intention to return and then he started to research about the orphanage online.

The name of the orphanage was Happy House. Just from the name you could tell that it was a very loving place.

There were many orphanages with the same name online. Su Min went through them one by one before finally finding one that should be the one that would be depicted in the movie.

Happy House Orphanage had existed for many decades. Because of the insufficient funds back then, its location wasn’t great.

Now, due to various city reconstruction reasons, there were no longer any houses over there. The director was reluctant to relocate so the building just remained there.

Because of its lack of fame, the children that were sent there were usually children that weren’t accepted by large orphanages, so the number was quite small.

Not much information could be found about it online, so Su Min didn’t find any clues.

He waited until the end of work and quickly applied for a week of leave from the head teacher.

Probably because of the storyline, the head teacher didn’t ask him anything and approved his request very easily, “You can come back when you feel better.”

Su Min: “………Okay.”

Before he watched this horror movie, he had watched several horror movies based around orphanages including “Terror at the Orphanage” which received a score of 74.

After watching it, he could only say that he had a general impression of what orphanages were like.

In general, most people would think of the famous movie “Orphan” when you mention orphanages, but that movie only depicted the main character going to an orphanage to adopt a child and the majority of the plot didn’t take place at the orphanage.

Su Min himself had never been to an orphanage, and most of the good movies about orphanages were foreign movies so it would definitely be different to the domestically filmed ones.

After work, he packed some clothes and dragged his suitcase over to a taxi.

The driver asked: “Where to?”

Su Min: “Happy House Orphanage.”

According to the script, he would arrive at the orphanage at night.

As for the reason behind the name “The Last Supper”, Su Min suspected that it might have something to do with them possibly dying after having their final meal there.

Afterall, in the script he really only had dinner before his death. It was like the last meal prisoners get just before their death sentence.

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