Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 68: Knocking on the Door

The room door was open allowing the wind coming from outside the window to blow onto their faces.

Su Min looked at Shi Nansheng from the side and finally confirmed that he had really died just like that.

But the posture of the corpse looked a little strange.

Unless he struggled extremely intensely and exerted all the energy that he could, it was difficult imaging the legs becoming so twisted because of the hand and mouth.

Su Min recalled the sounds he heard before they entered the room.

It started with a scream and then it was followed by bones creaking. Thinking about it now, he had probably shoved his hand inside his mouth later.

Yan Jing Cai couldn’t see much. He walked quickly over to the bed and both fearfully and carefully checked the corpse. He finally managed to find his own voice: “Did he eat his own hands?”

With both hands in his mouth, no matter how big his mouth was, it naturally wouldn’t be able to fit so his mouth had ripped open.

Like a clown at a circus, the torn edges of his mouth were still bleeding.

His hands were also in a terrible state. Most of it had been crushed by his mouth and the broken bones had scattered across the sheets, mixing together with the blood.

Xu Yixiang walked over, “This……can we call an ambulance over?”

They couldn’t even call the police. They clearly should be able to call the police even when there are no signal but for some reason it couldn’t connect here.

Yan Jing Cai said: “It won’t connect.”

Although he said that, he still picked up his phone to call 120. As expected, it didn’t work.

Su Min said: “It seems to be related to what happened at lunch.”

Today during lunch Shi Nansheng had eaten Xiao Chen’s severed finger. Although he spat it out, he saw that the skin on it was already gone.

Without even thinking you could guess that it must have been eaten by Shi Nansheng without his knowledge.

Su Min surmised that Shi Nansheng was probably too severely affected by that incident that he ended up eating his own hands.

Of course, he didn’t have any evidence for this. Afterall, he wasn’t certain about Xiao Chen and what his role was.

Han Qinqin who didn’t witness any of the incidents earlier could no longer deny the truth. She now believed them, “Is he really dead?”

Yan Jing Cai said: “Can he still be alive in this state?”

His mouth had already split open to the extent that even stitches couldn’t fix it.

Xu Yixang had recovered a little from her shock. She asked: “Was it because he ate Xiao Chen’s fingers that he died like this?”

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Han Qinqin said: “Then does that mean that we won’t be able to eat tonight?”

“Is that what you’re focusing on?” Xu Yixiang turned around and asked: “There’s someone dead here. Safety is the most important.”

Han Qinqin glanced at her and spoke calmly: “Was the question that I asked not safety related?”

Xu Yixiang felt that she didn’t seem very worried.

To be honest, Han Qinqin gave her a bad feeling. It was just based on her intuition alone.

So she didn’t tell anyone about this.

“There’s no point arguing.” Yan Jing Cai sat on the other bed, “There’s already a death here.”

They had said that they might be safe this afternoon but that came back and slapped them on the face. It was even through such a gruesome death.

Xu Yixiang sat down next to him, “Why don’t we leave? This orphanage gives me a very bad feeling. It feels very oppressive.”

They wanted to leave earlier because things didn’t feel right but, with this happening now, there clearly was something problematic.

Su Min moved away from Shi Nansheng’s corpse, “Even if we want to leave, we can’t. Your attempts earlier were proof.”

Yan Jing Cai understood this deep inside. He just felt distressed having his final hope crumble away so easily.

He asked: “Then are we just going to stay here without eating anything the whole time?”

Xiao Chen was the one who did the cooking. No one knew if he would thrown in another severed finger in tonight or if he would cut off another part of his body and throw it in.

If they must eat, he wouldn’t mind eating his finger but if he ate some other strange part he would vomit to death.

Su Min thought seriously: “No.”

It that was the case, then everyone in this horror movie would end up starving to death. The movie director clearly wouldn’t do this.

He guessed that these kinds of things would probably only happen a couple of times and the rest of the deaths would be different. The male and female protagonist would also notice some problems with it in between these deaths and slowly get closer to the truth.

Even if the cannon fodder died, Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang was predetermined to die last.

Yan Jing Cai felt a little more reassured, “I hope it’s like that. I don’t want to starve to death, nor do I want to be scared to death.”

Xu Yixang looked at Su Min: “Really?”

Su Min answered honestly: “Not sure.”

That was what he surmised from the movie but, no matter how likely it was, it was still an uncertainty.

Xu Yixiang: “………..”

Alright. This Su Min really likes to subvert her impression of him.

Su Min felt his back go cold from the strange look she gave him. He gently coughed, “Let’s deal with Shi Nansheng’s case first.”

Han Qinqin who was waiting by the door said: “Let’s tell the director.”

Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang answered in unison: “You can’t.”

The room fell silent.

“Can’t tell the director.” Yan Jing Cai said calmly: “More than ten years have passed, and Xiao Chen is still here. Do you think the director knows about this?”

Su Min suddenly felt that the male protagonist was pretty useful.

The old director clearly knows what’s happening. There were many signs that indicate that he wasn’t normal and he likely belonged in the same group as Xiao Chen.

Han Qinqin said angrily: “Then I’m leaving.”

She didn’t want to stay in this damned place anymore. Just looking at Shi Nansheng’s body made her feel uncomfortable.

After saying that, she turned around and left. She even closed the door loudly behind her.

Xu Yixiang let out an “Oh”: “It’s better that she left. She clearly doesn’t think on the same wavelengths as us.”

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Su Min said: “Because we don’t know each other, and don’t know her personality.”

On the outside, she said she was a dance teacher but they didn’t’ know what she was like in private. Her reaction towards Shi Nansheng’s death was also too calm.

Yan Jing Cai just wanted to speak when he heard a knock on the door.

The three of them tensed up.

Han Qinqin left so it was unlikely her that knocked on the door. There could only be one other person who would do that.

The old director’s voice travelled over: “It’s time for dinner.”

He then patted the door.

No one dared to open the door. The sound soon stopped, and everyone then heard the sound of his footsteps walking away.

The tense people in the room relaxed instantly. They were all afraid of the director suddenly opening the door and seeing the situation inside.

And then they would have their faces torn directly.

Yan Jing Cai gasped and said: “Director had always been calling us out to eat like that. He would knock on the door and then leave.”

It was ike when you’re notifying a inmate that it was time to eat.

Su Min thought and said: “Let’s go out first and then we’ll act as required.”

In any case, he still had his snacks. It would be enough to last them for two more days so they wouldn’t starve like this.

Yan Jing Cai once again looked over at Shi Nansheng. His heart started to pound, and he quickly moved away his line of sight. He proceeded to open the door.

He then froze in place.

Xu Yixiang was behind him. She urged: “Why aren’t you going out? What are you doing blocking the way?”

Yan Jing Cai gasped. His eyes widened, “………Director?”

His voice was small. Only a single word escaped from his throat.

Su Min was startled. He stood behind Yan Jing Cai and, taking advantage of his height, he saw the old director standing in the corridor.

He appeared to not have left and had been waiting there the entire time.

Yan Jing Cai swallowed and looked back at Su Min.

He then clenched his hands into a fist and asked with difficulty: “……Director, were you waiting for us?”

The old director said: “I saw that you weren’t coming out.”

Xu Yuxiang was about to collapse. She grabbed tightly onto Yan Jing Cai’s clothes and whispered: “Stop asking……..stop asking…….”

The more you ask, the more terrifying it was.

Su Min whispered: “Go to the dining room.”

Hearing this, Yan Jing Cai nodded and stuttered as he spoke to the director: “Th, then let’s go eat.”

The old director said: “Come. Xiao Chen is getting impatient.”

Yan Jing Cai: “………..”

Xu Yixiang: “………..”

All the preparation that they had done mentally earlier was broken with the director’s single sentence.

The old director didn’t notice their changes. He smiled and said: “He made a lot of dishes today. You’re in luck.”

Yan Jing Cai didn’t feel very lucky.

Su Min at the back only felt that the director had exposed himself too thoroughly.

The old director didn’t notice anything wrong. He turned around and led the way. He would turn back from time to time as he said: “Hurry up. The food’s going to get cold.”

If you didn’t say that, it would have been okay but now that it was said, it was very scary.

Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang supported each other and held each other’s hands tightly behind their backs. They looked like soldiers who were about to meet their doom.

Su Min fell to the back of the group and he turned to close the door.

He didn’t move quickly and at this moment he saw the scene inside. He quickly reopened the door a little.

Shi Nansheng’s body on the bed had become transparent and then it disappeared in the room, leaving behind only shattered bones and blood stains.

It was just like that young girl, but not so thorough.

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