Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 69: Body

Su Min stopped in place. He was shocked by this phenomenon. He didn’t understand the reason behind this. Was it a mechanism for corpse destruction?

But it seemed very unlikely.

Yan Jing Cai turned back and shouted: “Su Min, what are you doing there?”

Su Min returned to his senses and closed the door, “Coming.”

Because they were on the first floor, they weren’t far from the dining room. When the reached the dining table, the food on it was still steaming.

It was currently summer, but it felt like early autumn at the orphanage.

No fans were used during the day and even a single air conditioner couldn’t be found but it had never been hot here.

The old director said: “I have already eaten. There is a sick child, so I’ll go over to take a look. You guys eat slowly.”

He watched them take their seats.

Su Min who was about to sit down was stopped by the old director, “This is your seat. Don’t sit in the wrong place.”

Su Min looked over at the seat he pointed at.

On the table were three plates of delicious looking dishes.

He then looked at the others. The rest of them had the same single dish and even the placement was the same.

Su Min: “………..”

Were they planning on adding a meal after a meal?

Yan Jing Cai and Xu Yixiang felt bad for Su Min.

Su Min silently sat down.

The old director then lectured him: “You ate to little yesterday. That isn’t good. You should eat more today.”

Su Min smiled stiffly.

The old director went back to the stairs with satisfaction.

Yan Jing Cai saw him leave and quickly ran over to double check. He said: “It’s great that he’s not watching us eat this time.”

With him there, they couldn’t do anything.

Xu Yixiang said: “Then let’s quickly throw it away.”

Yan Jing Cai recalled the severed finger, “Yes, yes, yes. Let’s checked and see if there’s anything inside first.”

He used his chopsticks and poked around his plate. He even turned the entire dish over.

There was originally green pepper piled up and, once spread out, it revealed the things inside.

Yan Jing Cai’s chopsticks stopped moving, “This…….what’s this?”

Xu Yixiang looked at it and almost couldn’t help falling off the chair. She stuttered: “Don’t tell me it’s an e-eye?”

Her food was the same as Yan Jing Cai’s.

Yan Jing Cai’s chopsticks were pointed at an eyeball. It was buried under the vegetables and had appeared after going through the food.

They didn’t know how Xiao Chen cooked it but they could vaguely make out the shape of an eyeball.

Han Qinqin quickly went through her food as well.

Her expression soon turned bad, “I also have it.”

Su Min almost felt nauseous hearing their words.

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He looked at the three dishes in front of him and carefully poked through them, only to find nothing in there.

The three all looked at him.

Seeing that it was all normal, their looks changed into a look of resent and envy.

Although Yan Jing Cai knew that the food couldn’t be eaten, but just the fact that their food had problems while all three of Su Min’s were okay left a strange taste in his mouth.

Did they somehow offend Xiao Chen?

Su Min looked up and was helpless: “Don’t look at me like that. I won’t eat it anyway.”

Yan Jing Cai’s eyes turned red, “Why are yours fine? Did you secretly bribe Xiao Chen?”

Su Min: “……..What would I use to bribe him?”

Xu Yixiang suddenly had a thought and was startled by it.

Han Qinqin said: “We don’t even know if you’re in this together with them.”

Su Min didn’t have a good impression of Han Qinqin so he didn’t have any intention to explain himself to her. In any case, everyone apart from the male and female protagonists are just cannon fodders.

Yan Jing Cai said: “Let’s dispose of the food first.”

If the director returned after taking care of the child, then they would have to eat this under his watch.

To be honest, no one was certain whether those were truly human eyes, but they were certain that they wouldn’t eat it.

Both Xu Yixiang and Yan Jing Cai could imagine what the scene could have been like while Xiao Chen was cooking.

Xiao Chen must have dug his eyes out while cooking or it had fallen inside the pot as he cooked and stirred things up using his own hands.

As they went out, Su Min whispered: “This time change locations.”

Although Yan Jing Cai didn’t understand, he still went to another place with Xu Yixiang that was further away than yesterday.

Only Han Qinqin wasn’t willing and poured it out in the same place.

Afterwards, they all returned to their seats and acted like they had finished eating. The old director had still not returned.

Su Min informed the others: “Shi Nansheng’s body disappeared.”

Yan Jing Cai was shocked: “What?”

“Wasn’t it fine when we left?” Xu Yixiang gasped. She didn’t want to recall that bloody scene, “How did it disappear.”

She didn’t doubt Su Min’s words. Afterall, everyone’s lives were hanging from the same rope right now.

Su Min had always been a little luckier than them and Xiao Chen appeared to favour him. Though that latter one probably wasn’t something she should envy.

Han Qinqin wasn’t convinced, “How could it have disappeared?”

As she said this, she pushed away the chair and headed for Shi Nansheng’s room.

When Su Min left, he didn’t lock the door and just closed it.

“She isn’t reacting to things the same as us.” Yan Qing Cai grumbled: “Something can happen if you go over just like that.”

You could see the corridor from the dining room but they could only vaguely make out Han Qinqin’s figure because the lights were too dark.

Within a minute, Han Qinqin returned to the dining room.

Su Min didn’t look at her and suggested: “I have decided to find the other children tonight. Are you guys coming?”

He could still remember what happened with the young girl Ming Chen.

Yan Jing Cai frowned: “Going to see them. But the director might find out and then we will………..”

He was very afraid of the director.

Su Min thought for a moment, “That’s true but we still need to find out. We can change places.”

Xu Yuxiang asked: “Why do we need to find out?”

Su Min: “Because if we sit around not knowing anything, we’re basically sitting around waiting for death.”

Faced with this answer, Xu Yixiang couldn’t refute.

The most ignorant Shi Nansheng had met his end because he didn’t know anything and ate Xiao Chen’s finger. He not only died, his body was also missing.

Yan Jing Cai suddenly looked around and whispered: “Say, do you think the current director is the real director?”

In his memory, the director was very kind and fair. Now, he felt very uncomfortable.

The strangest person here was Xiao Chen.

Social workers are normal in orphanages. What was strange was Xiao Chen himself.

Su Min said: “It’s not impossible.”

If that was the case, then that would be the same as “Murder Island”. He felt that it was possible but the possibility of it being true was quite low.

The children in this orphanage indeed exist.

Yan Jing Cai realised that he had said the right thing, “Look, have you guys been back over the last ten years? Have you seen what the director looks like now?”

He himself had never returned and he only remembered the director through snippets of his memory.

Han Qinqin said: “No.”

Hearing his words, Su Min suddenly remembered something: “The orphanage should have everyone’s file, right?”

Although Xu Yixiang didn’t work in this field, she understood the processes: “They should have it. Afterall, the adoption process requires lots of things and the basic previous information would need to be provided.

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Su Min said: “I want to check the archives.”

In a place like this with lots of stories, the archives will usually give them the most information. This was like how it was back in “University Thriller”.

He had found a group photo of everyone in the archives so perhaps there may be a group photo here at the orphanage.

Han Qinqin said: “If you go around like that, you’ll die fast.”

Yan Jing Cai retorted: “You’ll also die if you don’t move.”

For now, they have only been adding additional ingredients to the food. Later, they may even find things like bugs.

Han Qinqin sneered: “Then do it yourself.”

Su Min’s expression didn’t change, “Let’s not delay things too long and do it now. If you won’t want to, you can go keep an eye on the director.”

Han Qinqin said: “I’m busy. I’m going back to my room.”

Asking her to watch him was practically making her do the most dangerous task. She wouldn’t do something as dumb as throwing herself in with full knowledge of the risks.

Su Min was expressionless, “Up to you.”

Hearing that, Han Qinqin turned and walked away. Her heels clattered against the ground and the sound slowly got smaller and smaller before finally disappearing.

The dining room was quiet for a moment. Yan Jing Cai then said: “Good riddance.”

To put it more crudely, he was even afraid of her dragging them down.

Dragging them down wasn’t something that he was afraid of. What he was afraid of the most was a useless teammate or one whose scream would attract the attention of everyone in the orphanage.

Now the three remaining are all those who are in the know. Perfect.

Su Min looked at the time, “It’s nine o’clock now. There’s still three hours before midnight. Let’s hurry.”

At midnight, he would receive a new hint.

This hint would often be related to the next casualty so he naturally hoped that everyone could live.

Xu Yixiang nodded and said: “Yes, let’s hurry. The earlier the better. Otherwise we will need to eat a few more meals.”

Not eating meal after meal would lead to them starving themselves to death.

They were all relying on Su Min’s snacks. Although they felt bad, they had no other option if they wanted to live.

The three of them left the dining room and went up the stairs. Because he was definitely not on the first or second floor and they had not gone to the third floor yet, they went there first. If they really couldn’t find it, they may need to go to the other side with the children.

When they went upstairs, they deliberately lowered their voices.

Afterall, if the old director noticed something and asked about it, they will have think of something to say in return.

Xu Yixiang carefully moved over and looked at Su Min. She whispered in a small voice: “That, Su Min……That night……Did…….”

Su Min didn’t understand, “What?”

Xu Yixiang threw out the question, “Did Xiao Chen force himself on you?”

Su Min: “???”

Xu Yixiang felt that her speculations made sense. Otherwise why would Xiao Chen be biased towards Su Min? There definitely was something going on.

She combined it with the scene she witnessed and that was what she concluded with.

Su Min: “……..You’re thinking too much.”

He realised that the female protagonist of this horror movie had really good imagination. She would think of one thing on minute and then think of something else another minute.

Xu Yixiang looked at him, “I’m really just thinking too much?”

Su Min looked at her seriously, “Really.”

If he didn’t correct Xu Yixiang’s thoughts, he was afraid of Chen Su getting angry when he finds out.

Xu Yixiang directed her attention to something else and was shocked: “Ah, then that means someone really was forcing themself on you? You really bribed a ghost……….”

Su Min: “………..”

Why would he go and bribe Chen Su……..

Su Min patted Yan Jing Cai who was looking around fearfully and advised him: “Your girlfriend seems very panicked.”

Yan Jing Cai quickly turned around and pulled Xu Yixiang into his arms. He comforted her: “Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

Xu Yixiang covered her mouth and didn’t want to talk.

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