Christmas Present (Oneshot)

Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s a short Christmas themed oneshot. It’s a simple, cliche and fluffy story so don’t expect anything deep. I hope this story filled with fluff could brighten up your day and bring a smile to your faces ❤

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<Merry Christmas>

Christmas was coming. Everyone was happy. Only Lu Qiao was a little sad.

Because once Christmas is here, he would probably get his heart broken.

Class ended and the professor left. Everyone crowded around the aisles. They all came to find Xiao Chen to discuss where they should go on Christmas Eve.

Xiao Chen was the person he secretly liked. The other party was very popular and well-received by both girls and boys at school.

Xiao Chen was outstanding after all.

Good grades, good looks, good character, good personality. Lu Qiao couldn’t name a single aspect of the other party that wasn’t good, so he also liked Xiao Chen and had been crushing on him for a while now.

But it was all pointless. Xiao Chen had said that he had someone he liked and that he would confess on Christmas day.

“Is she really good looking?” Lu Qiao asked him before.

“Of course.” When Xiao Chen said these words, his expression was always very gentle, “Very good looking, and very cute. I have liked that person for a long time. They……….”


Whenever he talked about that girl, Xiao Chen always seem to never run out of things to say.

How nice. Lu Qiao couldn’t help but envy that girl. At the same time, he felt sad.

Tomorrow was Christmas. There was only one day left for this crush of his. Perhaps it was better to end it early.

“I’m heading off first.” Lu Qiao gathered up his belongings and quietly uttered those words. He didn’t know who he was talking to, and very few people heard him.

“Don’t go.” Xiao Chen grabbed his hand.

From some unknown point in time, the other party always liked to grab his hand. Every time he did this, Lu Qiao could feel both his hands and face grow hot.

This wasn’t good. He had said that, but Xiao Chen didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it. He was straight afterall, so he naturally didn’t think too much of it.

But the more often it happened, the more seriously Lu Qiao took it.

“I’m going back. Won’t bother you all.” He said again.

“You’re upset?” Xiao Chen asked him. He wouldn’t release his hold of Lu Qiao’s hand and moved to sit on the side of the desk to block Lu Qiao.

“…………” Lu Qiao didn’t know how to answer that question. Everyone around him was watching, making him feel embarrassed. He felt like he was probably disturbing everyone.

“Not upset.” He quietly sat back down. He was like an obedient puppy. Anything Xiao Chen says, he would do. The other party asked: “You’re coming too?”

 “………..” Lu Qiao didn’t want to go. He had never really liked to participate in things like this and he didn’t want to witness his own feelings get ripped to shreds. It was too cruel. He couldn’t do it.

He wanted to decline but, before those words could leave his mouth, Xiao Chen knocked those thoughts away: “Don’t say no.”

The hand gripping onto Lu Qiao’s hand tightened. He looked at him and said: “If you’re not going, then I also don’t want to go.”

Lu Qiao’s heart pounded fiercely. Those words sounded like lines you would use to pick up girls. His heart wavered, but the other party had no idea.

It was a very bad feeling falling in love with a straight man, but he liked him and he couldn’t refuse him.

“Okay then.” Lu Qiao eventually agreed.

“Then I’ll go too.” Xiao Chen said this as if he only cared about Lu Qiao’s decision. If the other party was going, he would go and if the other party wasn’t going, he wouldn’t go.

Some noticed this while some didn’t. Some were half-confused and there were even others who thought they were reading too deeply into the situation.

The surrounding sounds of discussions covered over these thoughts and Lu Qiao no longer continued to think about it.

Because there was no class in the afternoon, they decided to have lunch together and then go watch a movie and sing karaoke. In total, there were around twenty people. There were more girls than boys. The boys came for the girls while the girls came for Xiao Chen. They were all pretty girls, and there was even the school idol.

Lu Qiao was in a bad mood. Just like the weather, it was overcast and snowing.

“Upset again?” Xiao Chen would always be the first to notice Lu Qiao’s strange behaviours. He rubbed the Lu Qiao’s hair only to be pushed away.

“Don’t be upset. Why don’t I give you a present on Christmas Day?” Xiao Chen held him by the shoulder forcing Lu Qiao to settle down. He was too strong, and Lu Qiao couldn’t break free.

Lu Qiao could feel the other party’s warm body temperature through the thick clothes. Xiao Chen helped him fasten his hat and proceeded to cover him completely, fearing that he would freeze.

Lu Qiao’s physique wasn’t as good as his, and he was prone to colds.

In fact, Xiao Chen had always been very good to him. Although it was only the kindness from a straight man, he treated him the best out of everyone. He couldn’t blame Xiao Chen for his broken heart, and he didn’t wish to vent his frustrations out on him, so Lu Qiao did his best to restore his mood.

Xiao Chen looked at him and smiled. He looked extremely handsome.

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything for a while. His expression was hidden. It was then revealed along with a small gust of cold winter wind.

He pursed his lips and asked: “What present do you want?”

“Anything is fine?” Lu Qiao asked casually. Because his mind was preoccupied, the smile he gave was too faint and it soon disappeared.

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Xiao Chen hoped that he would smile more.

“As long as it’s something you want, I will give it to you.”

What is that? It was as if he was trying to coax a girl.

But Lu Qiao was happy. Even if he wasn’t a girl, he felt a little moved.

But the thing he wanted, the other party couldn’t give so it was better not to say it.

So, he pretended to be calm and say: “I’m afraid of scaring you if I say it.”

“But I’m brave. I won’t be scared.” Xiao Chen said generously. He even pulled Lu Qiao’s hand over to let him check.

His hand was very hot. When he grabbed Lu Qiao’s hand, the heat travelled over, and it spread straight to his heart. His heart started to beat faster, and his mind went blank. With his mind empty, his emotions took over and Lu Qiao almost blurted out those words.

But in the end, he said: “I’ll tell you if you manage to guess it.”

Because what he wanted was for the other party to fall in love with him.

This was a wish that no one could fulfil, and it was also something the other party wouldn’t be able to guess.

Lu Qiao made it clear that he didn’t want to tell him. Xiao Chen could see this, but he wasn’t angry. He only rubbed Lu Qiao’s head and said that he will guess it.

It seemed that Xiao Chen spoke to Lu Qiao the most on their way there. Lu Qiao wanted to avoid Xiao Chen, but the other party always stuck to him.

“Is the person you like here?” Lu Qiao asked.

“Yes.” Xiao Chen said.

“Oh.” Lu Qiao couldn’t say anything else. He knew he should be persuading the other party to talk with that girl more, but he couldn’t do it. He also liked Xiao Chen so he couldn’t say those words.

But Xiao Chen was eventually invited over to another table by the school idol.

Lu Qiao sat in the corner. The food was served very slowly. As everyone joked around, he remained sitting there with his head bowed, eating his food. Lu Qiao didn’t like to talk much. Especially on a day like today, he didn’t fit in with the others around him. No matter how good looking he was, his cold and indifferent look made others too afraid to approach him.

Cold and aloof. That was what the others said.

“I think you’re just a little introverted. Like a little hamster. It’s pretty cute.” Only Xiao Chen said that to him.

After downing a glass of beer, Lu Qiao didn’t feel that it was enough and wanted to drink more but he was stopped.

“You’ll feel sick if you drink too much.” At some unknown point in time, Xiao Chen had moved to sit next to him.

“Why……… are you here?” Lu Qiao was confused. He was a little tipsy.

“They said that I’m in the way of their attempts to get hooked.” When Xiao Chen said this, everyone laughed.

“I just happened to also want to get hooked so I sat here.” Xiao Chen added. It was rather noisy around them so only a few heard him say this.

The others looked over to check the situation. Although they had never seen Xiao Chen have a girlfriend, he looked straight, so they felt that he probably said that as a joke.

But Li Qiao was tipsy and didn’t understand the meaning behind those words. He just continued to eat. After Xiao Chen came, his plate that was filled with vegetables were almost half gone. All the celery and coriander that he had accidentally picked up were demolished by Xiao Chen.

He turned his head and looked at Xiao Chen. The other party just smiled and stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth.

Lu Qiao finally sobered up. He couldn’t remember the taste of the meat and could only remember the scene of Xiao Chen feeding him. His entire body heated up. His heart was hot, and his face was red.

“A little hot.” He hurried out to get some air.

There was only him outside and several pedestrians passing by. Li Qiao’s heart was both sweet and sour. He couldn’t describe it and before he could recall that emotion, Xiao Chen who chased after him came out.

He said that it was cold and that it was better not to stand outside for too long before covering him with his clothes.

With such a considerate act, Lu Qiao’s heart once again started to race.

He felt like his heart was about to explode. He felt like he was stepping on cotton and everything didn’t feel real. At the same time, he feared for the moment he takes the wrong step causing him to fall directly down into an abyss.

It was better not to think about it. It was all because he was thinking too highly of himself.

“Let’s go back.” He returned his clothes and re-entered the restaurant with Xiao Chen.

They ate for a long time. Towards the end, it was mostly idle chatter. When it was about time, everyone happily headed over to the cinema.

With twenty or so seats next to each other, it didn’t matter who sat where but Xiao Chen insisted on sitting next to Lu Qiao saying that he didn’t bring his glasses and couldn’t see clearly.

“But Lu Qiao’s seat is more out of the way.” The school idol’s expression wasn’t great.

“I won’t be able to see well no matter where I sit so I’ll leave the better seats for the others.” Xiao Chen said this. Lu Qiao looked at him and wanted to say something, but Xiao Chen only smiled and winked at him.

He then pulled him over to sit down. He had his hand on his shoulder like close brothers. This was something that he did too many times. Lu Qiao was used to it, but he didn’t like it much inside.

“Are you playing with me?” He said in a quiet voice.

Xiao Chen’s eyesight wasn’t that bad, so he usually only wore glasses when he draws for a long time and didn’t need it at all in daily life. Lu Qiao didn’t understand why he would do something like this. He clearly has a girl that he likes yet he used an excuse like that to sit next to him. Does he even know…………does he even know how much this action of his can make him take it the wrong way?

“I’m super nervous right now.” Xiao Chen said: “You should be a little more considerate.”

Lu Qiao now remembered that Xiao Chen seemed to have told him that it was his first time liking someone. It was his first love so he naturally would be nervous.

But Lu Qiao was also nervous. He was even more nervous than Xiao Chen. With the other party sitting next to him, he felt like he was going to suffocate to death. He however had to pretend to be calm and say mockingly: “Useless. If you can’t even sit next to her, how are you going to confess in the future?”

Don’t drag me in when it’s time for the confession. That would be too hurtful.

“Who said that………..” Xiao Chen laughed for a while. The movie soon started. As the pictures flashed by, Xiao Chen would lean over to him and saw a few words from time to time. The breath from his mouth would tickle Lu Qiao’s ear.

Lu Qiao didn’t hide from it, but his ears were bright red. Fortunately, it wasn’t visible in the dark theatre.

The movie ended but Lu Qiao didn’t manage to see anything. When Xiao Chen chatted with him about the movie, he could only hum in agreement.

It was all Xiao Chen’s fault making him waste a movie ticket.

It was a terrible day, but it was also a day Lu Qiao appreciated. After leaving the cinema, they headed downstairs to the karaoke rooms. Lu Qiao inadvertently overheard a girl’s conversation. She seemed to have the intention to confess to Xiao Chen later today.

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He suddenly didn’t want to sing anymore but Xiao Chen still maintained the “if you don’t go, then I won’t go” attitude. He probably didn’t hear that conversation.

Then he might as well go. It might actually be better if he went. Maybe he would be able to completely give up if he saw it with his own eyes.

Lu Qiao smiled bitterly. Xiao Chen however continued to comfort him saying that he would accompany him afterwards to buy a present.

Buy what present? The person he would be accompanying home wouldn’t be him anyway.

Lu Qiao was a little absent-minded. He continued to lose at the games. During Truth or Dare, someone asked him who he liked.

He directly moved to accept the punishment. Just as he was about to pick up the beer, Xiao Chen drank for him first.

“What are you doing?” Lu Qiao couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t want Xiao Chen to treat him so nicely. He would start to take it seriously.

“Drinking to boost my courage.” Xiao Chen explained: “I’m very nervous.”

That’s true.  He just wanted to build his courage to confess to the girl he liked. He himself was about to get his heart broken so what use was there taking things so seriously.

Lu Qiao suddenly didn’t want to care about him anymore. When he lost, Xiao Chen would drink for him. After downing a few bottles, Xiao Chen was drunk. He clung onto Lu Qiao complaining that he felt dizzy and sick.

Lu Qiao instantly regretted his actions. He felt distressed for him.

The confession plan had gone up in smoke.

Lu Qiao was relieved, but he was also a little anxious. Afterall, Xiao Chen would still go and confess after he wakes up tomorrow.

So he could only continue crushing on the other party for another night. That in itself was enough.

Lu Qiao called a taxi and took him back to school. There was only the two of them at their dormitory. After he gave Xiao Chen some hangover medicine, he made the other party get in bed.

But before getting in bed, Xiao Chen was still hung up over the Christmas present. He was really drunk. He said to Lu Qiao that he wouldn’t go to sleep unless he told him what he wanted.

It was a little childish, but Lu Qiao wasn’t strong enough to lift him. Like this, the two of them were in deadlock. Xiao Chen continued to cling onto him.

Anyway, with him so drunk, he probably wouldn’t remember it even if he said it. He also wanted to say it. This feeling of his had been suppressed inside for too long. It pressed down onto his chest, making it very uncomfortable.

Lu Qiao made his decision. If Xiao Chen remembered it, he would just say that he was joking around.

In the end, he confessed: “What I want is for you to fall in love with me.”

It was a quiet whisper and spoken very casually. It wasn’t said so that Xiao Chen could hear, but for himself to fulfil his wish.

“Okay, now go to sleep.” Lu Qiao patted Xiao Chen’s shoulder and urged him.

Xiao Chen froze. He didn’t move.

Lu Qiao felt extremely uncomfortable. The excuse he had prepared in advance couldn’t be uttered and it remained stuck in his throat.

“Just kidding……..” As he said this, his voice trembled. He had the urge to cry.

It was over. Just before Christmas, on Christmas Eve, while he faced the person he liked, everything was over.

He turned and wanted to leave but was unexpectedly embraced by Xiao Chen.

“Don’t joke around like this. I would take it seriously. Once you say you like someone, you can’t take it back.” Xiao Chen was a little anxious. He held tightly onto Lu Qiao and wasn’t willing to let him go. Despite the strength in his arms, his voice was trembling. It was as if he was afraid of something.

Lu Qiao was a little dumbfounded. He thought he was dreaming but he could feel Xiao Chen’s breath next to his ear. His heart raced faster. “But don’t you have someone you like?”

“The one that I like is you.” Xiao Chen quickly turned him around. It was only now that Lu Qiao saw that the other party’s eyes were red.

He suddenly recalled some words.

【That person is very good-looking, and very cute. The moment I saw that person, I fell in love at first sight.】

【I want to treat that person better. The weather is so cold, yet they always forgets to put on their hat. It was the same yesterday and today. I really don’t feel reassured.】

【Today I held that person’s hand. It was so cold. I don’t know when I would be able to do it next time.】

【I’ve noticed that that person didn’t like celery and coriander. Although it’s not good to be picky, it was still very cute. From now on, I’ll help eat those.】

【I’m going to confess on Christmas day. But it might be unsuccessful. Ha, they probably will think that I’m disgusting. Afterall……..】

Every time Xiao Chen said those words, he would always glance over at him. All those coincidences added up, yet Lu Qiao never thought that the person he was referring to would be himself.

But it really was him.

A tear rolled down Lu Qiao’s face. Xiao Chen smiled and helped him wipe it off: “You’re such a cry baby. But you’re also very cute when you cry.”

“I’ve accepted those words. Don’t even think about taking it back. They’re now all stored in here and locked up.” Xiao Chen pulled Lu Qiao’s hand and placed it onto his chest. Through the thick sweater, he could feel a rapid heartbeat.

“I really like you. I’ve liked you for a long time now.” Xiao Chen continued. He wanted to touch Lu Qiao. Seeing the other party’s flushed face and their eyes glistening with tears, he leaned closer and closer.

And he gently kissed him.

Lu Qiao was almost about to faint. His breathing hastened and his heart pounded rapidly against his ribcage. He was kissed for the first time in his life and it made him almost lose his soul.

“You’re really so cute.” Xiao Chen would always say this. He couldn’t hold back and started to kiss him more passionately.

I’m about to die. When Lu Qiao’s legs went weak, Xiao Chen stopped. The two hugged each other. With the tip of their noses touching, Lu Qiao blinked a few times while Xiao Chen’s lips curved up.

Christmas Eve was still very long, and Christmas was soon to come. Xiao Chen felt that he shouldn’t waste away such a lovely time.

“I also want a Christmas present.” He hugged Lu Qiao and whispered to him.

“What present?”


You are the best gift in the whole world.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅🎄

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