Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 66: Dress

Everyone looked over at Su Min.

Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang were most frightened. They glanced at the two dishes in front of Su Min and looked back at Su Min. They had no idea what was going on.

Su Min looked at the two dishes before him in silence.

One was a plate of stir-fried spinach and another was edamame stir-fried with shredded pork.

Seeing those scattered pieces of meat mixed in, Su Min had a strange thought. This shredded meat couldn’t have been made using Xiao Chen’s flesh, right?

Xiao Chen once again left the room after serving the food.

The old director looked at Su Min and said generously, “Eat well and don’t waste it. It’s shameful wasting food.”

Su Min felt that he was pulled into a strange plot. Why are they forcing him to eat? He’s not hungry at all.

He and the frightened Yan Jing Cai looked at each other. He then looked down and poked at the food before him with his chopsticks.

Nothing strange appeared.

Su Min shook his head at Yan Jing Cai. Yang Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang breathed a sigh of relief, but they still didn’t dare eat.

The old director didn’t pay attention to whether or not they were eating and started to slowly eat himself. Each mouthful had to be chewed for a long time before he could swallow it.

Shi Nansheng asked while eating: “Why are there so few children now?”

He learned that there were only seven children in the orphanage last night, but he had only seen the three here.

The old director frowned when he said this, “They didn’t want to eat. I’ll have to coax them over later.”

Shi Nansheng frowned, “Children are so troublesome.”

He no longer remembered the fact that he used to be the most troublesome child at the orphanage who had a very bad temper.

The old director said: “Can’t be helped.”

Shi Nansheng thought about and felt that it was indeed the case. You couldn’t hit or scold a child and can only speak reason to them, but they wouldn’t necessarily accept it so conflicts can easily happen.

This was why children are the most difficult to take care of.

Su Min carefully observed the three children sitting opposite him. They were also eating the food prepared by Xiao Chen and had very small bowls. Every time they took a bite, they would look at him.

This was especially the case for the young girl. Her eyes were fixed onto him.

Su Min who was being looked at felt extremely uncomfortable but every time her gaze was met with his, she would look down shyly.

Su Min: “……..”

What can he say in this situation?

Half an hour later, a child suddenly ran down from upstairs and shouted: “Ahhhhhh Ming Ming’s hitting someone again!”

The old director almost choked. He quickly stood up and turned his head: “What’s wrong? Why is he suddenly hitting someone?”

The child cried and said: “I don’t know.”

The old director knitted his brows and left his seat, “You can continue eating. I’ll take a look upstairs.”

Yan Jing Cai prayed for him to hurry up and leave, “Okay.”

As long as the old director left, he would no longer need to act and could quickly dispose of the food.

The old director left together with the child.

At the dining table, the atmosphere suddenly relaxed. Shi Nansheng was still happily devouring his food: “Why aren’t you eating?”

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Han Qinqin didn’t eat much so she only had a few bites.

Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang sat stiffly in their seats. The food before them was turned over countless times but they didn’t take a single bite.

The two said in unison: “You eat. We’re not hungry.”

Shi Nansheng looked at them for a moment and shrugged: “Okay then.”

But the moment he was done saying that, he felt something strange. He spat out something from his mouth, “Why is this bone so big?”

Everyone’s eyes looked over.

A severed finger sat on the table.

As a painter, Shi Nansheng knew fully well what part it was, and he was completely stunned.

Yan Jing Cai immediately said to Xu Yixiang: “Fortunately it wasn’t ours.”

The two of them had been looking through their food for a long time fearing that the severed finger was in their food.

They didn’t expect it to fall in the distrustful Shi Nansheng’s plate.

More importantly, he had also eaten it.

Shi Nansheng jumped out of his seat, “What the hell is with this dish?! Who did this?!”

Su Min remained calm: “We warned you.”

Shi Nansheng recalled the words spoken before they ate. At that time, he ridiculed them and even taunted them, and now he had his face slapped.

Han Qinqin who sat furthest away comforted him: “Maybe it’s chicken feet.”

Shi Nansheng shook his head, “Chicken feet isn’t like this……..”

The skin on the severed finger was gone and only the bones and connective tissue was left. He immediately started to retch and tried to vomit out the contents in his stomach.

Su Min looked over at the three children.

They didn’t appear to care about what was happening and just continued to eat their own food. In addition to that, they also watched him.

Shi Nansheng cursed: “What the fuck?!”

He then ran out the back door. He was clearly going to go find Xiao Chen to settle things.

Yan Jing Cai frowned: “Will he…..”

Xu Yixiang finished his sentence: “Will Xiao Chen kill him?”

And then cook him up and serve it over for them to eat…….Like that meat bun made from human meat? And Xiao Chen is the butcher?

She was disgusted by her own thoughts.

Su Min stood up: “Let’s go and see.”

Unexpectedly, before they were able to leave their seats Shi Nansheng returned. His expression was awkward and there was even a trace of fear.

Su Min felt that he probably saw something.

Yan Jing Cai asked: “Didn’t you go find Xiao Chen?”

Shi Nansheng didn’t’ answer. He went straight down the corridor and locked himself in his room.

Han Qinqin wasn’t pleased with this: “What is with his attitude? It’s not like we’re the ones who offended him.”

To be honest, she was the one who knew least about the situation.

Even with the severed finger, because she didn’t know what it looked like after the skin was off, she wasn’t particularly scared.

Seeing that she wasn’t getting a response, Han Qinqin again asked: “So the things you said earlier about the kitchen was true?”

Xu Yixiang thought for a moment and said: “Of course. You should be able to tell after seeing Shi Nansheng’s behaviour. He didn’t believe us.”

From this, Han Qinqin understood that this was the aftermath of not believing their words.

Su Min reminded them: “Get rid of the food first.”

Yan Jing Cai returned to his senses: “Yes, yes, yes. Do it before the old director is back or it’ll be too late.”

In the end, the food was all thrown out outside.

The unpleasant meal was over.

When they returned upstairs, they could still hear the intermittent cries from the other side.

Su Min didn’t have any intention to check and went directly back to his room to have a snack.

Yan Jin Cai was shocked when he saw the snacks in his suitcase, “Why did you bring so much food here? Did you expect this?”

Su Min said: “I just like to eat snacks.”

He distributed two packs over to Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang.

Having not eaten anything for lunch, they were starving. At this moment, even if they were just dry biscuits, they felt that they were the most delicious things on earth.

After eating, the couple laid in bed contemplating over whether they should leave.

Su Min wasn’t interested and didn’t want to disturb them, so he left the room and walked down the corridor.

It felt very different compared to walking down the corridor at night. During the day it looked a little empty and lonely.

When Su Min returned to his room later, Xu Yixiang had already returned to her room.

Yan Jin Cai was wrapped in his blankets. Seeing that he had returned, he immediately said: “We’re getting ready to leave tomorrow. How about you?”

Su Min subconsciously wanted to say that they wouldn’t be able to leave.

But this would shock the other party so he changed his words: “There might not necessarily be a car so even if you want to leave you might not be able to do that.”

Yan Jing Cai said: “We definitely can.”

Su Min said: “Okay then. I’ll go back together with you.

If the male and female protagonist managed to get away from the central plot of the horror movie, the movie would not be able to continue.

Yan Jing Cai who managed to get a positive answer was very satisfied. He laid down and got ready to take a nap.

Su Min: “…………”

He really had to admire the protagonist for his bravery. He also similarly laid down. It was now a little past two.


When Su Min woke up again, the sky was already hazy and dim.

He was left alone in the room.

The window was probably closed by Yan Jing Cai. It was shut tightly, and the curtains didn’t move. Everything was silent.

Su Min was about to get out of bed when he sensed that something was off. He turned his head and asked: “Why are you sitting there?”

Chen Su sat by the bed and asked: “Are you hungry?”

Su Min answered: “Not hungry.”

He had some snacks earlier and he currently really didn’t have the appetite to eat. Afterall, he just saw a severed finger.

Su Min smoothly wore his shoes and asked, “Where did my slippers go last night.”

Chen Su said: “Disappeared.”

Su Min was stunned for a moment. He didn’t think he was lying.

Last night, he had worn his slippers when he left but when he returned, he didn’t have them on. Chen Su wouldn’t allow him to walk around barefoot.

So those shoes were taken away by the young boy?

Do children these days have hoarding instincts?

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This time Su Min once again went to the end of the corridor.

After pulling apart the curtains, the outside light poured in. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great, and it was cloudy so there was no sun out.

Su Min looked at the corner and didn’t see anything unusual. There weren’t even any signs of drawings or graffiti. Everything was clean.

He then turned over to the first room and tried the door lock. It was indeed a lock that could only be locked from the outside. He didn’t know how Ming Ming managed to enter.

This was a very critical issue.

Was the boy able to enter because he wasn’t human?

But Su Min’s intuition told him that the young boy Ming Ming wasn’t a ghost. This feeling was stronger than the one he had for the young girl at the dining table.

It was too mysterious. He will need to interact with them a little more.

Chen Su stood next to him and would comment from time to time: “If you’re really hungry, kiss me and you won’t be hungry.”

Su Min: “………..”

He fell silent for a long time. He then wanted to roll his eyes at Chen Su but he held himself back. He asked instead: “Do you think I’m a fool?”

How could he not be hungry after kissing him a few times? He clearly couldn’t smell anything that could fill his stomach, and this isn’t a Wuxia movie where you can transfer inner power.

Chen Su rubbed his head, “Little fool.”

Su Min: “………”

He felt that all the words that he said was blatantly ignored.

Chen Su stretched out a finger and pressed it onto Su Min’s lips. The fingers back into contact with the soft flesh and it then sunk inside.

Su Min sat back on the bed, “What nonsense are you doing now?”

When he opened his mouth, Chen Su’s cold fingers accidentally touched his teeth. It was hard, a complete contrast to the soft lips.

Su Min’s lips were very bright, and it was also one of the reasons why he had always been considered good looking. Unlike the others whose lips would flake and dry, his had always been hydrated and plump. He was once envied by the girls in class and was constantly pestered for his lip care routine.

Chen Su was fascinated: “You look great.”

The corners of Su Min’s lips twitched, and he pulled away the finger, “No need for you to say.”

He felt that ever since he had come to known Chen Su, he had become similar to him and had become quite narcissistic.

Chen Su laughed with his low voice. It was particularly nice to hear.

Su Min felt that he was being crazy again and didn’t expect his shoulder to be pressed down and his head forced up.

Chen Su lowered his head and bit his lip.

Wind blew down from the corridor. Su Min who was caught off guard was pressed against the wall with his eyes slightly widened. Before him was darkness.

Chen Su greedily enjoyed his meal.

The dim environment made everything even more exciting. Su Min couldn’t help but shiver and clench his teeth, but it was soon pried open.

That fair face of his was now dyed bright red.

Su Min returned to his senses and felt ashamed about their current positions. He reached out to push Chen Su away: “Move….”

Chen Su caressed the corner of his eye and his lip moved over to the corner of his lips. He licked his earlobe and said: “You still look very good.”

Su Min was confused. He didn’t notice anything different.

But at this moment the soft sound of footsteps in the distance could be heard. Someone was coming over.

Su Min immediately sobered up, “Someone’s coming.”

Chen Su said: “They can’t see me.”

Su Min angrily slapped him.

Although they can’t see Chen Su, they can see him. If they saw him like this, others would think that he’s crazy.

Chen Su loved this appearance of his. He lowered his head and kissed him again. He compromised: “Okay, okay.”

He laughed foolishly next to Su Min’s ear.

Su Min’s eyes were still moist. He pushed him away and rearranged his clothes.

Sure enough, the young girl from the dining table earlier appeared at the door to the room. She then stared at him unblinkingly.

Su Min glanced at Chen Su and turned back again, “It’s time to go to bed. You should go back and rest.”

The young girl lowered her head and said: “My clothes are missing.”

Su Min asked: “What clothes?”

The young girl twirled around like those dolls you see in the toy stores, “My dress is gone.”

Su Min internally thought that he didn’t want to play anymore games with the children.

Unexpectedly, the young girl had already raised her head. Her eyes were covered by darkness and she asked: “Can you help me find my dress?”

Su Min was surprised by the change in her eyes. Normal people would have a white sclera and dark pupil but hers were just black, like a black hole.

Su Min hesitated for a moment, “Then I’ll help you look for it.”

Chen Su didn’t know what was so important about finding a child’s clothes, but he didn’t bother him and just followed.

The young girl walked over and consciously stood on the other side of Su Min before grabbing the corner of his shirt.

Su Min internally thought that it was fortunate it wasn’t Xu Yixiang.

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