The Last Supper
Chapter 10: Wine Glass

While everyone was still in shock after seeing the question being refreshed, a sudden sound appeared in the cabin……..
It sounded like sharp nails scratching across a wooden board.

Everyone’s hair rose. They looked around searching for the source of the sound.

In this terrifying setting, no one dared to fall away from the group, so they only looked around while remaining in place.
Soon, someone cried out desperately: “Behind! It’s behind me! Help…….”

The one who cried out was the bald man.
He was the only one who didn’t move over to the answering wall to join the others.
For the entire time, he sat alone at the dining table. As if paralysed from his neck down, he remained huddled in the seat that he had selected.

The bald man had fainted earlier with fear because of Hunter A but now he was scared awake by the scratching sounds.
With his face coated with snot and tears, he cried out with panic: “Behind me. Help me! Save me, please!”

“But there’s no one behind you…” Yu Yao said in a quiet voice.
“Yeah, there’s no one………”
When the bald man heard this, he cried even more fiercely.

No one dared to approach him. They could only desperately gesture at the bald man: “Don’t just sit there! Hurry up and come over. Come here!”
“I can’t move! This chair……..I can’t move. It has trapped me!” The bald man was so panicked, his words were almost incoherent.

“You mean, you can’t get off after sitting in the chair?”
“Yes. I can’t……It wants me dead. It wants me to die!” The bald man cried.

Everyone fearfully backed away from the dining table. Only You Huo walked over.
“Brother?” Yu Wen called out.

He was originally going to grab You Huo to stop him from taking risks but when he thought of his brother’s performance and his own miserable -1 point, he decided to just follow You Huo.

They walked behind the bald man and finally found the source of the sound———
On the back of the bald man’s chair, sawdust scattered as the light-coloured core of the wood was exposed. It was as if there was an invisible hand scratching on the surface of the chair.

Yu Wen: “It’s writing something?!”
You Huo hummed in agreement.

This great master was more patient towards the “ghost” than he was towards humans. He crossed his arms and waited on the side for it to finish.
After the other examinees in the room hesitated for a moment, they quickly rushed over and huddled behind You Huo.

“12! It’s writing 12!” The tattooed man shouted out.

Soon after that, the sound of nail scratching against wood was heard coming from a nearby chair.
You Huo took a few steps to walk over and the large crowd behind him also shuffled with him. When he stopped his steps, the large crowd would also stop as if someone had suddenly stepped onto the brakes.

You Huo for a moment suspected that they were not taking a physics exam and was instead playing a game of Mother Hen.

The scratching sound lasted for about five minutes and each seat at the table was numbered.
From 1 to 12, they each corresponded to a seat. The role of these numbers was obvious.
Once you have found the cursed tableware, you just needed to write the number on the answer wall.

Yu Wen guessed: “My answer and sister Yu Yao’s answer were circled, and we got points for that. They were all related to refraction so does that mean………That if we wanted to find the cursed tableware, we need to use refraction?”
“Probably.” Everyone answered, “But what’s refraction?”
Yu Wen: “……….”

His frozen look was too amusing. Yu Yao couldn’t hold back and laughed.
She had always been crying and grieving so this was her first time making an expression other than that. Even Yu Yao herself was a little surprised.

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She was stunned in place for a moment. She then walked over to the group and patiently explained the concept of “refraction”.

Yu Wen dethawed and looked up at You Huo next to him only to see that he was deep in thought.

“Brother……….” Yu Wen quietly moved over to him.
He followed You Huo’s line of sight. Over in that direction was a group of elderly examinees. There was also a beaten sofa where the three invigilators sat.

This mentally deficient boy asked: “What are you looking at the invigilators for?”
You Hu wordlessly took away his line of sight and looked down at him.
Yu Wen retracted his neck and said timidly: “Forget it, forget it. Go ahead and look. I won’t ask anymore.”


Although they had managed to survive through a round of answer collection and managed to earn themselves another six hours, no one felt relieved.

Everyone stared at the tableware on the dining table like it was some precious treasure.
“Can we touch this plate?” The tattooed man muttered. “If I pick it up to take a look, will it be considered as me selecting my seat?”
“It’s better not to touch it . Death——-“

Before Old Yu could finish his words, Yu Hou picked up a wine glass.

Old Yu: “———Is impossible!”
The tattooed man rolled his eyes.

Everyone stared at You Huo bewildered. Seeing that he was still alive and well, and wasn’t forced into a seat, they felt relieved and they all started to pick up the tableware and examine them.

“Why are you so brave?!” Since he is afterall his nephew, Old Yu hurried over to ask You Huo, “What if picking up a wine glass counts?!”
You Huo picked up a second glass: “It won’t. I picked them up in the kitchen.”
Old Yu: “……….”
Are you proud of that?

Old Yu was almost about to vomit blood because of his nephew but he was also too afraid to scold him. He could only glare at You Hou from an unseen angle.
“Dad, move aside.”
Yu Wen walked past Old Yu and picked up a silver spoon. Unable to find anything, he switched over to a silver fork.

At first glance, they were all common household items. The plates were white porcelain and they didn’t have any patterns on it while the silver spoons and forks were designed very simply.
Just when he was about to switch to a saucer, he finally noticed that his brother wasn’t touching anything else.

“Brother, why are you only looking at the wine glasses?” Yu Wen couldn’t help but ask.
“No point looking at the others.” You Huo placed down the third glass and stopped examining them. He proceeded to move away from the dining table.
“No point?” Yu Wen was stunned.

While he was stunned, the tattooed man who had already looked through them all complained: “What is this garbage? There’s not a single shit in these things!”
Another person also said in distress: “The question is too vague. We don’t even have a hint so how can we find it?”


You Huo squatted next to the Hunter’s dead body. He picked up a piece of the broken wine glass and started to examine it.

To him, the question has already given them plenty of clues.
When he was in the kitchen earlier and was messing with the hunter, he noticed that the other party paid special attention to these wine glasses and, when Hunter A dropped one of them, the question changed into “There are now 12 sets of tableware.”
This would mean that, to the question, the only thing that counted as part of the tableware were the wine glasses.

Therefore, the so-called secret must be hidden in the glasses.

Yu Wen stared at the answer wall in thought for a moment. He then slapped his thigh and jumped up: “Oh———brother, I finally get it! The others are all useless and only those glasses are part of the tableware!”

Everyone stood around dumbly with plates, forks and spoons in their hands.
Yu Wen waved his hand and mobilised the group: “Don’t look at those, look at the glasses!”

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He rushed over and quickly stepped onto his brakes when he got near the hunter’s body. He sat onto the floor and asked to be praised: “Aren’t I pretty smart?”
You Huo perfunctorily snorted.


However, the excitement didn’t last long.
After a while, the group was once again in despair.

They had examined every one of them and even tried to warm it up with their breaths, heat them up and shake them. After turning it around and around a few times, nothing was found.

On the sofa.
922 squeezed his fingers and said: “I’m busting and I’m also a little hungry. Was it always this hard doing full time on-site invigilating?”
154 said: “Hold it in. It’s still too soon. There’s still 36 hours.”
922 was in despair.

Qin Jiu supported his head and his eyes swept past the dining table in the room before landing in a certain corner of the room.
There, You Huo had his back towards him while he looked through the fragments of the wine glass. The curved back of his formed a very nice arc.

He watched him for a long time and suddenly said: “Have you guys seen him before?”
154 was confused: “Why?”
922 was even more so: “Ah?”

Their reaction alone was enough.
Qin Jiu fell silent for a moment. He then said lazily: “It’s nothing. If you’re really hungry, you can go make something in the kitchen.”
154 and 922 looked over at the kitchen. They then said with a stiff expression: “Not hungry at all.”

After a few more seconds, 922 rubbed his hands and stood up: “Uh…..I’ll go take a look in the kitchen.”
154 was impressed: “……..You can even make something in a kitchen like that?”
922: “I’m just taking a look.”

After he left, 154 once again looked back at the examinees. He suddenly understood the meaning behind Qin Jiu’s words. He looked at You Huo and then hesitantly looked at Qin Jiu.
After staring at him in silence for about a minute, his boss finally spoke up: “Have I died? Why are you looking at me like I’m a spirit?”
154: “………..”

Qin Jiu glanced at him: “Spit it out if you have something to say.”
154 pondered for a moment and said: “I just wanted to say……..If we have met before, that rule violating man gentleman should recognise us.”

Qin Jiu’s eyes once again returned to You Huo.
After a moment he hummed in agreement.

154 was right. If they have met before, he wouldn’t have this kind of reaction.
It’s not like there would be another person who has lost a part of their memory like he had. It couldn’t be that coincidental.


922 rummaged through the kitchen and finally decided to change locations.

He returned back to the sofa and knelt onto the ground to open his suitcase. From inside, he took out a grill and a box of already cut up beef. The moment he opened the lid, he heard Yu Wen cry out nearby: “Brother, don’t be so reckless!!”

The three invigilators looked over and just happened to see You Huo pick up the bottom of the shattered wine glass from in the Hunter’s hands and smash it against the edge of the table.
There was a crack.
The bottom of the glass was once again broken……..

922’s hands shook. The beef spilt onto his pants.
Holding the remaining half-boxful of meat, he asked 154: “Can we accept him as a colleague after violating the rules four times? I don’t want to be his invigilator anymore.”
154: “……….”
Which idiot would want to?

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